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									                            Instructions for Students
        University of Nottingham Travel Insurance and Travel Itinerary

To qualify for the University’s Travel Insurance you must book through the University’s
recognised Travel Agents. Conference fees and accommodation should also be paid
directly by the School. If you purchase your own tickets for foreign travel you MUST also
purchase your own insurance. Personal insurance will not be refunded by the School.

Please discuss your requirements with either:

• Hilary Lonsdale, B4, Pope Building, 0115 95 13847 or
• Krystyna Glowczewska, C3b, Maths & Physics Building, 0115 95 14931

1. Identify conference/summer school etc, discuss with supervisor and obtain agreement to
   attend. They will then discuss with the School Manager what funding will be available.

2. Complete purchase order form, including project code, obtain your supervisor’s signature and
   authorisation signature of Head of School or School Manager.

3. Give purchase order form to Krys (Maths/Physics building) or Hilary (Pope building) together
   with full details of conferences, flights, hotels so prices can be obtained. Krys and Hilary will
   also assist you to locate flights and hotels if required.

4. Each transaction will require a separate purchase order form, ie Flight, Registration,
   Accommodation, as different methods of payment will be required, each to different

5. A Travel Itinerary Form must be completed for overseas travel prior to departure.

6. Collect Travel Insurance Card from Andrea or Hilary.

Important Points to Remember

Give yourself plenty of time to arrange your trip, do not leave until the last minute, remember
you may need a Visa, flights and rail charges are normally cheaper bought well in advance,
accommodation may be limited.

Check Foreign Office web site to ensure it is safe to travel.

In the event of a Visa being required - no flights, registrations or accommodation will be
purchased prior to the visa being obtained unless there is a guaranteed refund available if the
visa is rejected or not obtained in time. Visa requests can be refused.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct documentation for your trip, ie Visa,
Passport and/or ID Card, Visa Waiver for USA.

Students should also take proof of their student status which is often a requirement for

If you are extending your conference/Summer School trip to take personal holiday then that part
of your visit must be covered entirely by yourself including personal insurance. The University’s
insurance will only cover you for the period you are attending conferences/meetings etc.

Copies of the Travel Itinerary form can be obtained from:

    •   Krys Glowczewska (Maths and Physics building)
    •   Hilary Lonsdale (Pope building)
    •   attached to this email
    •   form drawers in the photocopier room B1a Pope building
    •   School of Maths home page under Current Postgraduates – Forms for Research -

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