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									   Discovering a person's cell phone number on the web can be
    much like looking for a needle in a haystack.

   This is because cell phone numbers are protected by privacy
    laws and cellular phone records have been restricted to
    privileged organizations and people.

   However these rules are changing. Recently a few cell phone
    number directories have opened up to the public.

   Now anyone can lookup cellular phone numbers without
    having to go through an expensive private investigator.
   Looking for example of these community cell phone websites
    can be as hard as discovering the cell phone number alone.
    This is because cellular phone directories are new.

   You may run into many changes cell phone lookup sites. But
    these are only useful if a person are looking into or verifying
    phone numbers.

   You will find also a lot of deceptive and spam internet sites
    that only pretend to have the information you are looking for.
    These cozenage websites only exist to trick you to press on
   Many of the seeds lead to related sites and reverse phone

   Another type of cell phone number directory only has a
    person's number if they have submitted it to the website on
    their own.

   This is a highly unpractical way of finding a person's cellular
    number and I doubt if you should ever find a personal
    number unless they told you about it first.

   Another site is the National Cell Phone Number Registry at
    which great since you also can lookup anyone's number in
    U.S. and Canada.
   The actual best benefit about this site is you can also
    research court records, police records and other public
    records most people do not even know exist about them.

   Gary P. Thompson is an expert in background check and
    change records information.

   He is known to some as Private investigator Phones because
    of his background and knowledge in cell phone records,
    along with his popular change cell phone lookup review

   Gary's writing has been featured on many prominent web
    sites, with dozens of his articles published {across the web.

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