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					                           Marketing on Facebook?
                                          BY Ram Gupta

Are you struggling with marketing on Facebook?

Then this is for you, go on read here …

Not too long back, marketing on Facebook was a rather unique and innovative internet marketing
strategy, yes that’s right. Not anymore. Why? Because the cat is out of the bag. By now, all
businesses have joined the bandwagon, and if you do not use Facebook for your business, you
are missing out on a big opportunity. Worse still, you are giving your competitors a chance to
score one over you. On the brighter side, since the social media marketing is being used so
actively, the benefits of Marketing on Facebook are no longer a mystery. With a bit of patience
and research, you will find yourself on top of the game, but only if you applied the strategy right.

Facebook – A Power House

According to Facebook’s own statistics, it is available in 70 languages and had 845 million
monthly active users at the end of December 2011. Almost 80% of Facebook’s monthly active
users were outside the U.S. and Canada, with 483 million daily active users on average in
December 2011. Facebook had more than 425 million monthly active users who used Facebook
mobile products in December 2011.
With these stats, no wonder why Marketing on Facebook is becoming so powerful and lucrative.
The sooner one learn to convert this powerhouse into a wealth ATM, the better it is. Learn to use
Facebook for business!

Setting up a Brand Page

If you have your own brand, what you need is a Facebook fan page for your brand. This is a lot
more effective at bringing out your brand identity and connecting with laser targeted potential
customers than simply setting up a personal profile. Additionally, your Facebook fan page will
contribute to your overall search engine ranking on Google and other search engines. A face
book brand page allows you the flexibility to post commercial messages, though not too blatantly
as against your profile page which is a pure content oriented affair. As Face book keeps on
revising or changing its policy quite frequently, it is necessary to keep in touch with the latest
rules of Marketing on Facebook

Using Facebook Timeline to Connect

Once you have a brand page in place, your Facebook marketing success will depend on how well
you use it. Recently, Facebook made its ‘Timeline’ display program compulsory for all brand

So you will need to Acquaint Yourself With Timeline!

 and see how other brands are using it to connect with their customers. Essentially, your page has
to be interesting to potential customers, which means it must be updated almost every day.
Besides, you must keep your content diverse and engaging. You may include interesting articles,
tips, information, videos, contests, promotional offers and events. Bear in mind, an overdose of
marketing and promotional campaigns is going to turn people off.

Being Interactive

People use Facebook to connect and interact. So, if your Facebook marketing strategy is not
interactive, you will be missing the whole point. Use your posts to engage your fans and interact
with them in a friendly, good-natured way. Also, allow them to add interesting content to your
Timeline, and if they have suggestions or comment, make sure you are prompt and supportive. .
The page should be so interesting that it generates an ‘intrigue” on “what next”. Post contests,
challenges and quizzes with vale loaded prizes. The more you engage your ‘Fans”, the more
traffic your page is able to generate, with more LIKES being recorded. Essentially, people
should begin to trust you not just as a helpful professional, but also a friend, mentor or an expert.

The simple strategy of Marketing on Facebook therefore is to constantly keep your “Fans”
engaged, engaged and more engaged.

If you can achieve that, you will take a big step towards making your Facebook marketing
campaign a success.

At the end of the day, marketing on Facebook is an opportunity that is open to every business
enterprise, whatever the size, location and scale of operation. The best part is that it is completely
free of cost, unless you want to advertize, then the Facebook Ads cost will be your promotional
cost. All it really takes is time, patience and the ability to learn from experience.

Today there seems to be a race between the technology and people, those who keep pace with it
win the race. The art of beating technology is through absolute mastery over whatever challenge
technology throws. Most people get left behind in the race as they are not able to come to terms
is that they got to learn, learn the latest, what you learnt yesterday may not be relevant today as
technology just trashed it. I have found an excellent learning resource in MLSP

) that keeps me updated with a daily dose of tips, wake calls and learning sessions. And, if you
have already joined or planning to join MLSP System, this journey to master Facebook
Marketing to use Facebook for business could be faster, enjoyable and easier. Look at how we
got 916 likes on one or our pages in a matter of days after following the MLSP Facebook

Remember Facebook is an absolute GOLD MINE, and the PROOF IS HERE!
                                                                                               APRIL 2012

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Description: Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook would have hardly imagined the financial potential of future applications of what he started as a site to “choose the 'hotter' person”. Today Facebook presents a tremendous marketing opportunity for individuals and businesses to promote and market their brands. Everyone seems to use Facebook for business, especially as a medium for marketing on Facebook. Are you using Facebook for your business?