Sample Resume for Computer Science Graduates by lsnamuco

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									                                   Lawrence Sta. Cruz Namuco
                                   48 Dollar Street, CGPV, Cainta, Rizal

        To be able to qualify for a position related to my field of specialization, which will serve not only
as a career growth but also as a challenge to my profession.
         Tertiary:            Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (2008 - )
                              University of the Philippines Los Baños
       Secondary:             Faith Christian Science High School (2005 - 2008)
         Primary:             Academy of Christian Excellence Montessori Inc. (1996 - 2004)
       Languages:             JAVA, C, C++, C#, COBOL, Assembly, VHDL, Scheme, Logo, HTML, PHP,
                              JavaScript, CSS
   Operating Systems:         Windows, Linux, UNIX
      Applications:           Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Photoscape, Sony Vegas, Adobe Dreamweaver,
                              CodeIgniter (PHP Framework), Joomla, Microsoft Visual Studio, Netbeans
   Database Systems:          Oracle DB, MySQL
           Object Oriented Programming                                     Data Structures
                 Web Programming                               Design and Implementation of Languages
               Computer Organization                                 Machine Level Programming
                Artificial Intelligence                                     Logic Circuits
               Database Programming                                  Relational Database Theory
             Operating Systems Design                             Design and Analysis of Algorithms
       Numerical and Symbolic Computation                       Data Communications and Networking
        Ayala Corporation thru the AGC Summer Internship Program (April 2011 – May 2011)
        Web Developer (Intern)
              Created two online systems for the Strategic Human Resources Department of the Ayala
                       SHR’s Online Training Portal (
                    SHR’s OTP is an online training portal system specifically built for the employees of Ayala
                    Corporation. Non-members can sign up for membership to be approved by the
                    administrator. Members can log-in and view available trainings and announcements. They
                    can also request trainings of their preference and sends messages to the administrator and
                    to other co-employees. The administrator account can be used to add trainings, training
                    modes, announcements, and members. It can also be used to send messages to registered
                        SHR’s Library Management System (
                    SHR’s LMS is an online library management system which can be used as an official system
                    for library management tasks. Registered users can send borrowing requests to the
                    administrator for a resource material of their choosing. Each registered member and each
                    resource material has an attached online library card where logs are recorded.
               Provided user manuals for the two online systems created
               Attended corporate training seminars
      Object Oriented Programming
                    “Boy”                      “Boy” is a simple game similar to the style of GNOME
                                               Robots that uses the keys of a keyboard as its primary
                                               control scheme.
          Procedural Programming
           “Phonebook Database”                “Phonebook Database” is a simple console program that
                                               mimics a standard phonebook application. Data structures
                                               were applied in this project and C was used to accomplish
                                               this project.

            Artificial Intelligence
       “Digit Classifier” (Group Project)      “Digit Classifier” is a program that aims to classify binary
                                               digit images to their true own classes. This project was done
                                               using C++ and ImageLab, a C++ library for basic image
       “Hand Classifier” (Group Project)       “Hand Classifier” is a program that aims to classify binary
                                               hand images to their true owners. This project was done
                                               using C++ and ImageLab, a C++ library for basic image

  Design and Implementation of Languages
        “Logo Language Interpreter”            “Logo Language Interpreter” is an interpreter for the Logo
               (Group Project)                 programming language. The interpreted code undergoes
                                               parsing, lexical analysis, semantic analysis then
                                               interpretation/execution. C# was used to accomplish this

     Relational Database Programming
  “Institute of Computer Science Job Street”   “ICS Job Street” is a web application/three tier application
                 (Group Project)               created to mimic where job seekers can
                                               create user accounts, log in their created accounts, and view
                                               job openings while employers can view profiles of job
                                               seekers. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, JQuery, and Oracle DB
                                               were used to accomplish this project.

  “Colegio De Los Banos Online Classroom”      “CDLB Online Classroom” is a student enlistment system
               (Group Project)                 centered for the students of CDLB. Prerequisite hierarchy is
                                               applied in the system. Users can view their grades from
                                               subjects they’ve already taken.
     “MatchUP” (         “MatchUP” is an online student enlistment system of UPLB
               (Contributor)                   powered by the SystemOne Data Access API.
           Network Programming
                  “Frogger”                    “Frogger” is a real-time network game which allows a
                                               maximum of 4 players. It was coded in Java.
       UP Varrons Ltd
       External Participation Committee member (2009 - 2010)
       Membership Committee member (2010 - 2011)
       Publicity Committee head (2011 – 2012)

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