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Magento Development and Customization: What to Consider before You Make a Decision


Magento has been one of the leading e-commerce solutions for your web-based storefront.

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									    Magento Development and Customization: What to Consider
                  before You Make a Decision

Right from its first stable release, Magento has been one of the leading e-commerce
solutions for your web-based storefront. What make it one of the most popular and
preferred open source web applications are its constantly discovered new tricks and
amazing writing extensions. The more you indulge in Magento development and
customization, your online store becomes search friendlier.

Given its large size and a range of features, Magento is one of the top buzz-words in e-
commerce industry. However, if you are assessing whether to switch to it or not, this
write-up may provide you with some valuable insights and help you make the right

Magento is Resource Intense

Although this fabulous web-based application can be downloaded and installed for free
but Magento development is extremely challenging. It is resource intense and requires
professional assistance for customization, modification, upgrade, extension and
maintenance. In order to take complete advantage of this rock solid ranking machine,
                                                     you will need to hire Magento
                                                     developer      who    thoroughly
                                                     understands your requirements
                                                     and is capable of delivering a
                                                     highly interactive and functional

                                                          So, the success depends upon
                                                         human expertise and financial
                                                         means to run and maintain it.
                                                         You might be wondering why
                                                         there is a need         to hire
                                                         professionals to work on a free
                                                         software application. The reason
                                                         being, Magento is a complex
application with vast features and functionalities. If you are not a Magento expert, you
won’t be going very far even after spending hundreds of hours on its development and

Is Magento a Right Fit for Your Online Business?

Of course, there are many other factors that play a vital role in decision making process
besides human expertise. These may include your business plan, product line, budget,
functionality and size of your business.

Business Plan

One of the first things to consider is what exactly you are looking for? Are you aware of
how Magento development will be helpful for your online business? Whether you are just
entering into online business or looking to switch to Magento after a few years of
operations? Your business plan plays an important role. As it involves a huge
investment, planning should be done meticulously.

The second thing to consider is whether you are prepared to invest money in a software
application that comes for free but its development and customization comes at slightly
higher cost. No one has unlimited pool of money to spend on the development an online
store. Everyone has a budget regardless of the size of their company. Make sure to work
on this aspect carefully. You can also consider collaborating with technology companies
that are in offshore software development business. They can get the job done at a
lower price.

Size of Business

If you are a small business selling just one or a few products online, you certainly do not
require all the features and functionalities that Magento offers. Stick to simple and basic
features. However, if you are a large company selling dozens of products, it is ideal to go
as elaborate as possible.

However, if you are unsure about the benefits of Magento to your online business or
whether you should switch to Magento, you can opt for expert’s consultation. Reputed
Magento development companies offer complete assistance to clients and provide
them with genuine and unbiased consultation. Besides this, they also offer you staffing
facility allowing you to hire Magento developer for your specific projects.

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