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New NeoGraft™ Device Improves Hair Transplants In (Location)
City, State– Today’s Date – NeoGraft, a new European medical device now available in the U.S., can dramatically
improve hair transplant surgery for both male and female patients. The (name of practice) in (name of City) is one
of the first medical practice in (State) to offer NeoGraft to patients.

The FDA-approved NeoGraft automates the surgical removal, collection, and placement of individual hair follicles,
one at a time, eliminating the need for doctors to remove a large strip from the back of the scalp (a procedure known
as a linear-harvest Follicular Unit Transplant or STRIP FUT). The targeted removal of individual hair follicles is
known as "Follicular-Unit Extraction" or FUE, is a minimally-invasive microsurgical procedure that has been
available for several years, but until now has been too time-consuming and costly for many patients.

NeoGraft is an exciting new breakthrough for hair loss patients allowing more men and women to take advantage of
the benefits of no-scalpel/no-stitch FUE hair transplants," said (Name of Doctor), M.D., a board certified (specialty)
and one of the first doctors to perform hair transplantation with the NeoGraft device in the state of (State). "FUE has
been an extremely effective surgical procedure that allows for the precise, artistic placement of new hair follicles to
recreate a full and natural-looking hairline, while reducing recovery time and eliminating the unsightly linear scar
associated with traditional hair transplants."

Hair Loss in Men and Women
Over 40 million men suffer from hair loss, 40% of men have noticeable hair loss by age 35 and 65% by age 60.
For many men, hair loss is inevitable. It is a hereditary condition that increases with age. These genes may be
passed from either the maternal or paternal side.

Approximately 21 million women suffer from hair loss, 40% of women have noticeable hair loss by age 40.
The reasons for hair loss in women often have to do with heredity. Other reasons include hormonal changes, stress,
illness, and poor nutrition.

Benefits of NeoGraft
According to Dr. (name of doctor), the key benefits of FUE surgery performed with NeoGraft are:
• Least invasive procedure for hair transplantation, patients feel little to no discomfort
• No linear scar or numbness where the donor hair is harvested
• No stitches or staples
• Shorter, more comfortable recovery
• Less activity restrictions after surgery, patients can typically go back to work the next day
• Very short haircuts are possible after surgery
• Transplants roughly twice as many hair grafts as manually performed FUE surgery
• Cuts the cost of manual FUE treatment by as much as half and in some cases reduces the need for additional

"Until now, FUE-type hair transplants were labor-intensive and time consuming, which meant that patients had to
undergo long multiple surgeries to get the desired effect," (name of doctor) said. "Now that a more efficient
automated device is available, doctors can double the number of grafts transplanted per session or shorten procedure
times, saving patients both time and money."

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