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					                                                                        Panico/Fitzgerald- Warhol handout

Mrs. Panico – 6th grade
Digital Photography/Paint Shop Pro

                                              POP ART

What is Pop Art?
           Pop Art is art that focuses upon familiar cultural images such as: comic
             strips, advertisements, music, and supermarket products for its subject
             matter. See examples below.

Lichtenstein – Mustard on White Oldenburg – Spoonbridge and Cherry 1988 Warhol – Pink Marilyn 1967

   Max – Liberty Head            Johns – Three Flags 1958           Warhol – Campbell Soup Cans

History of Pop Art
     Pop Art originated in Great Britain in the 1950’s.
     Andy Warhol is the American artist who brought Pop Art into focus in America.
           o Warhol focused on popular American culture and celebrities such as
              Marilyn Monroe to create his artwork. He also used common household
              items such as Brillo pads or Campbell’s Soup cans.
     Warhol used silkscreens (a printmaking process) and acrylic paints to create his
        artwork. But, Pop Art can be created using various types of media such as
        applying paint to canvas or molding clay into sculptural forms.
     Other Pop Art artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, Jasper Johns
        and Peter Max used popular culture images to create their artwork.
           o Peter Max uses images such as the Statue of Liberty and Donald Duck.
           o Claes Oldenburg uses fast food items to create large-scale sculptures.
           o Roy Lichtenstein used comic books as his inspiration to create his work.
           o Jasper Johns used recognizable images such as the American flag to
              create his paintings and sculptures.
     Today, Pop Art is not just limited to what can hang on a wall or be seen in a
        museum. Can you think of different places you might see Pop Art?

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