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a Message from
Dean Matsuoka
                 Dean’s Message
                      This past year we were involved in many initiatives that served to define
                 our School’s identity and mission. In June we hosted the first international
                 indigenous social work conference. Over 400 delegates from around the Pacific
                 Region, North America, and Asia converged in Makaha, O‘ahu to share their
                 perspectives, practices, and stories related to indigenous social work. There was
                 a nice balance between educators and community practitioners in attendance.
                 There are plans to hold similar conferences in the future and to rotate its loca-
                      Along the lines of indigenization, during the summer the School enhanced
                 its partnerships with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, the Queen Lili‘uokalani
                 Children’s Center, and the Consuelo Foundation. OHA has contracted with
                 the School to conduct their program evaluations and has granted the School
                 funds to develop Hawaiian agency practicum sites. QLCC is supporting student
                 practicums and has committed to cost-sharing faculty. We are working with
                 the Consuelo Foundation to conduct evaluations and research related to their
                 partner network in Hawai‘i.
                      Later in the summer we traveled to China to plan collaborative activities
                 with the Beijing University of Technology. China as a whole is undergoing an
                 economic revolution and at the same time experiencing social crises related to
                 mental health, family dissolution, and community displacement. About 200
                 new social work education programs have sprung up in the last 14 years as a way
                 to address growing social problems. Institutions in Beijing and other provinces
                 in the country have asked for our assistance in developing social work curricu-
                 lum and research programs.
                      With the support of the Consuelo Foundation, we sent five MSW students
                 to the Philippines for a practicum experience. The students were placed in
                 agency settings whose mission is to address some of the most severe and chronic
                 social problems facing people in the Philippines. They also bear witness to pov-
                 erty conditions that extend far beyond what we experience in Hawai‘i.
                      The lessons derived from these experiences will shape the orientation and
                 practice of our students as they develop professionally in Hawai‘i and elsewhere.
                 As we venture forth in these areas of opportunity, we are able to articulate the
                 relationship between the local and the global and clarify our School’s mission in
                 serving Hawai‘i and the greater Pacific Asian Region.

                     Jon K. MatsuoKa

UH’s New Chancellor Meets with                                                         school enjoys
School’s Board of Advisors                                                             unprecedented
    On August 29 the School’s advisory       of Jeff and Lynn Watanabe to welcome
board hosted a reception at the home         Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw.                   The School began its fall ’07
                                                                                        semester with 53 faculty members.
                                                                                       More than half of them are associated
                                                                                       with training and research projects
                                                                                       that serve both the state and local
                                                                                       non-government organizations. The
                                                                                       enrollment for entering MSW and
                                                                                       BSW students is at an all-time high
                                                                                       with approximately 130 MSW
                                                                                       students (100 at Manoa and 30
                                                                                       through the neighbor island distance
                                                                                       education option) and 30 new BSW
                                                                                       students. The BSW program is
                                                                                       rapidly growing with the current
                                                                                       total enrollment being twice as large
Pictured l to r: Bill Hinshaw, Lynn Watanabe, Virginia Hinshaw, Marian Turney, and     as last year.
Jon Matsuoka.

Marlene Matsuda retires
     Marlene Matsuda, the School’s
MSW program secretary for 36 years,
retired in October 2007. If you attended
the School between 1971 and 2007, you
know and love her as much as we do.
She is known for her unending patience,
her kindness, and her uncanny ability
to remember the names of every student
with whom she interacted.
     She asked that there be no parties
or special events for her, and has instead
requested that any monetary gifts in
her honor be given to the Alumni &
Friends Endowed Scholarship Fund so
that she can continue to have a positive     tion is in honor of Marlene in the text   Pictured l to r: Louise Young, Marlene
impact on students in the coming years.      box. Or send checks to the UH Founda-     Matsuda, and Hisae Tachi on Matsuda’s
                                             tion at the address on the back of this   last day. The three of them were the
To DonaTe                                    newsletter with the notation: For the     School’s secretaries and worked together for
To contribute on-line, log onto www.         Alumni and Friends of the School of       nearly 30 years. Matsuda was the last to
hawaii.edu/sswork, go to Marlene’s           Social Work (AFSSW) Scholarship on        retire.
page, and click onto to the instructions     behalf of Marlene Matsuda.
for making a gift. Note that the dona-

The School Hosts Inaugural Conference
Indigenous Voices in Social Work: Not Lost in Translation
     In 2004 while attending the Inter-                                                   development was guided by the wis-
national Federation of Social Workers                                                     dom of many indigenous community
Conference in Australia, Jon Matsuoka                                                     leaders, scholars, and activists including
was invited to a meeting of delegates                                                     Puanani Burgess; Dennis Kauahi;
from Aotearoa, Canada, America and                                                        Earl Kawa‘a; Lynette Paglinawan; and
Pacific Island Nations to discuss the                                                     Likeke Paglinawan of Hawai‘i; Robyn
need to have a conference that would                                                      Corrigan of Aotearoa New Zealand;
give voice to indigenous ways of know-                                                    Christine King of Australia; susan
ing and practicing as they relate to social                                               LaBelle of Alaska; Iris Heavy Runner-
work.                                                                                     Pretty Paint of Montana; George
     Around the globe, Native Hawai-                                                      Wrondimi of Papua New Guinea;
ians, Native Americans, Alaska Natives,                                                   Michael Yellow Bird of Kansas; and
Maori, and other indigenous peoples                                                       Hillary Weaver of New York.
have faced pervasive and profound                                                             The four-day conference, held in
                                               Faculty, friends, and supporters prepare
                                               to enter the conference for the opening

                                               of social work constructs for native
                                               peoples, and generally, has overlooked
                                               the complex arrangements and legiti-
                                               mate forms of indigenous “power.”
                                                    Upon his return to Hawai‘i, Mat-
                                               suoka convened a meeting with faculty
                                               to share this vision. The planning for
                                               the conference began in earnest in
L to r: Conference co-chairs Peter Mataira     2005 under the leadership of co-chairs     L to r: Sol Kaho‘ohalahala, Lehua Matsuoka
and Lana Ka‘opua                               Lana Ka‘opua and Peter Mataira. The        and the Rev. Kaleo Patterson

experiences of colonization, denigration
of cultural knowledge, and devastation
of traditional lifestyles and sacred places.
There have been many threats to the
holistic health of their family systems,
clans, tribes, and communities.
     Social justice, respect for diversity,
and progressive change are the avowed
aims of social work. However to date,
mainstream social work praxis has failed
to meaningfully consider the role of
indigenous knowledge, it has neglected
to systematically assess the relevance
L to r: Jon Matsuoka, Michael DeMattos,
and Kaleo Perkins exchanging cultural
offerings at the opening protocol

Left to right: OHA Trustee Haunani Apoliona with Millie Kawa‘a and                         A young dancer from the Montana
Ilima Delacruz                                                                             Indian Hall of Fame Dance Troupe

June 2007 at the Makaha Resort, was a
                     ¯                                                                     practice, education and research and the
success beyond what anyone imagined.                                                       need to integrate traditional values (e.g.,
It attracted more than 400 participants,                                                   respect for wisdom of elders, spiritual-
including elders, cultural practitioners,                                                  ity, collective work, learning by doing)
community activists, consumers, as                                                         and practices (e.g., Mele Inoa or use
well as social work educators, research-                                                   of “name” songs to strengthen cultural
ers, and practitioners. Presenters and                                                     identity and enhance parent-child bond-
participants hailed from all parts of                                                      ing) into contemporary social work with
Hawai‘i, Aotearoa New Zealand, Papua                                                       individuals, families, and groups across
New Guinea, Fiji, Samoa, Africa, North                                                     the life cycle.
America, Canada, Australia, Tonga,                                                               The event was cosponsored by the
Taiwan and Guam. Topics ranged from                                                        Council on social Work Education,
domestic violence to substance abuse to                                                    the state Department of Human
the long-term effects of colonization.      UH Hawaiian Studies Director                   services, Hawai‘i Medical services as-
                                            Jon Osorio delivering a welcome message
     Highlights included a memorial                                                        sociation, the uH Center for Hawai-
lecture by nainoa thompson about his                                                       ian studies, Lampson International,
father the late Myron “Pinky” thomp-        of site visits to local social service agen-   the Queen Lili‘uokalani Children’s
son, a welcome message by Chairperson       cies whose primary clientele are Native        Center, the office of Hawaiian affairs
OHA Trustee Haunani apoliona, a             Hawaiians. The conference provided             and the univers Foundation. It was
performance by the Montana Indian           an opportunity for indigenous social           coordinated by Volunteer Resource
Hall of Fame Dance Troupe, a keynote        workers, researchers, educators, elders,       Center of Hawai‘i under the leadership
talk by Native Hawaiian activist and        community practitioners, and others to         of Mary Matayoshi. A special mahalo is
radio show host Poka Laenui, and a          describe emerging efforts to indigenize        reserved for the many faculty members
talk and musical performance by Jon         social work in research, practice, and         and community members who vol-
osorio (director of the UH Depart-          training.                                      unteered their time over the course of
ment of Hawaiian Studies). There were            Key themes emphasized by pre-             two years because of their belief in the
over 75 workshops from indigenous           senters, included the need to enlarge          importance of such a conference.
practitioners and scholars and a number     the space for indigenous knowledge
                                            or “ways of knowing” in social work

Renowned Social Workers Honored at                                                  The Department of Human
                                                                                    services expands Collabora-
Fundraising Dinner                                                                  tions with the school
In November 2006, the School hosted a      this dinner went to establish a Social        The Department of Human
dinner that honored six renowned social    Work Faculty Development Endow-          services sponsored training academy
workers: Masaru oshiro, Haunani            ment. Special thanks are extended to     at the School of Social Work delivers
apoliona, ah Quon McElrath, Patti          members of the AFSSW, to co-chair        programs to DHS child welfare staff,
Lyons, Richard Paglinawan, and Ly-         Walter Dods, and to program emcee        supervisors, and administrators as well
nette Paglinawan. The proceeds from        Jeff Watanabe.                           as consultation on foster care trainings
                                                                                    to contracted providers on O‘ahu and
                                                                                    the neighbor islands. It also provides
                                                                                    training and assistance to other entities
                                                                                    including the Department of Public
                                                                                    Safety. tony alvarez is the Center’s
                                                                                    director of training and Hamilton
                                                                                    McCubbin is the director of research.
                                                                                         The Center for training
                                                                                    and Evaluation Research of the
                                                                                    Pacific (CtERP) was established as an
                                                                                    outgrowth of the Training Academy. It
                                                                                    is designed to advance the profession
                                                                                    through research, evaluation, and train-
Dinner honorees l to r: Masaru Oshiro, Haunani Apoliona, Ah Quon McElrath,          ing with a sustained commitment to the
Patti Lyons, Lynnette Paglinawan, Likeke Paglinawan                                 development, functioning and resil-
                                                                                    ience of the people, communities, and
                                                                                    agencies of Hawai‘i and the Pacific, the
                                                                                    nation, and the world. CTERP’s con-
                                                                                    tributions are manifested in the cultiva-
                                                                                    tion and development of faculty, their
                                                                                    scholarship, grant-making, and research
                                                                                    and training partnerships with other
                                                                                    universities, non-profits, and agencies
                                                                                    on a national and international scale.
L to r: Jon Matsuoka, Patti Lyons, Linda                                                 Ultimately, the goal of CTERP is to
Coble and Kirk Matthews                                                             create an environment that supports the
                                                                                    advancement of evidence-based prac-
                                                                                    tice, and the cultivation and application
                                                                                    of culture/ethnicity and indigenous
                                                                                    methodologies and knowledge. It is
                                                                                    our vision that this will lead to the
                                                                                    advancement and development of the
                                                                                    profession, policies, programs, and com-
                                           L to r: Jon Matsuoka, Jeff Watanabe      munities and ultimately, to improving
                                                                                    services devoted to the well-being of the
                                                                                    people in our communities.
L to r: Nainoa Thompson, Masaru
Oshiro, and Jon Matsuoka

paula Morelli receives                       The School Holds Strategic Planning Days to
Teaching award
                       On September
                                             Explore Indigenization
                       5, 2007, Paula
                       Morelli, chair of
                       the School’s mental
                       health concentra-
                       tion, was awarded
                       the UH Manoa
Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious
Teaching. Morelli’s instructional phi-
losophy is grounded in three principles:
engaged pedagogy, critical and creative
thinking, and mastery and application of
knowledge and skills. Her style of teach-
ing was described as honest, open and
                                           The School has held a number of              to the people and communities it serves.
relaxed such that students feel welcome
                                           strategic planning days to explore and       Pictured above are the participants at
to ask difficult questions and engage in
                                           articulate it’s effort to be more relevant   the last planning day.
challenging dialogue about tough social
issues. One colleague noted, “her com-
mitment to students is as strong as her
commitment to a better society.”
                                             David Korten Visits Communities in Hawai‘i
Dean is awarded Hope                         When David Korten, author of The
                                             Great Turning: From Empire to Earth
Gathering’s individual                       Community and When Corporations
leadership award                             Rule the World, first came to Hawai‘i in
     On May 12, 2007, Jon Matsuoka           2005, School board member Puanani
was presented with Hope Gathering’s          Burgess organized a small group of
Individual Leadership Award for his          folks to hear him speak and to affirm
role in preparing individuals to cham-       the work of reclaiming and retelling
pion causes in Hawai‘i and throughout        their own stories tied to an ‘aina-based
the Pacific Region. He was recognized        geneology that many of them had been
for moving the School forward and in         doing in their communities. Following
so doing, creating positive change in        this, the group, including Jon Mat-
Hawai‘i and other regions.                   suoka, met and formulated a plan to
                                             have Korten return to Hawai‘i to help
                                             them reach into various “communities
                                             of power,” which included the Legisla-
                                             ture, the university, local communities,
                                             the church, and the business sector.       l to r: David Korten, Fran Korten,
                                             This important gathering took place        Ho‘oipo DeCambra, Failautusi “Tusi”
                                             two years later at Matsuoka’s house in     Avegalio, and his son (seated) Talavou
                                                    ¯                                   Avegalio

L to r: Deborah Johnson, Vann Johnson,
Jon Matsuoka, and Hiawatha Hemphill

The 15th international                      March as social Work Month
Consortium for social                       March 15, 2007 Governor Linda Lingle proclaimed March as Social Work Month.
Development Honors
late ssW Dean
Daniel s. sanders
by Christobel Sanders
    The biennial conference of the
International Consortium for Social
Development took place in Hong Kong
China from July 16-20, 2007 at the
Polytech University. Several UHSSW
faculty members had the pleasure of
attending along with Christobel
Sanders. The topic of the conference
was “Seeking Harmony and Promoting
Social Development in a World of
Conflict.” A highlight of every confer-     L to r: NASW-HI president Jeanette Matsumoto, DHS director Lillian Koller,
ence is the Daniel S. Sanders Peace and     Jon Matsuoka, and Lt. Gov. James R. Aiona
Social Justice Lecture, established after
Sanders passed away. Many will remem-       school signs Memorandum of understanding with
ber Sanders as previous dean of the         philippines
UHSSW.                                           The School’s partnership with            delivered in Hawai‘i that allows for
                                            the Philippines is a result of its strong     collaborative research and training, and
                                            relationship with the Consuelo Foun-          faculty and student exchanges.
                                            dation, which supports over 100 social             Our contacts in the Philippines
Governor proclaims                          service agencies serving children and         also extend to the Philippine Women’s
                                            families in the Philippines. To date,         University in Manila, ongoing discus-
                                            the foundation has funded five student        sions resulted in a signed MOU.
                                            internships in the Philippines. These         The school wishes to express gratitude
                                            exchanges are meant to benefit children       to Patti Lyons, former CEO of the
                                            and families in the Philippines as well       Foundation, and Gerri Marullo,
                                            as to help influence the way services are     present CEO.

Daniel Sanders.

                                            L to r: The three latest students to go to    The signing of the MOU l to r: Chancel-
                                            the Philippines pictured with their faculty   lor Dolores Baja Lasan, Jon Matsuoka,
                                            mentors: faculty member Tony Alvarez, Les-    President Amelou Benitez Reyes, Board
                                            lie Cabingabang, Darren Wong, Kimberly        Chair Helena Z. Benitez, and former
                                            King, and faculty member Paula Morelli        President Jose Conrado Benitez

 ¯ ¯
Ha Kupuna: National Resource Center for                                                        The center is governed by staff with
                                                                                           expertise in Native Hawaiian culture
Native Hawaiian Elders                                                                     and gerontology. noreen Mokuau
                                                                                           serves as director, with support from
                                                                                           associate directors Kathryn Braun and
                                                                                           Colette Browne.
                                                                                               For more information, please visit
                                                                                           our website at http://manoa.hawaii.edu/

                                                                                           neighbor island residents
                                                                                           enrolled in MsW program via
                                                                                           Distance education
                                                                                                Since the last newsletter, there have
                                                                                           been many important developments
L to r: Colette Browne, Noreen Mokuau, Lehua Choy, and Kathryn Braun
                                                                                           with the School’s distance education op-
     Ha Kupuna, the National Resource
       ¯ ¯                                    vices more than their non-native elder       tion, SWITCHED-ON (Social Work In-
Center for Native Hawaiian Elders, is         counterparts in Hawai‘i. One strategy to     teractive Television, Computer-based and
one of three National Resource Centers        address these disparities is to understand   Hybrid Education Delivery – ONline,
for Native Elders funded by the U.S.          and utilize cultural strengths in the pro-   ONscreen, and ONsite). Last spring, five
Administration on Aging, Department           vision of culturally responsive services.    site coordinators on the neighbor islands
of Health and Human Services. The                    ¯ ¯
                                                   Ha Kupuna speaks to the giving of       were hired to help advise and support
other two are the National Resource              ¯
                                              “ha,” or breath of life, to the succeed-     SWITCHED-ON students. Thirty stu-
Center on Native American Aging at            ing generations. In order to provide our     dents were admitted and orientations,
the University of North Dakota and the        elders with the opportunity to share                                         ¯
                                                                                           one of which took place at Manoa, were
National Resource Center for Ameri-              ¯
                                              “ha” with younger generations, we must       held in the spring.
can Indian, Alaska Native, and Native         consider ways to promote their wellbe-            The School has brought on two
Hawaiian Elders at the University of          ing, health, and access to long-term         additional full-time faculty members
Alaska. Ha Kupuna is the newest center,
            ¯ ¯                                                         ¯ ¯
                                              care. The mission of Ha Kupuna is to         specifically to teach distance education
recently established in September 2006.       assure parity of life expectancy and good    courses. Assistant Professors Eric Youn
     Greater life expectancies in Hawai‘i     health among the state’s growing num-        and Rebecca stotzer are profiled else-
have led to a dramatically different de-      ber of Native Hawaiian elders. Its goal      where in this newsletter.
mographic state profile, with increasing      is to improve access to and delivery of           For more information go to
numbers of those who are 60 years of          services to Native Hawaiian elders and       the SWITCHED-ON webpage at
age and over. Nearly 231,000 individu-        their caregivers through the develop-        http://www.hawaii.edu/sswork/de/
als are in this age group (18 percent of      ment and dissemination of knowledge
the general population), and projections      around their health and long-term care
estimate that the elder population will       patterns and preferences.
increase to 25 percent by the year 2030.           Now in its second year of opera-
Although longevity is a success story,        tion, the center is focusing on meeting
advanced age also brings social, health,      with key community leaders, elders, and
and economic vulnerabilities. Native          family caregivers throughout the state
Hawaiian elders, or kupuna, have some
                       ¯                      of Hawai‘i in order to introduce them
of the nation’s shortest life expectancies,         ¯ ¯
                                              to Ha Kupuna and collect data that           Pictured is the first DE cohort with
are more likely to be impoverished, have      improves the understanding of Native         various faculty members at an orientation
greater problems with self-care, and          Hawaiian elders and services provided        on O‘ahu
tend to underutilize healthcare ser-          to them.

New Faculty and Staff
        INSTRUCTIONAL FACULTY              concentration. Active with        hate crimes, particularly vio-
                                           NASW, she was recently            lence perpetrated against gay
                                           elected as regional representa-   men, lesbians, bisexuals, and
                                           tive to the NASW National         transgender people.
                              Ka‘opua is
                                           Committee on Nominations          Since her MSW practicum
                                           and Leadership Identifica-        experience, she has been a
                                           tion. She is also working         devoted “crosser” with the
                              sor at the
                                           with other NASW colleagues        American Red Cross in their
                                           to update the health policy       Health and Safety depart-
                                           statement for review by           ment for six years. When not
        the UH Cancer Research
                                           the 2008 NASW Delegate            in her office, you can find
        Center. Her paternal an-
                                           Assembly.                         Stotzer exploring the hiking
        cestors are from Kohala
        and North Kona, moku of
        Keawe (Hawai‘i island). Her
        maternal family originated
                                                                Stotzer                           Eric Youn
        in Guangdong, China and
                                                                joined the                        joined the
        first settled as plantation
                                                                School in                         School
        workers in Pepe‘eko, Hawai‘i
                                                                August                            as an
        island. Raised in Kalihi and
                                                                2007 after                        assistant
        Kahalu‘u on O‘ahu, she cur-
                                                                a one-year                        profes-
        rently resides in He‘eia with
                                           post-doctoral position as                              sor in the
        her husband, Victor Voth, a
                                           the Williams Institute 2006       distance education option
        social worker at the Schofield
                                           Public Policy Fellow, at the      of the MSW program. He
        Family Services Center. She
                                           UCLA School of Law, where         graduated from the Univer-
        is the mother of two adult
                                           she provided statistics to        sity of Houston in 1993 with
        daughters, a granddaughter,
                                           legislators for the vote on the   a BA in English Literature.
        and a pack of hapa (half )
                                           current federal hate crimes       He worked in the technol-
        Chihuahua - Terriers. Lana
                                           legislation. She was hired as     ogy field for about ten years
        serves as a deacon of Kau-
                                           an assistant professor in the     before getting his MSSW and
        makapili Church in Palama¯
                                           distance education option of      PhD from the University of
        and enjoys singing with the
                                           the MSW program.                  Texas at Arlington. His prac-
        choir which recently pro-
                                           Stotzer completed her under-      tice has been primarily with
        duced “Ke One Mele”, a c.d.
                                           graduate degree in psychol-       at-risk youth. He has worked
        recognized at the 2007 Na    ¯
                                           ogy and English from Car-         in charter schools, foster care
           ¯ ¯
        Hoku Hanohano Award as
                                           negie Mellon University in        agencies, and youth shelter
        best religious C.D.
                                           1999, her MSW in 2000, her        settings. His research inter-
        Eliminating cancer disparities
                                           MA in psychology in 2003,         ests include at-risk youth,
        and promoting a legacy of
                                           and her PhD in social work        distance education in social
        holistic health is the focus
                                           and psychology in 2006 from       work, and the integration of
        of her practice and research.
                                           the University of Michigan.       technology into the social
        She was recently appointed
                                           Her research foci include         work curriculum.
        head of the School’s health

SPECIALISTS                                           Felix         Long Beach, Cambodian              forensic mental health from
                                                      Blumhardt     cross-cultural trainings and       the University of California
                                                      is a lec-     hospice work. She also served      at Irvine. She has worked in a
                                                      turer and     for five years as the clini-       variety of psychiatric pro-
                      was hired
                                                      researcher    cal director for South Bay         grams in Oregon, California
                      as a
                                                      with the      Children’s Health Center.          and Hawai‘i and provided
                                                      Center        Causey has also participated       training to the California De-
                                  on Training Evaluation and        in interdisciplinary seminars,     partment of Forensic Mental
                      site co-
                                  Research of the Pacific.          supplied clinical supervision      Health and the Department
ordinator for West Hawai‘i.
                                  Previously, she taught at the     for staff accruing state licens-   of Corrections. She was also
She has worked in the areas
                                  University of Kansas and the      ing hours, and conducted           a trainer under contract with
of substance abuse, gerontol-
                                  University of South Carolina.     diagnostic psycho-social           the California Chapter of
ogy, domestic violence, sexual
                                  Her areas of specialization       assessments for children in        NASW.
assault, foster care, and child
                                  include intimate partner          foster care and special educa-          Kaulukukui is currently
development. She earned her
                                  violence, women’s issues, and     tion.                              the training director of the
MSSW from the University
                                  child welfare. She received                                                     ¯
                                                                                                       School’s Palama Project, a
of Texas at Arlington and her
                                  her MSW from East Carolina                                           work-force-development col-
PhD from the University of
                                  University in 1994 and her                             Lehua         laboration with the Depart-
Texas at Austin. In addition
                                  PhD from the University of                             Choy          ment of Health. She is also a
to being the site coordina-
                                  South Carolina in 2004. She                            is the        lecturer in the mental health
tor she is a counselor and
                                  teaches in the areas of human                          project       concentration. She has a
instructor at Hawai‘i Com-
                                  behavior and the social envi-                          coordina-     special interest in cultural
munity College. Her interests
                                  ronment, social work practice                                   ¯
                                                                                         tor for Ha    competency, and assists with
include organic gardening,
                                  with families and groups, and                             ¯
                                                                                         Kupuna:       the UH School of Medi-
health education, working on
                                  research.                         National Resource Center           cine’s Department of Native
her land, reading, computers,
                                                                    for Native Hawaiian Elders.        Hawaiian Health’s cultural
and animal rights.
                                                                    She attended Lewis and             immersion project for medi-
                                                      Kerry         Clark College in Portland,         cal students.
                                                      Causey is     Oregon, where she majored               Activities that make her
                                                      the direc-    in psychology. She earned her      heart sing: hula and garden-
                    Beck is
                                                      tor of the    MPH in social and behavior-        ing. Activities that make her
                                                      Ho‘omo-       al health sciences from UH.        heart pump: cheering for the
                    in the
                                                      hala          Prior to this, Choy was a          UH volleyball and football
                    area of
                                                      Project,      graduate research assistant for    teams.
                                  a collaboration between the       the Healthy Hawai‘i Initia-
                                  Adult Mental Health Divi-         tive Evaluation Team in the
health. She is the other half
                                  sion and the School. She          Department of Public Health                           Noreen
of project ‘Ohana Ho‘oikaika
                                  received her MSW from             Sciences.                                             Erony is
under the leadership of Paula
                                  California State University                                                             the site
Morelli. She received her
                                  Long Beach in 1992 and has                                                              coordina-
MSW from Fordham Uni-
                                  been a licensed clinical social                        C. Malina                        tor on
versity in 1993 and has been
                                  worker for twelve years. Her                           Kauluku-                         Maui
a practicing social worker
                                  experience includes residen-                           kui                              where she
ever since.
                                  tial treatment with children                           obtained      also received her MSW in
                                  and adolescents, the develop-                          her MSW       1990 when the UH MSW
                                  ment and implementation of                             from          distance education option
                                  community based therapeu-                              Portland
                                  tic programs for the United       State University in 1981. She
                                  Cambodian Community in            also holds certification in

was delivered on-site, one        option. She received her BA                             Origi-        mulated a contextual model
island at a time. She retired     in philosophy from Vassar                               nally from    for assessment and treatment
several years ago from Maui       College in Poughkeepsie,                                China,        that integrates developmental
Community College where           NY and her master’s degree                              Fenfang Li    psychology with philosophy
she was the nursing coun-         in human resource manage-                               came to       and spirituality. She is the
selor. Failing retirement, she    ment at Chapman Uni-                                    the UH        training coordinator for
returned to work with Maui        versity in Orange County,                               in 2002       CTERP.
MSW students. She is also a       CA. Her academic interests         to pursue graduate studies in
social worker in international    include ethics in the work-        public health. After she re-
adoptions.                        place, process management,         ceived her MPH she went on                               Steve
                                  organizational development,        to earn a PhD in biomedical                              Onken is
                                  and strategic planning. Her        sciences (epidemiology). Li                              a research
                    Jennifer      personal interests include         has initiated and completed                              specialist
                    Kishida       sustainability issues, studio      the statewide surveillance                               with the
                    grew up       art, and getting her children      project on antimicrobial                                 Mental
                    in Hono-      into college.                      resistance --the State Anti-                             Health
                    lulu. She                                        microbial Resistance Project       Services Research, Evalua-
                    attended                                         based in the DOH.                  tion and Training program,
                    UH where                            Theresa           Li’s research interests are   an associate faculty appoint-
she earned a BA in psychol-                             Kreif came   social etiology and multidis-      ment with the School and
ogy and an MEd in educa-                                on board     ciplinary studies of health        the Social Science Research
tional administration with an                           as a         problems and disparities.          Institute. Prior to this he was
emphasis in higher educa-                               research     She also has strong interests      an assistant professor at Co-
tion. She worked for 12 years                           assistant.   in child and family welfare,       lumbia University’s School of
at the Co-curricular Activi-                            She re-      women’s health issues, and         Social Work. Onken’s prac-
ties, Programs and Services       ceived her BSW with a minor        gerontology.                       tice and scholarship expertise
Office in Campus Center           in women’s studies from                                               is mental health recovery
before joining the School in      Wichita State University, and                                         and the measurement and
September 2006 as a special-      her MSW concentrating in                                Sara          sustainable development of
ist for the MSW and PhD           community building with                                 Marshall      consumer/survivor self-help
programs. In her free time,       marginalized populations                                has a PhD     and peer support services.
she enjoys cooking,               with an international focus                             from the      His work also focuses on
eating, reading, and              from Washington University                              University    mental health evidence-based
photography.                      in St. Louis. She has worked                            of Texas      practices as well as social
                                  for the DOE as a school                                 at Ar-        networks and supports.
                                  based behavioral health            lington and an MSW from            Onken’s direct practice areas
                    Lillian       specialist for the last four       the University of Tennessee.       include mental health and
                    Klein was     years. Her areas of interest in-   She has taught in the Texas        disability, civil and legal
                    first hired   clude community, social and        A & M System and Portland          rights protection and advo-
                    as a site     economic development and           State University. She has          cacy, social networks and
                    liaison       international social work. She     years of experience in family      supports, mental health
                    for the       served four years as a Peace       therapy, child trauma and          evidence-based practices,
                    Indige-       Corps Volunteer on Yap             child protective services. Her     sexual orientation, gender
nous social work conference.      Island, Federated States of        research interests are DNA,        expression, strategies ad-
Following that, she was           Micronesia.                        imagery, biofeedback and the
hired as an assistant for the                                        treatment of post-traumatic
School’s distance education                                          stress disorder. She has for-

dressing hate violence, and                           Richard                           Christine      STAFF
community organizing. He                              Rodriguez                         Tenbarge
served as a co-investigator                           was hired                         is the East
and project coordinator for                           as the                            Hawai‘i
the Texas Employment As-                              Moloka‘i                          site coor-
                                                                                                                            joined the
sistance Through Reciprocity                          site coor-                        dinator
                                                                                                                            School as
in Natural Supports Study.                            dinator                           for the
He is principal investigator of   for the distance education         distance education option of
                                                                                                                            to the
Mental Health Recovery: What      MSW option. He resides             the MSW program.
                                                                                                                            dean with
Helps and What Hinders? A         on Moloka‘i full time and
                                                                                                       over 15 years experience at
National Research Project for     teaches sociology for Maui                        Marsha
                                                                                                       the UH. Prior to this, she
the Development of Recovery       Community College/                                Thayer
                                                                                                       worked at electrical engineer-
Facilitating System Perfor-       Moloka‘i Education Center.                        is the
                                                                                                       ing, the University Budget
mance Indicators. His interna-    He holds an MSW and a                             Kaua‘i site
                                                                                                       Office, Alu Like, Inc. and
tional collaborations include     PhD in counseling psychol-                        coordina-
                                                                                                       Waldenbooks. She has an as-
New Zealand, Switzerland,         ogy. His doctoral dissertation                    tor for the
                                                                                                       sociate’s degree in liberal arts
Canada, Australia, Scotland,      was entitled “A Compara-                          distance
                                                                                                       from Kapi‘olani Community
England, and Colombia.            tive Study of Gay Male and         education MSW option.
                                                                                                       College and a bachelor’s de-
                                  Heterosexual Male During
                                                                                                       gree in English. Her favorite
                                  Mid-life Transition.”
                                                                                                       hobbies include eating, cook-
                     L. Pua                                                              Leven
                                                                                                       ing, reading, and aerobics.
                     Paul                                                                “Chuck”
                                                                                                       Todd lives in Mililani with
                     received                          Michelle                          Wilson
                                                                                                       her husband and two sons.
                     her MSW                           Scofield                          is the
                     from UH                           received                          project
                     in 1996.                          her MSW                           coordina-
                     Since                             with an                           tor for the
graduating, she has been                               advanced        ¯
                                                                     Na Lei Mamo Program on
practicing in the area of                              certificate   Moloka‘i through CTERP.
children’s mental health with     in gerontology from UH in          He received his BA in sociol-
the Children and Adolescent       2004. She is proud to identi-      ogy and MSW with a focus
Mental Health Depart-             fy herself as a “home grown”       in gerontology from the UH.
ment. Currently, she is the       graduate. She was born and         He is currently pursuing a
project director of ‘Ohana        raised in Pearl City. Her roots    doctorate in organizational
Ho‘oikaika a collaborative ef-    and affinity to this land come     leadership. His professional
fort between the School and       from her maternal family on        interest is community devel-
CAMHD.                            Lana‘i, Kaua‘i, and O‘ahu.         opment through combin-
                                  Her specialty areas include        ing social work practices
                                  practice with individuals and      with business strategies and
                                  families with substance abuse      models.
                                  and co-occurring disorders,
                                  and social worker/student
                                  mentoring. Her research
                                  foci are indigenous recovery
                                  models, indigenous strength-
                                  based strategies, substance
                                  abuse, and sexual identity.

Board of Advisors News
        new Board of                                                    and Neighborhood Services
                                                                        Division. She was president
        advisors Members
                                                                        and CEO of CFS from 1980
        The dean’s board of                                             until 1990 when she left to
                                                                        become the first president
        advisors is composed of
                                                                        and CEO of Consuelo Zobel
        appointed members who        Patti J. Lyons, chair of the       Alger Foundation at the
        represent various segments   board, has been in direct          request of its founder and
                                     practice and administra-           benefactress. As the head
        of the Hawai‘i com-
                                     tion of social services all her    of this operating founda-
        munity. They advise the      working life. She is perhaps       tion, she directed Consuelo
        dean in matters relating     best known for her tireless        Foundation’s programs and
                                     advocacy on behalf of abused       services in Hawai‘i and the
        to development, commu-
                                     children. She has also been        Philippines. She retired from
        nity relations, the labor                                       Consuelo Foundation in
                                     a family advocate, outreach
        market, and they serve to    worker, child welfare consul-      2005 and continues to serve
        promote the school in the    tant, teacher, and university      on its Board of Directors.
                                     lecturer. The School was           She was elected the first
        community. The School is                                        Social Worker of the Year,
                                     delighted when she recently
        pleased to welcome four      assumed the chair of the           by NASW-Hawai‘i in 1974,
        new members.                 Dean’s Board of Advisors.          and was given a Legislative
                                     During her 23 years at Child       Commendation for her work
                                     & Family Service she opened        with abused and neglected
                                     the first satellite outreach of-   children. NASW elected her
                                     fice in Wai‘anae and estab-        for an unprecedented second
                                     lished the Advocacy Program        time in 2001.

                                      is credited with developing
                                      a method of way finding
                                      that synthesizes traditional
                                      ancient Pacific navigation
                                      with modern practices. He is
                                      the first Native Hawaiian to
     Jeanette Matsumoto became        practice the art of long-dis-    Lynn Watanabe began her
     a member of the School’s         tance way finding since such     career as a community volun-
     board after being elected        voyaging ended in Hawai‘i        teer at her children’s schools
     president of the Hawai‘i         around the 14th century.         later focusing her efforts on
     Chapter of NASW. She             Thompson has been a trustee      women and children in need,
     received her MSW from the        of Kamehameha Schools            the poor, and the medically
     UH in 1967 and a master          since 2001 and was appoint-      underserved both in Hawai‘i
     of public administration in      ed chairman of the board in      and the Philippines. She has
     1993.                            2004. He is president of the     also been instrumental in
           Matsumoto has worked       Polynesian Voyaging Society      supporting efforts to help
     at a variety of agencies, both   and leads the organization in    improve Hawai‘i’s public
     public and private, includ-      developing culturally relevant   schools.
     ing the Queen Lili‘uokalani
                                      educational programs in part-    A mother to four grown
     Children’s Center, the
     Department of Health and         nership with other schools       children (one of whom is a
     the Department of Human          and social agencies. He has      UHSSW alum) and grand-
     Services and has devoted her     also served as an associate      mother to three baby boys,
     life to serving infants and      in research with the Bishop      she balances time between
     children.                        Museum.                          a growing family and her
                                      Thompson is a 1972 high          community work. She is cur-
                                      school graduate of Punahou       rently on the boards of Aloha
                                      Schools and received his BA      Medical Mission, YMCA
                                      in ocean science at the UH.      of Honolulu, Hawai‘i 3R’S,
                                      His father, the late Myron       Child and Family Service-
                                      “Pinky” Thompson, is one of      Philippines, P-20 Advisory
                                      the School’s most esteemed       Council, and a founding
                                      alumni.                          member of the CFS Guild
     Nainoa Thompson, navigator
     and captain of the double-
                      ¯ ¯
     hulled canoe Hokule‘a has,
     for more than 25 years, led
     a revival of traditional arts
     associated with long distance
     ocean voyaging in Hawai‘i
     and throughout Polynesia
     and the world. Thompson

Student News
       Meet the BsW organization officers

       Ashley Yasuda         Marisa Chin               Leona Pereza
       President             Vice President            Secretary/Treasurer

       Meet the MsW Graduate student organization officers

       Rose DeAquino         Darran Wong               Erica Arent
       Co-President          Treasurer                 MSW Curriculum Rep.

                                                       Vaea Hess
                                                       Co-President and Vice
                                                       President (not pictured)

       Ohana Foley           Jillian Okamoto
       Assembly Rep          Fundraising coordinator

Gabe Koff                                   Keri Guerrero                             Oscar and Gaile M. Kurren Scholarship:
                                            Irena Lopez-Paz                           Julie Keanaaina, Susan Asp.
successfully Defends                        Sheryl Mita
                                                                                      Betty Lyle Anderson Scholarship:
Doctoral Dissertation                       Julie Moon
                                                                                      Erica Arent, Jennifer Cilfone, Darren
                                            Nancy Narawa
     On April 25, 2007, PhD student                                                   Wong, Spring Cretton.
                                            Yoshifumi Nogami
Gabe Koff successfully defended his dis-
                                            Leona Pereza                              Hoa Hana Scholarship:
sertation entitled “Alcohol and Psycho-
                                            Nhi Hoan Quach,                           Lori Shinsato, Spring Cretton.
logical Well-Being Among Caucasians,
                                            Mincha Saito,
Hawaiians, Japanese, and Filipinos in                                                 School of Social Work Alumni
                                            Millisa Whittenton,
Hawai‘i.” He graduated in May 2007.                                                   and Friends Scholarship:
                                            Kwee Ann Yap
                                                                                      shannon Yogi.
                                            Ashley Yasuda.
                                                                                      Ho‘ola ‘ia O Na Kupuna ‘Ihi Scholarship:
                                                                                      Lori Shinsato and Kimberly Oshiro.
                                            Congratulations                           phD
                                            to the fall ’07                                                ¯
                                                                                      Graduate Division Manoa Achievement
                                            scholarship awardees                      Scholarship:
                                            BsW                                       Michael (Palama) Lee
Pictured is Koff with his doctoral com-
mittee. L to r: Peter Mataira, Kathryn      Achievement Scholarship/Tuition Waiver:                         ¯
                                                                                      Asian Pacific Focus Manoa
Takara, dissertation committee chair        Julie Moon and Sau Yu (Samantha) Fung     Achievement Scholarship:
Barry Coyne, Jon Matsuoka, Gabe Koff,                                                 Jessica Garlock-Tuialii
PhD program chair Paula Morelli, and        George K. Okasaki Memorial Scholarship:
Shu Zhang.                                  Julie Moon                                Sentaro and Laurel T. T. Kaneda
                                                                                      Endowed Scholarship:
                                            Murabayashi Foundation Scholarship:       David Rothwell
                                            Kimberlee Lee
uHssW Dean’s list                                                                     Richard S. and T. Rose Takasaki
                                            Fred Markham Lampson Scholarship:         Endowed Scholarship:
    The dean’s list distinction is award-   Nancy Narawa                              David Rothwell
ed to undergraduate students with a
GPR of 3.5 or better without receiving      MsW                                       Daniel Selvarajah Sanders
grades of W, I, F, or NC. The School is     Graduate Division Ma noa
                                                               ¯                      Doctoral Award:
proud to welcome the following BSW                                                    Kyoko Herberle
students to the dean’s list for spring      Achievement Scholarship:
                                            Sonia Wah Yick and Rebecca Diener.        Jensen Lampson Memorial
2007:                                                                                 Scholarship:
Gladys Joy Cabradill                                             ¯
                                            Asian Pacific Focus Manoa                 Jessica Garlock-Tuialii
Spring Cretton                              Achievement Scholarship:
                                            Kaori Walker.                             Sally Kanehe Lampson Scholarship:
Michelle Dufour                                                                       Michael (Palama) Lee
Krista Jo Dusek
Shirley Foley                                                                         Elaine K. Tamashiro Endowed Fellowship:
Sau Yu Fung                                                                           Katalina McGlone
Kelli Gim

A Student’s Story
by Chuck Leven Wilson

     In the Spring of 2005, I was as-
signed an MSW practicum placement at
Adult Protective Services with Lei shi-
mizu as my practicum instructor. One
of my clients was struggling with severe
mental and physical problems, and lived
alone in an eight-bedroom family home
that had been neglected for nearly 25
years. By the time I met her, she was
sleeping in her garage and the house was
close to being foreclosed because of her
inability to pay the increasing property
taxes. Of all the issues that needed to
be addressed, the most challenging was
how save her home from foreclosure.
She still owed close to $40,000K which
she could not pay, but the land was
worth close to $600,000.
     Selling the property would net
the client about $325,000 after pay-
ing capital gains and other taxes. I
                                           Pictured: The client’s house before renovation. Stay tuned for the “after” photo.
calculated that this would be exhausted
within three years were she to be placed                                                  the nearly $80,000 in fees and fines,
                                                In November 2006, nan, Inc., a
in a care home. After that, she would                                                     Home Depot has donated materials and
                                           local construction company agreed to
be completely dependent upon the state                                                    volunteers from the trinity Missionary
                                           let me make a presentation to them.
for her care. It just did not make sense                                                  Baptist Church have gotten involved.
                                           I stated the client’s case and provided
to me to see this person, who was now                                                          I understand now that social work
                                           education about poverty and mental
sick and in need of assistance but who,                                                   involves the use of many skills. It means
                                           illness in a PowerPoint presentation
at one time, was a productive citizen,                                                    being open to alternative solutions, and
                                           to the president and his executives. A
lose everything because of circumstances                                                  having the willingness to continue in
                                           month later, I was asked to return to
beyond her control.                                                                       the face of overwhelming obstacles. If
                                           present the case to their engineers and
     I scheduled several meetings with                                                    we work together both within and out-
                                           work force. At the end of the meeting,
the City and County of Honolulu to                                                        side our profession we will continue to
                                           the president and the vice president in-
try and secure a rehabilitation loan,                                                     create solutions that may seem impos-
                                           formed me that they would rehabilitate
reverse the mortgage or to assist her in                                                  sible.
                                           the client’s home at no cost.
selling her house at market value. These                                                       EDITOR’S NOTE: Wilson has
                                                The work on her home began in
meetings went on for nearly two years;                                                    since been awarded a Senate Resolu-
                                           March 2007. Since that time Mason
however, neither the state nor the city                                                   tion for his social work advocacy from
                                           architects has developed the draw-
and county were in a position to help.                                                    senator suzanne Chun oakland.
                                           ings for permits at no cost. Paradise
     I then rallied MSW students Kelli                                                    He graduated with his MSW and now
                                           Landscaping Maintenance Company
Minatoya and Karen Honbo to help                                                          works for the School’s training academy.
                                           is cleaning and clearing the property at
me. Together, we made pleas to multiple                                                   He is also pursuing a doctoral degree.
                                           no cost, the city and county has waived
agencies and private corporations.

uHssW responds to Homeless
     In response to a news item on             call to action generated an enormous             and students delivered Easter baskets to
Channel 8 depicting the homeless               outpouring of support from faculty,              the children of one of the newly opened
camps on the Leeward Coast deci-               students and community members and               shelters and those still on the beaches.
mated by heavy weather, the faculty and        raised nearly $2,000.                                 The School wishes to thank the
students organized a campaign to help               Channel 8 covered the event as new          following community organizations for
those who had lost nearly everything           tarps, containers, toiletries, towels and        their generous support: City Mill, Mc-
to the high winds, surf and rains. The         other supplies were delivered. In April, a       Donald’s Restaurants, Price Busters,
                                               second trip was made when the faculty            and WalMart.

Jackie Graessle (back center) with some of the shelter children holding their Easter baskets.

Alumni News
       alumni and friends
       of the school of
       social Work
            The AFSSW continues
       to grow and thrive. Recent
       activities have included fund-
       raising events, assisting with
       important School initiatives,
       and funding an endowed
                                        Front row sitting from l to r: Ethel Yamane, President Marty
       scholarship. This photo was
                                        Oliphant, Vice-President Sally Lampson Kanehe, and Elena
       taken at a recent quarterly
                                        Gaborno. Back row l to r: Secretary Kathy Kreinik,
       meeting.                         Mary Beth McClintock, Jim Deutch, John Tomoso of Maui,
                                        Eddie Mersereau, Nathan Chang, NASW President Jeanette
                                        Matsumoto, Iwalani Lum, and Cori Miller

        The school expresses            $100,000 and above.                    More recently, she
        Gratitude to elena              Kanehe has funded the             pledged $200,000 to fund
        Gaborno                         following scholarships: the       the Le‘a Publication Series,
                                        Sally Lampson Endowed             the purpose of which is to
           Alum and board of            Scholarship (PhD), the Fred       advance the scholarship
        advisor member Elena            Markham Lampson En-               and the dissemination of
        Gaborno suffered the re-        dowed Scholarship (MSW)           knowledge about indigenous
        cent loss of her mother.        the Jensen Lampson Memo-          theory, research and practice
        Rather than flowers, she        rial Endowed Scholarship          designed to promote the
        asked that folks donate         Fund (BSW), and the Sally         wellbeing of people, commu-
        money to the School. This       Kanehe Lampson Endowed            nity, families, children, and
        generated over $2,000.          Scholarship (MSW/PhD).            society.
        The School wishes to
        extend its gratitude and
        best wishes to her.

       sally lampson
       Kanehe is inducted
       into the university
       founders Club
            UH MSW alum Sally
       Lampson Kanehe was re-
       cently inducted into the UH      Kanehe (center) is pictured in front of the plaque in her honor
       Founder’s Club, reserved         placed at Bachman Hall. L to r: Xiao-Ou Cao, Jon Matsuoka,
       for those who have donated       Kanehe, UH Foundation President Donna Vuchinich, and
                                        Nathan Chang

Ho‘oipo                         alumni Class notes                lifetime of learning, and for      Michele (Duval) Childs is with
                                                                  which I am truly grateful.”        the City of Manassas Hous-
DeCambra awards                 The following entries are                                            ing Choice Voucher Program
school $5,000                   listed in alphabetical order      Michelle Alonzo Contillo,
                                                                                                     in Virginia.
When Ho‘oipo DeCambra,          and not all graduation dates      ’99, is the nephrology social
a longtime community activ-     were specified.                   worker for Fresenius Medical       Jennifer L. Chong, ‘02, is a
ist from Wai‘anae, received                                       Care – Hawai‘i Region.             behavioral health specialist
the Robert Wood Johnson                                                                              with the DOE Windward
Foundation Community                                              Emiko Baker, ’78, is an
                                BSW                                                                  District.
Leader award, she donated                                         outreach counselor for the
$5,000 of this to support the   Susan Asp, ’07, is currently      Ko‘olau region of Kame-            Eric Kium Tim Chung, ’05, is a
School’s efforts to explore                                       hameha Schools.                    social worker with the Adult
                                enrolled in the UHSSW
the indigenization of their                                                                          Mental Health Division. He
curriculum and to support       Program as an advanced            James Bott,’01, is a school
                                standing student. She is also                                        was also recently accepted
recruitment of students from                                      social worker for Honolulu
the Wai‘anae community.         a part-time social worker at a                                       at the University of Taipei
                                                                  School District Special Ser-
                                nursing home.                                                        where he will be learning
                                                                  vices Team, a member of the
                                                                  special education diagnostic
                                                                  team for Kaimukı Complex           Ira G. Cordeiro, ’97, resides
                                MsW                               schools.                           in Germany and is a clinical
                                                                                                     social worker and substance
                                Mary Alger, ’82, retired as an    Diana Buckley, ’82, divides
                                                                                                     abuse counselor for the
                                early childhood intervention      her time between Hawai‘i
L to r: Jon Matsuoka, Ho‘oipo                                                                        Schweinfurt Army Substance
                                specialist in Mount Hood,         and Massachusetts. She is an
DeCambra, Puanani Burgess,                                                                           Abuse Program at Ledward
                                OR. She volunteers in a           organizational development
Poka Laenui, Lana Ka‘opua,                                                                           Barracks.
and Peter Mataira               school for Otomi children in      consultant for human service
                                Queretaro, Mexico and plans       agencies.                          Judith Cucco, ’07, is a case
                                to complete her TESOL                                                manager with child welfare
                                certificate to teach English to   Paula-Ann Burgess-Tauala is
                                                                                                     services, DHS.
                                the parents of those children.    the director of the Kame-
                                                                  hameha Schools Community           Patty Curry, ’01, is a behav-
                                Lynn Allar nee Klump, ’75,                               ¯ ¯
                                                                  Learning Center at Nanakuli        ioral health officer at Fort
                                is senior director for Access     where she has been for nearly      Campbell, Kentucky and will
                                and Older Adult Services at       20 years. She is also the          soon be deployed to Iraq for
                                Valley Cities Counseling and      operations manager for the         15 months.
                                Consultation in Seattle, WA.      Wai‘anae Coast Comprehen-
                                She writes, “My education                                            Susan Daniewicz, ’71, is the
                                                                  sive Health Center ER HELP
                                at UH provided me with a                                             director of the BSW program
                                combination of clinical, com-                                        and chair of the Department
                                munity, research and admin-       Hugh F. Carlin Jr. is the clini-   of Social Work, Sociology,
                                istrative experiences which       cal director at Benchmark          and Criminal Justice at the
                                have served as the basis for a    Hawai‘i working with teen          University of Washington.
                                                                  boys in a residential setting.

Mary DeNinno, ’78, is a          linda foye, ’79, is president     Greater Seattle providing        Jill T. Kouchi, ’84 (Kaua‘i), is
nephrology social worker at      and owner of Workplace            support and assistance for       working at Kapi‘olani Com-
the Windward and Honolulu        Solutions, Inc., an employee      young adults ages 17-25 that     munity College on two feder-
Dialysis units.                  assistance program that pro-      have experienced foster care     ally funded projects: Gear
                                 vides counseling on a variety     and/or homelessness.             Up and a Native Hawaiian
Brooke Evans, ’05, is the
                                 of issues.                                                         career project. She commutes
supervisor of Crisis Mobile                                        Kate Johnson, ’02, is a
                                                                                                    between the two islands.
Outreach at CARE Hawai‘i,        Judi Gatto, ’73, attends          clinical social worker with
Inc. and lectures for the        classes at the Academy for        Intensive Treatment Foster       Karen Ann MacAlpine Weller
School.                          Lifelong Learning at West-        Care at Seneca Center, San       Bettis, ‘91, is an adoption
                                 ern Washington University,        Francisco, CA.                   coordinator and trainer with
Dave Felt is director of adult
                                 volunteers at several local                                        Lutheran Family Services of
outpatient programs for                                            Nicole Kaplan is the vice
                                 organizations, and enjoys the                                      Colorado, working in both
Odyssey House of Utah, a                                           president of programs and
                                 natural beauty in Belling-                                         domestic and international
drug and alcohol treatment                                         services at the Center for
                                 ham, WA. She said there is                                         adoptions.
program.                                                           Healthy Aging in Santa
                                 even a Hawai‘i club there.
                                                                   Monica, CA. Her proudest         Eileen McCool, ’86, is a school
Paulette Fleming, ’73, retired
                                 Camille M. Gaudet is the          achievement has been the         counselor for Punahou
as vice president of human
                                 clinical director of an alcohol   development and replication      School, grades K-6.
resources/employee rela-
                                 and drug abuse prevention         of the ITNAmerica model
tions and special assistant to                                                                      Marti McCoy is self-employed
                                 treatment program at Travis       for dignified and sustain-
the president of Shoreline                                                                          providing early intervention
                                 Air Force Base.                   able transportation for older
Community College. Of                                                                               services for children with
                                                                   adults in Los Angeles.
retirement, she writes, “I am    Karlee Gentemann-Palms,                                            special needs and their fami-
busier than I ever imagined      ’06, is a medical social          Michele Katsutani provides       lies via his business Learning
and think I might have to go     worker at Hospice Center in       counseling, academic advis-      Through Play.
back to work to find some        Bend, Oregon.                     ing, and related services at
                                                                                                    Debbie Nanod,’96, is a school
free time.”                                                        Maui Community College.
                                 Jack Isbell, ’82, is an adjunct                                    social worker with the
MAJ Darren Fong, ’91, is sta-    instructor in social work at      Laura Kennedy, ’04, is           Leeward District, Waiʻanae
tioned at Fort Sam, Houston,     HPU.                              stationed in Ft. Bliss, El       Complex.
TX. He just returned from                                          Paso, Texas where she is an
                                 Mary Jane Jacinto, ’06, is an                                      Lance Niimi, ’80, is the unit
an 8-month tour in Iraq. He                                        active duty social worker at
                                 adoptions social worker for                                        manager for the Hilo Queen
is working at the Directorate                                      the rank of 1LT in the U.S.
                                 the Central Child Welfare                                          Lili‘uokalani Children’s
of Combat Doctrine and De-                                         Army.
                                 Permanancy Unit, Depart-                                           Center.
velopment writing policy on
                                 ment of Human Services.           Barbara Kirk ’86, is a private
mental health for the future                                                                        Tara O’Connor, ’07, is em-
                                                                   practitioner specializing in
Army.                            Julie Jacobson, ’81, resides                                       ployed by the Judiciary as
                                                                   child and family therapy
                                 in Washington and is associ-                                       a guardian ad litem social
Gemmi Fox, ’05, is with the                                        and groups for incarcerated
                                 ate director of Young Adult                                        worker advocating for chil-
DOE Early Intervention Sec-                                        women.
                                 Services at the YMCA of                                            dren in foster care because of
tion and is a lecturer for the
                                                                                                    abuse and/or neglect.

Marty Oliphant, ‘05, is the      Carrie Rosen, ’03, is a utiliza-   Jeanette C. Takamura is dean     Vanessa M. White, ’98, is a
social work program manager      tion management supervi-           and professor at Columbia        captain the US Army and is
for the Resource Families        sor the DOH-AMHD. She              University School of Social      a clinical social work officer
Support Services at Foster       was recently elected to the        Work in New York City.           stationed at Camp Casey,
Family Programs of Hawai‘i.      NASW board.                        Her professional activities      Korea.
He lectures for the School                                          include being a member of
                                 Bobbie sandoz Merrill, ’74,                                         Arlina Wong is the program
and is the president of the                                         the Council on Social Work
                                 resides in Arizona, is the au-                                      director of the newly created
Alumni & Friends of the                                             Education Commission on
                                 thor of several books, includ-                                      Statewide Resource Families
School of Social Work.                                              Curriculum and Education
                                 ing Parachutes for Parents and                                      Program, Catholic Charities
                                                                    Innovation, the National
lbert H. Pacheco Jr., ‘05, is    Settle for More. She travels the                                    Hawai‘i.
                                                                    Quality Commission for
a social worker with Child       country with her husband,
                                                                    Long Term Care, and a num-       Linda Wong, ’05, is at the
Welfare Services on Hawai‘i      Dr. Tom Merrill, giving
                                                                    ber of other organizations.      Family Advocacy Program,
Island.                          workshops and trainings on
                                                                    Additionally, she is the im-     Schofield Barracks, working
                                 parenting and relationships.
Jane Phillips retired in                                            mediate past President of the    with military families experi-
2006 as president of Family      Clayton Skretvedt recently re-     American Society on Aging.       encing domestic violence.
Service, Lancaster, PA. She      tired as a social work admin-      Takamura has stayed in close
                                                                    contact with the School.         Luisa C.O. Wyant, ’03, is a
now serves on the boards of      istrator in the medical field in
                                                                                                     social worker with St. Francis
several non-profit organiza-     Fergus Falls, MN.
                                                                    Jermaine K. Turner, ’07, is      Hospice.
                                 Alexandra Sovin, ’99, is a         a community-based case
Rachel Piano, ’07, is a school   medical social worker at           management team leader at
counselor at the Sacred          a community hospital in                        ¯
                                                                    the Kalihi-Palama Health         phD
Hearts Academy for grades        the Richmond/San Pablo             Center-Health Care for the
9–12.                            districts. She resides in her      Homeless Project.                Lori Daniels, ’02, is an assis-
                                 hometown of Berkeley, Cali-                                         tant professor of social work
Reuben Rabanal, ’93, is a                                           Phillip J. Tydingco, ’84 (JD     at HPU.
medical social worker at the                                        ’90), is the chief prosecutor
Kansas City Hospice.             Pearl Sumailo is a care            for the Office of the Attorney   Maeona Mendelson ’90 (’84
                                 coordinator/case manager at        General, U.S. Territory of       MSW), is the president and
Randy Roach, ’99, went on to                                        Guam.                            founder of Travel and Learn
                                 Aloha Care.
receive an MBA and resides                                                                           LLC, a company that con-
in Hong Kong. He said            Clarissa A Wood is a commu-        Doris Viola, ’79, is a private   ducts intergenerational study
working at the Hawai‘i State     nity mental health worker in       practitioner in Brighton, MI.    tours.
Hospital was the best job he     Chesapeake, VA.
                                                                    Darlene Vysoky, ’06, is a
ever had.
                                                                    case manager at the North
                                                                    Shore Mental Health Center,

SSW Supporters
        The School of Social Work       The Queen’s Medical Center       Ms. Georgiana N. Awo
        wishes to extend its greatest   Watanabe Ing & Komeiji LLP       Mr. & Mrs. Randy K. Awo
        appreciation to the many                                         Mr. & Mrs. George H. Balazs
        individuals and organizations                                    Mrs. Jocelyn Bowman
        who have made monetary          Gifts of $1,000 to $1,499        Child & Family Service
        contributions. The generos-     Bill Mills Development Co.,      Mr. Norman Chin
        ity of alumni and friends          Inc.                          Mr. & Mrs. Merton Y. Chinen
        helps to fund education and     Capitol Consultants of Hawaii,   Kazuko S. Ching, SW
        initiatives that enhance the       LLP
                                                                         Rev. & Mrs. Ronald F. K. Ching
        quality of our School and       Carlsmith Ball, LLP
                                                                         Dr. Doris & Mr. Wilbert Ching
        community.                      GGP Limited Partnership
                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. John & Lydia
        Gifts received from July 1,     Dr. & Mrs. David Heenan             Chock
        2006 to June 30, 2007:          Ms. Mary Jane Y.S. Lee           Ms. Rene W. Day
                                        Maui Land & Pineapple            Ms. Eunice I. DeHay
                                           Company, Inc.
                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Charles Denno
        Gifts of $50,000 and above      Norwegian Cruise Line Limited
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        Bank of Hawaii                  Gifts of $100 to $499                Holland
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