Federal Tax Resources for Non-Residents by AJ Kikumoto


									 Federal (U.S) Tax Resources for International Students
                                 Revised March 2008

1. NAFSA Tax Guide (link)
This brochure provides much good information to help guide you in
understanding US taxation and in getting ready to complete your tax

NAFSA Tax Guide

2. Low-Cost On-line Tax Preparation Service for Non-Residents
The following commercial sites offer low-cost tax preparation of the 8843 and
1040 NR forms. Using one of these sites is likely to save you a great deal of
time, since they are specifically for non-residents and have many international
student clients.


3. Other Professional Tax Preparation Services
There are many commercial tax preparation services in Honolulu. Students may
wish to use one of these services. ISS recommends that students who hire a tax
preparer verify that the preparer is familiar and has experience with non-resident
tax forms.

Note that ISS advisers and staff are not tax experts and are not authorized to
assist students with completing individual tax forms. Note also that the University
of Texas, Austin, which for several years has offered a free tax internet site for all
international students, unfortunately, is now restricting the site to UT students.

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