Important Facts About The Use Of Cod Liver Oil

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Cod Liver Oil
Cod liver oil is a type of fish oil that are said to contribute to health
and sense of well-being. Cod liver oil is as the term suggests, oil
which is taken from the liver of the cod fish. This is done by steam
cooking the cod livers and then pressing them to release the oil.
Manufacturers also employ various processes like bleaching and
deodorization to remove potentially toxic chemicals and metals
from the oil.

                               Cod liver oil is usually sold as
                               capsules or in their liquid form and
                               like other fish oils they contain a lot of
                               omega-3 fatty acids. However, it
                               differs from other fish oils in that it
                               contains much less saturated fat. It is
                               also known to contain has higher
                               levels of Vitamins A and D compared
                               to other fish oils.

Cod liver oil uses

As the number of people who find complementary and alternative
therapies appealing increases, fish oils are also growing in
popularity. One of the purported benefits of cod liver oil is that it
helps soothe the aches and pains caused by arthritis. Those who
take cod liver oil also report a reduction in their serum triglyceride
levels. Researches done in the past also reveal that cod liver oil
can prevent or delay the stiffening of arteries as well as thrombus
formation. Both mechanisms are known to contribute to the
occurrence of stroke. Consuming fish oils is also said to help in
managing hypertension, and is an effective preventive measure
against cancers and skin conditions due to sun damage. Since it
contains a lot of Vitamin A and D, cod liver uses also include
improving the health of your eyes, skin, and bones.
Cod liver oil advice

Some caution should still be taken when taking fish oils because
they are not devoid of side effects. Some of the side effects that
result from ingesting this fish oil are stomach disturbances,
belching, heartburn, vomiting, and in some instances, bad breath.

Consuming more than the
recommended dose of cod
liver oil is potentially harmful
because this can cause
bleeding. Hence, patients with
bleeding disorders or those
taking blood thinners are
strongly advised against the
use of this fish oil. Vitamin A
poisoning has also been
reported among those who
take more than the suggested
dosage of cod liver oil. This
condition is potentially life
threatening or can greatly
affect your quality of life.

For your safety, it is best to tell
your doctor of your plans to take fish oil. By doing so, you will not
only get helpful cod liver advice, you are also ensured of a
coordinated and supervised care.

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Description: Cod liver oil is one of many fish oils that are highly regarded as being beneficial for our health and wellness. Cod liver oil is as the term suggests, oil which is taken from the liver of the cod fish.