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									                                                                      ARTIST SUBMISSION FORM
                                                                           Due Friday April 14th

                          2011 National Puppetry Festival Cabaret
        The PofA Cabaret will take place on the evening on Thursday July 14th 2011. The Cabaret is a
showcase of the best pieces of short form puppetry that have been performed at Puppet Slams in the
last two years. The Cabaret will be broken into two parts. The first half will include material for all
audiences. After a brief intermission, there will be pieces that are more adult nature.

       The Puppet Slam Network is offering $300 Travel Grants to Puppet Slams to help send Puppet
Slam Artists to the PofA Festival to perform in the Cabaret.

        If you are a puppet slam artist and would like to apply for a travel grant to perform in the PofA
Cabaret, please use this form. If you are a Slam Curator and would like to nominate an artist, please use
our Slam Curator Form.

        Submit this form with a video of documentation. The piece must be under 7 minutes. Mail a
DVD or include a link to where your video can be viewed online.

The Deadline for submissions is Friday, April 14th. Please send submissions and inquiries to, curator,
Beau Brown:
Beau.brown@gmail.com                           or      Beau Brown
                                                       2011 National Puppetry Festival
                                                       3563 W Hill St
                                                       Clarkston GA 30021

Title of piece                                          -
Artist’s Name                                           -
Phone                                                   -
Email                                                   -
Performers                                              -
Set-up time required                                    -
Length of piece                                         -
Will you be mailing a DVD or sending a link to the      -
video documentation? If sending a link, please
include here:
               Please indicate if you need any of the following items and any details on each
Item                                                    Yes / No / Details
 Hand puppet stage/ Play board                          -
Shadow puppet scrim                                     -
Music/Sound effects Playback from a CD                  -
Specific Lighting Cues                                  -
A Video Component from a dvd or computer                -
Microphone (Type? How many?)                            -
Table                                                   -
Electricity                                             -
Other (please describe)                                 -

                                                                       ARTIST SUBMISSION FORM
                                                                            Due Friday April 14th

                             2011 National Puppetry Festival Cabaret

Describe your act in detail. Does your piece contain any material that might not be appropriate for all
audiences? Is the piece humorous or dramatic? Please include as much information as possible, i.e. the
script, photos, etc.

Put an “x” in the box to the left of any puppet slams this piece has been performed at in the last 2 years:
  Adult Puppet Cabaret-                  All The Saints Theater Co's        Band of Puppet Fest
  Animal Cracker Conspiracy              Spaghetti Dinner
  Beady Little Eyes                      Bedlam / Barebones                 Blood From A Turnip
  PuppetSlam                             Puppet Romp
  Bobbindoctrin’s Annual                 Cabaret Automata                    a    oncret
  Puppet Festival
  CalArts Puppet Cabaret                 CoLAB Arts Puppet Slam             Dad's Garage Puppet Slam
  Dolly Wiggler Cabaret                  Flock Theatre Puppet Slam          For the Love of Puppets
  Full Moon Cabaret                      Nasty, Brutish & Short             Noches De Cabaret
                                         Puppet Cabaret
  Pinocchio’s Puppet Slam                Playhouse Puppetry Slam            PLOPSLAM! Series
  Possibilitarian                        The Puckin’ Fuppet Show            PUNCH
  Puppet Art Attacks                     Puppet Pandemic                    Puppet Parlor
  Puppet Playlist                        Puppet Showplace Slam              Puppet Slam (GAPT)
  Puppet Slamwich                        Puppet Underground                 Puppet Uprising
  Puppets From the Edge                  Puppets Uprising                   Sobre La Mesa
  Spaghetti Dinners (GSW)                Trouble Puppet / Austin            UConn Puppet Slam
                                         Puppet Incident
  Unraku Puppet Slam                     Wham Bam Puppet Slam               Winnipeg Puppet Slam

If your Slam is not listed please list it here:
Slam Name
Slam Organizer
Slam Organizer Email
Slam Organizer Phone #

                                                                     ARTIST SUBMISSION FORM
                                                                          Due Friday April 14th

                          2011 National Puppetry Festival Cabaret

Q. What if more than one piece is accepted from an individual slam?

A. Each Slam is only eligible for ONE Tour Grant of $300 no matter how many pieces are accepted to the
Cabaret. It is the responsibility of each Slam’s Organizer to distribute the Tour Grant once it has been

Q. My show has never been in a Slam but it is really awesome and I want to be in the Cabaret. Can I
still submit?

A. Yes please do. However, that show will not be eligible for the Puppet Slam Network Tour Grant. If your
show is not accepted it can be a part of one of the Potpourri Nights.


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