Scabies ... Causes and methods of infection and its symptoms and treatment

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					  Scabies ... Causes and methods of infection and its symptoms and

Is a contagious skin disease that is marked with a skin rash characterized by
itching, severe dermatitis in all parts of the body, especially at night during
sleep. And the disease occurs as a result of the type of parasite infection is
very small in size (Sousse, moth) called Sarcoptes Scabiei. And occur more
than 300 million cases of scabies annually in the world.

Causes of scabies:

Try the parasite is very small in size (about 0.4 mm) so that you can barely see
with the naked eye. Infection occurs at about 10-12 adult parasite.

And after they have been mating between male and female dies the male and
female completed the march, where digging a small hole (tunnel) in the
surface layer of the skin to lay eggs do. And put up to 3 eggs a day throughout
their life span by up to 1-2 months. Then the eggs hatch to produce larvae turn
into adult parasite during 10-14 days. And start the new adult parasites in
mating and produce more eggs and returned to the life cycle. And the
parasites in the skin secrete toxic substances lead to a severe allergy to the
skin, which leads to a very itchy skin appear within several weeks (about a
month) of the parasite infection.

Method of infection:

- Direct contact with infected skin, so the spread in crowded places.

- The use of towels, personal items, bed linens, clothes for an infected person.
Since the parasite - can try to live away from the human body more than
48-72 hours. This explains the injury and the whole family with ease.

- Direct contact with infected animals such as cats, dogs, sheep ...

- Sexual contact.

Symptoms of scabies:

Itching, severe dermatitis and continuous increase in the night during sleep,
where the skin becomes warm. It also increases after a shower. And usually
itching in all parts of the body especially the trunk and limbs, and rarely to be
in the face and scalp.

Lines of very fine gray irregularly shaped in the skin. And a small burrows
(tunnels) that the female parasite dug to lay eggs. And the presence of these
lines confirms the high incidence of the disease, but their absence does not
negate the disease. And microscopic examination of the contents of these
burrows can be seen the amount of parasites and eggs.

As the parasites that cause scabies prefer warm places of the skin, so be more
prevalent in the skin folds, armpits, between the fingers, around the navel,
buttocks, elbows, soles of the wrist, around the nipple, genital penis and
especially the scrotum.

Rash on the body Ntwat (small blisters), severe itching in the limbs and trunk.
This rash as a result of skin sensitivity caused by parasites and toxic
substances produced by, and may appear after several weeks of infection with

Scratches on the skin due to severe itching.

Bubbles on the skin (abscesses) appear in the case of negligence in the
treatment and personal hygiene as a result bacterial infection of the skin

And is diagnosed with scabies by examining the skin and the presence of the
hallmarks of the disease, which are: itching skin during the night, the
distribution of the distinctive rash, infection of other family members, and a
skin of fine lines (tunnels). And diagnosis can be confirmed through
microscopic examination of the gray lines on the skin (the tunnels), where the
show parasites and eggs.

There are some types of mange, which has minor differences from the usual
picture of the disease, and are:

- Scabies in children: the disease in the face and palms and soles of the feet
(unusually) in addition to the usual places for the emergence of the disease.

- Scabies animal: and that is transmitted to humans from animals such as cats,
dogs and sheep. And is characterized by the presence of very intense itching.
And do not appear on the skin gray lines high (tunnels).

- Cortical Scabies Norwegian Scabies - Crusted: rash be covered with scales
(so sometimes some mixing between him and psoriasis). And can appear on
the scalp is normal. And usually affects people with weakened immune
systems, advanced age, and people with mental and neurological diseases. Be
highly contagious and where there are thousands and millions of adult
parasites in the crust and thus increasing the chance of infection. And quite
unlike the usual itching skin be very simple or non-existent. As can be rash on
the scalp.
Treatment of scabies:

reatment is aimed at the final disposal of disease-causing parasites. And using
materials that eliminate parasites and be in the form of paints and is localized
in the following alternatives:

Solution Benzyl Benzoate 25%. Skin is paint the whole body from neck to toe,
and before bed daily for 3 days.

Cream Permethrin 5%. Is paint the whole body before going to sleep well and
of the neck to toe and between the fingers and in the folds of the skin, and
leave for 8-14 hours (until morning) and then wash the body well. And it is
used in this way for a week. And preferably the skin is dry before painting.

Solution of Malathion 0.5%.

In the cases of children prefer to use products such as paint sulfur sulfur 10%.

In the cases of children prefer to use products such as paint sulfur sulfur 10%.

And is cured within 4 weeks of treatment, and you should be aware that
itching can persist after the elimination of parasites for weeks. And can be
used antihistamines and paints palliative to reduce the itching for several
weeks after the elimination of parasites.

Must treat all members of the family, even if no symptoms of them.

Must also wash clothes well and infected bed linen and attention to personal
hygiene for the whole family. And can be also collected personal items and
placed in a plastic bag and put it in a remote location (store) for two weeks to
make sure that the elimination of parasites as the parasites die within a week
completely away from the human

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