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									                             LEST WE FORGET
                                     Shared by Apostle John Eckhardt

 Eschatological Literacy is necessary to understand the Bible. The following subjects should be studied properly
                                          with a proper hermeneutic:

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                          By Apostle Axel Sippach,

 LEST WE FORGET how really radical and revolutionary the great protestant reformer Martin
Luther was, I wanted to post these lyrics to one of his songs. Luther was an incredible innovator
who knew how to engage the pop-culture of his day in order to get the attention of the masses for
his message. He did it through utilizing media and the "social networks of his day" and he did it
 extremely effectively by printing short pamphlets that spread the message like wildfire, and by
  using the melodies of the top 10 beer drinking songs of the day and changing the lyrics to his
    That was a phenomenal strategy and had them singing his reformation lyrics in the bars
 throughout Germany. The pope didn't have a chance. Over the next few decades the Roman
Catholic Church lost millions of member - more than 50% who embraced Luther's message and
were saved by grace through faith. Here are the hard core lyrics to one of those songs borrowed
                      from the folk song "Now We Drive Out Winter":

                               "Now we drive out the pope
                          from Christ’s church and God’s house.
                        Therein he has reigned in a deadly fashion
                        and has seduced uncountably many souls.
                            Now move along, you damned son,
             you Whore of Babylon. You are the abomination and the Antichrist,
                             full of lies, death and cunning."

Pretty tough lyrics, but they were very effective in his day. Of course, he needed a lot of security
 because of this his message, and God provided it in the form of the German princes that agreed
  with his message and offered their castles, armies and finances to protect him. The revolution
               was on, and 800 million+ believers in the earth today are the fruit it.

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