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					                                   Amherst Travel Soccer
                                          (fill in numbers below and give a copy of this to each parent)     (numbers below are estimates)

                                      Preliminary Budget
                                                                                                                  Players Per Team
Budget Item                         Description                            Per Player Lump Sum                                               input this number first
ASA Club Registration * paid online
                                    Covers insurance, indoor practice
                                    facilities, outdoor field maintenance,
                                    outdoor referees, etc.                      $340                                        $340             standard club fee includes uniform this year
                                    Includes home & away jerseys + shorts
                                    + socks + practice shirt                                                            #DIV/0!
 Subtotal: ASA Registration                                                                                            #DIV/0!

Team Budget * In 3 or 4 Installments: _____ First payment due 12/1, _____ Second due 1/15, ______Third due 3/1 _______ (fill in amounts for parents)
Indoor Season
 - Registration                       Sahlens Sportspark/Epic Center                                                    #DIV/0!              8 game season in Jan-Feb - $900/12 game Jan-Apr -$1200
 - Referee Fees                                                                                                         #DIV/0!
Speed and Fitness Training            Excelsior Fitness - optional                                                      #DIV/0!
 - AIM Registration                   Will be refunded if meet ad goal                                 400              #DIV/0!              team will receive credit if each player sells at least $50
 - AIM Program Ads                    Can be offset by selling 1 ad                        50                             50                 each child is responsible to sell one ad minimum
 - Other Tournaments ($400 per)       average price - 3 maximum per team                               800              #DIV/0!              average price of $375-400 per tournament
Teamwear - Team Item                  warmups, training top, bags, etc                     50                             50                 parents and coach should discuss what is needed
Social Events                         end-of-season; pizza party; etc.                     15                             15                 could be eliminated and collected later
Miscellaneous                         build in additional funds for overages                                            #DIV/0!
                                      if a paid coach /or discount to parent
Coaching fee                          coach                                                                             #DIV/0!              will be assigned by Director of Coaching based upon qualifications
Budget carryover from prior year      if any
 Subtotal: Team Budget                                                                                                 #DIV/0!

 Subtotal: ASA + Team                                                                                                  #DIV/0!

Per Session (total games/practices)                                                                                     #DIV/0!

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