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                                                        SUMMER 2005 CLASS SCHEDULE

CONTACT US                                    MAUI COMMUNITY COLLEGE–
Educational Opportunity Center                DEGREE & CERTIFICATE CLASSES
  (EOC): 808-984-3286
Admissions: 808-984-3267                      Welcome to Maui Community College, Summer 2005. By taking summer classes at
Counseling: 808-984-3306                      MCC, you can earn credits toward degrees or certificates. You can also learn about
International calls: 1-808-984-3517
E-mail:                    Hawai‘i’s marine life, flora, literature, language, and culture. Our summer format
Off-Maui or U.S. Mainland:                    includes six sessions, with classes scheduled to meet your needs. We wish you a
  Toll-free calls: 1-800-479-6692             successful and productive summer. Visit our website at
Housing and Transportion:
                                                                                                                            Pages 3-13
UH Center, Maui: 808-984-3525
Continuing Education & Training:              OFFICE OF CONTINUING EDUCATION & TRAINING–
  808-984-3231                                VITEC PROGRAM
CONTENTS                                      Continuing education non-credit classes at MCC are offered throughout the year in
MCC Credit Courses: pages 3-9
                                              the VITEC program. These classes are your place to go if you want to receive short
Registration Info: pages 10-12
Maps: page 12-13                              term training to boost your computer skills; to become more productive, knowledge-
Continuing Education: page 14                 able or employable in the business arena; or to have fun, learn a new hobby, meet
UH Center: pages 14-15                        people with similar interests, or explore your full potential. Turn to page 14 to see

SESSION DATES                                 the kinds of classes we are offering this summer or call us at 808-984-3231 for more
Session A          June 6 - July 8            information. Visit our website at                            Page 14
Session B          July 11 - August 12
Session C          June 6 - August 12
Session D          June 7 - July 19           UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI'I CENTER, MAUI–
Math Lab                                      BACHELOR'S & GRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMS
Session E          June 18 - August 9
Math Lab                                      The University of Hawai'i Center at Maui Community College delivers bachelor's and
Session F          June 6 - July 15           graduate degrees from University of Hawai'i campuses at Manoa, Hilo, and West
HOLIDAYS (NO CLASSES)                         Oahu to students on Maui, making it possible for them to live and work at home
June 10            Kamehameha Day             while earning advanced degrees. UH Center programs are built upon the solid foun-
July 4             Independence Day
                                              dation of Maui Community College freshman and sophomore year programming. A
                                              variety of upper division and graduate level courses are offered at the Center
Jill Fitzpatrick, Monika Jost                 throughout the year. Visit our website at                Page 14-15
Jill Fitzpatrick, John Fitzpatrick
Windsurf photo by John Carter,
provided by
DRAWINGS                                      The University of Hawai‘i is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution. Maui
Former MCC student, Chris Ma                  Community College is committed to comply with all State and Federal Statutes, rules, and
                                              regulations that prohibit discrimination. Maui Community College is committed to a policy
                                              of nondiscrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, color, national origin,
                                              ancestry, disability, marital status, arrest and court records, sexual orientation, or status
                                              as a covered veteran. Lack of English language skills will not be a barrier to admissions
                                              and participation in vocational programs. This policy covers admission and access to and
                                              participation, treatment, and employment in the College’s programs, activities and
                                              services. Sexual harassment is prohibited under this policy. The College shall promote a
                                              full realization of equal opportunity through a positive, continuing program of nondiscrim-
                                              ination and affirmative action (41 CFR Chapter 60). College information is available in
                                              alternative formats such as Braille, large-print, reader assistance, and by computer disk.
                                              The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimi-
                                              nation policies: Alvin Tagomori, Section 504 Coordinator, (808) 984-3515, and
                                              Robyn Klein, EEO/AA Coordinator, (808) 984-3345, Maui Community College,
                                              310 W. Ka‘ahumanu Avenue, Kahului, HI 96732.

2                               Summer 2005 • 310 W. KA'AhumAnu Avenue • KAhului, HI 96732-1617
                                     UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI‘I SYSTEM | MAUI COMMUNITY COLLEGE

    ACCOUNTING                                  BIOL 200 Coral Reefs                      plants/man, and connects the belief
    ACC 201 Introduction to Financial           Prerequisite: ENG 22/55 with at least a   and practices with the intentional
    Accounting                                  C, or English placement of ENG 100, or    migration of specific plants.
    Prerequisites: English placement of         consent. Introduces the biology, ecol-    This course meets Social Science
    ENG 100 and Math placement of MATH          ogy, and geology of coral reefs and the   requirements not Natural Science
    27, or higher, or consent. Introduces       reef structures they build. Identifies    requirements.
    accounting theory and methods used to       the roles of other members of the coral   Session A: June 6 – July 8
    record and report financial information.    reef community, including algae, other    Class Code: 49507 • THF
    Analyzes methods of valuing assets, lia-    invertebrates and fishes. Explores the    8:30 am – 1:15 pm AG 104
    bilities, & ownership of an organization.   use of corals as resources and the        Cathy Davenport • 3 credits
    Session A: June 6 – July 8                  impact of human activities on coral.
    Class Code: 49501 • TWTH                    Session C: June 6 – August 12             BUSINESS
    11:45 – 2:55 pm Ka Lama 107                 Class Code: 49506 • MT                    BLAW 200 Legal Environment of
    David Grooms • 3 credits                    6:00 pm – 9:00 pm and                     Business
                                                Sat 8:00 am – 2:00 pm SCI 21A             Prerequisite: ENG 22 with at least a C
    ACC 202 Introduction to Managerial          Jonathan Hultquist • 4 credits            or placement at ENG 100, or consent.
    Accounting                                                                            Introduces legal environment in which
    Prerequisites: ACC 201 or consent.          BIOCHEMISTRY                              businesses operate with particular
    Introduces methods for evaluating                                                     attention to principles of law relating
                                                BIOC 241 Fundamentals of
    financial performance, including cost                                                 to contracts, agency, commercial paper,
    accounting, budgeting, break even                                                     partnerships, corporations, and govern-
                                                Prerequisite: Placement at MATH 27 or
    analysis, ratio analysis, and sources                                                 ment regulations.
                                                MATH 100, or consent.
    and uses of funds.                                                                    Session A: June 6 – July 8
                                                Introduces biological chemistry stress-
    Session B: July 11 – August 12              ing integration of the fundamental        Class Code: 49508 • TWTH
    Class Code: 49502 • TWTH                    concepts of general chemistry, inorgan-   8:30 – 11:40 am Ka Lama 107
    5:00 – 8:15 pm Ka Lama 107                  ic chemistry, and organic chemistry       Joe Scuro • 3 credits
    Robyn Klein • 3 credits                     with broad application of these princi-
                                                                                          BUS 125 Starting a Small Business
                                                ples to the study of living systems.
    ANTHROPOLOGY                                Session A: June 6 – July 8
                                                                                          Prerequisite: ENG 19 with at least a C,
    ANTH 200 Cultural Anthropology                                                        or placement of ENG 22 or 55, or con-
                                                Class Code: 49526 • TWTH
    Studies the concept of culture and                                                    sent. Surveys the small business envi-
                                                8:30 – 11:40 am Ka Lama 109
    basic tools for analyzing cultural                                                    ronment, establishing firm, decision-
                                                TBA • 3 credits
    behavior. Topics include patterning                                                   making processes, marketing assess-
                                                                                          ments, financing, operations considera-
    and integration, dynamics of culture,       BOTANY                                    tions, and government regulations.
    culture and the individual, cultural
                                                BOT 105 Hawaiian Ethnobotany              Covers development of a business plan.
    change, and anthropology and the
                                                Identifies endemic, indigenous and        Session A: June 6 – July 8
                                                Polynesian introduced flora of Hawai‘i.   Class Code: 49509 • TWTH
    Session B: July 11 – August 12              Examines the many uses of Hawai‘i’s
    Class Code: 49503 • TWTH                                                              5:00 – 8:15 pm Ka Lama 107
                                                flora by the indigenous people.           Dr. Rafael Boritzer • 3 credits
    5:00 – 8:15 pm Ka Lama 104A                 Reveals the relationship of gods/
    Tevita Ka‘ili • 3 credits

    BIOL 100 Human Biology
    Prerequisite: ENG 22 with at least a C
    or English placement of ENG 100, or
    consent. Surveys human anatomy and
    physiology. Introduces students to the
    structure and function of cells, tissues,
    organs and systems of the human body.
    Includes disease processes and recent
    scientific advances.
    Session A: June 6 – July 8
    Class Code: 49504 • MTW
    3:00 – 6:10 pm Ka Lama 103
    Sean Calder • 3 credits
    Session B: July 11 – August 12
    Class Code: 49505 • TWTH
    3:00 – 6:10 pm Sci 20A
    Sean Calder • 3 credits

LocAl: 984-3530 • Off-mAui, U.S, mAinlAnd: 1-800-479-6692 •                                                  3
summer 2005

BUS 130 Business Communication:           COOPERATIVE EDUCATION                        modern economic situation. Describes
Oral (Cross-listed as COM 130).           Earn 1 - 3 credits for field experience      the relative roles of major economic
Prerequisite: ENG 22 with at least a C    and internships related to your major        institutions, such as businesses, labor
or placement at ENG 100, or consent.      or career interest. You may use your         unions, government agencies, interna-
Develops competence in oral communi-      own job with approval or get assistance      tional organizations, and banks.
cation within business and organiza-      in developing a placement. Placements        Session C: June 6 – August 12
tional context.                           may be on- or off-campus, part- or full-     Class Code: 49532
Session A: June 6 – July 8                time, paid or volunteer. Weekly seminar      Cynthia Foreman • 3 credits
Class Code: 49510 • TWTH                  required. Special tuition information:       After registering, email instructor at
8:30 – 11:40 am Ka Lama 104B              Students enrolled in Co-op will pay the for course infor-
Robyn Klein • 3 credits                   following: residents – regular general       mation. Also, see p 9 for information.
                                          tuition; non-residents – summer session
BCIS 20 Basic Keyboarding                 tuition.                                     ELECTRONICS
(Internet Class)                          Session C: June 6- August 12                 ETRO 293v Etron Internship II
Introduces the parts of a personal        Days and Times to be arranged                Prerequisite: ETRO 193V or consent.
computer and how the computer key-        CVE 93V Co-op Vocational Ed                  Enrollment in ECET program.
board and mouse are used. Develops        Class Code: 49514 • 3 credits;               Session C: June 6 – August 12
the ability to key alphabetic, punctua-   49513 • 2 credits; 49512 • 1 credit          Class Code: 49539 • 3 credits;
tion, number, symbol keys, and the        CASE 193V Co-op Arts & Science Ed            49538 • 2 credits; 49537 • 1 credit
ten-key pad by touch. Further devel-      Class Code: 49520 • 3 credits;               Times & days to be arranged.
ops speed, accuracy, and technique        49519 • 2 credits, 49518 • 1 credit          Call Wallette Pellegrino at 984-3239
keying. Introduces document format-       CASE 293V Co-op Arts & Science Ed            • 1-3 credits
ting.                                     Class Code: 49517 • 3 credits;
Session C: June 6 – August 12             49516 • 2 credits; 49515 • 1 credit          ENGLISH
Class Code: 49527                         Call Wallette Pellegrino at 984-3239
Barbara Helm • 3 credits                                                               Basic English
                                          prior to registering. F-1 Visa students
After registering, email instructor at                                                 This is a basic non-credit English
                                          have special conditions for participation. for course informa-                                                   course designed to prepare students for
tion. Also, see p 9 for information.                                                   entrance into English credit courses.
                                          ECONOMICS                                    Session F: June 6 – July 15
                                          ECON 130 Principles of Economics:            Class Code: 49540 • MTTH
COMMUNICATION                             Microeconomics (Internet Class)              8:30 am – 11:40 am TLC L-02
COM 130 Business Communication:           Prerequisite: placement at ENG 100           Tim Marmack • no credit
Oral (Cross-listed as BUS 130).           and placement at MATH 27 or 100, or
Prerequisite: ENG 22 with at least a C    consent. Analyzes the market mecha-          ENG 19 Writing Skills
or placement at ENG 100, or consent.      nism, prices, competition, and the effi-     Prerequisite: placement at ENG 19 or
Develops competence in oral communi-      cient allocation of scarce resources.        higher or consent. Concentrates on
cation within business and organiza-      Formulates possible solutions to con-        developing the paragraph: topic sen-
tional context.                           temporary economic and social issues         tence and support. Improves sentence
Session A: June 6 - July 8                such as world food problems, poverty         level skills of punctuation, grammar,
Class Code: 49511 • TWTH                  and distribution of income, market           and structure.
8:30 – 11:40 am Ka Lama 104B              power of business including multi-           Session A: June 6 – July 8
Robyn Klein • 3 credits                   nationals, role of labor unions, energy      Class Code: 49541 • MTWTH
                                          crises, environmental pollution, con-        8:30 – 10:50 am Kupa‘a 204
                                          sumerism, and welfare.                       Laura Lees • 3 credits
                                          Session C: June 6 – August 12
                                                                                       ENG 22 Introduction to Composition
                                          Class Code: 49521
                                                                                       Prerequisite: ENG 19 with at least a C
                                          Cynthia Foreman • 3 credits
                                                                                       or placement at ENG 22/55 or higher,
                                          After registering, email instructor at
                                                                                       or consent. Concentrates on develop-
                                 for course infor-
                                                                                       ing the paragraph and introduces the
                                          mation. Also, see p 9 for information.
                                                                                       essay. Improves sentence level skills
                                                                                       of punctuation, grammar and struc-
                                          ECON 131 Principles of Economics:
                                          Macroeconomics (Internet Class)
                                                                                       Session A: June 6 – July 8
                                          Prerequisite: placement at ENG 100
                                                                                       Class Code: 49542 • MTWTH
                                          and at MATH 100, or consent. Analyzes
                                                                                       11:00 – 1:20 pm Kupa‘a 204
                                          the forces determining national and
                                                                                       Laura Lees • 3 credits
                                          international economic performance in
                                          such areas as employment, inflation,
                                          production, money supply, and trade.
                                          Presents, in historical context, the

4                    InternAtionAl: 1-808-984-3517 • E-mAil: •
                                      UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI‘I SYSTEM | MAUI COMMUNITY COLLEGE

     ENG 100 Composition I                      ments of healthy individuals, nutrient
     Prerequisite: ENG 22 or 55 with at         categories and characteristics, physio-
     least a C, or placement at ENG 100, or     logical functions, and food sources.
     consent. Discovers and describes the       Includes review and adaptation of
     concepts of purpose, audience, and         dietary practices to reflect current
     tone in writing. Emphasizes evaluating     nutritional issues.
     written texts and writing in various       Session C: June 6 – August 12
     types of essays, including writing from    Class Code: 49550
     sources. Focuses on critical thinking.     Karen Robbins • 3 credits
     Session A: June 6 – July 8                 After registering, email instructor at
     Class Code: 49543 • MTWTH         for course infor-
     12:00 – 2:20 pm TLC L-02                   mation. See page 9 for information.
     Devin Crowe • 3 credits
     Session B: July 11 – August 12             FSHN 285 The Science of Human
     Class Code: 49544 • TWTH                   Nutrition (Internet Class)
     5:00 – 8:15 pm TLC L-02                    Prerequisite: Math 22 or placement at
     Tom Salahub • 3 credits                    MATH 23 and ENG 22 with at least a C
                                                or placement at ENG 100, or consent.
                                                Integrates basic concepts of science        FSER 50 Fundamentals of Cookery
     ENG 252W Major Works of British
                                                with the study of human nutrition.          Introduces and practices the use of
     and American Literature
                                                Introduces nutrients and what food          recipes, culinary tools, and equipment.
     (Writing Intensive Class)
                                                and nutrients do for humans. Looks at       Examines and analyzes basic ingredi-
     Prerequisite: ENG 100 with at least a
                                                how healthy people can best get the         ents and their use in quantity cookery
     C. Studies literature by representative
                                                amounts of nutrients and food they          including the selection of appropriate
     British and American authors from
                                                need throughout their lifetime.             cookery methods.
     1800 to the present.
                                                Studies how people and the environ-         Class Code: 49619 8:00 – 11:30 am
     Session A: June 6 – July 8
                                                ment change nutrient content.               • 2 credits
     Class Code: 49561 • TWTH
     9:00 am – 12:10 pm Ka Lama 109             Session C: June 6 – August 12               FSER 52 Short Order Cookery
     Susan Bendon • 3 credits                   Class Code: 49555                           Identifies and uses tools, equipment,
                                                Karen Robbins • 3 credits                   supplies, and foods used in a short
     ENG 257E WI Themes in Literature:          After registering, email instructor at      order kitchen. Examines various posi-
     Literature of Hawai‘i             for course infor-       tions in the short order kitchen.
     (Writing Intensive Internet Class)         mation. See page 9 for information.         Practices, applies, and analyzes princi-
     Prerequisite: ENG 100 with at least a                                                  ples of cookery and service of short
     C. Focuses on selected poems, leg-         FOOD SERVICE                                order foods.
     ends, biographies, short stories, and      Summer Accelerated Culinary Arts            Class Code: 49620 8:00 – 11:30 am
     novels by people of present-day            Training Package                            • 2 credits
     Hawaiian, Polynesian, American,            This package includes FSER 46, 48, 50,
     European, and Oriental heritage, drawn     52, 54 and 60 and all classes may be        FSER 54 Cold Food Pantry Cookery
     from ancient, transitional, and modern     taken concurrently or on an individual      Identifies and uses tools, equipment,
     Hawaiian literature. Studies and ana-      basis. Requirements for all lab courses     supplies, and foods used in the cold
     lyzes universal problems in selected       include proof of current negative TB        food kitchen. Discusses the prepara-
     literary works.                            test and compliance with the FSER stu-      tion and properties of cold food ingre-
     Session F: June 6 – July 15                dent conduct code. All FSER classes         dients. Examines and practices the
     Class Code: 49545                          require uniforms, knives and tools.         preparation, presentation, quality con-
     Vinnie Linares • 3 credits Computer        Session C: June 6 – August 12               trol, and merchandising of foods
     intensive on-line class. Students must     • MTWTHF 8:00 am – 3:00 pm                  served cold.
     have internet. After registering, please   Paina TBA • 12 credits                      Class Code: 49621 11:30 – 3:00 pm
     review the course webpage:                 Courses included in the package are:        • 2 credits           FSER 46 Skill Building I
     default.htm PRIOR to class beginning.      Identifies and practices individual culi-   FSER 60 Intermediate Cookery
                                                nary skill components necessary in the      Prereq: FSER 50 with at least a C or
     FOOD SCIENCE & HUMAN                       professional kitchen.                       concurrent enrollment, or consent.
     NUTRITION                                  Class Code: 49617 8:00 – 11:30 am           Applies recipe, production, and service
                                                • 2 credits                                 controls. Provides practice and applies
     FSHN 185 Food Science and
     Human Nutrition (Internet Class)           FSER 48 Skill Building II                   principles and methods of quantity
     Prerequisite: Placement at ENG 100, or     Continues with practices and skill com-     cookery. Also provides experiences in
     consent. Integrates natural science        ponents necessary in the professional       the planning, production, analysis and
     concepts basic to the study of human       kitchen.                                    serving of hot foods.
     nutrition. Emphasizes nutrient require-    Class Code: 49618 8:00 – 11:30 am           Class Code: 49622 11:30 – 3:00 pm
                                                • 2 credits                                 • 2 credits

LocAl: 984-3530 • Off-mAui, U.S, mAinlAnd: 1-800-479-6692 •                                                     5
summer 2005

FSER 20 Introduction to the Food           Involves quality production of bakery      Class Code: 49563 • MTWTH
Service Industry                           goods, pastries, and desserts.             8:30 am – 12:15 pm Hale 218
Introduces basic concepts in commer-       Session C: June 6 – August 12              Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier • 4 credits
cial food service including discussion     Class Code: 49610 • TTH
of career opportunities; types and         8:00 am – 1:00 pm Paina BAKE               HISTORY
kinds of commercial operations; plan-      Teresa Shurilla • 4 credits                HIST 151 World Civilization
ning, operating, and controlling a
                                                                                      Prerequisite: placement at ENG 100 or
restaurant; nutrition, safety, and sani-   FSER 293V Culinary Arts Field              consent. Surveys spread of civilization
tation; and the rules and regulations      Experience                                 from Near Eastern origins, with empha-
affecting the food service industry.       Prerequisite: FSER CA, or consent.         sis upon cultural contributions from
Session C: June 6 – August 12              Offers flexible, customized, and super-    Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China,
Class Code: 49611 • TTHF                   vised school-to-work experiences in all    Japan, Greece, Rome, and Post-Roman
7:00 am – 7:50 am        Paina 138         aspects of the culinary arts industry.     Europe to 1650.
Teresa Shurilla • 2 credits                Integrates and applies classroom theo-     Session A: June 6 – July 8
                                           ry to work situations via numerous         Class Code: 49564 • MTWTH
FSER 21 Food Service Sanitation            field experiences.                         4:00 pm - 6:20 pm Ka Lama 109
Details the fundamentals of sanitation     Session C: June 6 - August 12              Dorothy Pyle • 3 credits
for food service employees and covers      Class Code: 49616 • 3 credits; 49615
practical guidance in safe food han-       • 2 credits; 49614 • 1 credit • T          HIST 152 World Civilization
dling without neglecting the scientific    9:00 - 10:00 am, other hours to be         Prerequisite: placement at ENG 100 or
principles underlying good sanitation      arranged Paina 138                         consent. Treats development of civi-
practices. Meets ACF certification         Chris Speere • 1 – 3 credits               lization since 1650 with emphasis
requirement for sanitation.
                                                                                      upon the expansion of Western influ-
Session C: June 6 – August 12              HAWAIIAN & HAWAIIAN                        ence throughout the world, and upon
Class Code: 49612 • MW                     STUDIES                                    the political, economic, and cultural
3:00 – 4:15 pm       Paina                                                            revolutions in the North Atlantic com-
                                           HWST 107 Hawai‘i: Center of the
Darryl DelaCruz • 1 credit                                                            munity, Africa, and Asia.
                                           Prerequisite: placement at ENG 100 or      Session B: July 11 – August 12
FSER 34 Purchasing and Control
                                           consent. Introduces the unique aspects     Class Code: 49565 • MTWTH
Prerequisite: CA in FSER or HOPE, or
                                           of Hawai‘i and Hawaiian culture in         6:00 pm – 8:15 pm Ka Lama 109
consent. Analyzes purchasing and
                                           relationship to the larger Pacific,        Bert Kikuchi • 3 credits
food control systems in commercial
                                           including geography, origins, language,
food service operations. Practices cost
                                           religion, land, art, and history.          HOTEL OPERATIONS
and sales analysis, comparative buying,
                                           Session B: July 11 – August 12
and inventory control.                                                                HOPE 20 Orientation to Hotel
                                           Class Code: 49560 • TWTH
Session C: June 6 – August 12                                                         Examines employment opportunities
                                           5:00 – 8:10 pm Hale 218
Class Code: 49613 • MTWTHF                                                            and general requirements of employees
                                           S. Kaeo • 3 credits
8:00 – 10:00 am, plus 12 hours lab                                                    in the hotel industry. Studies safety
arranged Paina                                                                        and sanitation pertaining to hotel
                                           HWST 290V Ethnobotanical
Robert Santos • 4 credits                                                             operations. Explores organization of
                                           Resources Conservation
                                           Prerequisite: BOT 105 with at least a      hotel operations.
FSER 62 Fundamentals of Baking                                                        Session A: June 6 – July 8
                                           B. Identifies the ethnobotanical
Prereq: CA in FSER or consent.                                                        Class Code: 49623 • MTWTH
                                           resources of specific study sites, then
Studies and uses bakery tools, equip-                                                 11:00 am – 1:20 pm Ka Lama 108
                                           examines the cultural use and manage-
ment, materials, and recipes. Provides                                                Debra Nakama • 3 credits
                                           ment of those resources. Students will
practical experience in working basic
                                           be expected to refine their ability in a
hotel and restaurant bakery stations.                                                 HUMANITIES
                                           traditional skill.
                                           Session A: June 6 – July 8                 HUM 100 Themes in Humanities
                                           Class Code: 49562 • MTW                    Gives the student a start toward view-
                                           4:30 – 7:10 pm Ka Lama 108                 ing the arts as an expression of the
                                           Catherine Davenport • 3 credits            meaning of life. Interweaves interpre-
                                                                                      tations of history and a variety of
                                           HAW 101 Elementary Hawaiian                works of poetry, drama, novel, paint-
                                           Introduces speaking, reading, and writ-    ing, sculpture, music, and philosophy
                                           ing elementary Hawaiian. Treats struc-     to illustrate mankind’s changing aware-
                                           tural points inductively. Devotes four     ness.
                                           out of five hours to drill and practice.   Session A: June 6 – July 8
                                           Daily lab work determined by individ-      Class Code: 49566 • MW
                                           ual need.                                  5:00 – 9:45 pm SCI 11A
                                           Session A: June 6 – July 8                 Craig Gardner • 3 credits

6                     InternAtionAl: 1-808-984-3517 • E-mAil: •
                                        UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI‘I SYSTEM | MAUI COMMUNITY COLLEGE

     INFORMATION &                              using signed numbers, simplifying
     COMPUTER SCIENCE                           algebraic expressions, solving equa-
     ICS 100 Computing Literacy and             tions and inequalities in one variable,
     Applications                               solving simple formulas and word prob-
     Studies in non-technical terms the         lems, ratio and proportion.
     uses of computers in today’s society.      Session A: June 6 – July 9
     Introduces basic computer concepts,        Class Code: 49575 • TWTH
     terminology, current events, and the       8:30am – 11:40 am Kupa‘a 102
     programming process. Includes hands-       Donna Harbin • 3 credits
     on experience in word processing,          (lecture class)
     spreadsheet and database software.         Session D: June 6 – July 19
     Session B: July 11 – August 12             Class Code: 49576 • TWTH
                                                12:00 – 2:30 pm Kupa’a 101
     Class Code: 49567 • TWTH
                                                Teri Evangelista • 3 credits
     3:00 – 6:10 pm      Ka‘a‘ike 219
                                                (individualized study class)
     Margaret Christensen • 3 credits
                                                Session E: June 28 - August 9
                                                Class Code: 49577 • TTH
     ICS 293V Computer Science                  5:00pm - 8:45pm Kupa‘a 101
     Internship II                              Penny Lutz • 3 credits
     Prerequisite: ICS 193v or consent.         (individualized study class)              MATH 25 Elem Algebra II
     Enrollment in ECET program.                Session D: June 6 – July 19               Prerequisites: MATH 24 with at least a
     Session C: June 6 – August 12 Class        Class Code: 49578 • TWTH                  C or placement at MATH 25, and ENG
     Code: 49570 • 3 credits, 49569 • 2         3:00 – 6:10 pm Lahaina Education          19 with at least a C or concurrent
     credits, 49568 • 1 credit Times & days     Center Dianne Lagbas • 3 credits          enrollment in ENG 22 or 55, or con-
     arranged. Call Wallette Pellegrino at      (individualized study class)              sent. Studies exponents, polynomials,
     984-3239 • 1-3 credits                                                               factoring, rational expressions and
                                                MATH 23 Practical Algebra                 equations, radical expressions and
     MATHEMATICS                                Prerequisites: MATH 22 with at least a    equations, and quadratic equations.
                                                C or placement at MATH 23 or 24, and      Session D: June 6 – July 19
     Basic Math
                                                ENG 19 with at least a C or concurrent    Class Code: 49583 • TWTH
     This is a basic non-credit math course.
                                                enrollment in ENG 22 or 55, or consent.   12:00 – 2:30 pm Kupa’a 101
     Session A: June 6 - July 8
                                                Provides a review of basic computation-   Teri Evangelista • 3 credits
     Class Code: 49571 • MTW
                                                al skills, expanding into a comprehen-    (individualized study class)
     8:45 – 11:55 am Kupa‘a 101
                                                sive coverage of their application to     Session E: June 28 - August 9
     Nagamatsu/Tamashiro • 0 credits
                                                real life situations, and problem solv-   Class Code: 49584 • TTH
     Session A: June 6 - July 8
                                                ing. Topics include geometry and ele-     5:00pm - 8:45pm Kupa‘a 101
     Class Code: 49572 • MTW
                                                mentary algebra as well as estimation,    Penny Lutz • 3 credits
     4:00 pm – 7:10 pm Kupa‘a 101
                                                use of a calculator, graphing tech-       (individualized study class)
     Suzuki/Sato • 0 credits
                                                niques.                                   Session D: June 6 – July 19
     Session B: July 11 - August 12             Session B: July 11 – August 12            Class Code: 49585 • TWTH
     Class Code: 49573 • MTW                    Class Code: 49579 • TWTH                  3:00 – 6:10 pm Lahaina Education
     8:45 am – 11:55 am Kupa‘a 101              8:30 am – 11:40 am Kupa‘a 102             Center Dianne Lagbas • 3 credits
     Nagamatsu/Tamashiro • 0 credits            Donna Harbin • 3 credits                  (individualized study class)
     Session B: July 11 - August 12             (lecture class)
     Class Code: 49574 • MWF                                                              MATH 27 Intermediate Algebra
                                                Session D: June 6 – July 19
     4:30 pm – 7:40 pm Kupa‘a 101                                                         Prerequisites: MATH 25 with at least a
                                                Class Code: 49580 • TWTH
     Suzuki/Sato • 0 credits                    12:00 – 2:30 pm Kupa’a 101                C or placement at MATH 27, and ENG
                                                Teri Evangelista • 3 credits              22 with at least a C or placement at
     Math classes may be offered in two                                                   ENG 100, or consent. Reviews real
                                                (individualized study class)
     modes: (1) lecture, or (2) individual-                                               numbers, polynomials, algebraic frac-
                                                Session E: June 28 - August 9
     ized study where students progress at                                                tions, first degree equations, and
                                                Class Code: 49581 • TTH
     their own rate with assistance from                                                  inequalities. Studies quadratic equa-
                                                5:00pm – 8:45pm Kupa‘a 101
     instructor.                                                                          tions, exponents, radicals, complex
                                                Penny Lutz • 3 credits
                                                (individualized study class)              numbers, graphic equations, inequali-
     MATH 22 Pre-Algebra                        Session D: June 6 – July 19               ties in one and two variables, systems
     Prerequisites: placement at MATH 20,       Class Code: 49582 • TWTH                  of equation in two and three variables,
     22, or 50, and ENG 19 with at least a C    3:00 – 6:10 pm Lahaina Education          applications of first and second degree
     or placement at ENG 22 or 55, or con-      Center Dianne Lagbas • 3 credits          equations, and a brief introduction to
     sent. Prepares students who want to        (individualized study class)              function.
     strengthen computational and problem                                                 Session A: June 6 – July 8
     solving skills before proceeding to an                                               Class Code: 49586 • MTTH
     algebra course. Includes a brief review                                              4:30 – 7:40 pm Hale 217 Gayle
     of arithmetic, the concept of variables,                                             Topolinski • 3 credits (lecture class)

LocAl: 984-3530 • Off-mAui, U.S, mAinlAnd: 1-800-479-6692 •                                                  7
Summer 2005

MATH 35 Geometry                           Recommended: At least 11th grade           PHILOSOPHY
Prerequisites: MATH 25 with at least a     reading skills. Investigates the nature    PHIL 100 Introduction to
C or placement at MATH 27 and ENG 22       of functions and examines polynomial,      Philosophy: Survey of Problems
with at least a C or placement at ENG      rational, exponential, and logarithmic     Introduces the great philosophical
100, or consent. Studies Euclidean         functions. Studies the solution to         issues, theories, and controversies.
space including the topics of paral-       equations and inequalities in one and      Session A: June 6 – July 8
lelism, congruence, deductive reason-      several variables.                         Class Code: 49601 • TWTH
ing, similarity, circles and measure-      SessionC: June 6 – August 12               12:30 – 3:40 pm Ka Lama 109
ment.                                      Class Code: 49591                          Bud Clark • 3 credits
Session D: June 6 – July 19                Tom Beran • 3 credits
Class Code: 49587 • TWTH                   After registering, email instructor at
12:00 – 2:30 pm Kupa’a 101        for course informa-
Teri Evangelista • 3 credits               tion. Also, see p 9 for information.       PSY 100 Survey of Psychology
(individualized study class)                                                          Prerequisite: placement at ENG 100, or
Session E: June 28 – August 9              MATH 140 Trig/Analytical Geometry          consent. Surveys the major areas in
                                           (Internet Class)                           the field of psychology. Analyzes the
Class Code: 49588 • TTH
                                           Prerequisite: MATH 135 with at least       five major perspectives in the field and
5:00pm - 8:45pm Kupa‘a 101
                                           a C or placement at MATH 140, and          how they apply to human behavior.
Penny Lutz • 3 credits
                                           ENG 100 with at least a C or concur-       Studies memory, learning, personality,
(individualized study class)
                                           rent enrollment in ENG 100, or con-        therapy, and abnormal behavior.
Session D: June 6 – July 19
                                           sent. Recommended: At least 12th           Session A: June 6 – July 8
Class Code: 49589 • TWTH
                                           grade reading skills. Studies the          Class Code: 49602 • MTTH
3:00 – 6:10 pm Lahaina Education
                                           trigonometric functions, their applica-    4:30 – 7:40 pm Kupa‘a 102
Center Dianne Lagbas • 3 credits
                                           tions, identities and equations, the       Lynn Yankowski • 3 credits
(individualized study class)
                                           conic sections, and some topics of         Session B: July 11 – August 12
                                           discrete algebra.                          Class Code: 49603 • MTWTH
MATH 115 Statistics
Prerequisite: MATH 23/25 with at least     Session C: June 6 – August 12              5:00 – 8:15 pm Ka Lama 103
a C or placement at MATH 27 or MATH        Class Code: 49596                          Tom Beran • 3 credits
100 and ENG 100 with at least a C or       Tom Beran • 3 credits
concurrent enrollment in ENG 100, or       After registering, email instructor at     PSY 240 Developmental
consent. Presents basic statistical top- for course informa-       Psychology
ics including measures of central ten-     tion. Also, see p 9 for information.       Prerequisite: PSY 100 or consent.
dency and dispersion, classification of                                               Examines the principle features of each
                                                                                      life stage from prenatal through aging
variables, sampling techniques & other     NURSING                                    and death. Considers emotional, cogni-
topics.                                    NURS 16 Nurse Aide Training
Session C: June 6 – August 12                                                         tive, physical, social development at
                                           (Cable TV Class)                           each stage.
Class Code: 49590 • TTH                    Prerequisite: placement at ENG 22 or       Session A: June 6 – July 8
8:30 – 10:51 am Ka‘a‘ike 108               higher. Introduces nursing care for        Class Code: 49604 • TWTH
Tom Beran • 3 credits                      semi-acute or convalescent clients in      3:00 – 6:10 pm Ka Lama 104A
                                           the hospital and/or long term care set-    BK Griesemer • 3 credits
MATH 135 Pre-Calculus: Elementary          ting. Upon completion of the course,
Function (Internet Class)                  nurse aides work under supervision of a
Prerequisite: MATH 27 with at least a C    registered or practical nurse. Includes    RELIGION
or placement at MATH 135, and ENG          beginning level nursing for those inter-   REL 150 Introduction to World
100 with at least a C or concurrent        ested in this health field. An addi-       Major Religions
enrollment in ENG 100, or consent.         tional 45 hours of clinical lab experi-    Prerequisite: ENG 19 with at least a C
                                           ence at Hale Makua is required.            or placement at ENG 22 or 55, or con-
                                           Enrollment in NURS 90v, 1 credit,          sent. Introduces basic elements of the
                                           (Class Code: 49624) is required for        world’s major religions: Hinduism,
                                           NURS 16.                                   Islam, Taoism, Buddhism, Judaism,
                                           Session A: June 6 – July 8                 Confucianism, and Christianity.
                                           Class Code: 49609        MTWTHF            Emphasizes themes in the great Asian
                                           Ka‘a‘ike 109 9:00 am – 12:00 pm on         traditions.
                                           6/6 – 6/10; and 6/13 – 6/15; and           Session B: July 11 – August 12
                                           6/20 – 6/22; and 6/27 – 6/29; and          Class Code: 49605 • TWTH
                                           7/05 – 7/08                                5:00 – 8:15 pm Ka Lama 108
                                           Required lab experience at Hale Makua.     Bud Clark • 3 credits
                                           See page 9 for dates, times and more
                                           information. Fees: Malpractice $15;
                                           CPR and First Aid Certification $60
                                           Patricia Duckworth • 5 credits

8                    InternAtionAl: 1-808-984-3517 • E-mAil: •
                                        UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI‘I SYSTEM | MAUI COMMUNITY COLLEGE

     SOCIOLOGY                                  SPANISH                                     SPEECH
     SOC 100 Survey Sociology                   SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish               SP 151 Personal & Public Speech
     Introduces study of basic social rela-     Prerequisite: SPAN 201, or consent.         Develops competence in two-person,
     tionships. Treats socialization, con-      Comtinues SPAN 201. Completes intro-        small group, and public speaking sit-
     cepts of culture, social stratification,   duction of major grammatical patterns       uations.
     prejudice, cultural change, and trends     of standard Spanish in reading, listen-     Session A: June 6 – July 8
     in modern society.                         ing, writing, and speaking. Continues       Class Code: 49608 • TWTH
     Session A: June 6 – July 8                 to explore different literary forms.        12:00 – 3:10 pm Ka Lama 104B
     Class Code: 49606 • MWF                    Session B: July 11 – August 12              Ron St. John • 3 credits
     8:30 – 11:40 am Ka Lama 104A               Class Code: 49607 • TWTH
     Rafael Boritzer • 3 credits                3:00 – 6:10 pm FLANG 101
                                                Molli Fleming • 3 credits

     DistAnce Delivery of ClAsses

     INTERNET CLASSES                           FSHN 185 • Class Code: 49550               NURS 16 • Class Code: 49609
     Internet courses are accessible on-line    Karen Robbins                              Patricia Duckworth
     enabling students to complete assign-      After registering, email instructor at     9:00 am – 12:00 pm • MTWTHF
     ments without attending regular class-                        Ka‘a‘ike 109 Plus required lab
     es. Soon after registering, the student    • 808 984-3326                             experience at Hale Makua:
     should contact the instructor at the                                                  Group I: T 6/14, 21, 28 & 7/5 •
                                                FSHN 285 • Class Code: 49555
     email address or website listed below,                                                4:00–10:00 pm; TH 6/16, 23, 30 •
                                                Karen Robbins
     or by campus phone. Students who                                                      4:00–10:00 pm; TH 7/7 • 4:00–8:00 pm;
                                                After registering, email instructor at     SAT 6/18, 25 & 7/2 • 7:00am–3:00 pm
     need an email account should sign up
                                                              Group II
     for an account at The Learning Center
                                                • 808 984-3326                             W 6/15, 22, 29 & 7/6 • Noon–6:00 pm
     (TLC) on campus. It’s free to any reg-
     istered MCC student. Interested stu-                                                  F 6/17, 6/24 • Noon–6:00 pm; F 7/1,
                                                MATH 135 • Class Code: 49591
     dents should refer to the UH Distance                                                 7/8 Noon–5:00 pm; SUN 6/19, 26 &
                                                Tom Beran
     Learning WebPage:                                                                     7/3 7:00 am–3:00 pm
                                                After registering, email instructor at                                                                 Enrollment in NURS 90v, 1 credit
                                                                                           (Class Code: 49624), is required for
                                                • 808 984-3647
     BCIS 20 • Class Code: 49527                                                           NURS 16. Fees: Malpractice $15;
     Barbara Helm                               MATH 140 • Class Code: 49596               CPR and First Aid Certification $60
     After registering, email instructor at     Tom Beran                                  Also, p 8 for information.                           After registering, email instructor at
     • Molokai 808 553-4490           
                                                • 808 984-3647
     ECON 131 • Class Code: 49532
     Cynthia Foreman                            These courses are on-line; students
     After registering, email instructor at     need computer access to the Internet,                        available at campus computer labs.
     • 808 984-3235

     ECON 130 • Class Code: 49521               CABLE TV CLASSES
     Cynthia Foreman                            Students view classes at home via
     After registering, email instructor at     cable television on Maui, or “live” on                        campus in a TV studio. These sections
     • 808 984-3235                             are regular MCC classes broadcast over
                                                cable TV. Tapes are viewable at the
     ENG 257E WI • Class Code: 49545            MCC library. Students may be required
     Vinnie Linares                             to come to campus for exams, labs,
     Students must have internet. After         and class meetings as requested by the
     registering, please review the course      instructor. The cable TV studio is
     webpage:                                   located in Ka‘a‘ike 109. Interested stu-           dents should refer to the UH Distance
     default.htm PRIOR to class beginning.      Learning WebPage:
     • 808 984-3316                   

LocAl: 984-3530 • Off-mAui, U.S, mAinlAnd: 1-800-479-6692 •                                                  9

STEP 1:                                     STEP 2:                                    STEP 3:
APPLICATION                                 PLACEMENT TESTING                          ADVISING
Students who have not attended MCC          English and math placement tests           Academic advising is available to
the prior semester must complete an         ensure that students‘ course selections    assist students in developing their
application to take summer classes.         match their skill levels. Students         educational program. Advising is con-
Applications are accepted continuously,     enrolling in courses with English/math     ducted in groups or individually.
but students are encouraged to apply
                                            prerequisites can take the Compass         Students must call 984-3306 for coun-
as soon as possible. Assistance is avail-
                                            computerized placement test at The         seling or academic advising appoint-
able at the Educational Opportunity
Center Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to          Learning Center by bringing in a photo     ment. (Enrollment information contin-
4:30 p.m. at 808-984-3286.                  ID and social security number.             ues on pages 11 & 13).
Local, off-Maui, and U.S. Mainland          Transfer students with previous course-
students may:                               work should provide Admissions with
• download the application at the           transcripts for placement into courses     STEP 4:
  following website:                        with English/math prerequisites.           REGISTRATION                    Students may not enroll in classes for     • Students may register in person
  admissions/forms/sysapp03.pdf             which prerequisites have not been met        from April 11 to the first day of
                                            (see course listings for prerequisites).     class, 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. at
• apply by mail:
  Request an application from               • Local students — Call The Learning         Admission & Records in the Ho’okipa
  Admissions, 310 W. Ka‘ahumanu Ave.,          Center at 984-3240 for walk-in test-      building.
  Kahului, HI 96732-1617.                      ing hours.
                                                                                       • Students may also register on the
• apply in person: Applications are         • Off-Maui or U.S. Mainland                  web from April 11 by accessing
  available at Admissions and the             students — Call 1-808-984-3240 for         MyUH portal online at: http://myuh-
  Educational Opportunity Center.             testing information.             

International students must contact         • International students — Make            MyUH: Students’ personal, registration,
Registrar Stephen Kameda for assis-           arrangements for placement testing       financial aid and student records infor-
tance:                                        with Registrar, Steve Kameda by e-       mation is online at:
                                              mail: or by 
• by e-mail:               phone at 1-808-984-3517.                 Contact Admission & Records at
• by phone: 1-808-984-3517.                   Note: Students who speak English         808-984-3267 for assistance.
  The international student admission         as a second language (students who
  deadline is: May 1, 2005.                   grew up in a home where a lan-
Early Admit High School students              guage other than English is routine-
should call Admissions at 984-3267 for        ly spoken) may request alternative
additional requirements.                      placement testing by calling The
The State of Hawai‘i requires that you        Learning Center at 1-808-984-3240.
must present a negative TB clearance
taken within the last 12 months as
well as proof of measles, mumps, and
rubella immunization (waived for
Hawai‘i high school graduates and stu-
dents born before 1958).

10                    InternAtionAl: 1-808-984-3517 • E-mAil: •
                                      UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI‘I SYSTEM | MAUI COMMUNITY COLLEGE

     STEP 5:
     Students may pay by cash, check, or charge card from April 11, using one of the fol-
     lowing methods:
     • On-line credit card payment is available through MyUH.
     • Pay in person at the nearest University of Hawai‘i System Cashiers Office, or
     • Phone-in your payment by credit card to 808-984-3257

     Tuition and Fee Schedule: Tuition is charged for each academic credit.
     • Resident tuition: $109.00 per credit
     • Non-resident tuition: $142.00 per credit
     • Change of registration fee: $5.00 beginning 1st day of class
     • Late registration fee for all summer terms: $10.00 beginning June 6, 2005 (1st
       day of first term)

     Refund Policy – The amount of refund for a class depends on the date of the
     beginning of the session and the date on which the student withdraws from
     the class. 100% tuition refund is available if withdrawal is made by the end of
     the last working day before the first day of instruction.

     Tuition Refund Schedule –
     General Session:    Session A                Session B              Session C
                        June 6-July 8           July 11-August 12      June 6-August 12
     100% refund        by June 6, 2005*        by July 8, 2005*       by June 3, 2004*
     50% refund         by June 11, 2005*       by July 16, 2005*      by June 18, 2005*
     no refund          After June 11, 2005*    after July 16, 2005*   after June 18,2005*
     Erase Period:      June 11, 2005**         July 16, 2005**        June 18, 2005**
     Withdrawal date:   June 24, 2005***        July 29, 2005***       July 15, 2005***

                         Session D                Session E              Session F
                        June 7-July 19          June 28-August 9       June 6-July 15
     100% refund        by June 6, 2005*        by June 27, 2005*      by June 3, 2005*
     50% refund         by June 14, 2005*       by July 5, 2005*       by June 13, 2005*
     no refund          After June 14, 2005*    after July 5, 2005*    by June 13, 2005*
     Erase Period:      June 14, 2005**         July 5, 2005**         by June 13, 2005*
     Withdrawal date:   July 1, 2005***         July 22, 2005***       by June 29, 2005*

       * Refunds at the stated percent are available until the end of the work day listed.
      ** Erase Period: Courses dropped by this date do not appear on transcript.
     *** Withdrawal Date: Last day to withdraw from classes with a W grade.

     STEP 6:
     Students will be invited to attend an Orientation session upon acceptance to MCC.
     These sessions will include a tour of campus facilities as well as an overview of vari-
     ous campus student support services. Contact 808 984-3260 for information.

LocAl: 984-3530 • Off-mAui, U.S, mAinlAnd: 1-800-479-6692 •             11

EDUCATIONAL                                ON-LINE GRADES                             THE LEARNING CENTER
OPPORTUNITY CENTER                         Students may access their summer           (TLC)
(EOC)                                      grades on-line by following these          TLC provides study skills information,
The EOC provides assistance with appli-    directions:                                tutoring services, proofreading assis-
cations for college and financial aid.     • Log on to MyUH at                        tance, placement testing, and distance
Hours: Monday - Friday                          education testing. An open computer
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.                     • Click on View Grades (under Student      lab provides software used on campus
Phone on Maui: 984-3286                      Records)                                 for homework assignments as well as
Phone on Molokai: 553-4490 ext 23          • You will be prompted to select the       e-mail and WebCT accounts for class
                                             term (i.e. Summer 05)                    use during the summer.
WAIT-LISTS                                 • Click on Display Grades                  Call TLC for current hours.
If a class is closed, ask at Admissions                                               Phone: 808-984-3240
                                           Grades will be available as early as one
in the Ho’okipa building to be placed
                                           week after the end of each session.
on a wait-list. Go to the first class
                                           If you are having problems accessing
                                                                                      THE BOOKSTORE
session and obtain approval from the                                                  The Bookstore posts the book list on
                                           the website, call the ITS help desk at
instructor (signature on yellow regis-                                                the Web two weeks before classes start.
tration card). Return the card to                                                     • Check policy: ID required. Third
Admissions.                                THE MCC LIBRARY                              party checks, unprinted checks and
                                           The MCC Library contains over 49,000         credit card courtesy checks are not
ATTENDANCE POLICIES                        books, in addition to periodicals,           accepted. All checks are deposited
• Students must attend the first class     microfilms, music CDs, videos and            electronically.
   session or they may be dropped from     DVDs. The library’s Hawai‘i Voyager        • Charge Cards: MasterCard, VISA, and
   the class. If you must miss the first   system provides access to the UH             JCB.
   (or subsequent) class(es), contact      libraries. Internet stations in the        • Refund Policy: Cash register receipt
   the instructor.                         library access various databases and         is required for refund or exchange
• If you choose to drop a class, com-      indexes. MCC/UH library cards are            within return deadlines. Do not
                                           required to borrow books, materials,         open plastic wrapped books or mark
   plete the Change in Registration
                                           Intra-System Loans and to access some        books until you are sure you will
   process within the first 20% of the     data-bases.
   session to avoid having the course                                                   keep them.
                                           Hours: Monday - Thursday                   • Buy back of used books: You can
   recorded on your transcript.            11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.                       sell used books to the Bookstore for
                                           Friday 11:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
COURSE LOAD                                Closed Saturday & Sunday and
                                                                                        periods specified at the end of the
LIMITATIONS                                                                             session.
                                           all holidays.                              Hours: Monday - Friday
To register for more than seven credits,   Phone: 808-984-3233                        8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Closed Saturday
obtain the approval of an academic                                                    & Sunday and all holidays.
counselor.                                                                            Phone: 808-984-3248

                                           FINDING YOUR WAY TO THE LAHAINA ED CENTER

12                    InternAtionAl: 1-808-984-3517 • E-mAil: •
                                                      UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI‘I SYSTEM | MAUI COMMUNITY COLLEGE

                                                                                                                                                                                         lui B

                                      County                                                       Maui Arts & Cultural Center


                                                                                                                      Entrance                        Wahine Pi‘o Avenue

                                                                     Ag                Kupa‘a
                                                        Art                               Offices of the Chancellor                        PAR                             Handicap Restroom
                                                      Ceramics                            & Dean of Instruction                                KI      NG                  Telephone
                                                                                          UH Foundation Maui
                                      Co-op Ed                                                                                                                             Handicap Ramp
                                      Job Placement
                                      Po‘okela                Ka Lama                   O&M
                                                                                                             ***   Ka‘a‘ike Pa‘ina                                       * Handicap Parking (Permit required)
                    Head Start                                                    Library                          Media              Food Court
                                                                                                                                      The Class Act
                                                                                                                                                                           Designated Smoking Area
                                 Science                                                                           TV classrooms
          To Student Maui                                        FLNG                                                                        **           Laulima
                                             217 Hale 219
          Housing    Police                                                                                                                                    UH Center
              PA **                             216 218                                                                                                 Security
                 RK                                                                                                                                                    **
                    IN                                                                  Student Activities
                      G                                                                                                                                                  Continuing Ed-
                                                                                                                                                      Ho‘oulu            VITEC
                                                      Faculty Hale                     Student Center & Lounge             Student Govt.              BOSP N
                                                                                                                   Health *                                    urs               PAR
                                                                                                                   Center *                                        ing               KI
                                                                                            Book Store                              **                                                    NG
                                                  En                                                                    We                              Ku‘ina
                                                    tr                                                                        ldi
                                                      an                                                                         ng
                                                        ce                                                  Bld
                                                                                                                  ain                                                  to                           Harbor
                                                                                     Admission                       t                                                    Bo
                                                                                                    Business Ofc.                                     Su                     dy                     Lights
                                                                                     & Records                                                           sta
                                                                                                                                                     Car ina
                                           To                                         Student *              Ho‘                          Au
                                                                                                                                                            ntr ble T
                                 To             W                                     Services                   oki              *                oti          y     ech
                                                     ku                                     Counseling                   pa     Admin. Services        ve
                                                                                                                                                           Tec                Student Support Srvs.
                                           lu                                                                                       Personnel                  h
                                              i                                                   Upward Bound                          Financial Aid
                                                                                                                     *                                                    MOP              Nurse Lab
                                                                          Ka                                                                               Na Pua No‘eau
                                                                             ‘ahu                                        EOC                              Mohala Ka ‘ike
                                                                                  m                                        Liko A‘e                                                              PAR
                                                                                   an                                                                                                                     G
                                                                                     u                                                                                       EMT Training
                                                                                          Av                                        Fashion Tech
                                                                                             en                                                                                      pos
                                                                                                                                                                                         e                **
              Legend for Buildings                                                             ue                                                                                 ur
              TLC     The Learning Center                                                                                                                                 Mul
              EOC     Educational Opportunity Center                                                                                                           Rural Development Project
                                                                                  Sh Ka
              FLNG    Foreign Language Classrooms                                   op ‘ah                                                                                                      CTAHR
                                                                                      pi um
              MOP     Marine Option Program                                             ng   a                                                                                                  Co-op Ext.
              O&M     Operation & Maintenance                                              Ce nu


     Junior and senior high school students may take courses at MCC as a way to get
     a head start on college careers. To get started, pick up a University of Hawai’i
     application from Admission and Records or at the Educational Opportunity Center
     (EOC) in the Ho’okipa building at Maui Community College. Refer to the
     Application section (Step 1) on page 10.

     • If you are an incoming high school junior or senior, you also need to submit
       a letter of recommendation from your high school counselor or principal, and
       a letter of approval to enroll from your parent. Placement testing is required
       and is administered in The Learning Center on a walk-in basis. Refer to the
       Placement Testing section (Step 2) on page 10.

     • As a JumpStart student, you may take any course for which you have met the
       prerequisites (requirements). You should meet with an academic counselor to
       make sure the course is applicable to your educational goals. Refer to the
       Advising section (Step 3) on page 10.

LocAl: 984-3530 • Off-mAui, U.S. mAinlAnd: 1-800-479-6692 •                                                                                                                              13

Continuing education and training classes are offered through the VITEC program of non-credit classes and customized train-
ing. These courses are designed to enhance your business and computer skills and provide personal enrichment. Classes may
be short term or more in-depth with Certificate Programs. Sample classes are listed below.

 BUSINESS                                   COMPUTER & TECHNOLOGY                      ARTS & CULTURE
 Sample offerings:                          Sample offerings:                          Sample offerings:
 • Management & Supervision                 • MS Word                                  • Dance
 • Customer Service                         • Excel                                    • Music
 • Marketing                                • Access                                   • Visual Arts
 • Stress Management                        • FileMaker Pro                            • Health & Healing
 • Professional Development                 • Dreamweaver                              • Languages
 • Business Writing                         • Web Design Certificate                   • Hawaiian Culture
 • Finance & Accounting                     • HTML                                     • Exercise and Sports
 • Health & Medical Careers                 • On-Line Marketing                        • Personal Development
 • Tour Driver/Guide Certificate            • Adobe Photoshop
                                            • MS Office Suite

                     OFFICE OF CONTINUING EDUCATION & TRAINING • http://WWW.OCET.ORG • 808-984-3231


 BACHELOR’S DEGREES                        MASTER’S DEGREES                           CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS
 • Social Sciences, Applied Track          • Accounting, Internet-Based               • Substance Abuse & Addiction Studies
 • Business Administration,                     (Closed cohort)
    General Business                       • Business Administration                  UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI‘I AT MANOA:
    Accounting                                  (Next cohort Fall 2006)               • Travel Industry Management
                                           •   Educational Administration, K-12       • Telecomunication & Information
 UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI‘I AT HILO:            •   Library & Information Science             Resource Management
 • Hawaiian Studies (Closed cohort)        •   Information and Computer Sciences      • Education, Secondary–PBCSE
 • Psychology                              •   Nursing                                   (Next cohort begins Summer 2005)
 • Nursing – RN to BSN                     •   Special Education (Closed cohort)
                                           •   Education, Counseling, & Guidance           Please visit our web site at
 UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI‘I AT MANOA:                Rehabilitation Counseling              
 • Interdisciplinary Studies,                   (Next cohort Spring 2006)
    Human Relations in Organizations
    Information Resource Management
 • Education, Elementary
     (Next cohort begins Summer 2006)
 • Natural Resources & Environmental
    Management (Cohort begins Fall 2006)

14                      UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI‘I CENTER, MAUI • 808-984-3525 • http://WWW.UmAuI.NET

    FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF                       REL 394 ON DEATH & DYING (3 cr)             PSY 320 DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY
       HAWAI‘I AT MANOA                          Pre: 151                                    (3 cr)
                                                 May 23–June 30                 Clark        Pre: 100
    EDCG 620 CROSS-CULTURAL                      T,Th 4:00-7:15 pm       Laulima 102         June 13 – July 22               Thurston
    COUNSELING (3 cr)                            CRN: 4415                                   Arranged                        ON-LINE
    Pre: Consent
    July 5–Aug 12              D’andrea          SOC 341 SURVEY OF SOCIAL                    PSY 323 COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY
    M,W,F 2:00-4:15 pm      ITV/Ka‘a‘ike         PSYCHOLOGY (3 cr)                           (3 cr)
                                                 Pre: 100 or any 200-level SOC course or     Pre: 100
    EDEP 631 ADOLESCENCE & EDUCATION             junior standing; or consent                 May 16 – June 9                  Ramos
    (3 cr)                                       July 6-Aug 10                Patty Adler    Arranged                        ON-LINE
    Pre: Cohort only                             M,W,F 4:00-6:30 pm          Laulima 108
    May 23–Aug 10                  Tolorovich    CRN: 4418
    W 7:30–9:30 pm               ITV/ON-LINE                                                 FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF
                                                 SOC 431 CRIMINOLOGY/JUVENILE
    ES 301 ETHNIC IDENTITY (3 cr)                DELINQUENCY (3 cr)
                                                                                               HAWAI‘I–WEST O‘AHU
    Pre: One social sciences core course         Pre: Junior standing and one of the fol-    ANTH/HPST 350 PACIFIC ISLANDS
    May 23–June 29                   Balinbin    lowing: 231, 300, 332, 333, 335, or         CULTURES (3 cr)
    M,W 4:00-7:35 pm             Laulima 102     336                                         June 6 – July 20               Falgout
    CRN: 4414                                    July 6-Aug 10                Peter Adler    Arranged                      ON-LINE
    JOUR 365 MEDIA & THE LAW (3 cr)              M,W,F 6:45-9:15 pm          Laulima 108     Mandatory chat times: Th 5:30-6:45pm
    Pre: Upper division standing or consent      CRN: 4419                                   or F 9:00-10:15 am
    July 5–Aug 11                       Scuro    SPED 625 TEACHING SKILLS FOR                BUSA 414 GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTING
    T,Th 5:00-8:15 pm            Laulima 102     SOCIAL COMPETENCE (3 cr)                    (3 cr)
    CRN: 4416                                    Pre: Cohort only                            Pre: 312
    LIS 670 INTRO TO INFORMATION                 May 23–Aug 10               Ornelles        June 6 – July 20                  Aono
    SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (3 cr)                  M 7:30–9:30 pm           ITV/Ka‘a‘ike       Arranged (no chats)             ON-LINE
    Pre: Department approval from Gail           THEA 470 CREATIVE DRAMA (3 cr)              BUSA 419 CORPORATE & PARTNERSHIP
    Morimoto, (808) 956-7321 or                  Pre: Junior standing or consent             TAX (3 cr)                          June 13-29 (Accelerated)          Luther    Pre: 319
    May 23–July 1                    Quiroga     M,T,W,Th,F 1:30-4:35 pm                     June 6 – July 20           Kamida
    M,W,F 5:00–7:15 pm           ITV/Ka‘a‘ike    Laulima 107 & 105             CRN: 4420     Arranged (no chats)       ON-LINE
    NURS 609 INTRO TO HEALTH POLICY                                                          BUSA 435 STRATEGIC PLANNING
    (3 cr)                                       WS 453 GENDER ISSUES IN EDUCATION
                                                 (3 cr)                                      (3 cr)
    Pre: 601                                                                                 Pre: BUSA 300, 321, & ECON 301
    May 23–Aug 12                        TBA     Pre: 151 or junior standing or consent
                                                 (cross-listed as EDCS 453 and EDEF 453)     June 6–July 18                  Stiller
    Arranged                         ON-LINE                                                 Arranged                      ON-LINE
                                                 July 5–Aug 11                    Balinbin
    NURS 629 PHARMACOLOGY FOR                    T,Th 4:00-7:15 pm            Laulima 108    PUBA/BUSA 351 HUMAN RESOURCES
    NURSES IN ADVANCED PRACTICE                  CRN: 4417
                                                                                             ADMINISTRATION (3 cr)
    (V cr)                                                                                   June 6 – July 20          Prizzia
    Pre: Consent                                 FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF                      Arranged (no chats)      ON-LINE
    May 23–Aug 12                      Leake
    Arranged                        ON-LINE
                                                     HAWAI‘I AT HILO                         PUBA/BUSA 355 WI LABOR-MANAGE-
    Plus ITV sessions 5/25 & 8/10, W 4:30-       CHEM 141 SURVEY OF ORGANIC                  MENT RELATIONS (3 cr)
    7:20 pm                                      CHEMISTRY & BIOCHEMISTRY (3 cr)             Pre: HUM 310 or equivalent, or score of
                                                 Pre: 114 (or high school chemistry)         2 or exemption on Writing Assessment
                                                 June 13–July 22                     Kho     Exam
    MENTAL HEALTH PRACTICUM (V cr)                                                           June 6 - July 20                  Prizzia
                                                 Arranged                        ON-LINE
    Coreq: 611 or 632                                                                        Arranged (no chats)             ON-LINE
    May 23–Aug 10                  TBA           HWST 497 HAWAIIAN STUDIES
    Arranged                  ON-LINE            SEMINAR (3 cr)                              PUBA 352 WI COMPARATIVE PUBLIC
                                                 Pre: 303 & senior standing, or consent      ADMINISTRATION (3 cr)
                                                 June 13 – July 22                    TBA    Pre: HUM 310 or equivalent, or score of
    FINANCE (3 cr)                                                                           2 or exemption on Writing Assessment
                                                 Arranged                             TBA
    May 23–Aug 12                 TBA                                                        Exam
    Arranged                  ON-LINE            NURS 375 APPLIED HUMAN NUTRITION            June 6 – July 20                  Prizzia
                                                 (3 cr)                                      Arranged (no chats)             ON-LINE
                                                 Pre: One chemistry & one anatomy/phys-
    (3 cr)
                                                 iology course, or consent.
    Pre: 664 & 774 (or concurrent), or consent
                                                 June 13–July 22                Haumea         This schedule is subject to change.
    May 23–Aug 12                         TBA
                                                 Arranged                      ON-LINE             Please visit our web site at
    Arranged                          ON-LINE
    Plus Polycom sessions 5/25, 6/22, 7/20 &                                             for updates,
    8/10, W 4:30–7:20 pm                                                                          a current degree listing, and
                                                                                                     program requirements.

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