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IT Policies

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					Board of Regents policies

Board of Regents policies comprise a relatively stable set of policies that govern
Montana University System activities. This inventory organizes Board of Regents
policies in two categories:

      IT-specific policies with numbers in the 1300s
      Policies that are not IT-specific but have implications for IT operations

Board of Regents IT-specific policies – 1300 range

BOR 1300.1 Security of data and information technology resource
BOR 1302 Privacy, security and monitoring
BOR 1303.1 User responsibilities – employees
BOR 1303.2 Internet services – employees
BOR 1303.3 Electronic mail – employee
BOR 1304.1 User responsibilities – students
BOR 1304.2 Internet services – students
BOR 1304.3 Electronic mail – students
BOR 1305.1 User responsibilities – patrons
BOR 1306 Logging on and off computer resources
BOR 1307 Internet reporting
BOR 1308 Disposal of computer storage devices

Board of Regents policies with IT implications

BOR 203.6 Prohibition against conducting board business via electronic mail
BOR 303.7 Distributed learning
BOR 401.3 Copyright policy
BOR 406 Ownership of electronic course material
BOR 901.1 Renewal and/or replacement of equipment in recharge centers
BOR 920.1 IT and telecommunication equipment and contracts; purchase or
BOR 940.23 Computer fee
BOR 1901.1 Unauthorized copying and use of computer software
BOR 1909 Competition with the private sector

University of Montana Policies

University of Montana IT policies are limited and in flux. Those policies without
links are under editorial review. This inventory organizes UM policies in four

      Official UM IT policies with numbers in the 500s
      UM policies that are not IT-specific, but have implications for IT operations
      UM IT policies approved in principle/under editorial review
      IT-specific policies that are in development or envisioned

UM IT-specific policies – 500 range

UM 501 Domain names
UM 502 Telecommunications Infrastructure (previously know as Port splitters and
mini hubs)
UM 503 Student web space
UM 504 Web servers
UM 505 Web standards

UM policies with IT implications

UM 201.1 Building construction, renovation, repair, remodeling and maintenance
UM 202.6 Emergency Response
UM 307 Electronic communication devices and services
UM 706 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

UM IT policies approved in principle/under editorial review

UM TBD Establishing and implementing Information Technology policies and
UM TBD Email capture, archival and retrieval
UM TBD Email
UM TBD IT Purchase of network equipment (pending final editing)

UM IT policies under consideration

UM Mass electronic communication
UM Wireless access
UM General IT Security
UM Accounts and Passwords (Identity Management)
UM Network Monitoring and Reporting
UM Data Security
UM Workstation, portable computer and PDA security
UM Minimum security standards for systems and servers
UM Protecting sensitive digital research data

Other units’ operational practices with IT implications

Library patrons rights and responsibilities
Library Copyright guidelines for reserve materials collection
Library Faculty web policy
Registrar Use of high-tech classrooms
Montana Tech IT Policies
  Acceptable Use Statement (Summary)

  Users shall not purposely engage in activity with the intent to: harass other
  users; degrade the performance of systems; deprive an authorized Montana
  Tech user access to a Montana Tech resource; obtain extra resources,
  beyond those allocated; circumvent Montana Tech computer security
  measures or gain access to a Montana Tech system for which proper
  authorization has not been given.

  For complete detailed information please refer to the link below:

  Acceptable use Statement full version

  Abuse Statement (Summary)

  The use of computers or network systems in the College setting in no way
  exempts any member from the normal requirements of ethical or legal
  behavior. Use of a computer and network system that is shared by many
  users imposes certain additional obligations. Each member of the community
  is responsible for his/her actions whether or not rules are built in, and whether
  or not they can be circumvented. Refer to the document below for more

  For complete detailed information please refer to the link below:

  Abuse Statement full version

  Abuse Policy (Summary)

  The following document describes the limitations on authorized use of the
  computers and network systems provided by Montana Tech.

  In addition to the limitations described in this document, you are also required
  to follow the policies, procedures, and statements governing acceptable use
  of the specific computers and network systems to which you are given access
  by Montana Tech. Violations of any of the policies or documents mentioned
  here should be presumed to violate the Montana Tech of The University of
  Montana Policy Regarding Abuse of Computers and Network Systems and,
  hence, the Montana Tech Campus Code of Conduct and the Code of
  Academic Integrity.

  For complete detailed information please refer to the link below:
Abuse Policy full version

Software Piracy: What You Should Know

Whether you call it borrowing, copying, sharing or "fair use", software piracy is
illegal and puts Montana Tech's students, faculty and staff, as well as the
college itself, at risk for legal action. Following are questions and answers
relating to software piracy.

For complete detailed information please refer to the link below:

Software Piracy full version

Incident Handling Procedure (Summary)

This document provides some general guidelines and procedures for dealing
with computer security incidents. The document is meant to provide Montana
Tech support personnel with some guidelines on what to do if they discover a
security incident.

For complete detailed information please refer to the link below:

Incident Handling Procedure full version

Escalation Procedures for Security Incidents (Summary)

This procedure describes the steps, which are taken for physical, and
computer security incidents that occur within the Montana Tech facility.

For complete detailed information please refer to the link below:

Escalation Procedures full version

Network Connection Policy (Summary)

This policy describes the requirements and constraints for attaching a
computer to the Montana Tech local area network (LAN). All devices
connected o the Montana Tech network must meet minimum-security

The intent of this policy is to ensure that all systems installed on the Montana
Tech network are maintained at appropriate levels of security while at the
same time not impeding the ability of Montana Tech users and support staff to
perform their work.

Secured and unsecured systems are discussed. For detailed information
please refer to the link below:

For complete detailed information please refer to the link below:

Network Connection Policy

Special Access Guidelines Agreement (Summary)

This agreement outlines the many do's and do not's of using special access
accounts. Special access is defined as having the privilege and password to
use domain administrator accounts.

For complete detailed information please refer to the link below:

Special Access Guidelines full version

Special Access Policy (Summary)

This policy provides a set of requirements for the regulation of special access
use on the Montana Tech Computer System. This policy will provide a
mechanism for the addition and removal of people from the special access
status and a mechanism for periodic reviews of the special access status.

For complete detailed information please refer to the link below:

Special Access Policy full version
Support Staff Guidelines (Summary)

This document establishes computer usage guidelines for the Montana Tech
support staff in the course of their job duties on the Montana Tech Campus
Computer Systems. These guidelines are intended to protect the rights and
privacy of Montana Tech clients as well as those of the Montana Tech
support staff.

For complete detailed information please refer to the link below:

Support Staff Guidelines full version

Changing Computer and Network Policies

It is recognized the policies contained herein are subject to change as
technology, campus mission and organization, and economic priorities
advance. To ensure that these policies are kept up to date and reflect current
needs, this statement of policy is necessary.

For complete detailed information please refer to the link below:

Changing Computer and Network Policy full version

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