8. Modern Interior Design Ideas by putradocstoc


									Modern Interior Design Ideas - Making Your
Home More Eco-Friendly
When you think about hiring an interior designer to re-do of your home, you can basically make
your home environmentally friendly without compromising your lifestyle preferences, and
quality furniture.

A selection of fabrics in your room

The fabric you choose for your rooms to play an important role in protecting the environment
and modern interior design ideas of the natural elements such as wool, cotton and silk are the
most likely option. In recent years, when designers did not try to save the environment, many
homeowners choose synthetic fabrics such as polyester or nylon, which in our overview of the
waste and a lot of damage to the environment.

The choice of flooring materials for your home

When you enter the room, the first things you notice are the floors, if they are deciduous trees or
covered with rugs or carpeting. While homeowners have a wide range of flooring to choose more
environmentally friendly floors are cork, stone and natural materials. When talking with your
interior designer, they can also recommend other materials or environmentally safe alternatives
to suit the size and position of the rooms.

Selection of new furniture

Although one might assume that wood furniture is environmentally desirable, it is better to know
that not all types of wood is suitable for a green home (green). Interior designers have always
said that accessories make the room and give the character that reflects their tastes, lifestyle and
design preferences. To personalize their rooms, find items that have been made from recycled
materials such as shells, broken glass, pieces of cloth, wood or other debris from the bark of
trees, or lamps that are carrying various objects on the subject of your room. Choosing from the
list of environmental elements for decorating your home, you use the modern interior design
ideas that not only looks great, but are safe for the environment.

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