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					WordPress is a free tool which allows anyone for writing online and to
publish a wordpress software-based blog free of charge and reachable to
every single person.

The most important 3 features that blogger doesn’t support.

1. A Pinging feature is provided to you by which wordpress automatically
pings all the RSS and blog feed directories each time you update or make
a new post. It’s a very great feature if you want your blog to get a lot
of traffic right away. It is the quickest way to develop backlinks to
your blog automatically.

If you build a regular site, think how long it will get to index it in
the search engines as well as get backlinks to improve your listings, and
then start getting traffic. A tool like Wordpress can do all that
“grunge” work for you very easily.

2. Wordpress Categories are the most effective way to improve the
structure of your site for both human visitors and for the search engines

Let’s assume the topic of your website is Wallpapers. You could create a
Category for Car wallpapers, one for Nature wallpapers, and one for Cool
wallpapers. When you add a posts to your blog, you can select which of
your categories does the post belongs to. Now your blog will archive your
past posts not only by their month and date same as Blogger does. But
also by the Category.

So when you have a guests on your blog who is particularly interested in
Car wallpapers, is will be easy for them to find all your posts on car
wallpapers. Use of the categories can makes it very easy and will save
valuable time of your visitors.

Categories are very search engine friendly, when you use categories in
your blog, there is a link on every one of your pages to your categories.
By using the Category feature, you will ultimately have hundreds of pages
on your site with links to car wallpapers, nature wallpapers and cool
wallpapers. All of those backlinks to those keywords can help you to get
higher in search engine ranking.

3. You can easily create an RSS feed for each of your categories. It
means every time you post a new article to your blog, it will ping the
Blog / RSS directories for every feed!

Think that if you put up a new page on a regular website and even if the
search engines find your new page right away, it might take a month or
two before it actually gets indexed and starts getting traffic. It might
be a long time before it enjoys a first page position for its keywords.

It’s almost superb how easily you could do all this with a well-organized
blogging tool like Wordpress

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