HWST 100B - Introduction to Hawaiian Culture Basic Language and Phrases by AJ Kikumoto


									                              Maui Community College
                                  Course Outline

1. Alpha and Number          Hawaiian Studies 100B
                             HWST 100B

   Course Title              Introduction to Hawaiian Culture: Communication - Basic
                             Language and Phrases

   Credits                   1 credit

   Date of Outline           March 13, 2007

   Course Description        Develops correct pronunciation and usage of basic Hawaiian
                             language and phrases.

2. Contact Hours/Type        15 lecture hours per semester per credit

4. Prerequisites


   Recommended Preparation

Approved by _____________________________________ Date________________
5. General Course Objectives     Provides students with a working knowledge of Hawaiian
   language and phrases.

6. Student Learning Outcomes
   For assessment purposes, these are linked to #7. Recommended Course Content.

   On successful completion of this course, students will be able to

a. correctly pronounce Hawaiian place names and
b. ccmfortably employ basic Hawaiian language phrases and greetings.

7. Recommended Course Content and Approximate Time Spent on Each Topic
   Linked to #6. Student Learning Outcomes.

   0.5 -1 week     Introduction (a, b)
   3-4 weeks       Words, Phrases and Language (a, b)
   0.5-1 week      Final Presentation (a, b)

8. Text and Materials, Reference Materials, Auxiliary Materials and Content

   Appropriate text(s) will be chosen at the time the course is offered from those currently
   available in the field.

   Text(s) may be supplemented with articles and/or handouts prepared by the instructor;
   internet research; and library research.

            Films and Videos
            Guest Speakers
            Assigned Readings
            Magazines or newspaper articles
            Television programs

9. Recommended Course Requirements and Evaluation

   25-50%          Written and/or oral examinations
   0-30%           In-class exercises
   0-20%           Homework Assignments
   0-20%           Quizzes
   0-10%           Journal entries
   0-30%           Case Studies
   0-30%          Field reports
   0-30%          Interviews
   0-30%          Group/Individual projects (written and/or oral class presentations)
   0-25%          Attendance and/or class participation

10. Methods of Instruction

   Instructional methods will vary considerably with instructors. Specific methods will be at
   the discretion of the instructor teaching the course and might include, but are not limited to

Quizzes and other tests with feedback and discussion
In-class discussions
Guest lectures
Reaction papers
Field Trips
Field Reports
Audio, visual or mediated presentations including films/videos
Student class presentations
Group and/or individual projects

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