The Reason behind Zimmer Hip Recall by charlottehoeflich


									                                 The Reason behind Zimmer Hip Recall

         Every year, a great number of individual undergo hip replacement surgery. When undergoing
 this type of surgery, the most common concerns are having a skilled surgeon, a fast recovery and the
               device that will be used is the most appropriate and the best in the market.

        One of the most recommended hip replacements is the Zimmer Durom Hip Cup. It was heavily
promoted as yielding a faster recovery this giving the client better mobility compared to the traditional
implants. It is believed to have been used by 12,500 patients since it was marketed in the United States
                                               since 2006.

        The Zimmer hip recall was announced on July 24, 2008 after numerous reports that the cup was
 defective and that it was causing the patients to undergo dangerous revision surgeries. Dr. Lawrence
Door, an orthopedic surgeon on California, observed that his patients who received the implants needed
revision surgery within the first two years. Upon performing the surgery, he had found out that Zimmer
 hip damages were loose cup implants that could possible pop out of its own socket due to the reason
       that the cups surface has poor fixation preventing the cup from staying at its proper place.

            The most common symptoms are seen within 90 days or more after the surgery. These
  symptoms are: continuous pain or discomfort, a loose or popping feeling of the implant, decrease
 mobilization in the leg and discomfort when rotating the leg or turn it. They do not have a smooth gait
 and manifest antalgic hip limp as they ambulate. In the first few weeks of the surgery, some patients
   might consider these symptoms as part of the healing process but instead of decreasing as time
                                        progresses, it gets worst.

The company is reported to set aside $145 million to cover for their current and future lawsuits. Getting
    skilled Zimmer hip lawyer to represent your claims could be a jump start in getting appropriate
 reparations. Choose to be represented by an expert in this field of cases together with an exceptional
                                        level of compassion.

        Both individual and Zimmer hip class action lawsuits have been filed against Zimmer Holdings. If
    you happen to be one of the recipients of this implant or know someone who did, you can seek
 compensation for medical and surgical expenses, related loss of income, pain and suffering through a
Zimmer hip lawsuit. If you or someone you know had a Zimmer Durom Hip Cup and is experiencing the
     above mentioned symptom, make it a point to consult an orthopedist to determine the cause.
Recipients of the Durom Cup must take the initiative to look for Zimmer hip recall lawyers to plead their

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