Poverty by Rajendraheartz



Poverty is the condition of having an insufficient amount of resources or income. There are
different types of poverty in the world such as, same degree poverty, absolute poverty, relative
poverty and subjective poverty. Absolute poverty is the case where people lack basic human
needs and it is the worst type of poverty.

Poverty has many causes; some of them are very basic. The primary factors that may lead to
poverty are overpopulation, the unequal distribution in world economy, inability to meet high
standards of living or high cost of living, inadequate employment and education opportunities,
environmental degradation, certain economic and demographic trends and welfare incentives.
We have already seen what is poverty and what are the causes of poverty, now let us see what
are the problems of poverty"

Well, generally poverty has various serious consequences. In many countries where there are
high rates of poverty, many of the local citizens faces the problem of famine and lack of lodging,
one common example is India. Therefore together with these problems that I have mentioned
above, there is also a lack of hygiene and this favours the proliferation of various harmful
bacteria which resulting in the development of diseases such as cholera, malaria, etc...

Secondly, it is in these poor countries that we have the greatest number of failures in education.
We have many theories, which support this fact. To begin with, as I have said earlier, poverty
leads to diseases and when someone is not enjoying a sound health, learning becomes very

Another factor that support this fact is that education in every country is not free. So, those who
does not even have a shelter, who are facing famine, how will they be able to afford paying for
education? Education may also be the last preoccupation and such type of people does not value
education mostly.

Then we also have poor people but those who are a little better than those whom I have
mentioned above. I am now referring to those who does have a shelter and who are not facing
famine but yet, who are not educated and who spends most of their time at work. These type of
people do strive hard to send their kids to school but, they do it only for the sake of doing it or
only because others do it. Deep inside they do not value education, their main interest are, how to
bring more money home? So, those poor people who do not even believe in the future, in
education, how will they inculcate the desire of learning in their children? Their children will not
able to realise the importance of education. These people have a very fatalistic approach to life
and this creates a barrier for themselves.

Thirdly, I will say that there is also another factor, which goes side by side with the failure in
education and that is the deterioration of the country itself. Without education the country will
not be able to progress and this will lead to even greater poverty.

Poverty also leads to other vices, such as alcoholism, drug-taking and gambling. Very often
people facing such types of dilemmas looks for an easy means to escape from their situation.
They are weak, unable to face the problem firmly. The most common way of escapism is the
consumption if alcohol. In fact alcohol is not at all a means of escape as it leads them to even
greater problem afterwards. It is more or less the same story for drug-taking as well they will
face greater poverty later on as drugs are really very expensive. In the case of gambling, while
gambling people always aim to win a lot of money and at last they lose everything they had.

Furthermore, poverty also leads to violence in the society an even in homes. Poverty is very
often the cause of high rates of divorce, family failures and also prostitution. Nowadays we
people are forced to live a highly materialistic life and those who are unable to cope with that
situation are even ready to kill, to attain their objectives.

Finally, to put an end to all these I suggest that the politicians should value their necessities
before spending billions of dollars on weapons. Anti-corruption organisations should perform
their task perfectly and the government should come forward with new ideas about haw to
combat illiteracy in the country.

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