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MUS 114H - Hawaiian Chorus by AJ Kikumoto


									                               Maui Community College
                                   Course Outline

1. Course Title:                   MUS 114H
                                   Hawaiian Chorus

   Number of credits:              Two (2)

   Abbreviated Course Title:       NA

   Date of Outline:                February 2004

2. Course Description              Hawaiian chorus is a vocal class where students
                                   learn to sing ancient to modern Hawaiian songs.

3. Contact Hours Per Week:         Three (3) lecture/lab

4. Prerequisites:                  None

   Corequisites:                   None

   Recommended Preparation:        Prior singing experience is desirable.

5. General Course Objectives       The student will be able to sing their own vocal part
                                   by memory, sing the Hawaiian words with correct
                                   pronunciation and enunciation for each song,
                                   understand the translation, and contribute to the
                                   overall unity of the musical experience within the
                                   ensemble. There will be a performance at the end of
                                   each semester.

Approved by _______________________________________Date__________________
Music 114H Course Outline                                                                  2

6. Student Learner Outcomes

   Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

   Sing with acceptable intonation and tone quality.

   Know the correct pronunciation and enunciation of the texts of at least four songs.

   Demonstrate awareness of ways that music enriches community life

   Work collaboratively on projects and presentations

7. Recommended Course Content

   4–5     weeks:             Learn two Hawaiian songs and correct pronunciation
   5-6     weeks:             Learn two other Hawaiian songs, correct pronunciation
   4–5     weeks:             Improve vocal technique and enunciation
   1       week:              Final concert

8. Recommended Course Requirements

   Attendance and participation
   Four written quizzes on the translation of each song
   Written final exam similar to the quizzes
   Final Concert

9. Text and Materials

    An appropriate text (or texts) and materials will be chosen at the time the course is to
    be offered. Examples:

   Text:                      Na Mele o Hawaii Nei
                              Samuel Elbert and Noelani Mahoe

                              The Pocket Hawaiian Dictionary
                              Mary Kawena Pukui, Samuel Elbert, and Esther Mo`okini,

    Materials:                Sheet music as required
Music 114H Course Outline                                                     3

10. Evaluation and Grading

    Factors for grading may include, but are not limited to, the following:

       Quizzes                        80 points
       Final Exam (written)           30 points
       Final Exam (oral)              20 points
       Final Concert                  40 points
       Attendance                     30 points
                                     200 points

       A = 200 – 179 points
       B = 178 – 157 points
       C = 156 – 135 points
       D = 134 – 113 points
       N = 112 – 0 points

11. Methods of Instruction Lab/Lecture

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