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									                  Cord Blood Banking – Cord Blood Collection Kit

Normally parents expect a lot when a baby is born. They think deeply about names for their
baby, look for a good pediatrician, decide whether to breast feed or bottle feed, and have many
more important decisions to ponder. Many parents, however, are in doubt as whether or not to
bank their baby’s umbilical cord blood. Cord blood banking is one of the most precious gifts that
you can give to your baby. It is like a form of insurance – you may never use this in your life, but
if for some reason, your child becomes afflicted with a rare disease, cord blood could truly save
its life.

A number of companies are available today for cord blood banking for your baby. You
should definitely do your research before proceeding blindly. The internet makes researching any
company today very easy. After your research, talk with the representatives of the companies and
find out what is the best plan for you and your child. The most important point in choosing the
best company is how successful their history of stem cell transplants has been. Always be sure to
thoroughly check the background of any cord blood banking company.

There are some people who may question why they should bank their baby’s cord blood. Cord
blood is a very rich source of HSC (hematopoietic stem cells). These cells have two significant
features: renewing themselves and creating different types of specialized blood cells. More
parents are being encouraged today to use private blood banking if there is any predisposition in
which their child could benefit from having a cord blood transplant. Similarly, it is a good idea to
use private cord blood storage for those who use a sperm or egg donor to have a baby because
you may not have any idea about the family health history of the donor.

The stem cells which are found in cord blood are clear and they are obtained using a cord
blood collection kit. There are many types of these kits available that provide maximum stem
cell protection with protection against heat and cold and protective inner tubes to prevent
breakage. The safest technology is use of collection kits that utilize liquid citrate phosphate
dextrose solution (CPD).

During collection of cord blood, the FDA recommends that only citrate-based anti-coagulants are
used. Proper processing and storage of cord blood provides protection against cross-
contamination. Be sure that the facility you choose to store your baby’s cord blood goes by all
FDA approved regulations.

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