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					                                              UNIVERSITY OF ST ANDREWS
                        Application for Undergraduate Summer Vacation Travel Scholarship
                                                    Summer 2012


Full name:
Student ID number:
Email address:
Hall of Residence:
Name of degree programme:
Year of study:
Possible occupation following graduation:

Give details below of participation in student organisations, sports or other activities:


Purpose (not exceeding 250 words) please explain below the purpose of your trip and what difference this
scholarship would make to you including any personal information you think may be relevant to your request. In
order to complete this section you should consider the criteria which will be used to assess your application (the
criteria will not necessarily apply to all applications and/or may have different weighting):

1.   Benefits to others and/or self
2.   Benefits to the University
3.   Satisfactory academic progress
4.   Financial need

The following points should also be noted:-

    Applications to work as support staff at American Summer Camps are generally not considered.
    Final year students are not eligible to apply.
    If you are incurring any course or agency fees please detail this on your application.
    The committee will not award a travel scholarship where the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised
     against travel to a particular country.
    Scholarships support travel costs rather than contributing to any charities a student may be supporting.
    Group applications will be funded up to a maximum of £1500 (for the entire group, not per individual).

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Cost of Project

Please provide an outline budget for your trip as this will help the University make a decision regarding the level
of funding you may receive. You may also choose to provide details of your financial circumstances if you feel
this is relevant to your application (this will of course be held in the strictest confidence). Finally, please note
that evidence of having approached a variety of sources for funding will be beneficial to your application as the
University may only be able to cover part of your travel costs.

Estimated total cost:                 £
Travelling expenses:                  £
Maintenance:                          £
Details of funding you have applied for
or been awarded in relation to this
Amount of funding for which           £
application is now made:


Give details of any previous successful application to the University for an undergraduate summer vacation
travel scholarship: detail the year and amount awarded.


You are required to provide a reference in support of your application: this should normally be observations and
recommendations by one of your academic tutors.

Note that applications will not be considered without a reference – it is your responsibility to ensure that your
referee is fully aware of the type of project for which you are seeking support. If the funding is to be used to
directly support your studies, e.g. dissertation research, then please ensure the reference is from your Head of
School or Director of Teaching commenting on the academic merit of your trip.

The reference should be emailed directly to Julia Griffiths at the Proctor’s Office ( by the

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Should your undergraduate travel scholarship application be successful, the following conditions apply:-

    Only matriculated undergraduate students are eligible for a scholarship from these sources (final year
     students are excluded).

    In the event of the travel not being undertaken the scholarship must be refunded to the University.

    In the event of the nature of the travel changing significantly, the University must be consulted to ascertain
     whether or not scholarship can be used for the new purpose.

    It is at the discretion of the University to decide whether or not to award a scholarship (e.g. applications
     without references supplied will not be considered).

    It is the student’s responsibility to have undertaken a thorough risk assessment of their trip prior to travel.
     An award will only be made if the University is satisfied with the risk assessment. It is the student’s
     responsibility to ensure they have adequate and appropriate insurance cover for their trip.

    The student should continue to check the FCO website for travel advice prior to and during the course of
     their travels. Students should not travel to a country or remain in a country when the FCO advises against it.

    All students are required to submit a report on their travel (this must be submitted electronically to Julia
     Griffiths, Proctor’s Office ( This report should be no less than 500 words and no
     more than 1,000 words. The report will be sent to the University and/or relevant external Trustees along
     with a summary of the names of students awarded scholarships, their year and programme of study. If you
     object to the latter information being submitted to the Trustees, you must notify the Proctor’s Office in
     writing before the end of April. Students who fail to submit a report will not be considered for future


I confirm that, to the best of my knowledge, the information given in this application is complete and accurate.

Name:                    ____________________________________

Date:                    ____________________________________

Please email the completed form to Julia Griffiths, Proctor’s Office (

A signed hard copy should be sent or handed into Julia Griffiths, Proctor’s Office, College Gate, North Street,
St Andrews, Fife KY16 9AJ by Tuesday, 6 March 2012.

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