October Teeball Newsletter 2011

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					URL: http://www.tbawa.org.au/Belmont/                                       Season 34        October 2011          Issue 1

    Committee          President’s Message                                 are dominating early on in the competition
                       Welcome back to season 2011/2012, it’s so
     Members           great to see so many familiar faces and a
                                                                           (within the first 3/4 games) changes will be
    2011/2012                                                              made.
                       huge welcome to our new members. We
                       hope you have a memorable season                    Canteen
    Narelle Brown                                                          Our canteen is up and running again every
                       Our amazing committee have been working
     Brad Martin       very hard (off season) to ensure this season’s      Saturday & Tuesday, with very reasonably
                       success. This could not have happened               priced hot/cold food and drinks, and with
    Tania Martin                                                           the return of an old (sorry, not so old) friend,
                       without the willingness & enthusiasm of our
     Renae Miller      coach/managers volunteering their time.             Helen. Helen has supported Belmont Raiders
                       Thank You                                           over many years as her 3 children passed
     Kathy Evans                                                           through its ranks and she has returned to
                       Super Squad                                         take up the position of canteen Manager.
      Paul Harry
                       Congratulations to Rasta Buckley, Nikita            Please support her, and our canteen, as it is
    Karlena Cross      Campbell & Josh Paull, who all succeeded on         our major source of fundraising throughout
                       gaining a place on TBAWA’s Super Squad this         the season.
     Frances Finn      season. Belmont Raiders is proud of you all.
    Maria Di Lello
                       Inter-club Games                                    Existing players will notice the new uniforms
    Melissa Nicols     We will be hosting inter-club games with            this season. It has been discussed for some
                       Cloverdale Comets this season. Cloverdale           time now, and with the support of one of
    Shannon Curtis     members will still train at Miles Pk, still be      our major sponsors ‘Sprint Screen Printing’,
     Joanne Kelly      registered & insured with their own club, but       it has become possible. The kids are going to
                       they will play with our teams on Saturdays          look so cool with the bright colours and
    Helen Critchley    and Twilight Tuesdays.                              numbers, on their backs.
                       Nippers                                              Remember… Full uniforms must be
                       We would like to welcome a special little            worn at all games and long pants and
                       lady to our club this season, Teagan Reder.          hats must be worn at teeball practice.
                       Teagan will be playing in the Nipper’s Age
  CLUB SPONSORS                                                            Little League
                       group, and although she is blind, she is an
    2011/2012                                                              We have (at present) 29 Little League
                       inspiration to all who know her. We are in
                                                                           players, 3 teams coached by Brad, Gary &
                       the process of trying to attain specialised
    Fielders Choice                                                        Stuart. We may have lost several teeball kids
                       equipment from America, which will allow
                                                                           to Little League, but they are ready for the
    Kidz Paradise      Teagan to bat & field more confidently. We
                                                                           challenge and we wish them all the best of
                       know you will help Teagan, & her coach
       Midland                                                             luck for the new season. They started on Sat
                       Glenn, make this season a memorable one.
    Photographers                                                          15th October, and won all their first games.
                       Still with the Nippers, (new Club rule) every       Awesome start kids, keep up the good work.
    Sprint Screen      child will now be able to bat in every innings
                       of every game they play (unless the team            Special Thanks
                       has more than 9 players). Each team will bat        A special thank you to Karlena Cross and
   Laurie Kelly Real   through 9 players (not 3 down, side away),          Frances Finn, who have gone over and above
        Estate         but if a player is given out they will still have   their commitments to the committee and
                       to leave the Diamond.                               the club as a whole over the past few
      Supa IGA                                                             months, whilst I’ve been unwell or had work
                       Team Placements                                     commitments; their dedication has helped
  Colortech Systems All teams have now been finalised (a                   to start this season start off really well.
                    mammoth task). It is extremely hard to
        Troffis                                                            Finally… thank you, our members. Have a
                    predict the strengths of each team,
 Are You Ready      especially with so many new players, we do             fantastic season and don’t be hesitant in
 Removals & Storage try to make sure they are as even as possible          talking to me. I am very approachable and
                    re. age, gender, experience, etc… If teams             open to new ideas, constructive criticism, or
                                                                           even just a chat.     Narelle (Club President)
                     Fees                                             State Carnival News
  Committee          A reminder to parents/guardians that all         During the forthcoming weeks, club officials
   Members           fees are now due and payable by the 3rd          will be walking around the Diamonds on the
  2011/2012          playing date of our season, at the latest,       look-out for players who could be asked to
                     unless an arrangement has been made with         represent our Club at TBAWA’s 2012 State
  Narelle Brown      the Treasurer                                    Carnival next March.
                     Parent Volunteers                                 Children - Please be on your very best
   Brad Martin
                     This club is run totally by volunteers, from      behaviour and always play to your best of
   Tania Martin      committee members, coaches, scorers,              your ability.
   Renae Miller      umpires, base coaches, etc… Please help out      We are also looking for State Coach
                     this season and participate alongside your       nominations. Any accredited coach can be
   Kathy Evans       son and/or daughter. Don’t keep using the        nominated. If more than one coach is
    Paul Harry       excuse,                                          nominated for the same State team, a vote
                              “I don’t know how to”.                  within the committee will take place to
   Karlena Cross                                                      determine the outcome. Get your
                     Everyone was once like that, just stick up       nominations in early.
   Frances Finn      your hand and become more than just a
                     spectator.                                       Want to promote your Club at external
  Maria Di Lello
                                                                      events, like Yokine & State Carnivals? You
                       Coaches – Please organise an Umpire as         can now purchases Belmont Raiders shirts
  Melissa Nicols
                        well as a scorer, base coaches, etc…for       and hats at the canteen.
  Shannon Curtis        each game.                                         Shirts                $35
   Joanne Kelly      At Club level, accreditation is not essential,        Hats                  $10
                     for any position. For those that want to go           Shirt & Hat Combo $40
  Helen Critchley    that little bit further, the following clinics
                     maybe of interest to you.                        Safety
                                                                      Make sure all children and helpers have
                     Sun 23- 8:15 Coaching           Percy Doyle      adequate water and sun protection during
                      Oct-        Clinic             Reserve          training & games. Some sunscreen maybe
CLUB SPONSORS         2011                           Warwick Rd,      available at the Canteen on game days.
  2011/2012                                          Duncraig
                                                                      Can all coaches please ensure that during
  Fielders Choice     Sun 8.30am- Level 1 Mills Park                  training & games, that all members and
                      30- 3.30pm Umpiring Brixton                     parent helpers wear closed-in shoes, as
   Kidz Paradise     Oct-         Clinic  Street                      Officials have the right to remove them from
                     2011                 Beckenham
                                                                      the Diamond.
  Photographers      Yokine Carnival
                     Any coaches that are considering taking (or
                                                                      Fixture Booklet Error....
                                                                      Junior Fixture timetable page – Twilight
   Sprint Screen     not taking) their teams to the Yokine
     Printers        Carnival this year, please inform Karlena        games on Tuesday’s will start at 5:30pm and
                     (registrar) of your intentions as soon as        not 5:00pm, as stated.
 Laurie Kelly Real   possible. We want to provide every child
      Estate                                                          Finally…
                     with the opportunity to play in this event,
                                                                      Pick up ALL your rubbish and deposit it
                     regardless if their own team is participating,
     Supa IGA                                                         appropriately, after training and games, and
                     or not.
                                                                      please refrain from smoking in and around
 Colortech Systems     Each team at Yokine requires an                the Diamonds, thank you
                       umpire. Make sure you have an
      Troffis                                                         Don’t forget, if you would like something to
                       umpire before confirming a place.
                                                                      be added to the newsletter each month,
Are You Ready          Accreditation not a requirement
                                                                      please contact:-
Removals & Storage                                                            Frances Finn (Web Page Coordinator)

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