iPads in the Classroom by ProQuest


In a characteristically slick presentation at New York's Guggenheim Museum in January, a top Apple executive stood before a room full of journalists, introducing them to the company's latest effort to apply its computing philosophy to a facet of everyday life that is still languishing in the technological dark ages. One two-word slide said it all: "Reinventing Textbooks." During the presentation, Apple's SVP for worldwide marketing, Philip W. Schiller, outlined the company's ambition to replace paper textbooks with digital textbooks, which would be specifically designed to be read on an iPad. He announced the release of the second generation of the iBooks app, which now provides support for downloading etextbooks. There are certainly advantages -- beyond shirking bureaucracy -- to digitizing, tabletizing, and otherwise Apple-izing textbooks, and the company is eager to point them out. Another strong selling point for Apple is the dynamic functionality inherent in an iPad application.

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