Tips for skin care in pregnant women

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					                  Tips for skin care in pregnant women

At first we must know that skin disorders in pregnancy back as the main
changes in hormonal and physical that accompany pregnancy and that are
difficult to control, so it is important to know the aesthetic problems
associated with pregnancy to deal with them properly with the knowledge
that many of these changes go away after weeks of termination of pregnancy
but others remain for long periods and need for treatment.

Problems faced by pregnant skin:

- Melasma and the dark spots: - hyperpigmentation may be the appearance of
dark spots or assigned to pregnancy more aspects of pregnancy commonly
Increased secretion of melanin pigment cells resulting from the rise in the
ratio of hormones (estrogen and progesterone) in women leads to stimulate
the pigment cells melanocytes and show symptoms of the fourth month
usually Note where you start some brown spots on the face, usually in front of
the nose, chin, cheeks and called to this cost as pregnancy becomes more dark
spots Gmoq addition to the emergence of black around the eye.

- Hair and nails: - varies affected hair pregnancy In some cases, notes carrier
that poetry has become less with a weakness in the hair may begin hair loss
after months of pregnancy and usually stop after 12 to 15 months of
termination of pregnancy As for the nail starts pounding nails and the
appearance of cracks in the break in the limbs.

- Gland activity: - changed clearly the functions of many of the glands in the
body such as sweat gland, which increases its activity is clearly sometimes,
also increases the activity of sebaceous glands in people of oily skin.

- Blood vessels: - occurs during pregnancy, several changes in the capillary
blood vessels which grow in size and expand due to increased blood volume in
the body (increased body size ratio 50%) and results in a so-called networks
of spider blood in the form of blood vessels visible on the surface of the skin
and cause stretch vessels to become more sensitive to the gums bleeding,
redness and provide in facial skin and the most important symptoms of
aneurysm or swelling of inflation happens to foot, hand and sometimes the
face and usually show these diseases in the months 4-9.

- The emergence of grain: - become skin more irritation in cases of pregnancy,
leading to the emergence of grain when exposed for any reason for the
sensitivity of the addition, the sebaceous glands in people of oily skin become
more likely to be shedding fat and thus for the emergence of grain on the face
especially if you did not clean the skin regularly and material for a nice soap
glycerin transparent may contain disinfectants or comfort.

- Dry and itchy skin: - starts with the skin during pregnancy lying down to
keep pace with increasing body size in general, but this expansion is not
consistent with the rapid increase in body size, leading to tighten the skin and
thus to feel itching and discomfort with a feeling of dehydration of the skin
accompanied by piece with the lack of fluids and lack of secretion of fat in
some people than of the problem.

- Effects of pregnancy on the body: - The effects of pregnancy on the abdomen
and chest area and away from the most common symptoms prevalent and
Genetics play a role in it, and be more cracks skin in the form of lines of floral
or red has turned to the color brown later, there is no obvious reason for the
presence of cracks, but increase the size of the body in some areas of the body
quickly with no skin in the same growth rate may lead to the emergence of
these colors, but can prevent these symptoms or lessen their impact by using
moisturizing creams which contain highly moisturizing.

Tips for skin care in pregnant women:

- The use of sunscreen: - the use of sunscreen is very important for the skin as
to shield the increased discharge of melanin (Article pigment in the skin)
raised by the exposure to the sun, especially when pregnant, as the skin more
sensitive to the secretion of melanin, as well as the importance of sun
protection as it is protected from the rapid progress for the lifetime of the skin
which may lead to the accumulation of UV-U. V also protects the skin from
dryness of the skin.

- Clean the skin regularly: - cleaner skin, a task especially in cases of oily skin,
it helps to remove dirt and fat excess pore and re-pores of normal size,
especially if detergents containing materials holding help the clarity of the
face so it can use soap transparent so can be used in the peelers light to
maintain the cleanliness of the skin and balance to avoid the appearance of
pimples and cereals, especially for oily skin.

- Hydration: - The moisture is an important step in the program-carrying skin
care even for oily skin and moisturizing balanced maintains the smoothness of
the skin and prevents the feeling of itching or dryness or discomfort and
protects the appearance of signs of cracking and skin and signs of
post-pregnancy also protects from wrinkles in the future.

- Adequate sleep: - Access to the number of hours of sleep enough for
pregnant women is very important and the most important is the attempt to
regulate the hours of sleep and the quiet atmosphere of the place suitable for
relaxation to get good sleep quality.

- Water: - access to adequate amounts of water as needed, to the importance
of water to get rid of body toxins and remove them out.

- Light exercise - walking for long periods and simple movements to ensure
that movement of the blood circulation and elasticity of blood vessels in
addition to the improved condition of the body in general.

- Trying to maintain a healthy weight - and avoid weight gain by avoiding
foods with high fat and attention to eating vegetables and fruits by a large
margin with the rest of the food. (Please see: program control weight gain
during pregnancy)

 - Avoid hot water baths as well as to avoid confusion substances that irritate
the skin like polyester and wool textiles.

  - Stand on the use of vitamins, especially vitamin C to its importance in the
flexibility of blood vessels.
- Lifting the legs when sitting and avoid long-term stand to avoid swelling of
the legs and the pressure on the blood vessels which can also wear socks.

 - Always maintain the body to rest and avoid stress and to identify hours to
relax and take a deep breath in an atmosphere of calm and comfortable can
help restore balance to the psychological pregnant.

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