Significant Amenities Offered In Business Class

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					                        Significant Amenities Offered In Business Class

Three types of classes exist in most of the airlines. These include economy class, business class
(executive class) and the first class. Services provided as well as the cost of the travel are the
key differences between the 3 types of classes. The economy class provides just the basic
facilities and is preferred mostly by people going on a vacation. Business Class also sometimes
known as upper class is equipped with additional comforts and services and is generally opted
by those traveling for business. The highest level of comfort is available in the first class.

Here we provide some of the noteworthy amenities proffered in the business class:

Relaxed and a cozy journey are what most people seek while traveling in flights. The
comfortable seats with more leg room and space are the high points of upper class. Three types
of seats exist in the executive class that includes cradle, angled and the flat-bed. In the cradle
seats, the passenger can recline upto 160 degrees. The angled seats enable the passengers to
recline between 140 to 170 degrees. The flat-bed seats rest parallel to the floor, offering great
comfort and relaxation for the travelers.

Delicious food and great entertainment are the major plus points of executive class. While
traveling in flights, one aspect that most people look forward to enjoying is the food. One can
obtain an assortment of food in executive class flights. Most of the food obtained is very
appetizing and the travelers also get the option of pre-ordering the menus for the food. Audio
and video on demand facilities are available in executive class flights. This is provided with the
assistance of a display that is built in the seat or by portable DVD players. Additionally, there
are also power sockets for the laptops and internet access is also accessible.

Lounge access is another major advantage of traveling in executive class. Separate area for
boarding as well as a separate entry to the lounge is provided for business class travelers. The
lounges are outfitted with internet access and good meals and snacks are also provided in these
lounges. Those who travel for business are by and large people with hectic schedules and
cannot afford to wait for long at the airport. If they travel in business class flights, they have
the option to get out of the plane first and into the immigration and customs and get out of the
airport as early as possible.
Passengers can avail of the frequent flyer program that is explicitly provided for executive class
travelers. By accumulating points through these frequent flier programs, passengers have the
option of upgrading to first class. Also note that as each airline has their set terms and
conditions for frequent flyers, the passengers need to decide on the best case scenario for each
flight that they need to travel.

The main benefit of the executive class over the other 2 classes is that the passengers can enjoy
a tranquil ambiance when compared to the economy class and they also need not pay high
prices in comparison to first class tickets. In addition, several airlines are making a huge effort
to reduce the price of the travel as there is a huge demand for business class flights due to its
innumerable facilities and comfort.


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Description: Three types of classes exist in most of the airlines. These include economy class, business class (executive class) and the first class.