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					Are you planning to start a business in Dubai, doing an exhibition? Or
looking for new business opportunities in Dubai? Then I urge you to read
every single word in this page.

Business is the main focus of Dubai economy. Often, the government is
encouraging and creating new business opportunities in Dubai. However,
Dubai business set-up is not easy.

You MUST know each and every step of setting up a business in Dubai,
unless you get a professional company to do this for you. Don't worry. I
will show you how to set-up a business in Dubai. Also you can fill the
form at the bottom of this page to get the best business set-up company
in Dubai to do all tasks for you (more info at the bottom).

Common requirements to start a Dubai business

Every business in Dubai needs a “sponsor” except if you want to open a
business in a freezone in Dubai. Usually, to open a business in a Dubai
freezone requires a big capital. It is not a place for small businesses.
The sponsor MUST be a UAE national. A strong sponsor with lot of contacts
and influence can be very useful for the business to start and run. Why?
You will see many reasons throughout this page.

You have to pay an ongoing fee to the sponsor. There is a big chance that
the sponsor may demand a percentage of the profit in addition to the fee.

Once you have acquired a sponsor, you have to register your business and
obtain the Trade License. There are different rules for different
business types.

For an example, there are specific hygiene related rules to start and run
a restaurant. It is not very easy to register a business in Dubai. You
may have to seek your sponsor’s help to get your business registered.
Language is a major barrier when dealing with government employees.
Otherwise there is a big chance that the application will be rejected.

Operating a business in Dubai

Arabic is the common language used in all government offices. Therefore
every company has to have an Arabic speaking employee or higher someone
temporary to deal with government institutions for various business
matters. This is a MUST.

The other important thing is the working visa for employees. This is not
easy and your sponsor’s influence is very important in this matter. If
you are planning to run a large-scale business then you have to maintain
a percentage of UAE employees. Remember, you have to pay more than double
to UAE nationals.

There is no tax in Dubai. However, there are different fees depending on
type of the business.

What are good Dubai business opportunities?
Well, there are many. But a good business opportunity in Dubai is always
not the one bringing more money.

It has to be easy to operate from government rules perspective. Here is
my review of good business opportunities in Dubai.

Real Estate – I think there is still a market in this booming business in
Dubai. Dubai real estate investment is not yet very popular
internationally. So there is still a market. Travel Packages – Emirates
Airlines and few travel agents handle Most of the travel packages. I
think there is a market for a business that is more focused on inbound
tourists and travel packages.

Online Auctions – Not much available in Dubai.

Exports – Some food items like Dates are very cheap in Dubai. Also used
cars and jewellery are very cheap in Dubai.

Nightclubs – There is always a market in Dubai for nightclubs.

Multi Level Marketing – Dubai has tough laws for pyramid schemes. If you
can get the government approval for a genuine MLM then the sky is the

Job agencies for skilled labours – Almost all job agencies in Dubai are
focusing on jobs for professionals. This is a niche business opportunity
in Dubai.

Franchise businesses– This concept is new to Dubai and I am sure there is
a huge market for franchises.

Childcare business – One of the burning issues especially young working
couples in Dubai is lack of childcare facilities. This is also a niche
business opportunity in Dubai for someone who wants to start a business
in Dubai.

You cannot ignore banks when talking about business. Visit Dubai banks
page to read about major banks in Dubai. Also visit major companies in
Dubai page to read about leading companies in Dubai.

The easiest way to set-up a business in Dubai

The easiest way to start a Dubai business is to get a professional
consulting company to do all tasks for you. In this way you can ensure
that you are not wasting your money. I managed to convince one of the
best companies in Dubai to evaluate requirements of visitors of this
website and do everything for you for a discounted price

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