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Urticaria causes_ symptoms and treatment


									               Urticaria causes, symptoms and treatment

Urticaria is one of the most common allergic skin diseases. And occur due to
exposure to an allergen. And often affects only a Urticaria skin causing a
characteristic rash in any part of the body with an intense itching that
increase the situation worse.

Causes of urticaria:

There is a lot of allergens, but the majority of cases the cause is unknown. And
from these causes:

Some foods, such as milk and milk products, eggs, fish, shrimp, bananas,
mango, strawberry, chocolate. And also preservatives and Flavors of color in
preserved foods.

Some medications, such as aspirin, penicillin, sulfa, serum tetanus.

Inhalation of air by flying pollen.

Infection with certain parasites and microbes.

The bites of insects such as ants.

Perfumes and cosmetics.

Stress may be the main reason for the occurrence of urticaria or worse than
the situation that already exist.

And urticaria can be divided into two types depending on the period of rash:

- Acute urticaria: lasts for less than 6 weeks. About 50% of cases, the allergen
is known.

- Chronic urticaria: lasts for more than 6 weeks. Occur in at least 0.1% of the
people, and be more prevalent in women and in Advanced Age.

Symptoms of urticaria:

- When a person is exposed to the substance causing the allergy has for the
first time in his life, the immune system begins to form antibodies to this
article, and the person does not get any symptoms. And when exposed to this
material again, they react with antibodies that have already been formed. And
this leads to the secretion of chemicals, most notably substance histamine and
acetyl Colin and that lead to a widening in capillaries composed rash, with
some swelling, which makes skin rash, up slightly from the rest of the skin.

- And thus appear in the form of urticaria parts red, slightly raised above the
surface of the skin, accompanied by intense itching. And rash appears
suddenly and disappears without leaving any traces on the skin to appear in
another part of the skin.

- And in very few cases occur the so-called Angioedema, which is one of the
types of severe urticaria that occurs suddenly and accompanied by swelling of
the eyes and lips and hands and genitals. And sometimes accompanied by
shortness of breath and low blood pressure. And can lead to death if not
treated quickly.

Treatment of Urticaria:

Non-drug treatment:

Avoid allergens.

Shower with cold water and hot water and avoid excess heat to reduce the

Drug therapy:


Moisturisers localized to the skin in the form of lotion or cream.

Most cases, the rash disappears within 24 hours of starting treatment. And
must continue treatment for at least two days after the disappearance of the
rash is then gradually reduce the dose of treatment.

In severe cases not responding to treatment. Your doctor to give cortisone.

In the case of Angioedema should quickly give the epinephrine injection and

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