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Volume 4, Number 4                           Serving the news and information needs of Mount Vernon, NY – “A City That Believes”                                                                               May 2010

      FEATURES                                                     Mayor of devastated Haiti town
                                                                          visits Mt. Vernon
                                                    Story by Joe Parisi

                                                                n unprecedented interfaith
                                                                prayer service representing
                                                                different denominations and
                                                                faiths took place at Sacred
                                                    Heart Church in Mount Vernon on a
                                                    chilly and windy Saturday morning,
                                                    April 10.
                                                       The members of the Westchester
                                                    Women of Prayer and Church Women
  11 Mt. Vernon teenagers complete Youth & Police   United, as well as Sacred Heart
                 Initiative program                 Church, sponsored Women in Prayer
                       Page 15                      for Haiti, in a united effort to pray for the
                                                    devastating effect the recent earth-
                                                    quake had on Haiti and its people.
                                                       The cameras are gone and Haiti is
                                                    currently off the front pages. Now,
                                                    weeks later, it's possible for those who
                                                    experienced the magnitude 7.0 earth-
                                                    quake through the media to think of the                Mayor Jean Paul Francois of Kenscoff, Haiti (right) accompanied by his interpreter, speaking at Sacred Heart Church.
                                                    devastation and the humanitarian crisis
                                                    that followed in the past tense.                       the faith and spirit they can muster.                       the helping hand the world extended
                                                       With the rainy season in progress                   Proud and resilient as they are, they                       immediately after the quake. Haitians
                                                    and one million homeless people living                 cannot get back up on their feet by                         wish they had the luxury of referring to
                                                    in squalid tent cities, Haitians need all              themselves. They desperately need
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          Pajama party held at Mt. Vernon
                  Public Library
                      Page 5
                                                     WCC Extension Center plays vital role
                                                             in the community
                                                                                                           Story by Joe Parisi                                         Administration Degree from Howard Uni-

                                                                                                                         s. Gina Gaines has been at                    versity in Washington, D.C., and a
                                                                                                                         the helm as director of the                   Master of Science Degree in Organiza-
                                                                                                                         Westchester Community                         tional Leadership from Mercy College in
                                                                                                                         College Mount Vernon                          Dobbs Ferry.
                                                                                                           Extension Center since they opened                             The college started its relationship
                                                                                                           their doors at 175 Gramatan Avenue in                       with the Mount Vernon community years
                                                                                                           April of 2003. Ms. Gaines, who has been                     earlier when it began offering evening
                                                                                                           with the college for the past 17 years, is                  classes at the A.B. Davis Middle School.
    Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce celebrates                                                              a lifelong resident of Mount Vernon, and                    The transition to its own facility-based
          Administrative Professionals Day                                                                 attended both A.B. Davis Middle School,                     extension center has added classes dur-
                       Page 9                                                                              and Mount Vernon High School, where                         ing the day and on Saturdays, additional
                                                    Gina Gaines, director of the WCC Extension Center in   she was in the honors program. She                          specialty programming, and has proved
                                                                     Mount Vernon, NY.                     also holds a Bachelors of Business                                           Continued on page 3

     Newly upgraded Mobile Command Center
              unveiled in Fleetwood
                     Page 6
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        I NQU IRE R                                 WCC Extension Center plays vital role
            Founded in 2004 by
          JOSEPH A. PARISI
                                                            in the community
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               Published by

     The Mount Vernon Inquirer                                                                                                                           find yourself without a diploma. You don't
                P.O. Box 458                                                                                                                             have to go very far, since the college also
      Mount Vernon, NY 10551-0458                                                                                                                        offers a program that helps students who
     Email:                                                                                                                     have dropped out of high school, and meet
      Website:                                                                                                                        certain criteria, obtain their GED while
      LETTERS TO THE EDITOR                                                                                                                              earning college credit.
 Readers are encouraged to send us letters                                                                                                                  "Westchester Community College is one
 expressing their viewpoints on any issue.                                                                                                               of the most affordable colleges in the area.
 Letters should not contain inflammatory or                                                                                                              We have a financial aid office that offers
 provocative language and will be subject to                                                                                                             assistance in applying for federal financial
 editorial review. Please keep your letters                                                                                                              aid, and other tuition assistance programs
 brief and not to exceed 300 words. Your                                                                                                                 and more," said Gaines. "Students can
 name and address must be included, but
                                                                                                                                                         also take advantage of the services offered
 will be withheld upon request.
                                                                                                                                                         through our Scholarship office, Career &
     SUGGESTED NEWS ITEMS                                                                                                                                Transfer Center which helps students find
 We welcome all suggestions concerning                                                                                                                   employment, and Counseling offices.
 news we should cover in our newspaper.
                                                                                                                                                            What the Westchester Community Col-
 Please call the Editor with suggestions at
                                                                                                                                                         lege Extension Center offers the citizens of
                                                                                                                                                         Mount Vernon is simply invaluable.
            NEWSPAPER                                                                                                                                    Besides helping prepare students who are
           SUBSCRIPTIONS                                                                                                                                 seeking degrees, the college also helps
 We are currently suggesting that you                                                                                                                    those interested in taking a particular
 subscribe to our newspaper for $34.00                                                                                                                   course(s) or certificate program and going
 per year, which you will receive via US
                                                                                                                                                         immediately into the work force. “There is
 Postal Service. Please cutout the sub-                            The Westchester Community College Mount Vernon Extension Center
 scription form that can be found in
                                                                                                                                                         something for everyone at the Center. Our
 all issues and forward it to us with your     to be an enormous benefit to the residents           throughout the city.                                 non-credit programs in cooking for children
 remittance.                                   of Mount Vernon and surrounding commu-                   The college is also proud of its English         and adults, cake decorating, intro to com-
                                               nities. The college provides an essential            Language Institute program (ELI), provid-            puters, and more are available for your
                  Editor                       resource to students who are just starting           ing English as a second language classes             personal enjoyment. If there is a non-credit
                 Joe Parisi                    their educational career, and to those indi-         for Mount Vernon's extremely diverse com-            topic that you are interested in, that we do
       News Reportes / Writers                 viduals who are returning after many years.          munity. "We give non-native English                  not have, and you have a few friends inter-
         Joe Parisi, Chief Reporter            The Center has tripled its enrollment since          speakers the tools necessary to learn the            ested as well, come talk to us and we will
               James Fair                      it opened in 2003. It now has an enrollment          English language and become proficient in            see if we can offer it,” says Gaines. “Our
               Debra Smith                     of about 4500 annually.                              it. We also offer specialty classes for those        excellent instructors and friendly and help-
        Sales and Advertising                      The Mount Vernon Extension Center’s              that have some mastery of the English lan-           ful staff are all here to make your learning
          Darryl Walker, Director              areas of specialty are Culinary Arts, Busi-          guage to help prepare them to take college           experience successful and memorable.”
                                               ness and Entrepreneurship, along with                level classes in English - so it is a big tran-         The Westchester Community College
            Graphic Design
                                               Academic Support. Culinary students work             sition for some. We have had students that           Mount Vernon Extension Center is located
                T. Adams
               Cheryl Parisi                   in a large, fully equipped culinary arts teach-      couldn't speak any English who have tran-            at 175 Gramatan Avenue, Mount Vernon,
                                               ing kitchen. All of classrooms, including the        sitioned over to our credit program and are          N.Y. 10550. You can reach them at 914-
                                               wireless business lab, which features lap-           now on their way to earning their degree,"           606-7200, Fax 914-606-7270 or by Email:
                                               tops for individual student use, are fully           said Gaines.                                They can
                                               equipped with all of the latest teaching tech-           So you dropped out of high school and            also be found online at:
                                               nologies. The Academic Support Center is
                                               one component that is key to helping the
                                               developmental student succeed in college. It
                                               offers tutoring, workshops and other pro-
                                               grams to support learning.
                                                   We are providing a high level of education
                                               and service right here in Mount Vernon. Up
                                               to ninety percent of the services students
              Sales Reps                       need to access are available right here in
               Wanted                          Mount Vernon, saving them the trip to the
                                               main campus in Valhalla,” said Gaines.
   The Mount Vernon Inquirer is offering
an exciting opportunity for friendly               The college's Mount Vernon community
upbeat representatives in protected ter-       track record is a long one, working side-by-
ritories.                                      side with many community partners over
   It is an opportunity to obtain newspa-      the years. The college is very proud of its
per recognition through community              Summer Entrepreneurship Academy,
affairs, fundraisers, grand openings           which is offered in collaboration with the
and become a part of the community.            City’s Youth Bureau, and the Network for
   Earn a competitive commission paid          Teaching Entrepreneurship. For the past
weekly on a 1099 basis (no tax with-
                                               four years, Mount Vernon youth have had a
held). Applicants can work 1, 2 or 7
days per week.                                 unique opportunity to learn about starting
   This fun, profitable and independent        their own businesses through a multi-
position is geared for the entrepreneur        faceted program. The program’s end result
who enjoys working with local business         is students who actually produced their
and creating longterm relationships.           own business plan. Ms. Gaines is also a
   Call (914)665-7004 or email:                member of the board of directors of the                     Chamber of Commerce, and the college
                                               participates in many other initiatives                                                Students learning the art of cooking
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4 | May 2010                                                                                                                                                          
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      New public/private partnership
       makes summer employment
           possible for youth
       Westchester summer jobs program continues in
            the private sector with new website

       eeking to replace federal and state       “The summer youth employment pro-
       funding for summer youth employ-       gram will provide an opportunity for
       ment, the Westchester Summer           businesses to not only have great work-
Jobs Program will continue in 2010 as a       ers, but will also give young people a
new public/private partnership aimed at       sense of careers in Westchester busi-
securing private sector job opportunities     nesses,” said Dr. Marsha Gordon,
and work experience for 500 youth ages        president/CEO of The Business Council
18 to 21. A new website, www.Westch-          of Westchester. “This is a win-win invest-, was unveiled at          ment in our future, with the greatest
a recent press conference and provides        return of preparing our future workforce.”
program information as well as a sign-up         “Our new public/private partnership is       (l to r) Robert P. Astorino, County Executive, Dr. Marsha Gordon, Donnovan Beckford, and Laurence Gottlieb
page for area businesses. The initiative is   a prime example of how we can find solu-
led by The Business Council of Westch-        tions to some of our local challenges that   this rapidly changing economic environ-                  employers and employees over the
ester in partnership with Westchester         result from the new economic realities,      ment.”                                                   course of the placement.
County Executive Robert P. Astorino, the      such as the reduction in government             Starting Monday, May 3, 2010, inter-                    For more information on the
Westchester/Putnam Workforce Invest-          funding,” said Donnovan Beckford, direc-     ested youth are encouraged to register                   Westchester Summer Jobs Program,
ment Board (WPWIB), eleven youth              tor, Westchester/Putnam Workforce            for a screening and interview with their                 please contact Mark Kessler at
agencies throughout the county, and oth-      Incentive Board. “We are looking at new      local youth agency by calling United                     (914) 948-2110 x312, by email at
ers including United Way of Westchester       ways of accomplishing as much, if not        Way’s 2-1-1 Helpline. Youth agency staff       , or visit
and Putnam.                                   more, for our youth and businesses in        members also serve as liaisons to              

        Visit for all your community news and events
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                                                                                             I NQUI R E R

     Pajama party held during
    “Week of the Young Child” at
     Mt. Vernon Public Library
         nnually, the Week of the Young                for-profit, broad based human service
         Child is celebrated throughout the            agency dedicated to helping people of all
         country starting April 11 through             ages cope with emotional, cognitive,
 April 17. The week is an annual celebra-              environmental, physical, social and edu-
 tion sponsored by the National                        cational challenges.
 Association for the Education of Young                   Spearheading the activities at the
 Children, the world’s largest early child-            pajama party was Patrice Cuddy, pro-
 hood education association. The purpose               gram director for the prior mentioned
 of the week is to focus on the needs of               WJCS groups, who explained to the par-
 young children and their families.                    ents that the purpose of the Week of the
    On Thursday, April 15, the Week of the             Young Child is to focus public attention
 Young Child was celebrated at the Mount               on the needs of young children and their
 Vernon Public Library with a pajama                   families and to recognize the early child-
 party. Nearly 50 young children, accom-               hood programs and services offered by
                                                                                                         Children, clad in their pajamas and accompanied by their parents, are pictured participating in a sing-along.
 panied by their parents and clad in paja-             WJCS that meet those needs.
 mas, crowded into the library's children's               She was accompanied by Kevin
 section for an evening of fun and games,              Robinson, who entertained the children
 along with a story reading session.                   with taped songs and a storytelling peri-
    The event was sponsored by                         od at the end of their play session.
 Westchester Jewish Community Services                    The Mount Vernon Public Library, co-
 and organized by their Early Childhood                sponsors of the event, provided every
 Matters, in conjunction with Parent Child             child with a book to take home, and they
 Center and Parent Child Home Program.                 also served refreshments, along with
    Westchester Jewish Community                       cookies, to all the children that participat-
 Services (WJCS) is a non-sectarian, not-              ed in the annual pajama party.

    Patrice Cuddy speaking to the children's parents         Kevin Robinson speaking to the children                               Children mimicking Kevin Robinson during a sing-along

        Mayor Young’s statement
      regarding Mount Vernon High
          School wall collapse
     “On Monday, April 12, what could                  structure to ensure that those who
  have been a sad tragedy was averted                  occupy and visit these structures remain
  due to sheer luck. The wall collapse that            safe. Eighteen months ago, the City of
  happened at Mount Vernon High                        Mount Vernon undertook a capital plan-
  School injured no one, however, if it had            ning process that assessed the city’s
  occurred just a couple of hours earlier,             infrastructure needs and set a course to
  lives of our students and teachers                   satisfy these needs to ensure the safety
  would likely have been lost. While the               of our employees and citizens.
  Mount Vernon City School District                       “After decades of neglect, we found
  works to make the necessary repairs                  that our municipal buildings, infrastruc-
  and re-open the school as quickly as                 ture and vehicular fleet were in poor
  possible, my administration is working               condition. Leaky roofs plague every             subsequently approved by the Board of                    21st century by moving forward with the
  with Superintendent Sawyer to assist                 city-owned building and most city vehi-         Estimate and Contract. With interest                     Capital Projects plan. Safety and effi-
  them in any way possible.                            cles are well past their useful life. With      rates at historical lows, now is the per-                ciency must remain our highest priority
      “It is seldom that we receive such a             the understanding that we need to act           fect time to go out to bond to pay for                   and our financially responsible plan to
  warning, but when a near disaster like               immediately, last year our Capital Pro-         these necessary projects.                                improve our infrastructure and buildings
  this happens we must do whatever we                  jects plan was unanimously approved                “I call upon all involved to act expedi-              will allow us to act with these priorities
  can to assess our buildings and infra-               by the Mount Vernon City Council and            tiously and bring Mount Vernon into the                  in mind.”
                                                                                   THE MOUNT VERNON
6 | May 2010                                                                                                                                                                     
                                                                                  I NQUI R E R

          Study:                                           Newly upgraded Mobile Command Center to
   Newspapers expanding                                         fight crime in Fleetwood unveiled
     in New York State
     The New York Press Association (NYPA), the
 157-year-old association representing more
 than 750 newspapers across New York State,
 recently announced the results of a study show-
 ing that 140 more newspapers are published in
 New York State today than were published here
 just 10 years ago. Most of the growth occurred
 in the community and ethnic newspaper cate-
 gories, indicating that the state’s appetite for
 local news and accurate, fact-checked reporting
 is increasing, NYPA said.
     “Contrary to popular myth, the New York
 newspaper industry is growing stronger each
 year, especially at the local level,” said NYPA
 Executive Director Michelle Rea. “Evolving
 technologies and a stubborn recession have
 affected business profitability across the board,
 but they have not diminished the basic need for
 accurate information about the communities in
 which we all live.”
     NYPA’s research shows that in January
     • 727 weekly community newspapers,
       including 129 culturally specific newspa-
       pers, with a total distribution of 11.6 million,
       were being published in New York State;
     • 379 were paid circulation newspapers with             Senator Klein, Mayor Young and Mount Vernon Police Chief, along with city residents, are pictured at unveiling of newly upgraded Mobile Command Center.
       a total distribution of 3.8 million, and
     • 348 were free distribution newspapers with

                                                                  n Thursday, April 22nd, State               also served emergency responders                       ing adding new video monitoring and
       a total distribution of 7.7 million. (These do
                                                                  Senator and Deputy Majority                 after the September 11th attacks on                    “smart board” technology and by mak-
       not include Pennysavers or Shoppers);
                                                                  Leader     Jeff   Klein     (D-             the World Trade Center, arriving at the                ing mechanical and structural repairs.
     • There were 55 daily newspapers being
                                                          Bronx/Westchester), Mount Vernon                    site shortly after the attacks in 2001                 During its 11 years of service, the
       published in New York with a combined
                                                          Mayor Clinton I. Young Jr., and Mount               and staying through January 2002.                      Mobile Command Center has never
       distribution of 5 million, and
                                                          Vernon Police Chief Barbara Duncan                     “Mobile Command Centers are full-                   received any upgrades, leaving the
     • Three free distribution dailies were being
                                                          unveiled and toured the Mount Ver-                  functioning mini-police stations -                     current equipment outdated.
       published in the New York City market with
                                                          non Police Department's newly                       equipped with officers, scanners and                       “This Mobile Command Center
       a combined distribution of 571,000.
                                                          renovated Mobile Command Center.                    other necessary equipment - able to                    greatly increases the ability of the
     NYPA estimates that the 727 New York
                                                          In 2008, Klein secured a $100K grant                respond to crimes quickly and effi-                    Mount Vernon Police Department to
 community newspapers alone generate
                                                          which funded upgrades aimed at                      ciently. These centers keep our                        respond to the public safety needs of
 between $850 million and $1 billion in annual
                                                          enhancing police presence and                       neighborhoods safe and serve as a                      our community. We are thankful to
 revenues to the state; employ more than
                                                          response times in the Fleetwood                     tremendous deterrent to criminals who                  Senator Klein not only for this newly
 10,000 New Yorkers; generate more than $500
                                                          community.                                          may be contemplating car or home                       renovated and upgraded vehicle, but
 million in payroll dollars; pay property taxes in
                                                             Mount Vernon police first launched               break-ins or commit other crimes,” said                also for his consistent support of our
 hundreds of municipalities; provide health
                                                          the Command Center Unit in Decem-                   Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westch-                    great city,” said Mount Vernon Mayor
 insurance for thousands of families; support
                                                          ber 1999. Since then it has been used               ester).                                                Clinton I. Young, Jr.
 local businesses, and spend more than $35
                                                          to combat local crime as well as aide in               Mount Vernon Police are expected                        “The Command Center effectively
 million annually at local post offices.
                                                          emergency response efforts across                   to use Klein’s grant to equip the Com-                 fills the need for communication
     “There is a reason 140 more newspapers are
                                                          the state. In Mount Vernon, police use              mand Center with up-to-date                            between the police and the public.
 published in New York today than 10 years ago
                                                          the Command Center for D.W.I. check                 technology including the enhancement                   Senator Klein’s grant has enabled us
 – the unique local content gathered by news
                                                          points, as quick response to neighbor-              of police dispatch systems like digital                to bring this Command Center into the
 professionals,” Ms. Rea continued. “The infor-
                                                          hood crimes, as deterrence to car                   video, satellite communications and                    21st Century and we are so grateful,”
 mation industry may be quickly evolving, but
                                                          break-ins and as an added level of pro-             wireless computer access. The money                    said Susan Granata, president
 reliable news reporting will never be replaced.”
                                                          tection at community block parties and              will also help fund necessary upgrades                 of the Fleetwood Neighborhood
                                                          special events. The Command Center                  to the Unit's conference room, includ-                 Association.

                                                                                    Mt. Vernon Inquirer pickup locations within Mt. Vernon
                                                           • Dole Community Center, South 6th Ave              • Armory, North 5th Ave                               • HSBC Bank, Upper Gramatan Ave
                                                           • Mount Vernon Health Center, South 4th Ave         • Westchester Comm. College, Gramatan Ave             • US Post Office, Fleetwood
                                                           • Pathmark Supermarket, South 3rd Ave               • Circle Pharmacy, Gramatan Ave                       • CVS Drug Store, Fleetwood, Grand Ave
                                                           • King’s Southern Food, South 3rd Street            • Gramatan Eyecare, Gramatan Ave                      • Grand Realty, Fleetwood Station
                                                           • Sugar Bowl Restaurant, Sandford Blvd              • Food Town Supermarket, Prospect Ave                 • Bank Of America, Upper Gramatan Ave
                                                           • US Post Office, Sandford Blvd                     • Rite Aid Drug Store, Prospect Ave                   • State Farm, Upper Gramatan Ave
                                                           • CVS Drug Store, Sandford Blvd                     • Chase Building Lobby, W. First Street               • Fleetwood Realty, Grand Ave
                                                           • Stationery Store, Sandford Blvd                   • Mt. Vernon Public Library, South 2nd Ave            • Total Car Care, Fleetwood Station
                                                           • Stop and Shop Supermarket, Sandford Blvd          • US Post Office Main,South First Ave                 • Fleetwood Deli, Gramatan Ave
                                                           • Maaco Paint / Collision, South Fulton Ave         • Mt. Vernon YMCA, South 2nd Ave                      • Stationery Store, Upper Gramatan Ave
                                                           • Boys & Girls Club, South 6th Ave                  • Troy’s Print/Sign Shop, White Plains Rd., Bx        • Kumon Children Store, Gramatan Ave
                                                           • Joe’s Foreign Car, South 3rd Street               • Look Here Optical Store, Gramatan Ave               • Our Lady of Victory Church, W. Sidney Ave
                                                           • City Hall Side Entrance, Roosevelt Square         • HSBC Bank, Lower Gramatan Ave                       • South Columbus Diner, South Fulton Ave
                                                           • Mount Vernon Hospital, North 7th Ave              • Chase Bank, Upper Gramatan Ave                      • The Wartburg, 1 Wartburg Place
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                                                                                                    I NQUI R E R

            Mayor of devastated Haiti town visits Mt. Vernon                                        Continued from page 1

                                Mt. Vernon Interfaith Choir during their performance                                                          Hymns and prayers first took place on the steps of Sacred Heart Church

this tragedy in the past tense. They need                  power, and can make a difference in the                        Area religious figures who participated                      Memorial Church in Mt. Vernon
the world to remember it in their present,                 world," said Apuzzo.                                        in the many prayer sessions included:                         • Pastor Calville Dunnon
since the crisis continues — a constant,                      Tears flowed when the French Speak-                         • Rev. Msgr. Howard W. Calkins,                            • Michelle White, pastor of Greater
inescapable, overwhelming reality.                         ing Baptist Church of Mount Vernon                               Sacred Heart Church pastor                                 Faith Temple in the Bronx
   Although the populace of Mount Ver-                     Youth Choir sang.                                              • Sister Glasmin Brown, Oneness                            • Rev. Mary Jo Young, New Life Baptist
non is divided like never before due to                       After the outdoor activities ended, the                       Rehoboth Apostolic Church                                  Church, Mt. Vernon
political infighting, Mount Vernonites                     performers streamed inside the church,                         • Mary Oliver, pastor of Straight Gate                     Many wiped away tears when they
always manage to rise to the occasion to                   where Judy Williams, the mistress of cer-                        Church in Mamaroneck                                  showed a video and slide presentation of
help others in need in time of crisis. And                 emonies, greeted the large gathering with                      • Elder Elease Lyde, Friendship Wor-                    the devastation caused by the earth-
on April 10, they exhibited that trait when                opening comments.                                                ship Center in Mt. Vernon                             quake soon after it struck. The video
nearly 200 people gathered at Sacred                          Several choir groups performed, which                       • Carol Fryer, pastor of United                         depicted people screaming and praying
Heart Church to pray for the people of                     included: the French Speaking Baptist                            Lutheran Church at the Wartburg                       in the streets, while others could be seen
Haiti in the aftermath of a biblical-type                  Church of Mount Vernon Youth Choir,                            • Rev. Barbara Evans, Grace Baptist                     walking aimlessly in total shock. Pictures
earthquake that devastated that country.                   Mount Vernon Interfaith Choir and Song                           Church                                                were also shown of thousands of people
   Like loyal and faithful Christian soldiers,             Interfaith Choir.                                              • Rev. Erika Crawford, pastor of Allen                  living in makeshift tent homes with
members of the Westchester Women of                                                                                                                                               absolutely nothing constructive to do.
Prayer and Church Women United mus-                                                                                                                                                  The highlight of the service took place
tered at Sacred Heart Church bright and                                                                                                                                           when Mayor Jean Paul Francois of Ken-
early to discuss the historic prayer service                                                                                                                                      scoff, Haiti, was introduced to the crowd.
that was about to take place.                                                                                                                                                     As he walked to the podium, people were
   As the program performers crowded                                                                                                                                              impressed by his stature, since he is very
into a church meeting room, it was a sight                                                                                                                                        tall, was impeccably dressed, handsome
to behold, since you had people from all                                                                                                                                          and has an infectious smile. Accompany-
denominations and faiths rubbing elbows                                                                                                                                           ing him to the podium was his English
with each other in a Catholic church.                                                                                                                                             interpreter, since he only speaks French.
They all had a common goal - to pray as a                                                                                                                                            Kenscoff is a town located in mountain-
united family for the impoverished and                                                                                                                                            ous country some 10 kilometers to the
suffering survivors of Haiti's earthquake.                                                                                                                                        southeast of the capital Port au Prince,
   Led by Rev. Msgr. Howard W. Calkins,                                                                                                                                           with a population of 5,200 people.
pastor of Sacred Heart Church, the par-                                                                                                                                              "I ask you to continue to pray for Haiti in
ticipants gathered on the entrance steps                                                                                                                                          our time of need and to help us obtain
of the church to sing hymns and pray.                                                                                                                                             many essential things we are lacking at
   One of the speakers on the steps was                                                                                                                                           this time. In our community we are in need
City Councilwomen Roberta Apuzzo who,                                                                                                                                             of a garbage truck to help dispose of our
with City Comptroller Maureen Walker,                                                                                                                                             garbage. We are in dire need of an ambu-
were the only Mount Vernon officials in                                                                                                                                           lance to help transport pregnant women to
attendance. "Prayer is powerful and                                                                                                                                               a faraway hospital to deliver their babies.
women in prayer have great strength and                     Rev. Msgr Howard W. Calkins, Sacred Heart Church pastor, praying for the people of Haiti on the steps of his church   We need a hospital and a supermarket,
                                                                                                                                                                                  and an endless list of other things that dis-
                                                                                                                                                                                  appeared after the earthquake devastated
                                                                                                                                                                                  our country," said the mayor.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Near the end of the service, a collec-
                                                                                                                                                                                  tion was taken and Judy Williams stated:
                                                                                                                                                                                  "Please be assured that 100% of the
                                                                                                                                                                                  money that is being collected today will
                                                                                                                                                                                  go straight to organizations that have
                                                                                                                                                                                  been approved by President Obama in
                                                                                                                                                                                  the Haiti relief effort.”
                                                                                                                                                                                     What took place at Sacred Heart
                                                                                                                                                                                  Church on April 10 can only be described
                                                                                                                                                                                  as huge, unprecedented, historical and
     (l to r) Judy Williams and Pastor Carol Fryer                              Ernestine Dixon                               (l to r) Judy Williams and Pastor Carol Fryer       memorable.
                                                                                         THE MOUNT VERNON
8 | May 2010                                                                                                                                                           
                                                                                         I NQUI R E R

     Mt. Vernon welcomes home from Iraq                                                                                      KENNETH DAVIS, MBA
  Sergeant Simone P. Berdoe of the New York                                                                                                Kumon of Mt. Vernon
               National Guard
                                                                                                           The Fundamental Building Blocks of
                                                                                                          Education: Family involvement in early
                                                                                                                  childhood education
                                                                                                      In this first article installment, I would like   early childhood.
                                                                                                  to share with readers the importance of fam-             Nurturing relationships provide an emo-
                                                                                                  ily on education, especially early childhood          tional refuge for children, fostering the
                                                                                                  education. This article originated from the           development of a healthy sense of belong-
                                                                                                  Harvard Family Research Project (HFRP),               ing, self-esteem and well-being. When
                                                                                                  Harvard Graduate School of Education.                 parents are sensitive and responsive to chil-
                                                                                                      Family involvement matters, in home and           dren’s emotions, children are more likely to
                                                                                                  school, especially for young children’s cog-          become socially competent and show better
                                                                                                  nitive (mental) and social development. For           communication skills. Warm, reciprocal par-
                                                                                                  children and youth to be successful from              ent-child interactions and fewer life stresses
                                                                                                  birth through adolescence, there must be a            in the home facilitate less anti-social behav-
                                                                                                  network of learning support around them.              ior and better ability to concentrate.
                                                                                                  Some of these learning supports are fami-                Parental participation in child-centered
                                                                                                  lies, early childhood programs, schools,              activities, specifically play, is also important
                                                                                                  out-of-school time programs and higher                for children’s social and emotional develop-
                                                                                                  education. The extent of family involvement           ment. Children who play at home and
                Mayor Clinton I. Young welcoming back Sergeant Simone Berdoe from Iraq
                                                                                                  in home and school is so powerful that it can         whose parents understand the importance
                                                                                                  be used as predictor of a child’s academic            of play in development are likely to demon-
                                                                                                  achievement and social development as                 strate better social and independent

          n Thursday, April 15th, Mayor             Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, NY, in support
          Clinton I. Young, Jr., the City of        of Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation          he/she progresses from early childhood pro-           behavior in the classroom.
          Mount Vernon, the Central                 Enduring Freedom.                             grams through K-12 and also into higher                  The research findings of the Harvard
  Committee for Veterans Affairs and                   Sgt. Berdoe was deployed to Iraq in        education.                                            Family Research Project substantiate the
  Mount Vernon Veterans Service                     January, 2008. Upon her return to the             Three aspects of family involvement               long time practice of the Kumon math and
  Agency, welcomed home New York                    US in 2009, she was assigned to Fort          affect the outcome of a child’s education.            reading program, where parental participa-
  National Guard Sergeant Simone Ber-               Dix, New Jersey, where she is training        These are parenting, home-school relation-            tion has always been a requirement.
  doe from her military service in Iraq.            soldiers for the Operation Warrior            ship and responsibility for learning.                 Parents are required to be involved by pro-
    Sgt. Berdoe was born in Kingston,               Training mission (soldiers leaving for                Parenting in Early Childhood                  viding a conducive environment in the home
  Jamaica, and migrated to the US on                Iraq and Afghanistan). Sgt. Berdoe                Parenting is the aspect of family involvement     where home-work can be done routinely in
  April 28, 1998, settling in Mount Vernon          recently re-enlisted for 8 years in the       that includes the attitudes, values and practices     an undisturbed atmosphere.
  with her family. She continued her edu-           New York National Guard to continue           of parents in raising young children. Nurturing,         My next article will discuss how family
  cation and graduated from Katherine               her career as a soldier in the United         warm and responsive parent-child relationships        home-school relationships affect early
  Gibbs Business College in September,              States National Guard in order to con-        and parental participation in child centered          childhood education and beyond. So
  1998 with an associate degree in Hotel            tinue to serve her country.                   activities produce positive learning outcomes in      please stay tuned.
  and Restaurant Management. On                        “We are very proud to welcome Sgt.
  November 26, 2003, she enlisted in the            Berdoe home to Mount Vernon,” said
  Maryland National Guard (Baltimore                Mayor Clinton I. Young, Jr. “She serves            Delta Nu Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma
  Meps Fort Meds, Maryland) as a Pri-
  vate First Class. In April, 2005, Sgt.
                                                    as a shining example of what Mount
                                                    Vernon residents have to offer our                  Rho Sorority honors a legislator and a
  Berdoe was activated for State Active
  Duty, Empire Shield Joint Task Force at
                                                    nation and we thank her for her
                                                    courage, dedication and service.”                             community activist
                                                                                                     At its annual fundraising
                                                                                                  event, An Enchanted
  Statement from Governor David A. Paterson                                                       Evening, The Westchester
                                                                                                  Alumni Chapter of Sigma
     on the passing of Benjamin L. Hooks                                                          Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
                                                                                                  honored community lead-
    We mourn the loss of Benjamin L.                                                              ers Lois Taplin Bronz and
Hooks, a champion of equality who sought                                                          Willie Walker. Bronz served
to expand opportunities for the African-                                                          as a county legislator for
American community and protect the                                                                eight years, four years as
freedoms of all Americans. Throughout his                                                         vice-chair, and was elected
life, Mr. Hooks committed himself to serv-                                                        chair of the Westchester
                                                                                                                                      Members of Delta Nu Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority pictured
ice, as a minister to his church, a leader                                                        County Board of Legislators
                                                                                                                                                          at their annual fundraiser event.
within his community, a distinguished pro-                                                        for the 2002-2004 term.
fessor with the University of Memphis, and                                                           Walker served as director        Powell, Jr. State Office            Sorority, Inc. is a collegiate
as the revered executive director of the                                                          of Special Events for Edu-          Building in 2005.                   and graduate level organi-
NAACP. Mr. Hooks reminded a generation                                                            cational Outreach through              Proceeds from An                 zation dedicated to uplifting
of men and women that the fight for equal-                                                        the New York City Depart-           Enchanted Evening will              the local community through
ity never ends, inspiring them to challenge                                                       ment of Health and Mental           support Delta Nu Sigma’s            ongoing community service
discrimination through advancement and                                                            Hygiene. He also became a           annual Youth Symposium              and social events.
success.                                                                                          community activist in 1996          at CUNY Prep, Story Hour               For more information
    We will honor his work by continuing to                                                       as chairperson for Commu-           at the Mount Vernon Pub-            on Sigma Gamma Rho
take on his great cause.                                                                          nity Board #10 and was              lic Library and will also           Sorority, Inc. or Delta Nu
    "On behalf of all New Yorkers, our                                                            appointed by the Governor           fund several scholarships           Sigma Chapter, visit
thoughts and prayers are with the Hooks                                                           as the building superintend-        awarded to local students.
family.                                                                                           ent of the Adam Clayton                Sigma Gamma Rho                  or
                                                                                               THE MOUNT VERNON                                                                                                                                                                                                   May 2010 | 9
                                                                                               I NQUI R E R

      Mt. Vernon Chamber of
      Commerce celebrates
  Administrative Professionals Day
        ince 1952, the International                 offices all over the world.
        Association of Administrative Pro-               On April 21, like in cities all across
        fessionals has honored office                America, Mount Vernon held a big
workers by sponsoring Administrative                 celebration for its administrative profes-
Professionals Day. Today, it is one of the           sionals, spearheaded by the Mount
largest workplace observances outside                Vernon Chamber of Commerce, main
of employee birthdays and major holi-                sponsor of the event. The event was held
days.                                                in a popular Mount Vernon restaurant
   The Administrative Professionals Day              and was attended by seventy superbly
is observed mainly in the United States              dressed and excited female administra-
to recognize the work of secretaries,                tive professionals.
receptionists, and any administrative                    Opening remarks came from Karen
                                                                                                                  A partial view of the seventy administrative professionals who celebrated Administrative Professionals Day in Mt. Vernon.
support professionals. It is always cele-            Thomas, who is one of eight committee
brated on the Wednesday of the last full             members who helped organize the event.
week of April. This year it was observed                 One boss who made sure he attended
on Wednesday, April 21.                              the event was Mayor Clinton I. Young.
   In the year 2000, IAAP announced a                When introduced by Chamber President
name change for Professional Secre-                  Frank Fraley, the master of ceremonies,
taries     Week     and      Professional            the mayor received a rousing applause
Secretaries Day. The names were                      from many of the ladies who work in his
changed to Administrative Professionals              administration.
Week and Administrative Professionals                    "We appreciate the great job that you
Day to keep pace with changing job titles            all do on a daily basis in this great city of
and expanding responsibilities of today’s            ours. I also want to reaffirm the great rela-
administrative workforce.                            tionship I have with the Mount Vernon
   Today, there are more than 4.1 million            Chamber of Commerce, sponsors of this
secretaries and administrative assistants            impressive event," said Mayor Young.
working in the United States, according                  The guest speaker for the event was
to U.S. Department of Labor statistics,              Brent A. Watson, vice president, Global
and 8.9 million people working in various            Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch.
administrative support roles. More than                  All in attendance were treated to a ter-
475,000 administrative professionals are             rific lunch, and received a special gift
employed in Canada. Millions more                    from another committee member and co-
administrative professionals work in                 sponsor, Adele Zeller.                                                            Another group of administrative professionals enjoying their day of celebration

                        Brent A. Watson                                    Mayor Young (l) and Frank Fraley (r) pictured with Hank Perkins, founder of                                     Karen Thomas
                                                                                                Perkins Fine Cuisine in Harlem.

                                                                                                              Mayor Young honors heroes
                                                                                                         of near disaster on Metro North tracks

                                                                                                             n the evening of Monday, April 5th, an                    ored at the City Hall ceremony were Rohan
                                                                                                             errant driver crashed through a stone                     Britton and Radley Chevannes. Eddie
                                                                                                             wall and plunged 30 feet down onto the                    Poure, one of the three heroes of last Mon-
                                                                                                     Metro North New Haven line railroad tracks. In                    day, was unable to attend. In addition to the
                                                                                                     an instant, three passersby, all with roots here in               honor from Mayor Young, Britton and
                                                                                                     Mount Vernon, placed their own safety at risk                     Chevannes received a citation from State
                                                                                                     and descended down onto the tracks to aid the                     Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson’s office.
                                                                                                     driver. With a New York City bound train                          Also in attendance was Cynthia Miller who
                                                                                                     approaching, these heroes were able to avoid                      represented Rep. Eliot Engel.
                                                                                                     the high-voltage electrified third rail and extract                  “We are very fortunate to have such brave
                                                                                                     the driver from her overturned SUV, which laid                    Mount Vernon residents among us,” said Mayor
                                                                                                     across the rail tracks.                                           Young. “To place your own safety at risk in order
                                                                                                        On April 12, Mayor Clinton I. Young, Jr.                       to come to the aid of a complete stranger
                                                                                                     honored each of these good Samaritans with                        deserves recognition and I am honored to award
                 Mayor Young (c) presented plaques with the Key to the City to
                         Rohan Britton (left) and Radley Chevannes.                                  a plaque holding the Key to the City. Hon-                        these gentlemen with the Key to the City.”
                                                                                    THE MOUNT VERNON
10 | May 2010                                                                                                                                                      
                                                                                    I NQUI R E R

                                                                                                          Mount Vernon K-9 Police Officer
  Fahrenheit Physical Therapy proudly                                                                           visits the Wartburg
      serves Mt. Vernon, Pelham,
                                                                                                         olice Officer Gene Wilsea and B.C.,
   the Bronx and all of Westchester                                                                      a highly skilled, state certified Patrol
                                                                                                         canine, educated and performed for
                                                                                                 the residents of The Wartburg on a beautiful
                                                                                                 spring day recently. Residents saw B.C.
                                                                                                 locate hidden narcotics in a trash bin and
                                                                                                 were treated to obedience and suspect
                                                                                                 apprehension demonstrations.
                                                                                                    As members of one of the three separate
                                                                                                 K-9 teams within the Mount Vernon police
                                                                                                 force, Officer Wilsea and B.C. have been
                                                                                                 paired for several years. B.C., a 4 ? year
                                                                                                 old German Shepherd, is named after
                                                                                                 Mount Vernon Police Detective Bernard L.
                                                                                                 Christopher, who was killed while attempt-
                                                                                                 ing to apprehend a robbery suspect in
                                                                                                 1974. B.C. is certified by NY State in Sus-
                                                                                                 pect Apprehension, Building Searches,
                                                                                                 Human Tracking and Evidence Search as
                                                                                                 well as Narcotics. He will soon begin train-
                                                                                                 ing in Search & Rescue.
                                                                                                    Officer Wilsea, a 13-year veteran of the
                   Kathleen Maddalone, MSPT (left) and Mikhal “Lily” Elfassy, DPT                Department, is a member of the Depart-
                         are the proprietors of Fahrenheit Physical Therapy.                     ment’s Emergency Services Unit, a
                                                                                                 Hostage Negotiator, and is an Expert Wit-

         o you suffer from joint pain,             cal Therapy, Kathleen Maddalone, PT,          ness in Suspect Tracking and Human
                                                                                                                                                             Police Officer Gene Wilsea and B.C.
         back or neck pain, sprains,               MS, and Mikhal “Lily” Elfassy, PT,            Scent Detection.
         strains or other related injuries?        together with their dedicated team and           The Wartburg Adult Care Community is a            and independent living, adult day services,
 Did you know that most insurance                  their cutting-edge technology, give           not-for-profit Lutheran ministry, serving peo-       home care, memory care, pastoral care and
 companies will allow you to visit a               patients confidence they are putting          ple of all faiths with a full range of residential   monthly caregiver support groups.
 physical therapist without a doctor’s             their body and health in the hands of         options and health-related services for older          For more information about The Wart-
 prescription? Did you know that physi-            top therapists in the field of rehabilita-    area adults and their families. The Wartburg         burg Adult Care Community, please call
 cal therapy can help lead you back to a           tion, fitness, and performance. Their         offers skilled nursing care, rehabilitation,           (914) 699-0800, email info@thewart-
 healthy and more productive life?                 team of specialists includes physical         Alzheimer’s and dementia care, assisted     or visit
 There is a state-of-the-art physical              therapists, certified athletic trainers, as
 therapy facility that serves Mount Ver-           well as personal and strength and con-
 non, Pelham, the Bronx and the rest of            ditioning specialists.
 Westchester ready to help you.                       Being conveniently located inside the
    Fahrenheit      Physical     Therapy,          Omni Fitness Complex, but privately
 located at 872 Pelham Parkway, Pel-               operated, Fahrenheit is a fully equipped
 ham Manor, NY, has rapidly become                 facility, housing the latest state-of-the-
 the best provider of physical therapy,            art fitness machines. It also provides
 work rehabilitation, and fitness services         electrical modalities, including electrical
 throughout Westchester County. Con-               stimulation, ultrasound, laser and ion-
 veniently located inside the Omni                 tophoresis capabilities.
 Fitness Complex and near the Bronx                   Fahrenheit       Physical      Therapy
 border, Fahrenheit Physical Therapy               accepts most insurance plans and will
 also serves a large base of patients              work with all others.
 residing in the Bronx.                               For further information, you can call
    As proprietors of Fahrenheit Physi-            them at 914-712-9211.

                                Camp Fair
             Date: Thursday, May 20, 2010
               Time: 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
      Place: Grace Green Baker Community Room
     Camps throughout Westchester will be present to share their
   summer camp activities. If you are looking for a summer camp for
        your kids, then you don't want to miss this event!
    For further information, please call Cathy Webb at 914-668-1840 ext 236.

 SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES                                                           s
                                                         THE MOUNT VERNON                                                                                  May 2010 | 11
                                                         I NQUI R E R

 Are you a wartime
 veteran? If so, you
 may be eligible for
  pension benefit
    Many who are considering
 assisted living or senior living are
 unaware that wartime veterans and
 their surviving spouses may be eligi-
 ble for a significant monthly pension,
 ranging from $1,056-$1,949 per
 month, from the Veterans Adminis-
 tration. To be eligible, the Veterans
 must have served 90 days or more
 with at least one day during a war-
 time period (World War II, Korea,
 Vietnam). Veterans Financial, Inc.
 will be hosting an educational work-
 shop at Meadowview Assisted Living
 at The Wartburg, Mt. Vernon, to
 review the benefit and to explain all
 of the criteria for eligibility and how to
 apply. The workshop will take place
 on May 11, 2010 at 6:30 PM.
    Veterans Financial, Inc. has
 helped more than 25,000 veteran
 families learn about these benefits. If
 eligible, this monthly income can
 help offset the cost of assisted living
 by 25%-40%. To reserve your seat
 or request a tour of Meadowview at
 your convenience, call Reedie King
 at (914) 513-5178, or email
    If you are unable to attend, but
 would like to learn about this benefit,
 you can call Veterans Financial, Inc.
 at 1-800-835-1541 or visit their web-
 site at

  Our newest columnist
 is Douglas Stone, Esq.
    A new and exciting columnist will
 join the ranks of columnists in the
 June issue of the
 Inquirer newspaper
    Douglas Stone is
 a lawyer in New

                                              Thinking of advertising your
 Rochelle who han-
 dles immigration
 matters, including
 applications    for

                                                  product or business?
 Legal Permanent Residence (Green
 Cards), U.S. Citizenship, Visas,
 Defense in Removal Proceedings
 and Asylum. He has represented
 clients from the Caribbean, Africa,
 Europe, Latin America and Asia. Mr.
 Stone also handles legal matters
                                              Advertise here and reach over 40,000 readers every issue!
 concerning business and employ-
 ment law, investment fraud and
                                               The Mount Vernon Inquirer newspaper has a respectable
 divorce. He is an officer of the New
 Rochelle Bar Association and is a
                                               brand name and has been around since February 2005.
                                                 For more information contact our Marketing Director.
 graduate of Brooklyn Law School
 and the University of North Carolina.

                                                            Darryl Walker at 914-584-4392
 You can reach Mr. Stone at (914)
 636-2648 and at dstone@doug-
                THE MOUNT VERNON
12 | May 2010            
                I NQUI R E R
                     THE MOUNT VERNON                      May 2010 | 13
                     I NQUI R E R
                                                                                   THE MOUNT VERNON
14 | May 2010                                                                                                                                                     
                                                                                   I NQUI R E R

                      Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce welcomes new
                               owners of Edible Arrangements

              Left: Frank Fraley (holding fruit bouquet) pictured with owners of Edible Arrangements; Right: Mt. Vernon merchants and others pictured in front of Edible Arrangements

        he rapidly growing Mount Vernon         and business while giving assistance to             sion special - from birthdays, anniver-            and already the business is showing
        Chamber of Commerce, led by its         any new firms or individuals seeking to             saries and congratulations to business             remarkable signs of positive growth.
        dynamic new president, Frank            locate in the Mount Vernon area.                    events and client gifts. Their bouquets               "I want to thank Frank Fraley and the
Fraley, continues to provide a platform            On Wednesday, April 14, Chamber                  are made fresh with premium fruit                  entire Mount Vernon Chamber of
for businesses to come together to work         members met with the partners of                    arranged in a variety of stunning dis-             Commerce for the support they have
towards common goals.                           Edible Arrangements, located at 138-                plays. Each bouquet can be comple-                 given us until now. Although none of us
   Formed in 1912 and incorporated in           Left Gramatan Avenue, to welcome                    mented with chocolate dipped fruit                 live in Mount Vernon, we have been
the State of New York in 1931, the              them as new Chamber members and to                  including dipped strawberries, dipped              received in a very positive way by not
Chamber was organized for the pur-              support them in the launching of their              pineapple daisies, dipped banana                   only Chamber members, but by the
pose of advancing the economic, indus-          new business.                                       slices, dipped Granny Smith apple                  entire Mount Vernon community as a
trial, professional, cultural and civic wel-       Edible Arrangements is one of many               wedges and more.                                   whole," said JR, one of the partners.
fare of the Mount Vernon community.             new businesses that have opened in                     An investment group of nine young                  For more information about this excit-
This not-for-profit organization encour-        Mount Vernon lately, and specializes in             African-Americans opened Edible                    ing new Mount Vernon business, call
ages the growth of existing industries          fresh fruit bouquets to make any occa-              Arrangements just this past February,              them at 914-667-8800.
                                                                                   THE MOUNT VERNON                                                                                                                                                                            May 2010 | 15
                                                                                   I NQUI R E R

   Mt. Vernon teenagers complete Youth & Police Initiative program
                                     Program helps reduce violence through police/youth problem solving

       hroughout the City of Mount Ver-           nity environments based upon principles
       non there are many programs that           of dignity and respect that help children,
       target Mount Vernon's youth. One           adults and families to grow and change in
program in particular is gaining in popu-         order to better their lives and the world
larity and it is known as YPI (Youth &            around them." Each NAFI program works
Police Initiative).                               to create a socially cohesive community
   YPI is a dynamic program that posi-            united by the following shared goals:
tively impacts the relationships and                 • Building positive, pro-social commu-
interactions between Mount Vernon                      nities;
police officers and Mount Vernon's youth,            • Replacing anti-social norms with pro-
creating new partnerships and strength-                social norms;
ening community relations.                           • Raising expectations and standards
   Youth are recruited throughout Mount                of both staff and youth;
Vernon and are teamed with members of                • Creating a sense of collective ability
the Mount Vernon Police Department.                    to deal with issues;
They are afforded the opportunity to par-            • Celebrating educational achievement
ticipate in facilitated discussion,                    and personal growth;
team-building exercises and reality-                 • Planning community events on site;
based scenario training exercises. From              • Solving community issues or prob-
these experiences, Mount Vernon's youth                lems.
and police develop new initiatives to                On Monday night, April 5, the 11 young
enhance community policing. Each train-           men who graduated from YPI were treated                   (l to r) Detective David Clarke, Shannon Harris, Nina Rose Fisher, Detective Ronnie Williams
ing ends with a celebration dinner and            to a celebration dinner and a graduation                                              and a graduate receiving his certificate.
graduation ceremony.                              ceremony at a popular Mount Vernon
   YPI is a program of the North American         restaurant. Each received a North Ameri-           The guest speakers included Dr. Jim
Family Initiative (NAFI), which has a             can Family Initiative's Youth and Police        Isenberg, director of the Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon-based chapter.                       Initiative Certificate for attending six ses-   (NAFI) chapter, Captain Adinaro (MVPD),
   NAFI’s Mission is to: "Create commu-           sions, three times per week, for two weeks.     Wayne Woodbury (Step Up Program),
                                                                                                  Detective Dave Clarke (MVPD), and Shan-
                                                                                                  non Harris (NAFI).
                                                                                                     In the last year, a total of 80 young men,
                                                                                                  ranging in age from 13-19, have graduated
                                                                                                  from the popular YPI program.
                                                                                                     To the surprise of the graduates, they all
                                                                                                  received an $80.00 check as a token of
                                                                                                  appreciation       for     completing     the
                                                                                                  program.                                                                  Captain Adinaro (MVPD)

                         Past and present graduates enjoying their dinner                                          Dr. Jim Isenberg                            STEP UP! Program coordinator, Wayne Woodbury
                                                                                      THE MOUNT VERNON
16 | May 2010                                                                                                                                                                    
                                                                                      I NQUI R E R

  Creator of ‘Mama’s Boyz’ participates in 20-week                                                                                                                     FREE PIZZA
     artist-in-residency at Nelson Mandela HS                                                                                                                                 “SAVE DATE”

        erry Craft is the creator of Mama's
        Boyz, an award-winning comic strip
        that has been distributed by King                                                                                                                            Circle Rx Pharmacy, located
Features Syndicate since 1995.
    Mama's Boyz follows an African-Ameri-
                                                                                                                                                                     at 120 Gramatan Ave, Mt.
can family led by Pauline Porter, a widow                                                                                                                            Vernon NY, 914-665-5555,
who lost her husband several years ago to                                                                                                                            presents FREE PIZZA DAY.
diabetes. When she's not running the fam-
ily bookstore, she's keeping an eye on her                                                                                                                           Visit the pharmacy and just
two teenage sons, Tyrell and Yusuf. Over                                                                                                                             play Quick Draw Lottery on
the years, the strip has addressed social
and health issues such as teen pregnancy.
                                                                                                                                                                     Friday, May 21, 2010 between
    Although it was never publicized, last                                                                                                                           6pm - 8pm to qualify. Just ask
year Craft was hired by the Mount Vernon                                                                                                                             for a free slice of pizza and
School District to do a 20-week artist-in-
residency at Nelson Mandela High School.                                                                                                                             you shall receive a great
Once a week, Craft devoted an entire day                                                                                                                             tasting free slice of pizza.
to teaching 9th and 10th graders how to
draw. He not only taught them how to                                      Jerry Craft (center) pictured with his comic book characters
                                                                                                                                                                     Sponsored by Ref's Pizza &
draw, but he also explained how they                                                                                                                                 Pasta, located at 190
could one day make a living from drawing
if they became really passionate at it.
                                                   Mama's Boyz comic strip, which is included
                                                   in his newest book. The first place student,
                                                                                                         an added gesture, Craft scanned all their art
                                                                                                         work and created a giant banner that cur-
                                                                                                                                                                     Gramatan Ave, Mt. Vernon,
    At the end of the school term, he selected     a young lady, also has a quote on the back            rently hangs in the school's cafeteria.                     NY 10550 Tel: 914-664-3331.
three students who had the best combina-           cover of his book. According to Craft, she               When he is not at his drawing table or
tion of artistic talent, respect and work ethic.   was very excited about the gesture and                spending time with his family, Jerry travels                     Must be 18 years old!
He presented each student with a gift certifi-     sent him a nice and sincere thank you note.           to schools, camps and libraries giving his
cate, and the top two kids appeared in a           "It was an awesome feeling," said Craft. As           popular cartooning workshops.

                                                                                                               World accordion champion
                                                                                                             performs at Armory for seniors

                                                                                                           Grayson Masefield performing for Mount Vernon seniors   (l to r) Dr. Salvatore M. Fabbraio, Rasul Salahuddin
                                                                                                                                                                                   and Grayson Masefield

                                                                                                                  n Tuesday, April 27, at the Senior               was a founding member of the New
                                                                                                                  Citizen Center at the Armory, over               Zealand Accordion Association and the
                                                                                                                  200 Mount Vernon seniors were                    gentleman most responsible for bringing
                                                                                                          treated to a mid-morning concert featur-                 the 1980 World Accordion Champi-
                                                                                                          ing Grayson Masefield, world champion                    onships to Auckland. On his paternal
                                                                                                          classical, entertainment, electronic and                 side, Masefield traces his lineage back to
                                                                                                          famous Roland Accordion competition                      the Maoris, the original natives of the
                                                                                                          artist.                                                  land. His dad too, studied accordion as a
                                                                                                             The chief sponsor of the event was                    youngster.
                                                                                                          Fabbraio School of Music in Mount Ver-                      When introduced to the large audience
                                                                                                          non, run by the legendary Dr. Salvatore                  of seniors by Fabbraio, the Master of Cer-
                                                                                                          M. Fabbraio, Executive Director.                         emonies, Masefield received a long
                                                                                                             Masefield, the 2009 Coupe Mondiale                    ovation. Most in the attendance appreci-
                                                                                                          World Accordion Champion, is a 22-year-                  ated having him perform in Mount Vernon
                                                                                                          old New Zealander, who has already                       while on his World Championship Tour.
                                                                                                          established himself as a brilliant accor-                   During his magical performance,
                                                                                                          dionist. He has taken top titles for the                 Masefield continually awed the audience
                                                                                                          astounding musical prowess he demon-                     with his incredible mastery of his instru-
                                                                                                          strates with his instrument in serious                   ment.
                                                                                                          classics as well as crossover music                         In attendance for the performance was
                                                                                                          styles.                                                  Rasul Salahuddin, Deputy Commissioner
                                                                                                             His musical heritage dates back to his                of the Mount Vernon Department of
                                                                                                          maternal grandfather, Allan W. Jones,                    Recreation, who presented Masefield
                                                                                                          who is known as the “Father of Accor-                    with two Certificates of Appreciation from
                                                                                                          dion” throughout Australasia, where he                   the mayor’s office.
                                                                                   THE MOUNT VERNON                                                                                                                                                        May 2010 | 17
                                                                                  I NQUI R E R

        “Friendship for TOTS” daycare
          to open in Mount Vernon                                                                 Summer Camps Preview
                                                                                                  Mt. Vernon Department of Recreation
        n May 3, an exciting new daycare         will build important foundations for future
        facility is scheduled to open in         skills.
        Mount Vernon at 261 East Lincoln            Parents will be given the opportunity to                       HON. CLINTON I. YOUNG JR., MAYOR
        Avenue, where Friendship Wor-            meet and work with other parents and the
                                                                                                                       RASUL SALAHUDDIN, DEPUTY COMMISSIONER

ship Center is located.                          daycare staff that has the interest of their
   Bishop Collie N. Edwers, president of         children as their first priority. Furthermore,
the daycare, promises a loving,                  parents will be responsible for participating
supportive, safe and educational environ-        in their child’s daily activities, such as
ment for families who need affordable            homework and extracurricular activities,         Register in room # 3, City Hall, between
quality daycare for their children. “It is our   giving them a thorough understanding of          8:45 am and 4:15 pm. Camps begin
                                                                                                  July 6th — August 13, 2010.
goal to offer a program that meets the           their child’s overall development and edu-
intellectual, social, emotional and physi-       cational needs.
cal needs of each child. We promote                 Friendship for TOTS has the expecta-          All participants must pay at time of regis-
parental involvement, which is essential         tions to help meet the needs of the Mount        tration. We accept checks and Money
to a child’s educational success,” says          Vernon community for a quality, secure,          Orders. Please make all checks payable to
Bishop Edwers.                                   child-friendly daycare facility. In addition,    the Mt. Vernon Recreation Department.
   Friendship for TOTS offers a program          Friendship for TOTS will strive to be an
that provides opportunities for being with       integral part of the community, providing        RIC WRIGHT, Director of Athletics and
other children in a setting encouraging          a setting where people of various                Program Services – (914) 665-2420
the development of wholesome social              religious and ethnic backgrounds can
relationships. Throughout a child’s daily
activities, he/she will have appropriate
                                                 work together towards the enhancement
                                                 of the children of the community’s educa-
                                                                                                    SUMMER CAMP REGISTRATION BEGINS APRIL 5, 2010
play experiences that contribute to early        tional needs.
childhood education and the develop-                To learn more about this exciting             Basketball Clinic with Coach                 Junior Camp at Traphagan
mental needs of the children. Meaningful         new daycare, visit them online at                Bob Cimmino                                  Elementary (subject to Bd of Ed
play that is based on the child’s individual or call them at
                                                                                                  At Mount Vernon High School * (sub-          Approval)
needs, interests, handicaps, and abilities       914-668-1210 ext. 11.
                                                                                                  ject to Bd of Ed Approval)                   Boys & Girls ages 5 years – 2nd grade
                                                                                                  Boys and Girls ages 8-17                     Campers will enjoy trips and daily fun
                                                                                                  Participants learn fundamentals from the     activities. Register early
                                                                                                  area’s best coaching staff                   This is our most popular camp.
                                                                                                  Monday – Friday: 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm.          Enrollment is limited to 60 campers.
                   Republica Cigars

                                                                                                  Fee: $400.00
                                                                                                                                               Senior Camp at Holmes
                                                                                                  Tennis Clinic at Mt. Vernon                  Elementary (subject to Bd of Ed
         Ristorante Buona Sera                                                                    Tennis Center                                Approval)
                                                                                                  Boys and Girls ages 8-16                     Boys and Girls ages 7-12
                Presents “Cigar Dinner”                                                           Intensive tennis, one-on-one skills train-
                                                                                                  ing and match play
                                                                                                                                               Fun trips, camp activities include
                                                                                                                                               drama, dance, arts & crafts, creative
                                                                                                  2 skill levels daily for 6 weeks             writing and sports
               Three Course Dinner - Single Malt Scotches                                         Beginners (11:00 am – 1:00 pm) -             Enrollment is limited to 100 campers.
                 Six different cigars paired with the meal                                        Advanced (2:00 pm – 4:00 pm)                 Fee: $525.00
                                                                                                  Larry Hartfield, Tennis Director

                           Reservations required                                                  Fee: $400
                                                                                                                                               Sports for Success at Columbus
                        Thursday, June 17th @ 7pm                                                                                              Elementary (subject to Bd of Ed
                   914-297-2114 • $140.00 per person                                                                                           Approval)
                                                                                                                                               Boys & Girls ages 6 -13
                             Raffles throughout the night                                                                                      Scholar athletes teach campers a wide
                                                                                                                                               range of sports.
                                                                                                                                               Enrollment is limited to 65 participants.
                                                                                                                                               Fee: $525.00

                                                   • Comprehensive Eye Eams
                                         • CONTACT LENSES - Specialized Fittings
                                                  Hard - Gas Permeable Bifocals
                                        Soft - All Colors • Extended Wear - Disposable
                                  • EYEGLASSES • Prescriptions Filled • Lenses Duplicated
                                     • Davis Vision • Medicare • Senior Citizen Discount•
         Joseph Pietretti
            Optician                  LARGE SELECTION OF LATEST FASHION
                                             & DESIGNER FRAMES
                                                 Servicing the Mount Vernon
      667-0147                                   Community for over 17 years
    171 Gramatan Avenue
      Mount Vernon, NY                            Major Credit Cars Accepted
                                                                                        THE MOUNT VERNON
18 | May 2010                                                                                                                                                       
                                                                                       I NQUI R E R

  The Wartburg hosts, “To Whom I May                                                                                                     ASOK K. LAHIRI, M.D.
 Concern”: A play about memory disorder                                                                                          Director of Neurology and Stroke Center
                                                                                                                                        The Mount Vernon Hospital

         n Tuesday, April 6, over 200 peo-
         ple attended the play To Whom I
         May Concern at the Wartburg
Chapel, which is based on people suffer-
                                                                                                           Peripheral neuropathy – a common cause of
ing from memory disorders.
    When Maureen Mathews, RN, PhD,
                                                                                                                     discomfort and disablity
introduced the cast to the large audience                                                                  The nervous system comprises of the           stipation, sweating abnormality, change in
they received a standing ovation, since                                                                 brain, spinal cord and the peripheral            blood pressure and heart rate, etc. Neu-
each cast member is a volunteer actor                                                                   nerves. The former two are encased in the        ropathy can be pure motor in type, causing
from Alzheimer's Association Hudson Val-                                                                bony spaces of the skull and the spinal          only weakness or pure sensory causing
ley/Rockland/Westchester, NY Chapter.                                                                   cord respectively. The peripheral nerves         sensory symptoms as enumerated above,
They all participate in the Early Stage                                                                 come out through the openings of the skull       but it is generally mixed in type.
Support Group in Purchase, NY.                 Lydia Panaro (left) and Art Widman pictured during the   and spinal canal and supply skin muscles            Onset of symptoms is generally insidi-
    Mathews,      a    psychiatric    nurse                                                             and internal organs. The nerves that come        ous except in cases of inflammatory or
researcher who has been working with                                                                    out from parts of the brain are called cranial   toxic neuropathy. Examination may
older adults for over 30 years, developed                                                               nerves and they supply muscles of the            reveal minimal distal abnormality of sen-
the play. Captured by the stories of peo-                                                               face, move the eye ball, and help us chew,       sation and distal weakness of the limbs.
ple with progressive memory loss, she                                                                   swallow, etc. The nerves that come from          Sensory symptoms occur distally in the
founded the project as a way to tell their                                                              the spinal canal join together to form the       glove and stoking distribution. Heel and
stories, from their own prospective.                                                                    peripheral nerves, which supply nutrition        toe walking may be difficult. Reflexes are
    The play, written in the form of letters                                                            and power to the muscles and carry sensa-        decreased or lost.
and fashioned from taped comments of                                                                    tion from body and the limbs to the brain.          Causes of neuropathy are too numer-
those in the early stage of Alzheimer's                                                                 Peripheral nerves have sensory, motor and        ous to enumerate in detail. Common
disease, represents their first-hand emo-                                                               autonomic components. The autonomic              ones are diabetes, alcohol abuse, certain
tional, social and medical experiences.                                                                 components regulate the health and func-         drugs, infection, AIDS, Vit. B1, B12 defi-
    First performed in Manhattan and                                                                    tion of the internal organs located in the       ciency and excess of Vit. B6 and genetic
Queens in 2006, and then in                       Lorna Lake taking a question from the audience        abdomen and chest.                               causes. Some causes are easily recog-
Rockland/Westchester in 2008, the mono-                                                                    Peripheral neuropathy is a disorder of        nizable while others may need elaborate
logues are sometimes touching, at times                                                                 the peripheral nerves, which has multiple        investigation to diagnose.
humorous, while at the same time they har-                                                              causes. The manifestations, however, are            The course and prognosis are variable.
ness the feelings of determination, fear,                                                               almost similar. As can be expected, neu-         Many of the neuropathies stabilize and
anger and frustration.                                                                                  ropathy may present with motor symptoms          reach a plateau without significantly com-
    The actors have been working together                                                               such as weakness and heaviness of limbs,         promising the sufferer, some regress while
as a team for some time, and they first read                                                            difficulty in walking, cramps in muscles, etc.   some rare ones progress relentlessly, lead-
the Wartburg Chapel script in 2008. A year                                                              Sensory symptoms, generally the present-         ing to crippledom and sometimes death.
later, Lydia Panero encouraged Mathews                                                                  ing feature in most of the neuropathies,            Diagnosis of neuropathy is often missed
to take the show on the road so that more                                                               include tingling, numbness, coldness,            in the early stages because of the mild and
people would understand the experience of                                                               burning and pain. Certain features, such         insidious nature of the symptoms, which
living with Alzheimer's disease.                                                                        as increased sensitivity to touch, causing       may be ignored by the sufferer and mini-
    Unfortunately, the group has lost mem-      Mary Rynn (l) reading from her script, with Maureen
                                                                                                        pain, and mild pricking sensation causing        mized by the physician. It is important to
bers of the original cast to the progression             Mathews standing by her side                   exaggerated pain and current-like sharp          pay attention to the early symptoms.
of the illness. At the April 6 performance,                                                             pain are typical of neuropathic pain. It is         Treatment is available. Effective non-
Harry Grier, who does not suffer from mem-     hesitancy from the audience. But when the                important to recognize these features as         narcotic medications are available for the
ory loss, was used as a replacement for        first question was asked, the actors all                 they are only amenable to a special group        sensory symptoms, especially pain. Motor
one of the deceased cast members. In           made the audience feel very relaxed due to               of drugs, and not the usual pain killer.         symptoms such as weakness and tired-
addition, Mary Rynn requested assistance       their humorous answers. "Don't hesitate to                  In neuropathy, motor or sensory symp-         ness can be improved by strengthening
from Mathews with her lines in order to be     ask us questions - we are very normal,"                  toms happen in the distal most part of the       exercises, walking, physical therapy, use of
able to continue to share her experiences      said Art Widman, one of the actors.                      extremities such as the toes and fingers,        splint to support weak muscles, etc. Ade-
with the general public.                          There was much laughter during the                    since the longest nerves which come out of       quate control of metabolic abnormality e.g.
    When the play ended, a Q&A session         endless questions from the audience and,                 the spinal canal and go to the distal parts of   diabetes, abstinence from alcohol, appro-
took place, which commenced with a lot of      at one point, the questions touched on sex.              the limbs, are most vulnerable.                  priate vitamins, removal of offending drugs
                                                                                                           Ambulatory difficulty, a common com-          and toxins, are also some of the ways to
                                                                                                        plaint, is both due to distal muscle             treat neuropathy.
                                                                                                        weakness and sensory loss in the feet,              May is National Neuropathy Month. If
     Frank’s Custom Tailor and Tux Rental                                                               causing impairment of contact of the feet
                                                                                                        with the ground.
                                                                                                                                                         any of the readers want to get further
                                                                                                                                                         information, contact the Neuropathy Asso-
           closing after 45 years on                                                                       Autonomic manifestation, generally
                                                                                                        uncommon, is seen in some special form of
                                                                                                                                                         ciation at I am
                                                                                                                                                         currently trying to establish a support

               Gramatan Avenue                                                                          neuropathy, manifested by diarrhea, con-         group at the Mount Vernon Hospital.

    Frank D'Ambrosio, owner of Frank's Custom Tailor and Tux
    Rental and Sales, located at 169 Gramamtan Ave, will be clos-
    ing his doors after 45 years at the same location. Born in                                               The Mount Vernon Inquirer is proud to announce
    Guardia Lombardi, Italy, Frank came to America at the age of 21
                                                                                                             that Total Car Care Automotive Services, located at 701
    and later met and married his wife, Maria. There are few people
                                                                                                             Macquesten Pkwy, Fleetwood, NY, has donated 2 large wooden
    in Mount Vernon that do not know Frank, since he is a wonder-
                                                                                                             flower planters that currently sit at the foot of the Fleetwood
    ful person, friendly and very helpful to all his customers.
    Although he is closing and having a unique and spectacular sale                                          Metro North Train Station. The beautification of this area is of
    of all his merchandise, he will continue to operate his other busi-                                      paramount concern to Total Car Care Automotive Services, and
    ness, Adesso Café, also located on Gramatan Avenue.                                                      they are happy to maintain this addition to the area
                                                                                                   THE MOUNT VERNON                                                                                                                                                                      May 2010 | 19
                                                                                                   I NQUI R E R

    New York State Senate Passes                                                                                       Tax-free employer-provided
 Resolution Honoring Dr. Olivia Hooker                                                                              health coverage now available for
                                                                                                                          children under Age 27
                                                                                                                 As a result of changes made by the             Employees who have children who will
                                                                                                              recently enacted Affordable Care Act,          not have reached age 27 by the end of the
                                                                                                              health coverage provided for an                year are eligible for the new tax benefit from
                                                                                                              employee's children under 27 years of          March 30, 2010, forward, if the children are
                                                                                                              age is now generally tax-free to the           already covered under the employer’s plan
                                                                                                              employee, effective March 30, 2010.            or are added to the employer’s plan at any
                                                                                                                 The Internal Revenue Service announced      time. For this purpose, a child includes a
                                                                                                              today that these changes immediately allow     son, daughter, stepchild, adopted child or
                                                                                                              employers with cafeteria plans –– plans that   eligible foster child. This new age 27 stan-
                                                                                                              allow employees to choose from a menu of       dard replaces the lower age limits that
                                                                                                              tax-free benefit options and cash or taxable   applied under prior tax law, as well as the
                                                                                                              benefits –– to permit employees to begin       requirement that a child generally qualify as
                                                                                                              making pre-tax contributions to pay for this   a dependent for tax purposes.
                                                                                                              expanded benefit.                                 The notice says that employers with
                                                                                                                 IRS Notice 2010-38, posted today on the     cafeteria plans may permit employees to
                                                                                                              IRS Web site,, explains these          immediately make pre-tax salary reduction
     Dr. Olivia Hooker (Center) meets with Senators Montgomery, Huntley, Savino, Strewart-Cousins, Hassell-   changes and provides further guidance to       contributions to provide coverage for chil-
                     Thompson, Stavisky, Oppenheimer, and Krueger (Left to Right) in Albany.                  employers, employees, health insurers and      dren under age 27, even if the cafeteria plan
                                                                                                              other interested taxpayers.                    has not yet been amended to cover these
   On Wednesday, March 24th, the New                     lawsuit which was argued by Harvard law                 “These changes give employers a             individuals. Plan sponsors then have until
York State Senate passed a Legislative                   professor and civil rights lawyer Charles J.         unique opportunity to offer a worthwhile       the end of 2010 to amend their cafeteria
Resolution honoring Dr. Olivia Hooker, a                 Ogletree, and became the subject of a                benefit to their employees,” IRS Commis-       plan language to incorporate this change.
psychologist and former college professor                recent documentary, “Before They Die.”               sioner Doug Shulman said. “We want to             In addition to changing the tax rules as
at Fordham University who resides in                        After graduating from Ohio State Univer-          make it as easy as possible for employers      described above, the Affordable Care Act
Greenburgh, New York. Dr. Hooker, who                    sity, Dr. Hooker went on to become the first         to quickly implement this change and           also requires plans that provide dependent
became the first black woman to enlist in                black woman to serve in the United States            extend health coverage on a tax-favored        coverage of children to continue to make
the United States Coast Guard during                     Coast Guard. Following her time in the mil-          basis to older children of their employees.”   the coverage available for an adult child
World War II, is a survivor of the Tulsa Riot            itary, she earned a Master's Degree in                  This expanded health care tax benefit       until the child turns age 26. The extended
of 1921. Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins                  psychology from Teachers College at                  applies to various workplace and retiree       coverage must be provided not later than
introduced the resolution in recognition of              Columbia University and a Doctorate in               health plans. It also applies to self-         plan years beginning on or after Sept. 23,
Dr. Hooker’s outstanding achievements                    psychology from the University of                    employed individuals who qualify for the       2010. The favorable tax treatment
and contributions to the advancement of                  Rochester. After a long and accomplished             self-employed health insurance deduction       described in the notice applies to that
women and civil rights.                                  career as a Fordham University professor,            on their federal income tax return.            extended coverage.
   The tragic events of the week of May 31,              she worked as a psychologist at the Fred
1921, later known as the Tulsa race riots,               Keller School in Yonkers until 2002.
resulted in the deaths of more than three                   “As we continue to celebrate Women’s
hundred people - some buried in mass                     History Month, it is fitting to honor Dr. Olivia
graves, and the burning of more than one                 Hooker for her outstanding contributions to
thousand black homes and businesses.                     the women’s rights and civil rights move-
Although one of the bloodiest altercations               ments, service to the United States and
in the history of U.S. race relations -- the             tireless advocacy for the victims of the
death toll surpassed the totals of the Watts             Tulsa race riots,” said Senator Andrea
riot, the Detroit riot, the Washington riot and          Stewart-Cousins.
the Los Angeles riot combined – these                       Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins
events have largely been omitted from                    arranged for a group of New York State
most accounts of history. But Dr. Hooker                 Senate interns to have the opportunity to
continues to recount her experience, edu-                hear Dr. Hooker speak about her experi-
cating our communities and serving as a                  ences. “Learn everything you can,” Dr.
role model for future civil rights activists. In         Hooker told the student interns. “You never
1997, Dr. Hooker and other survivors                     know which experiences or people will
helped found the Tulsa Race Riot Commis-                 teach you the most in your life, but it is this
sion, which drafted recommendations for                  knowledge that will help you to overcome
restitution, took their case to the Oklahoma             adversity. Each of us must be willing to take
State Legislature and to Capitol Hill, where             risks in our lives, especially to help others.
she and others testified before the United               Each action that we take for others can
States Congress and initiated a federal                  serve as a beacon for future generations.”

    Mt. Vernon Parent & Community Forum on
       Education holding forum on May 11
    The Mount Vernon Parent & Community Forum on Education will be
    hosting a "Pressing Issues" forum on Tuesday, May 11, 2010 at the
    Mount Vernon Congregational Church, 258 South Columbus Avenue,
    Mount Vernon, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. On the agenda will be the
    Mount Vernon School District budget and School Board candidates.
                                                                                                      THE MOUNT VERNON
20 | May 2010                                                                                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                      I NQUI R E R

          Klein presents $25,000 grant to                                                                                                                  History from St. Paul’s
      Alzheimer’s Association — Hudson Valley/                                                                                                           By David Osborn, Site Manager
                                                                                                                                                     St. Paul’s Church National Historic Site
           Rockland/Westchester Chapter                                                                                                                         Mount Vernon, NY

                                                                                                                             William S. Coffey: St. Paul’s Longest
                                                                                                                                        Serving Rector
                                                                                                                          William S. Coffey presided over impor-                While the 1942 restoration of the
                                                                                                                       tant religious and structural changes                 interior of the church to its original 1787
                                                                                                                       while attending to the spiritual needs of             appearance has obscured most of
                                                                                                                       thousands of parishioners in his 57 years             these alterations for today’s visitors to
                                                                                                                       as the rector of St. Paul’s Church, the               St. Paul’s, the lone stained glass win-
                                                                                                                       longest serving minister in the parish’s              dow preserves a vestige of the Coffey
                                                                                                                       history. Fresh out of the Episcopal Gen-              influence on the sanctuary. But many
                                                                                                                       eral Theological Seminary in New York,                other physical testaments of Coffey’s
                                                                                                                       Rev. Coffey assumed the pulpit in 1852                stewardship are evident, including the
                                                                                                                       and guided St. Paul’s through its period              east wing of the church, slate roof,
                                                                                                                       of greatest growth, although he lived long            stone and brick steeple capped with a
                                                                                                                       enough, until 1909, to witness the trans-             cross, black wrought iron fence, marble
                                                                                                                       formation of the character of the church’s            walkway, and the underground holding
                                                                                                                       neighborhood, which ultimately ended                  vault and stone retaining wall bordering
Klein (c) presenting an enlarged version of a check in the amount of $25,000 to members of Alzheimer’s Association –   the life of the parish.                               the cemetery.
                                    Hudson Valley/Rockland/Westchester Chapter                                            As a religious leader, Coffey’s chief                 Beyond the stone walls of St. Paul’s,
                                                                                                                       impact was incorporating changes in                   the tall rector, walking slowly, slightly

         tate Senator and Deputy Majority                   Westchester, NY Chapter, more than a                       styles of worship and physical alter-                 bent forward as though deep in
         Leader Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/                dozen local residents a year are found                     ations in the church. These changes                   thought, was a familiar nighttime figure
         Westchester) presented a $25,000                   thanks to the MedicAlert® + Safe Return®                   were part of reforms often called the                 on the local streets, especially near the
grant to the Alzheimer’s Association– Hud-                  program, resulting in a 100% success                       Oxford movement, which stressed a                     many saloons located in the vicinity by
sonValley/Rockland/ Westchester, NY                         rate. The Alzheimer’s Association New                      return to elements of the Christian her-              the late 1800s. Men who had con-
Chapter on Thursday at Sunrise Senior Liv-                  York City Chapter currently has more                       itage that had been omitted during the                sumed an excess of spirits and were
ing of Fleetwood.                                           than thirteen thousand individuals                         Protestant Reformation, and they                      observed leaning against lamp posts or
   The money will be used to expand the                     enrolled in the program and also reports a                 affected almost all Episcopal churches                trees were ushered into an all-night
Alzheimer’s Association MedicAlert® + Safe                  100% success rate.                                         in America. Originated in Anglican                    restaurant where Rev. Coffey paid five
Return® program, a 24-hour nationwide                           The Alzheimer’s Association – Hudson                   churches in England, the Oxford move-                 cents for a mug of hot coffee before
emergency response service for individuals                  Valley/Rockland/Westchester, NY Chapter                    ment, also called Anglo Catholicism,                  escorting them home. During the Civil
with Alzheimer’s or related dementia who                    will use Klein’s grant to further educate fam-             sought a more powerful emotional                      War, the rector visited families of
wander or have a medical emergency.                         ilies about the MedicAlert® + Safe Return®                 symbolism and energy in church wor-                   parishioners who were fighting for the
   According       to   the    Alzheimer’s                  program, as well as other programs within                  ship. Under Coffey’s aegis at St.                     Union and wrote to the soldiers at the
Association Hudson Valley/Rockland/                         the association.                                           Paul’s, these changes included the                    front with news of home and family,
Westchester Chapter, approximately                              “We would like to thank Senator Klein for              introduction of colorful stained glass                telling one private that he had visited
40,000 residents in the chapter territory                   his generous support of the Alzheimer’s                    windows depicting religious scenes,                   his “wife yesterday and found her look-
currently suffer with Alzheimer’s disease,                  Association. Thanks to Senator Klein, more                 installation of an altar and incorporating            ing, as I thought, pretty well. She
with 22,000 individuals residing in                         families will become aware of the dangers                  the Holy Eucharist as a regular ele-                  misses you very much. She was
Westchester alone. Estimates are that                       of wandering and the benefits of enrolling                 ment of Sunday service, building a                    engaged about her garden.”
nearly sixty percent of individuals with                    in the MedicAlert® + Safe Return® pro-                     decorative tin ceiling, as well as                       Entire article can be read by going
Alzheimer’s or related dementia will wan-                   gram,” said Elaine Sproat, president &                     increased use of candles, processions                 to: historyculture/
der at some point and, if not found within                  CEO of the Alzheimer’s Association – Hud-                  and ministerial vestments.                            upload/William%20Coffey.pdf.
24 hours, have a 50% chance of being                        son Valley/Rockland/Westchester, NY
seriously injured or never located.                         Chapter.
   Since 1993, the Safe Return program                          “Programs like MedicAlert + Safe
(now called MedicAlert® + Safe Return® )                    Return® are very important because when a
has provided bracelets or necklaces for
people with Alzheimer’s or related dementia
                                                            loved one wanders, you don’t know where
                                                            he/she is and that’s very scary. Sometimes                                             Subscribe to the
that indicate the person is memory impaired                 people don’t just wander next door. They
and include a 24-hour crisis number to call.
When people register for the program, their
information is entered into a database,
                                                            end up in cities far away. I think the public
                                                            needs to know this program is available and
                                                            I am very happy Senator Klein is helping by
                                                                                                                            MOUNT VERNON INQUIRER
making it easy to identify a person who is
found wandering.
                                                            providing funding for this program. I think it
                                                            will help save a lot of lives,” said Gwendolyn                       “Your Hometown Newspaper”
   According to the Alzheimer's Asso-                       Cahill, a former Mount Vernon resident
ciation–Hudson        Valley/    Rockland/                  whose mother suffered from Alzheimer’s.
                                                                                                                                     Just $34.00 per year . . .
                                                                                                                                              and have the newspaper
        Do you have two hours a week to help                                                                                             delivered to your door by US Mail
                   a neighbor learn to read?                                                                                Please Enter My Subscription For One Year

A                            Literacy Volunteers of Westchester invite you to their
                               Spring 2010 Mount Vernon Tutor Workshop at the
                                Mount Vernon Public Library, located at 28 S. 1st
                                 Avenue. The workshops will be taking place on
                       Saturdays, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, May 1, 8, 15, 22, 2010.
         For more information, please call the program coordinator, Nancy Fitch,
                                                                                                                            Name: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

                                                                                                                            Address: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

                                                                                                                            City: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ZIP: . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
             at 914.668.1840 - x 238 and leave your name and address.
                                                                                         THE MOUNT VERNON                                                                                                                                                          May 2010 | 21
                                                                                         I NQUI R E R

   Rev. Dolores E. McKay To Be Installed as
 Associate Pastor of United Lutheran Church,
                                                                                                               COSMETOLOGY TODAY
     Mt. Vernon, and Wartburg Chaplain                                                                                FOR
   A service of installation for The Rev.
                                                                                                             MEN,WOMEN, AND CHILDREN
Dolores E. McKay as Associate Pastor of
United Lutheran Church, Mt. Vernon, and
                                                                                                                                     BY L. WALKER
Chaplain of The Wartburg Adult Care
Community was held on Sunday, April 18                                                                  ‘GENTLEMEN, PLEASE, TAKE A BOW’ Part I
at 4:00 PM in The Wartburg Chapel.                                                                      For all of the men who take the time     their profession, skill, trade or school
   Rev. McKay earned her Master of                                                                  to put themselves together each and          age should start the day clean and
Divinity from General Theological Semi-                                                             every day, I say, gentlemen, please,         fresh, beginning with a shower or bath
nary in New York, NY, in May 2008. She                                                              take a bow!                                  (with soap), deodorant applied, teeth
was ordained in December 2009 by                                                                        I was born in the fifties and I grew     brushed, hair combed or head pol-
Bishop Robert Rimbo of Metropolitan                                                                 up watching my father leave the house        ished( if bald) and a splash of their
New York Synod.                                                                                     in suit, tie, topcoat and hat. Prior to      favorite cologne, optional. Not only is
   The Wartburg Foundation is the                                                                   dressing each day, he would shower,          Basic Hygiene a courtesy to those
fundraising arm of The Wartburg Adult                                                               shave, lotion his skin and splash on         who have to be around you, whether
Care Community, a Lutheran Social Min-                                                              his favorite cologne. As did most of the     in passing or throughout the day, but it
istry serving people of all faiths since                                                            other fathers, men and boys of that          is one of the essentials for basic
                                                             The Rev. Dolores E. McKay
1866. The foundation’s mission is to                                                                era, in American society, daily groom-       good health!
steward The Wartburg Endowment                    ple of all faiths with residential options        ing was the way to looking good and             We are living things and all living
Funds, generate income through testa-             and health-related services for older area        staying healthy. As time progressed          things decay and corrode a little each
mentary gifts, annual fund solicitations          adults and their families; these include          and the advent of the ‘60’s movement         day. Proper maintenance of the
and grant requests, and to award funds to         24-hour skilled nursing care, rehabilita-         came in, we saw less and less of that        human body will prevent the manifes-
The Wartburg’s programs, other Lutheran           tion, Alzheimer’s and dementia care,              type of every day dress for men and a        tations of body odor, skin eruptions
ministries or to any deserving charity that       assisted and independent living, adult            more casual look was upon us as well         (pimples, blackheads, whiteheads,
strives to help older adults live with dignity.   day services, home care, memory care,             as a more casual attitude toward daily       fungi, certain rashes, etc.) and some
   The Wartburg Adult Care Community,             pastoral care and monthly caregiver sup-          hygiene. Dressing styles come and go         skin diseases. Certain scalp condi-
located in Mount Vernon, NY, serves peo-          port groups.                                      and come around again, but the one           tions such as dandruff, sour head, (old
                                                                                                    element of men’s style and dress             sweat not washed out of hair and
                                                                                                    which should never change is that of         scalp) head lice and ticks can also be
 Edible Arrangements partners hope to pave                                                          proper hygiene and grooming.(This            kept at bay with proper daily mainte-
                                                                                                    goes for women and girls also, but that      nance. A well regimented daily
 way for other aspiring small-business owners                                                       is for another article)                      hygiene routine need not be expen-
                                                                                                        It is the duty of whoever is rearing a   sive or overly time consuming, is well
    The economic crisis has loomed over the       while on campus. They continued to main-          little boy to teach him how to take care     worth the effort and everyone will
country since December 2007, and while            tain their friendships post college and           of his personal body needs. I am an          thank you for it!! Sitting or standing
the pessimism of the nation still lingers, the    pursued various entrepreneurial business          observer of people, in relation to my        next to a male, who smells fresh and
possibilities abound for those who truly          ventures. Although their other business           craft, and in this day and age I notice      clean at the start of the day, in the mid-
believe crisis does equal opportunity. This       ventures did not get off the ground, they         less and less men, young men (14 -           dle of the day or at the end of the day
is, in fact, the case for nine budding entre-     continued to strive in the face of adversity in   17yrs.) and boys (10 – 14 yrs,) really       is well appreciated. Gentlemen,
preneurs in Mount Vernon, NY. Their               hopes of one day succeeding at the Ameri-         taking the time to care for their basic      please, take a bow!
dreams of opening a business are now a            can dream. The eight friends pooled their         hygiene and grooming needs; on a                Next Month: ‘GENTLEMEN,
reality, and they are intent on beating the       savings and added a fresh member to the           daily basis. All males, regardless of        PLEASE, TAKE A BOW’ Part II
odds during these uncertain times. Around         team by the name of Sheldon Hendy. With
water coolers across the nation, there’s          backing from silent investors and savings of
chatter about the uncertainty of the current      their own, these nine individuals were able
resurgence of our economy, but these nine
have set out to ensure the small gains
                                                  to successfully purchase an Edible
                                                  Arrangements franchise in Mount Vernon.
                                                                                                         Summer Breeze Concert Series
they’ve realized will continue, and they will
do their part to revive their local economies.
                                                     SBF Management Group is doing its part
                                                  to help alleviate the nation’s unemployment             Talent Show and Auditions
    Jermaine Daw, Carl Periana, Rohan Grif-       crisis by hiring seven individuals from the
fith, Sheldon Hendy, Wilmino Sainbert Jr.,        community, who were otherwise unem-
Ryan Gill, JR Dorsainvil, Shawn Cargil, and       ployed, to help assist them in serving                 We’re looking for the best of Westchester
Ron Huggins, all managing members of              healthy and delicious edible fruit to Mount         Singers, bands, dancers, spoken Word and more
SBF Management Group, are taking the ini-         Vernon and the surrounding areas of Pel-
tiative to help make a difference in this         ham, Yonkers, New Rochelle, Bronxville
community. Their Edible Arrangements              and the northern Bronx. According to the
                                                                                                                Two winners win a paid performance in the
franchise, which is located on 138L. Gra-         U.S. Small Business Administration, there                          Summer Breeze Concert Series
matan Avenue in Mount Vernon, opened its          are an estimated 25.8 million businesses in                           July 6 – August 31, 2010
doors to the community February 12, 2010.         the United States and over 99 percent of all
As one of the 900 stores worldwide where          employers are small businesses. So, as
you can get delectable fresh fruit bouquets       you can imagine, SBF Management Group,                          Be at the Doles Community Center at
for any special occasion, these individuals       as well as other small businesses across                     7 PM sharp on Friday, May 21 and May 28
are giving those who may otherwise be             our country, is the backbone of the nation’s              Register at Mt. Vernon Department of Recreation
plagued by the recession something to             economy.
smile about.                                         These optimistic entrepreneurs hope to                                 City Hall room #3
    Eight of the nine are Stony Brook Univer-     pave the way for other aspiring small-busi-                 or call 914-665-2420 for more information.
sity Alumni, who were active members of           ness owners who have the same passion                     *All Contestants are required to sell 20 tickets.
various student leadership organizations          and drive to thrive in this bleak economy.
                                                                                                       Only the first 12 acts to register will be able to perform.
                               Visit Us On The Web                                                       Sponsored by the Mont Vernon Department of Recreation
                                                                                            and the Avitar Foundation
                         Our Website Is Updated 24/7
                                                                                               THE MOUNT VERNON
22 | May 2010                                                                                                                                                                         
                                                                                               I NQUI R E R

                                                       Linda Rose                                               The Wartburg introduces on-site
                                             Owner and Principle Broker of
                                          Fleetwood Realty, Mount Vernon, NY
                                                                                                                  instrumental evaluation of
                                                                                                                     swallowing disorders
      Spring is here… time for spring cleaning
                 and spring moving
   Spring is here . . . time for spring clean-              This will save you money on your utilities.
ing and spring moving. The majority of                         Check your smoke and carbon monox-
vacancies occur in the summer months,                       ide detectors for batteries. Remember, it is
many families relocate in the summer to                     now a law that all apartments have carbon
change school districts. Ask your tenants                   monoxide detectors installed. This includes
if they are thinking of moving and with                     coops/condos, multi-families, and build-
notice you might be able to re-rent the                     ings.
apartment without losing one months rent.                      Finally do not forget to plant some spring
   Take a walk around your property and do                  flowers, the curb appeal of your home not
not forget to check your roof too. We had a                 only sells it, but it also attracts prospective
record setting winter. Most homes have                      renters. For all homeowners of 6 families
some damage. Be proactive…this will                         or up…It is time for your rent registrations
save you in the long run. A small repair that               and operation and maintenance reports. If
goes unnoticed can become an expensive                      you do not send these items to the Division
one. Remember to clean your gutters to                      of Housing and Community renewal, you
avoid any damage to your roofs or top floor                 are not entitled to your rent increase. Your
apartments. If you do not use your boiler                   tenants can apply and might receive rent
for your hot water, don’t forget to turn it off.            reductions.

                                                                                                                                   (l to r) Speech pathologists Paulina Louie and Michelle Garcia

    USGS asked by many . . . Are earthquakes                                                                     The Wartburg Waltemade and Pavilion               medical need to facilitate treatment needs
            really on the increase?                                                                           Skilled Nursing Facility and Sub-Acute
                                                                                                              Care Center now offer residents and
                                                                                                                                                                   for patients to meet their nutritional needs
                                                                                                                                                                   for recovery,” added Ms. Garcia. “Beyond
   We continue to be asked by many peo-                     stations and the more timely receipt of           patients onsite Fiberoptic Endoscopic                this, being able to provide residents with
ple throughout the world if earthquakes are                 data has allowed us and other seismologi-         Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES). With                the least restrictive diets that most closely
on the increase. Although it may seem that                  cal centers to locate earthquakes more            FEES, a mobile digital swallow station is            resemble the food they have eaten prior to
we are having more earthquakes, earth-                      rapidly and to locate many small earth-           wheeled to the bedside with a monitor                their illness is a very important part of their
quakes of magnitude 7.0 or greater have                     quakes which were undetected in earlier           and testing software that projects a full            quality of life.”
remained fairly constant.                                   years. The NEIC now locates about                 color image of the swallow in real time.                “FEES testing gives us real-time color
   A partial explanation may lie in the fact                20,000 earthquakes each year or approxi-          Michelle Garcia, MS, CCC-SLP, a                      imaging inside the throat to objectively
that in the last twenty years, we have defi-                mately 50 per day. Also, because of the           speech-language pathologist and veteran              assess a person’s swallowing ability,” said
nitely had an increase in the number of                     improvements in communications and the            of nearly 2000 FEES evaluations, inserts             Ms. Garcia. “This allows us to make an
earthquakes we have been able to locate                     increased interest in the environment and         a tiny camera on a very fine flexible tube           immediate evaluation to identify swallowing
each year. This is because of the tremen-                   natural disasters, the public now learns          into the nose toward the back of the                 problems.” Bedside instrumental evalua-
dous increase in the number of                              about more earthquakes.                           throat. The patient then eats and drinks             tions such as the FEES allows for an
seismograph stations in the world and the                      According to long-term records (since          food and liquid of different consistency as          efficient means to provide services without
many improvements in global communica-                      about 1900), we expect about 17 major             the speech pathologist views the resi-               the delay and cost often experienced when
tions. In 1931, there were about 350                        earthquakes (7.0 - 7.9) and one great             dent’s ability to manage the swallow.                transporting patients to the hospital for
stations operating in the world; today,                     earthquake (8.0 or above) in any given               The information gathered helps speech             swallowing tests. The onsite provision of
there are more than 8,000 stations and the                  year.                                             pathologists Michelle Garcia and Paulina             FEES enables therapists to give feedback
data now comes in rapidly from these sta-                                                                     Louie, MA, CCC-SLP, develop a care plan              to residents during restorative treatment
tions by electronic mail, internet and                         USGS National Center                           and recommend appropriate food consis-               and enables frequent re-tests to determine
satellite. This increase in the number of                      Reston, VA                                     tency. “Physicians order the test based on           progress throughout therapy.

                                                                                    Westchester County Federation of Women’s Clubs
                                                                                                honors Janet Langsam
                                                                                   On Thursday, April 22, 2010 the Westchester                Barbara Bianco of Rye, the outgoing President.
                                                                                County Federation of Women’s Clubs presented their            Assuming the responsibilities of President for the next
                                                                                annual “Woman of the Year” award to Janet Langsam,            two years is Anita Taddeo of Pleasantville. Other newly
                                                                                Executive Director of the Westchester Arts Council.           installed officers are: Eleanor Colicchio of Pelham as
                                                                                Ms. Langsam has held this position for almost twenty          2nd Vice President, Bernice Schweinfest of Pleas-
                                                                                years and during her tenure was instrumental in the           antville as Corresponding Secretary, and four new
                                                                                purchase of a facility to be used as a permanent home         Directors, Maureen Lambert of Scarsdale, Eileen
                                                                                for the Arts Council. As director she raises $3.5 million     Fidele of Peekskill/Cortlandt, Hope Sutherland of
                                                                                dollars annually and supervises a staff of eighteen.          Dobbs Ferry, and Roberta Bennett of Dobbs Ferry.
                                                                                The council serves many constituencies: residents                The Westchester County Federation of Women’s
                                                                                who live or work in the county, major and small arts          Clubs is comprised of twenty-five clubs and is almost
                                                                                organizations as well as small community-based arts           3,000 women strong. Their charge is to make their
                                                                                groups, schools and artists.                                  communities better places to live and work through
                                                                                   This year’s event was held on the water in Rye at          their many philanthropic projects.
                                                                                the Davenport Club. The chairman for this gala was               If you would like to become a part of this movement
   (l to r) ) Camille Odierna of Larchmont, Chairperson of the event, Barbara
   Bianco of Rye, the outgoing president and Janet Langsam of Armonk, the       Camille Odierna of Larchmont. After a delightful lunch-       begun in Westchester in the early 1920’s, consult your
                           recipient of this year's award.                      eon, the new Federation Officers were introduced by           phone directory for a club located in your area.
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                     I NQUI R E R
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