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					                              HOUSING DISCRIMINATION COMPLAINT

CASE NUMBER: 10-12-0220-8

   1. Complainants

       Intermountain Fair Housing Council
       950 N 9th
       Suite M200
       Boise, ID 83702

       Representing Intermountain Fair Housing Council:

                Richard Mabutt
                Executive Director
                Intermountain Fair Housing
                950 N 9th
                Suite M200
                Boise, ID 83702

   2. Other Aggrieved Persons


   3. The following is alleged to have occurred or is about to occur:

       Discriminatory refusal to rent.
       Failure to make reasonable accommodation.

   4. The alleged violation occurred because of:


   5. Address and location of the property in question (or if no property is involved, the city and
      state where the discrimination occurred):

       Idaho Falls, ID

   6. Respondent(s)

       Jacob Grant Property Management, Inc.
       1075 S Utah Ave
       Suite 178
       Idaho Falls, ID 83402
    Registered Agent for Jacob Grant Property Management, Inc.:

            Jacob Durtschi
            3975 Silverado
            Idaho Falls, ID 83404

            Jill “Doe”
            Jacob Grant Property Management, Inc.
            1075 S. Utah Ave
            Suite 178
            Idaho Falls, ID 83402

7. The following is a brief and concise statement of the facts regarding the alleged violation:

    The Intermountain Fair Housing Council is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure
    open and inclusive housing for all persons without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national
    origin, familial status, or disability. The Intermountain Fair Housing Council attempts to
    eradicate discrimination through, among other things, education on the fair housing laws,
    housing information and referral, housing counseling, and assistance with mediating and or
    filing fair housing complaints. The Intermountain Fair Housing Council also provides education
    and outreach on fair housing laws and practices to housing providers and others.

    In furtherance of its goals, the IFHC on or about December 6, 2011, had a tester contact Jacob
    Grant Property Management in Idaho Falls. The tester talked to Jill the property manager. After
    discussing which units were available, the tester asked about their policy on service animals. Jill
    told the tester that she would have to fill out their forms to have a service animal approved, but
    after the tester told Jill her service animal was a 50 pound Australian Shepard, the property
    manager said, “I would have to get that approved by the owner. I realize that we can’t say no to
    you because it is a service animal. But an Australian Shepard is a dog that our liability insurance
    will not accept. So I would have to get that approved by out owner.” The tester then said, “So
    there would be a deposit on that services animal.” Jill answered, “Yes”. The tester called back a
    few hours later on December 6, 2011, and asked if the security deposit could be waived on the
    service animal. Jill said “You know that I can’t waive the deposit because we have to have
    something to secure that care of the carpet.” The tester then said, “I understand, so even if the
    service animal is prescribed by a doctor it still….” Jill interrupted and said, “We understand that
    it’s prescribed by a doctor, but they (service animals) still do their business sometimes where
    they are not supposed to.” Finally Jill called the tester back and said that she got an answer on
    the service dog. Jill said “kinda the way this works is the law states it is that we do need to
    accommodate you, but it has to be reasonable. And in the case of the dog it’s not reasonable for
    us because we can’t get liability insurance on that breed.”

    As a result of the Respondent’s failure to comply with the requirements of the Fair Housing Act,
    Intermountain Fair Housing Council has had to divert resources from other fair housing activities
    throughout the State. Also, the Intermountain Fair Housing Council’s mission is frustrated
    because these violations may tend to communicate to housing consumers and housing
    providers that such discriminatory practices are either permissible or that corrective remedies
    are not available.
8. The most recent date on which the alleged discrimination occurred:

    December 6, 2011

9. Types of Federal Funds identified:


10. The acts alleged in this complaint, if proven, may constitute a violation of the following:

    Sections 804a and 804f3B of Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 as amended by the Fair
    Housing Act of 1988.

    Please sign and date this form:

    I declare under penalty of perjury that I have read this complaint (including any attachments)
    and that it is true and correct.

    For Intermountain Fair Council Housing Council                            Date


    The signature and affirmation may be made at any time during the investigation. The
    Complaint will be amended to include Complaint’s signature.

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