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Fear of Public Speaking Conquered in Four Steps.txt by BannavtiEric


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If you suffer from the fear of public speaking, I'm sure you feel that there's no easy solution. That
belief is unfortunate, because with few exceptions, successful, wealthy, powerful people all have
the ability to speak persuasively.

Overcome the fear of public speaking, and all kinds of new opportunities open up to you. You can
make powerful impressions on decision makers in the office, and on people you meet in social
settings. You can open up entirely new career horizons, since some of the most interesting jobs
involve speaking before a group. What do a tour guide, a corporate trainer, and an actor have in
common? They've triumphed over the fear of public speaking and learned the ability to speak
comfortably in front of a crowd. Without that skill, their career choice would have been closed to

The fear of public speaking is widespread. Some believe it goes all the way back to our primitive
days, when standing out in the tribe was generally more dangerous than keeping your head down
and being unremarkable. That's a tough choice to settle for today, with so many opportunities.
"Gee, I think I'd rather be unremarkable."

So what's the first step to becoming a powerful public speaker? Choose. Simply decide that you're
willing to do what it takes to get there. Every hour you spend improving your communication skills
will pay off throughout your entire life - but that initial choice to take action is yours alone.

The second step to overcoming the fear of public speaking is to resolve to be genuinely yourself.
That sounds simple but is probably the hardest step of all. This is tougher than it looks, because
authenticity requires that you like yourself enough to let others see who you really are. Although
there have been some successful public speakers who fake it, the ones that live in our memories
are the ones that truly speak from their hearts. Authenticity is in high demand in this plastic age.

Now that you've decided to be 100 percent you, and decided firmly that you will overcome the fear
of public speaking, it gets easier. The third step in your plan is to find a good trainer who can help
you overcome the fear of public speaking and find your own true authentic voice. While there are
lots of amazing speakers in the world, the number of them who can effectively teach the
techniques for speaking with power and authenticity are far fewer. Look for a trainer who can
demonstrate success in teaching everyday people how to speak effectively. Look for someone
who values authenticity and doesn't try to create cookie-cutter speakers.

The key is to be yourself, and find a trainer who supports you in that. Find a good training course,
even a short introductory one, and take it. That will be an investment you'll never regret. Imagine
the freedom that you'll feel when the fear of public speaking no longer stifles you. Imagine knowing
you'll be more comfortable in social and business situations, when it's time to speak out. A good
introductory training course in public speaking can give you that, and help you make great
progress to remove the fear of public speaking.

The final step? Be gentle with yourself, but find an opportunity every day to speak to at least one
person in your own voice, with authenticity. It can be the attendant at the gas station, the checker
at the grocery store... but make sure that every day you consciously express yourself to someone,
even if it has to be via phone. Then work your way up to two people at a time... and then giving
presentations to small groups of three or four. You'll find that these small steps, supported by the
skills you learned in your training course, will gradually erode your fear of public speaking. When
you're ready, find a group of a half dozen who will give you a few minutes to talk about something
you're sincerely interested in, even if your topic is the experiences you've had in getting to the
point where you'll talk to six people at a time. Toastmasters can be an excellent venue for this type
of practice.

Before you know it, small groups will be easy, and you can move to slightly larger ones. Speak for
charities, or about a hobby or other passion you believe in. Just keep chipping away at it with
consistent but tiny baby steps, and the fear of public speaking will be defeated - and you'll open
new horizons in your life, filled with new opportunities.

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