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					               Hirsutism causes, symptoms and treatment

There are two types of hair:

First, a thin and light hair color is almost invisible which is such as that found
on the front which is known as villous hair (hair), which is usually covered in
body and female children

The second is the ultimate hair is thick, dense hair, which has a color cover
and body after the age of male puberty.

Can be defined hirsutism as is turning vellus hair, which covers a woman's
body to the hair a final positions sensitive to the impact of male hormones
which is the upper lip and chin and the center of the upper part of the arm and
breast area and the center of the abdomen and the lower zone of the abdomen
and upper back, lower back and no body sites is not sensitive to the impact of
male hormones such as areas of the forehead and forearms.

And the distribution of body hair of women infected in this case a source of
concern and that's where this situation is primarily related to esthetics,
psychological and social status of women. Hirsutism and seen as an offer of
more satisfactory symptom seen as a disease may be a sign to indicate the
presence of severe illness, however, most cases are benign and may be
inherited in the same family.

It is worth mentioning that the male sex hormone in women natural have
located a small amount Males excreted from the gland 10 times what is
secreted from glands of female sex hormone and the concentration of the
hormone in the blood in males of 10-20 twice found blood in females and the
male sex hormone blood for women who develop with hirsutism may be
natural or exceeds all natural, therefore, increase it or increase the body's
response to him is that cause hirsutism.

And male sex hormones (eg testosterone) increases hair growth and increases
the size and intensity of its chromosomes. The researchers noted that the
proportion of male hormone in women are more quail than in others and that
even if women without hirsutism or with acne.

Causes of hirsutism:

Increased genetic causes of hair in the mother increases the likelihood of
excessive hair growth as the daughter that there may be more than one
individual in the family is suffering from increased hair growth.

There are racial reasons may cause an increase in hair where some notes
when the human species and not others in the country (India, Greece and the
Middle East).

One of the main reasons and most Polycystic ovary syndrome begins with the
appearance of hair at the beginning of menstruation at puberty and increases
with every increase in age which is more in their twenties than in the age of

It is also the most important causes increased secretion of male hormone and
the level of androgens in blood.

It may be reason to increase the sensitivity of hair follicles and in response to
the male sex hormone in the normal rates.

Ovarian tumors and tumors of the gland above the college.

The use of certain drugs and hormones in the treatment, some medicines used
to treat high blood pressure such as minoxidil, as well as drug phenytoin used
to treat epilepsy may be addressed to the growth of body hair profusely.

Cushing's disease.

Pituitary tumors, which cause increased secretion of prolactin.

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

The presence of some hormones in poultry and some fruits.

It was found that some women do not have an increase in male hormones, but
be caused by infection with hirsutism is the conversion of testosterone into
the hair follicle by the enzyme to the Dey of Di-Hydrotestosterone - DHT
which is active in hair follicles, causing an increase in hair thickness and

A study suggests that clothing affects the amount of hair, but do not cause

Symptoms and signs of hirsutism:

Have the appearance of hair in women, heavy in places it appears in men hair
appears on the chest, abdomen, back, legs, face, chin and upper lip.

The hair is more noticeable when people with dark skin, where the
chromosomes by more than that when people with white skin.

Different distribution of hair body in cases of increased hormones masculinity
on the cases where it is not to increase male hormone and it does not have the
presence of hair in the same importance or significance, but vary the
importance and significance depending on the place where the hair is
distinguished by the hair, which is the central body - like the one shown above
the greatness of sternum - more medical significance of which appears on the

And hair that appears on the chin and neck as seen from a medical point more
than on the ears. Ie whenever Activity hair mid-line whenever significant
more on a defect endocrine and an exception to this rule, the presence of hair
to the upper lip does not have medical importance great any that in this case
there is no defect hormone, especially when there is poetry in this place alone
without appearing elsewhere.

There are other symptoms may accompany the increase in male hormones
include acne and irregular menstrual periods and deepening of the voice and
increased muscle mass and may occur in the shape of baldness baldness for
men and infertility may occur as well as obesity may be associated with
symptoms and signs.

Treatment of hirsutism:

Is divided into two treatment:

Tier I: is the treatment of signs and symptoms and was the removal of hair
that are pre-and moving many of the ladies to remove the hair, using a variety
of means such as shaving and removal of hair color or make it italic for the
blank, using the hydrogen peroxide and also waxing Chemical methods in the
form of depilatory creams and forceps, and there is a way almost always
known as electrolysis and through which the burning and destruction of hair

The laser and electrolysis after laser of the most successful and easiest ways
to remove body hair unwanted where the laser beam to send a package of
energy to the root of the hair follicle and the absorption of these rays Widmer
and stop hair growth.
The second part is: is the treatment of the reasons therefore advised to visit
the doctor interesting to find out why and remove it.

Used in the pharmaceutical drugs such as drug (spironolactone), which
prevents the body's response to the impact of male sex hormone and thus lead
to reduce excess body hair, particularly in the areas of the face and chin

And also used oral contraceptives in order to reduce the secretion of male

And treatment with drugs take a long time up to a year or more in order to get
to full advantage and do not occur until the return of the disease at the early
cessation of treatment.

The definitive treatment of the problem is discovering the main reason to
remove for example, if the cause is obesity, the weight loss addresses the
situation, and if the cause bags in the ovary is used hormone therapy, which
causes a contraction in the bags or may be to remove these cysts surgically In
the case of the reason is drug abuse shall be suspended. In the case of tumors
cause increased hormones still have tumors surgically.

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