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Life Insurance - A Beginner's Guide


									- A Beginner’s Guide
       What is Life Insurance?
 Life insurance is the best source of providing a strong
  financial backup & support for your family after your
  unfortunate demise.

 Life insurance is an important part of a sound and
  structured goal based financial planning.

 Different types of life insurance plans help you save in
  a well structured manner for important goals of life.
     How life insurance work?
 Life insurance companies or insurance agents charge
 you a regular premium for the life cover it provides for
 chosen time period by you as a policy holder.

 Everyone has to consider life coverage premiums,
 costs, the benefits that one will receive, and payouts in
 order to take care of the basic structure.

 However, for ULIP Plans part of the premium post
 deductions of charges is invested to earn returns.
    Do we need life insurance?
 Buying life insurance depends on whether or not you
  have dependent family members.
 However, practically all should buy one life insurance
  plan which will serve as best means of protection,
  investment and tax saving option.
 On the second note, if your income is very important
  to your family members and your salary is used for
  paying bills, loans and education fees, then you must
  definitely opt for a life insurance plan that you can
  easily afford.
     How to know how much life
         insurance I need?
 Evaluate the basic financial need of your family.

 Secondly, you must identify how much money you can
 prefer investing for life insurance premiums on regular

 Evaluate for how long you will need the life insurance
 money to work for you.
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