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									August / September 2009                                                                           Vol.48 No.6

Gaining and Retaining Patients
in a Tough Economy
                                         She also lectures and helped design
                                        the curriculum for the University of
                                        Maryland’s Golf for Business and        Up Coming ...
                                        Life program. In addition to being
                                        the president and founder of              October 13, 2009
                                        Strelmark, LLC, Ms. Fordwich is           Monthly Meeting:
                                        currently the regional emcee for the
                                        business development entity               OSHA Compliance for the
         Hilary Fordwich                Accelerent. Born in England, Ms.          Dental Care Environment
                                        Fordwich became a U.S. citizen in
         Patients only go to dentists   1982. She graduated magna cum
they like, trust and respect. Dur-      laude from UVA at Mary Washing-
ing this presentation Ms. Fordwich      ton College.                            Inside ...
will discuss how dentists can learn              The Tuesday, Septem-
how to quickly establish trust, re-     ber 8, 2009 scientific lecture will       Board of Directors Meeting
spect and likeability with patients.    begin at 5:30 p.m. followed by din-
Upon completion of this presenta-       ner and a business meeting at 7:00        License Renewal
tion participants will have learned     p.m. To register please call the So-
tactical tips to build lasting, suc-    ciety office, complete the registra-      Tooth Whitening at Health
cessful and beneficial business re-     tion form on page 2 or send an email      Spas/Clubs
lationships, and human relation-        to info@dcdental.org with your
ship truths to apply to the dental      name. When registering, please in-        Dental Practice Act Changes
office for gaining and retaining pa-    dicate if you are staying for dinner.
tients and medical staff.               The Washington Marriott is located
         With more than 25 years        at 1221 22nd Street, NW.
of experience Ms. Fordwich is a
national expert in business devel-
opment, strategic relationship            Would you like to receive the Newsletter by email? If so, please fill
building and client relationship          in the information below and fax back to the Society office or send
management. For more than a de-                             an email to info@dcdental.org.
cade Ms. Fordwich served as head
of global business development for          Name _______________________________________
KPMG before joining Strelmark,
LLC. A 9-handicap golfer, Ms.               Email _______________________________________
Forwich appears regularly as a busi-
ness and gold expert on News                                      Fax: (202) 546-1482
Channel 8’s Capital Golf Weekly.
                       Yes We Can...but How and When and...
        In the May Newsletter, our membership was presented with a survey asking questions about
the economic downturn and its relation to our individual dental practices. I would like to thank
the members who took time to complete the survey. I understand that a number of you had diffi-
culty accessing Survey Monkey. This is the first time we’ve used this tool in the Newsletter and we
will try our best to make sure this is easier to access in the future. This month I would like to
review the results of the survey and provide an initial analysis—on which I will appreciate your
        The survey had eight questions, the results of which are summarized below.

                      1.           Roughly 2/3 (65.6%) of the respondents said the economic downturn had
                                   affected their practice.
                      2.           52.6% said they had cut back on the purchase of dental supplies and 47.4%
                                   had postponed purchasing new dental equipment.
                      3.           51.6% decided not to raise their fees at this time; 22.6% raised their fees less
                                   than 3%; 22.6% raised fees between 4% and 9%; 3.2% raised their fees more
                                   than 10%. No one had lowered fees.
                      4.           81.3% of the respondents had not altered their marketing strategies based
                                   on the current economy.
                      5.           For those who indicated in Question #4 that they had altered their marketing
                                   strategies, the most frequent response was that dentists had decreased the
                                   amount spent on external marketing, such as advertising, in favor of internal
                                   strategies, such as calling lapsed patients. One dentist indicated that he/she
                                   had hired a consultant.
                      6.           90.3% stated that they had not increased their participation in insurance
                                   plans due to the current economy.
                      7.           98.6% had not altered the number of hours of patient contact time in the
                      8.           87.5% of respondents said that the economy did not affect their participation
                                   in the Nation’s Capital Dental Meeting.

     District of Columbia Dental Society                                                             Monthly Membership Meeting
                                                                                                          Reservation Form
                                                                                                             September 8, 2009
The Newsletter is published monthly except April, July and August by the

District of Columbia Dental Society.                                                                      Washington Marriott Hotel
            Phone: (202) 547-7613                                                                            1221 22nd Street, NW
            Fax: (202) 546-1482

            Website: www.dcdental.org                                                       ____ Scientific Lecture               ____ Dinner Meeting
            Email: info@dcdental.org                                                         5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.                 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Subscription is included in membership dues. The views expressed by the

advertisements and member contributors do not necessarily reflect the             ____   Active / Life / Metropolitan Member (No charge)

opinions or official policies of the D.C. Dental Society and should not be        ____   Associate / Student Member ($50.00) ____ Guest / Non-Member ($50.00)

considered as an endorsement.
                                                                                 Name ____________________________________________________________
            Editor: Larry Crisafulli, DDS

                        Email: lacrisafulli@comcast.net
                                                                                 Name(s) of Guest(s) __________________________________________________

                                                                                                           Return form by mail/fax/email to:
Postmaster: Send address changes to the District of Columbia Dental
Society Newsletter, 502 C Street, NE Washington, DC 20002-5810                              D.C. Dental Society 502 C Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002

                                                                                                   Fax: (202) 546-1482 / Email: info@dcdental.org

        It is clear that many dental practices have
been affected by the current economic downturn,
                                                                     License Renewal
and like all businesses, they have made adjust-
ments—such as postponing expenditures to cope
and survive until the economy rebounds. Even                        The District of Columbia dental licenses will
though most dentists have had little formal busi-          expire December 31, 2009. Renewal applications will
ness training, they seem to learn fairly quickly           be mailed this fall. One of the requirements for
how to survive financially, but the margin for             relicensure is the completion of at least twenty-five
error is somewhat narrower right now. While our            hours of continuing education credits in the previous
survey is probably not statistically significant by        licensing period (two years). The twenty-five hours
any measure, what it does indicate is that most            must include cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
dentists have chosen to cut back in the area of            and four hours of infection control education.
supplies and equipment purchases, rather than
                                                                    No more than eight (8) hours can be approved
eliminating staff.
        A major take away from this survey is that         for online courses. Online courses can not be used to
the economic downturn creates problems that                satisfy CPR requirements. In service training qualifies.
are shared to greater or lesser extent by all den-                  A four hour infection control course will be
tists. You are not alone. As a solo practitioner, or       offered at the October monthly meeting. The Society
even if you practice with a group, we all can ben-         will again sponsor a CPR course at the November
efit from a better understanding of the impact of          monthly meeting on November 10, 2009.
the economic downturn on our profession as a
whole. We plan to use this place for surveys of
this nature in the future and will appreciate your
response. As major healthcare issues face this
country, including legislation on universal
health insurance, your responses will be more
important than ever.
                             LarryA. Crisafulli, DDS

                            Letter from the President

        As I write this letter to you, our mem-   clinical segment this year. We look forward to see-
bership, I have just returned from my third       ing you at our monthly meetings and at the Nation’s
meeting this summer. New Jersey Dental            Capital Dental Meeting, April 8-10, 2010.
Association, Virginia Dental Association,                  I would remise if I did not thank my prede-
and the ADA Sesquicentennial Celebration          cessor, Dr. Michael Blicher, for his excellent leader-
in Chicago, graciously hosed these events.        ship over the past year. The revisions to the practice
I will soon depart to Maryland Dental             act and the new rules and regulations are now com-
Association’s annual meeting later this           plete so that our members, as all dentists, in the Dis-
month. I tell you this not to be self serving     trict of Columbia can practice dentistry knowing that
but to use it as a basis for which to explain     their Board of Dentistry is working for them and the
the following. It became quite evident to me,     public. Dr. Blicher, several former presidents, and
especially at the ADA celebration, that there     Mr. C. Jay Brown represented the D.C. Dental Soci-
are many good people in our profession work-      ety before the Board of Dentistry. This is an example
ing for a common goal, to provide the best        of just one of the many ways that Dr. Blicher aided
possible oral health care available and to        the Society throughout the year.
interact and respond to the every changing                 This brief note hopefully demonstrates the
landscape that is presently occurring in our      many workings of our Society. From a first time vol-
profession. It reaffirmed my belief that          unteer, to former presidents, we can be advocates for
through our members we, as a profession, can      our patients and organized dentistry. I look forward
make great strides in dentistry. In Chicago       to the upcoming year and I am honored to serve as
at the ADA Headquarters, a time capsule           your president. Please do not hesitate to contact me
from fifty years ago was opened this year and     with any questions, concerns or suggestions.
among the articles in it was a letter
prophesizing the future. It hoped that oral                                    Stephen P. Tigani, DDS
health care would improve and that decay                                       President
would be totally eradicated, among other
things. While we have not completely eradi-
cated decay, our profession has taken im-
mense strides from fifty years ago.
        As we now face similar and different
issues in our profession, you can rest assure
that your leadership on both the national
level and local level is working diligently to
enhance the care and well being of our pa-
tients and provide to you the resources of
organized dentistry. Our monthly meeting
program, under the leadership of
Dr. Thomas Sokoly, promises to be excellent
in its presentations and topics ranging from
this month’s practice management to tissue
engineering and stem cell use later this
year. The Nation’s Capital Dental Meeting
is chaired by Dr. Johanna Huijssoon and it
is an excellent opportunity to volunteer, in-
crease your educational experience and
enjoy the friendship of your fellow members.
The program is filled with world renowned
speakers such as Dr. Gordon Christensen
and also has an increased participation

    Members in the News                                          ADA Recognizes
                                                              Volunteer Service in a
                                                                 Foreign Country

                                                            The American Dental Association recog-
                                                            nizes members who provide dental services
                                                            in a foreign country over a two year period.
                                                            The 2009 ADA Certificate of Recognition
                                                            for volunteer services in a foreign country
                                                            recipients are as follows:

                                                                   Dr.   Andrew Cobb
                                                                   Dr.   Gael Delany
                                                                   Dr.   Charles Dietrich
Dr. Andrew Cobb pictured with Mickey Bernstein,
    DDS, President (2008-2009) of the AACD.                        Dr.   Catherine Dietrich-Pulse
                                                                   Dr.   Robert Donahue
                                                                   Dr.   J. William Donaldson
Dr. Andrew Cobb was awarded the American Acad-                     Dr.   Tristram Kruger
emy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s Humanitarian Award at                  Dr.   Edward R. Mopsik
the 25th Anniversary of the AACD meeting held in
Honolulu, HI April 27 – May 1, 2009. The award is
made for outstanding contributions for charitable and
altruistic causes.

  Thinking about Moving                                              Honorary Member
       Your Office?                                                Dr. Joseph Cappuccio
The District has just revised the practice act on                     Dr. Joseph Cappuccio passed away on
notification of patients of an office move. The                May 23, 2009 of a heart attack. Dr. Cappuccio
new law states the following:                                  was made an honorary member of the Society at
                                                               the completion of his presidency of the Ameri-
Section 4213.63 is amended to read as follows:                 can Dental Association in 1979.
                                                                      Dr. Cappuccio was an oral surgeon who
4213.63 Whenever an entire dental practice or
                                                               graduated from the University of Maryland in
office moves to a new location or ceases opera-
                                                               1946. He represented the ADA’s Fourth District,
tion, the owner or responsible dentist shall not
later than 30 days after the change or closing:                including the District of Columbia for six years
                                                               before becoming president of the ADA.
       (a) Notify the patients of the change of                       Dr. Cappuccio organized the University
       address or closing by U.S. Mail, a note                 of Maryland’s Alumni annual events at the
       posted conspicuously on the door of the                 Nation’s Capital Dental Meeting for over 40 years.
       office that is closing for at least 30                  Recently, he has been hosting his “Dental Fo-
       consecutive days, or any combination of                 rum – Think Tank” at the meeting.
       the above; and

       (b) Notify the patients as to how they may
       obtain copies of their complete dental
       files, radiographs, and models, by any of
       the means set forth in subparagraph (a).

              SHERRY M. BERSON
                   Attorney At Law

        Agent of Equifax Credit Reporting Bureau
            Credit Listing - Address Tracing
               Health Insurance Appeals
                    Billing Disputes
                   Contingency Fee
              email: Bersonaty@verizon.net

                                  Admitted to practice:
  P. O. Box 341788                - District of Columbia
  Bethesda, MD 20827              - Maryland
  Tel.: (301)-229-6012             - Florida
  Fax: (301)-229-2017              - U. S. Supreme Court

      Call or fax for explanation of services

      Health Spas/Clubs                                    Dental Practice Act
         Conducting                                         Changes Enacted
       Tooth Whitening
                                                             On July 7, the D.C. Dental Practice
        Based upon complaints from members,           Act changes were enacted. The two changes
                                                      now require ownership of a dental practice
the Society learned that two health clubs and
                                                      be by a dentist and dental assistants will be
a spa may be performing tooth whitening pro-
                                                      registered. The Society leadership supported
cedures with what appears to be without the           the ownership rule and did not oppose the
supervision of a dentist. The D.C. rules and          registering of dental assistants. A copy of
regulations governing the practice of den-            the new changes will be provided by the So-
tistry defines tooth whitening as a dental pro-       ciety office upon request.
cedure, and as such, must only be performed
under the supervision of a dentist.
        The Society Board of Directors directed
Society staff to alert the D.C. Board of Den-
tistry of the possible violation of dental law
by these actions. The health clubs and/or spa
                                                              The DCDS Well Being
advertising the procedures that may be in vio-
lation of D.C. law are Capital City Club and               Call Dr. John W. Drumm, Chairman
Spa, Serenity Day Spa and Tenley Sport and                       Office: (202) 244-1601
Health Club.                                                      Cell: (301) 520-1506

         Neither Selling nor Acquiring a
         dental practice has to be scary.

                                                                Call PARAGON today to discuss
                                                                      a painless transaction.

                                                                 We can help you with Practice Sales,
                                                             Mergers, Co-Ownerships, Practice Acquisitions,
                                                                  Relocations, Consulting,Valuations,
                                                                       Presales and Associateships.

                                                                 Sign up for our free newsletter
                                                                      at PARAGON.US.COM

   Call 866.898.1867 or visit PARAGON.US.COM for a Free Consultation

                      The Society Board Meets

       The Society Board of Directors met on Monday, May 18, 2009. A report was received
on the 2009 Nation’s Capital Dental Meeting, ADA National Leadership Conference held in
Washington, D.C., the president’s attendance at the Delaware State Dental Association and
the New Jersey Dental Association Annual Meetings, the president’s attendance of the
Howard University College of Dentistry graduation ceremony and the Society’s Annual
Fishing trip.
       The Board created a task force to review the finances of the Nation’s Capital Dental
       The Board rejected the request from a member that the Society support and petition
the D.C. Board of Dentistry to grant a waiver of the CPR continuing education requirement
for those senior dentists who are unable to physically perform CPR. The Board concurred
that the performance of CPR is an important part of the practice of dentistry and will not
request the Board of Dentistry address this issue. The Board instructed that a letter be sent
to the member of the Board decision with the recommendation that if the member still feels
the Board of Dentistry should change the CPR requirement he should do so directly himself.
       The Board agreed that the Society should alert the D.C. Board of Dentistry of two
health clubs and one spa that may provide tooth whitening procedures without the supervi-
sion of a dentist.
       In further actions, the Board allocated $300 for the registration fee for one member to
attend the ADA conference on Dental Health and Wellness.

       D.C. Board of                                             ADA Endorsements
     Dentistry Meetings                                              The ADA now endorses FedEx® for express
                                                             shipping and On Hold Advertising, Inc. for message
         Dr. Michael Blicher, 2008-2009 president,           on hold and appointment reminders.
attended the May 20 and July 24 D.C. Board of Den-                   Members can now receive from 15% to 27%
tistry meetings to provide the Society’s input dur-          discounted rates on selected services with FedEx
ing the public session of the monthly meeting.               Express® and 5% to 15% with FedEx Ground®. There
                                                             are no minimum shipping requirements and no
         The Board tabled further discussions on a
                                                             costs involved. All discounts will take place after
draft bill on licensing dental laboratories until more       you enroll in FedEx Advantage®. Please call 1-800-
information is gathered from the dental laboratory           636-2377, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. EST, M-F, to speak with a
industry. The current language would exempt den-             dedicated ADA member representative. FedEx® will
tal labs that are on the previous of dental offices          deliver a welcome packet which will contain ship-
that are used only by the dentists practicing in those       ping rate information 7-10 days after you enroll.
offices.                                                             On Hold Advertising, Inc. offers message on
         The Board approved the use of Oral Versa            hold and appointment reminders for both small and
as a local dental anesthesia reversed agent.                 large offices. They offer male and female voice tal-
         The Board did not reach a decision on               ents from Chicago’s television and top radio stations,
                                                             a variety of music selections or you can choose to
whether or not administration of flu shots is within
                                                             educate or inform your patients during their hold
the scope of dentistry.                                      time.
         The Board discussed recent actions by the                   If you are interested in contacting On Hold
Florida Board of Dentistry that prohibits pets in            Advertising, Inc. for message on hold and appoint-
dental offices. At this time, allowing pets in dental        ment remainders, please call 1-877-493-9003, 8
offices for anxiety reduction is not in violation of         a.m. - 5 p.m. CST, M-F or visit their website at
the D.C. Practice Act.                                       www.ddsonhold.com.

                                New Members

Myeasha K. Abdulla, DDS                   JoJo Arroll L. Manato, DDS
1901 E Street, SE                         1712 I Street, NW
Washington, DC 20003                      Suite 400
Office: 202-547-7822                      Washington, DC 20006
Email: myeashaA@yahoo.com                 Office: 202-333-9322
General Dentist                           Fax: 202-333-9276
Active Member                             Email: drjamabel@msn.com
                                          General Dentist
Kwami M. Asomani, DDS                     Active Member
817 Jefferson Street, NW
Washington, DC 20011                      Corey C. Murray, DDS
Office: 202-291-3218                      425 2nd Street, NW
Email: kasomani73@hotmail.com             Washington, DC 20001
General Dentist                           Office: 202-508-0526
Active Member                             Email: drcoreymurray@yahoo.com
                                          General Dentist
Andrea N. Faust-Asomani, DDS              Active Member
3020 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009                      Snehal R. Patel, DDS
Office: 202-518-2374                      1234 19th Street, NW
Fax: 202-291-3218                         Suite 508
General Dentist                           Washington, DC 20036
Active Member                             Office: 202-223-3391
                                          Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
                                          Active Member
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Geetanjeli Sheogobind, DDS                                                              In Memoriam
4300 Wheeler Road, SE
Washington, DC 20001
Office: 202-561-8292                                                     William R. Kline, DDS
Email: geetafarishta@yahoo.com
General Dentist                                                          Passed away Tuesday, July 7, 2009. Gradu-
Active Member                                                            ated from Duke University and Georgetown
                                                                         University Dental School in 1949. He prac-
                                                                         ticed dentistry in Southeast Washington and
Nicholas J. Toscano, DDS
                                                                         Temple Hills, MD his entire career. He was a
1140 19th Street, NW                                                     member of the Capitol Hill United Methodist
Suite 310                                                                Church, Tantallon Country Club and a retired
Washington, DC 20036                                                     Captain in the Naval Reserves.
Office: 202-785-3021
Fax: 202-466-8194                                                        Cyrus Katzen, DDS
Email: navygumdoc@aol.com
Periodontist                                                             Passed away Sunday, July 12, 2009.
Active Member

   SEPTEMBER 22, 2009
   Dr. Warren Morgenstein
                                                         Our 65th Year!                 JANUARY 26, 2010
                                                                                        Dr. Tony Schwartz
   Maggiano’s Restaurant 5:30 – 8:00 pm
                                                             The Maimonides             Maggiano’s Restaurant 5:30 – 8:00 pm
                                                                                        C.E. Credit - 2.0
   C.E. Credit - 2.0                                           Dental Society           Guest fee: Dentist: $60, Other: $50
   Guest fee: Dentist: $60, Other: $50                     welcomes you to join
                                                           us for another year of       FEBRUARY 23, 2010

   OCTOBER 27, 2009                                      professional fraternalism      Dr. Douglas Barnes
                                                                                        DENTAL MATERIALS RESEARCH AND ESTHETIC
   Dr. Joel Rosenlicht                                  and exceptional continuing      DENTISTRY
   BONE GRAFTING AND IMPLANT PLANNING/THE NEW                 education at an           Maggiano’s Restaurant 5:30 – 8:00 pm
   TECHNIQUES FOR TMJ TREATMENT FOR IMPLANTS                                            C.E. Credit - 2.0
   Maggiano’s Restaurant 5:30 – 8:00 pm                   unbelievably low price.       Guest fee: Dentist: $60, Other: $50
   C.E. Credit - 2.0                                         Please note our
   Guest fee: Dentist: $60, Other: $50                                                  MARCH 17, 2010
                                                         location has changed!
                                                            All of our meetings         Dr. Gary Heir
   DECEMBER 4, 2009                                                                     NUTS AND BOLTS OF
                                                             will take place at         ORAL FACIAL PAIN
   Dr. John Sorensen                                      Maggiano’s Restaurant         Maggiano’s Restaurant
   NAVIGATING THE NEW WORLD OF RESTORATIVE                                              All Day Lecture
   DENTAL TECHNOLOGIES FOR DENTISTS &                  in Chevy Chase, MD. $350         CE Credit - 7.0
   THEIR LABORATORY TECHNICIANS                             (Recent Graduates,          Guest fee: Dentist/Non-member: $195, Others: $95
   Inn & Conference Center, University of Maryland
   Registration: 7:30 – 8:15 am                              2007-09, $250).            APRIL 27, 2010
   Course: 8:15 – 4:45 pm                               This years speakers should
   Sponsors:        Alpha Omega Dental Society                                          Dr. Louis DePaola
                    Maimonides Dental Society            be of great interest to all.   WHAT’S NEW IN INFECTION CONTROL
                    Seattle Study Club                  New members and guests          Maggiano’s Restaurant 5:30 – 8:00 pm
   C.E. Credit - 7.0                                                                    C.E. Credit - 2.0
   Guest Fee: Doctors: $295, Alpha Omega/Maimonides/       are always welcome!          Guest fee: Dentist: $60, Other: $50
   SSC Members: $265, Non-Dentist: $220

  For further information contact: Dr. Stacia Krantz, Treasurer at (301) 610-9909

FOR SALE: Cerec 3D acquisition           PART-TIME POSITION: Board                 SPACE TO SHARE: Prime loca-
unit and milling unit purchased April    certified periodontist seeks part         tion!! Dental office near Dupont
2006. Less than 400 mills! Well          time position. Experienced in all         Circle, Farragut North/West!! 5
maintained through Patterson’s           aspects of periodontal and implant        fully equipped operatories and pri-
service club. Accessories include:       therapy. Please contact me at             vate office included. Must have
Blocks, Burs, PowderPerfekt Kit,         gums1@comcast.net.                        own supplies and materials. Won-
Milling Oil, Calibration Kit, Manuals,                                             derful opportunity for the right
                                         FOR SALE: 1100 sq. ft, 3 op.
CD’s. Asking price is $60K w/                                                      dentist. Please call 202-285-0080.
                                         rooms, one plumbed, ADEC, Digital
reasonable offers considered.
                                         x-ray, Computers/TV in each room,         FOR RENT: Office space close
Ivoclar/Vivadent Odyssey 2.4g
                                         Intraoral camera, eaglesoft, prime        to metro in Friendship Heights/
laser $9K negotiable. Sybron
                                         location in georgetown area, in medi-     North Bethesda for rent 3-4 times
Endo Cordless Handpiece $800
                                         cal building, gross over 500,00 a         a week. Both are 4 large ops.,
negotiable. Sybron Endo Elements
                                         year. Please call 703-623-3896.           equipped with digital radiography.
Diagnostic Unit & Apex Locator
                                         SPACE TO SHARE: Lease expired,            Please contact me by phone at
$900 negotiable. Sybron Endo
                                         tired of being alone, want to reduce      301-881-5020 or by email at
Elements Obturation Unit w/ ac-
                                         overhead, share responsibilities, sell,   egobernardes@gmail.com.
cessories $2K negotiable. Please
email: ljpetersondds@gmail.com           retire or cut back in the next five       PART-TIME POSITION: We
                                         years? Consider joining a prestigious     are a small cosmetic office in
BEAUTIFUL: Office space in NW            downtown group practice. Please           Georgetown, with great patients
Washington available to share 2-3        contact the Society office.               and staff. We are looking for a pe-
days a week. 4 large ops. Equipped
                                                                                   riodontist one day a week to start.
with latest Adec, digital radiogra-
                                                                                   Immediate opening, please call
phy, etc. consult room, semi-pri-
vate office. Close to Metro. Please
call 202-256-5798 or email


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