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Checklist for Starting a Home-Based Business
SUCCESSFUL HOME-BASED BUSINESS entrepreneurs are                  •	Open a business account under your company’s name.
passionate about their products and services. They are            •	Negotiate contracts with suppliers and lease agreements
disciplined and able to succeed in an unstructured environment.     for premises & equipment.
The Canada Manitoba Business Service Centre (CMBSC) has           •	Set up a bookkeeping system.
put together the following checklist that goes over the most      •	Develop an inventory control system.
important steps in starting your home-based business and may      •	Establish credit terms with key suppliers.
help you stay focussed when you get started:                      •	Register your Trade-mark, Copyright, Industrial Design or a
•	Prepare a business plan. You can do your preliminary              Patent with Canadian Intellectual Property Office.
  research in the CMBSC Business Library.                         •	Arrange for business insurance.
•	Choose a business structure - sole proprietorship, partner-     •	Plan your workspace which includes lighting, ventilation,
  ship, corporation or cooperative. Full descriptions are here.     privacy, ergonomics and storage decisions.
•	Register the business name. (see article on page 2)             Call us today at 204.984.2272 or toll-free 1.800.665.2019!
•	Ask for advice from other business owners as well as
  professionals such as your banker, accountant, or lawyer.
•	Determine zoning requirements as well as any possible                     TIP:
  licenses or permits by contacting your local municipal            Join Home Business
  government.                                                         Manitoba (HBM).                      TIP:
•	Set up a credit policy for your clients, if appropriate.         Membership is available to
•	Contact Canada Revenue Agency to register for collecting         home business owners in      Download our 16-page guide
                                                                          Manitoba.               on “Starting & Running a
  GST/HST, remitting employee deductions, import/export taxes
                                                                                                  Home-Based Business”.
  and for information on expenses that you can claim.
                                                                                                 View our online library for
                                                                                                 hundreds of Home-Based
                                                                                                       Business titles.

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PAGE 2 Let’s Talk Business - SUMMER 2011

                                                         NEW! Commercialization
  HOT NEW                                              Support for Business Program                                                                  $
    RESOURCES                                          Support at every stage of the business life-cycle
  Check out our latest additions to the CMBSC          DESIGNED FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED Manitoba businesses, this program
  Business Library:                                    provides funding for product and process commercialization and business development:
  • Start & Run a Home Staging Business                Concept Development (Max $25,000): from concept to prototype development;
                                                       Product Development (Max $40,000): pre-commercialization activities like feasibility
  • The Third Screen: Marketing to Your Customers
    in a World Gone Mobile                             or engineering analyses, trial production and test marketing;
                                                       Product Commercialization (Max $200,000): from prototype to market-ready product;
  • Planning Your Business: Research, Goals, and
    Business Plans [DVD]                               Market Development (Max $30,000): materials and activities needed to enter new
                                                       markets successfully;
  • Multicultural Manners: Essential Rules of
    Etiquette for the 21st Century                     Certification Assistance (Max $15,000): obtaining plant or product certification;
                                                       Intellectual Property (Max $25,000): securing intellectual property rights for the
  Our library catalogue can be sourced di-
  rectly on our website at: www.canadabusi-            product or process.                                                       For Program Guidelines, FAQ and applications, contact:
  Sep 1      Writing Clear Job Descriptions            Register Your Business Name in
  Sep 6      Cash Flow is King - Cash Flow &
             Financial Ratios
                                                       Two Easy Steps
  Sep 6      LinkedIn for Business                     WHEN YOU WANT TO INCORPORATE or register your business name, you need to
                                                       have the proposed name compared to existing ones already on record to be sure
  Sep        Manitoba Business Planning Work-
                                                       there is not a conflict. The Companies Office can help you do this in just two steps:
  7-9        shop | FULL
  Sep 8      Critical Elements of Customer             1. Search the Companies Office Registry.
             Service                                   •	Pay $40; *
                                                       •	Wait 24 hours (on average).
  Sep 14 GST/HST Seminar – New HST                                                                                                * TIP:
         Rules and Information Seminar for             2. Register your business name.                                        CHECK FIRST with the CMBSC
         New Registrants                               •	Pay $45;
                                                                                                                            Library for a FREE PRELIMINARY
  Sep 14 PST: An Introduction to Provincial            •	Receive your registered name, valid for three years;             NAME SEARCH, using various data-
         Sales Tax                                     •	Receive a nine-digit Business Number to always use               bases and checking the Companies
  Sep 15 Branding Basics                                 when dealing with any government office.                         Office database. This may identify an
  Sep 20 Business Opportunities and Ideas -                                obvious potential conflict.
         Choosing the Right One!                       For further information, contact:
  Sep 20 The Basics of Exporting                       The Companies Office
  Sep 21 Canadian Business Communication               1010-405 Broadway Winnipeg, MB R3C 3L6
         Strategies for Immigrant Entrepreneurs        204.945.2500 or Toll-free: 1.888.246.8353 (in Manitoba)
  Sep 22 Managing Workplace Violence
  Sep 22 Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing
  Sep 22 Creating Connections – Networking in
         Canada for Immigrant Entrepreneurs                          250-240 Graham Ave.                  204.984.2272 or
  Sep 27 Are You Ready to Be an Entrepreneur?
                                                     Contact         Winnipeg, MB R3C 0J7                 1.800.665.2019
  Sep 28 How to Start a Business in Manitoba           Us!
                                                                     Managing Partners:
                                                                     Western Economic Diversification Canada and Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade
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   * Pre-registration is mandatory.

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