Introductory Letter to County Internship by AJ Kikumoto


									                                                         University of Hawai`i System

                                                                       2007 - 2008

Dear County of Maui Cooperative Education Internship Supervisor:

Thank you very much for assisting the County of Maui - MCC Cooperative Education program. This
partnership is the result of a grant through the County Department of Housing and Human Concerns.
The actual fiscal and organizational administration of the grant is channeled through the University of
Hawaii-MCC. Thus, all procedures for the internships and instructional component are determined by
MCC. Knowing the operational system makes the deadlines and related procedures much easier to
understand. If you have questions regarding the specifics, please call me at 984-3239. You, the
internship supervisor, are essential to the success of the program because you are the internship site
“instructor” sharing a major role in this partnership between the College, the Student, and the County.

The student will provide materials and forms which present an overview of the program and which you
will use during the semester as you assist the MCC intern. Most materials are samples for your
reference only. When the intern must complete and submit a specific form to the Co-op office, s/he will
present the appropriate form from his/her packet to you for your assistance. There may be other forms
and class assignments that you may be asked for assistance with. We will provide an orientation for
new internship supervisors. Please review the enclosed material to ensure that the internship is
conducted professionally and that practices are in compliance with UH requirements.

1.   Program Information for Internship Supervisor (Document 1)
2.   SAMPLE Memorandum of Understanding (Form 1)
3.   SAMPLE InternshipDescription and Project-Based Objectives Form (Form 3)
4.   SAMPLE Internship Supervisor’s Evaluation of Co-op Intern – Mid Term and Final (Form 5)

I would like to call your attention to three important items which have specific implications for the
County Co-op intern and the program:

1.         Program Information for Internship Supervisor and Memorandum of Understanding (Doc.
           1 and Form 1): Please orient the intern to the County and your department because for many this
           internship experience will be their initial contact with County employees on a regular basis. The
           document provides information on what you should include in the orientation; you may also add

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 Maui Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, arrest and
                                          court records, sexual orientation, or status as a covered veteran.

                                                                                                                       (Letter to County Supervisor – 12/07)
other items specific to your department. We would also like you to provide information about the
County’s policies on sexual harassment and the drug-free workplace. It may also be important to inform
the intern about appropriate office attire, especially as it relates to safety. We encourage you to conduct
the orientation within the first week of the project period

2.      Intern’s Schedule: Interns are students first. It is advisable to design project activities that may
reasonably be done within a 20 hour week period during the instructional period. Depending on the
project, the intern may devote more time to it during non-instructional periods; this may be considered
in consultation with the Co-op program. A similar arrangement may be considered during the College’s
holiday periods. Because the program operates through a grant, expenditures will be monitored

3.      Intern’s Performance: The intern is guaranteed a project period for the credits s/he has
registered for unless s/he is terminated or chooses to terminate. In any case, this should be discussed
with the Co-op instructor prior to official termination. Interns are expected to complete their projects as
assigned and at the level determined by the internship supervisor who is responsible for setting the
requisite skills standards. Interns attend a regular instructional seminar with the Co-op instructor. They
will be evaluated and graded accordingly. The final grade is based on a combination of the project-
based and school-based learning course components. Reasonable project periods may be as follows:
approximately 75 hours for 1 project-based credit; 150 hours for 2 credits; 225 hours for 3 credits.

A Co-op program instructor will contact you soon after the intern has commenced and, ideally, will visit
the internship site at least twice in the semester. In between visits, however, you will be contacted by
phone and I hope that you will contact our office if there is a concern or question about the intern’s
performance, attitude or motivation. We will also enjoy hearing from you with positive things to report.
Again, mahalo for your cooperation in providing our students with internship experiences which will
complement their academic programs. We know, too, that Maui County will benefit as much from its
participation as the intern will from interacting with you.


Wallette G. Pellegrino
Associate Professor / Coordinator
MCC Cooperative Education and
Job Placement Office

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