HAW 104 - Hawai'i Language through Hula

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					                                    Maui Community College
                                        Course Outline

1. Alpha and Number     Hawaiian 104
                        HAW 104

   Course Title         Hawai’i: Language Through Hula

   Credits              3 credits

   Date of Outline      April 2007

2. Course Description   Introduces conversational Hawaiian language through the
                        medium of dance (hula) and song. Requires study,
                        memorization, and close examination of Hawaiian
                        vocabulary and simple sentence structure.

3. Contact Hours/Type 3 hours Lecture

4. Prerequisites


   Recommended Preparation

Approved by _____________________________________ Date________________
5. General Course Objectives HAW 104 is an elective course offering the student
   opportunities to pursue interests in Hawaiian language and arts. It is intended to introduce
   and enrich the student’s appreciation and awareness of language via dance.

6. Student Learning Outcomes
   For assessment purposes, these are linked to #7. Recommended Course Content.

   On successful completion of this course, students will be able to

   a.      practice and develop ease in the use of basic conversational Hawaiian language;
   b.      build and utilize an increasing vocabulary;
   c.      describe and discuss language patterns in song and poetry;
   d.      analyze coordination of word, movement, thought and voice;
   e.      develop an appreciation of culture through a study of language and art; and
    f.     develop an appreciation of the language and performing arts through exposure.

7. Recommended Course Content and Approximate Time Spent on Each Topic
   Linked to #6. Student Learning Outcomes.

   1-3 weeks      Introduction to Hawaiian language (a, b)
   2-5 weeks      Introduction to simple sentence structure (a, b)
   1-3 weeks      Introduction to basic hula movements (a, b, c, d, e, f)
   3-5 weeks      Introduction to song and Hula (a, b, c, d, e, f)
   1-3 weeks      Evaluation of language and dances learned (a, b, c, d, e, f)

8. Text and Materials, Reference Materials, Auxiliary Materials and Content

   Appropriate text(s) will be chosen at the time the course is offered from those currently
   available in the field. Examples include

   Kanahele, Pualani; Ha’a Hawai’i
   Elbert and Mahoe; 101 Hawaiian Songs

   Reference materials include

   Kanahele, G; Hawaiian Music and Musicians
   Hopkins, J; The Hula
   Wilson, W and Kamana, K.; Na Kai ‘Ewalu

   Auxiliary Materials and Content
   Films and Videos
   Guest Speakers
   Assigned Readings

9. Recommended Course Requirements and Evaluation

   Specific course requirements are at the discretion of the instructor at the time the course is
   offered. Suggested requirements might include, but are not limited to

   25-75%         Exams
   10-25%         Projects (written and/or oral class presentations)
   0-30%          In-class exercises
   0-20%          Quizzes
   0-10%          Journal entries
   0-20%          Case studies
   0-20%          Field reports
   0-20%          Interviews
   0-25%          Attendance and/or class participation

10. Methods of Instruction

   Instructional methods will vary considerably with instructors. Specific methods will be at
   the discretion of the instructor teaching the course and might include, but are not limited to

   Quizzes and other tests with feedback and discussion
   In-class discussions
   Guest lectures
   Reaction papers
   Field Trips
   Field Reports
   Audio, visual or mediated presentations including films/videos
   Student class presentations
   Group and/or individual projects
   Service Learning