Atopic dermatitis.... symptoms and causes and treatment

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					       Atopic dermatitis.... symptoms and causes and treatment

Atopic dermatitis is a disease that causes pruritic, an unknown source, and
usually begins in early childhood, however, have been identified on the type
begins in adults, and distinguishes this disease and the presence of itching,
also causes the scourge of the character of the inflammation of chronic
eczematous lesion, and xerosis skin , and lichenification (thickening of the
skin and increase the signs), and may be atopic dermatitis accompanied by
disease, atopic other, which distinguishes the presence of immune globulin (E
(IgE, such as asthma, and allergic rhinitis, and urticaria, and allergic reactions
acute with foods, and atopic dermatitis has the effects satisfactory huge, and
growing incidence and prevalence, as no other cases have different causes and
different fate lies mostly in groups under the umbrella diagnosis of atopic

Symptoms of atopic dermatitis:

pruritic persistent is the only offer for atopic dermatitis, the children tell their
skin in a way out of control, and although there is itching in the first weeks of
age but the parents do not pay attention to the presence of itching skin only
after the development cycle of itching and scratching when a child is 3

Atopic dermatitis has a course of intermittent periods where it has the glow
and grace periods of flares and remissions, and often are the causes of these
periods is not clear.

Signs of atopic dermatitis:

Basic marks of atopic dermatitis is xerosis of the skin, lichenification skin
(increase in thickness and grades) lichenification, and the presence of eczema,
and the presence of excoriations and crusting (outer layer formed by dry
pulverization of the skin such as serum), and changes as a result of eczema,
and morphology it can be seen in places different, depending on the age of the

In infancy notes atopic dermatitis immediately after birth, and dry skin occurs
early and involves mostly the whole body, not including the disease is usually
the diaper children, and the incidence of early include folds (antecubital fossa
and popliteal fossa) with the presence of erythema skin and exudation, and
over the the weeks following the infection is localized on the cheeks and
forehead, and scalp, and extensor surface of the leg, however, there may be
injury to any place of the body except the baby's diaper often, and the rash is
non-specific edges, and red color, and its scales, and there's crust dry thick
result of drought seepage from the skin, with patches, and plaques,
lichenification the skin is seen in early childhood.

In childhood have drought the generality of the skin and the skin peels, and
roughness, and have lichenification skin unique and this means rubbing
repeatedly to the skin and see lichenification on the folds and bony, and the
front, also spoke of eczema and perfusion of the skin into the rash, and
commonly pale face and the redness and the presence of peel around the eyes,
as occurs an increase of folds under the eyes (Dennie-Morgan folds).

And are affected in most cases e flexural creases such as the antecubital fossa
and popliteal fossa, the pagan buttocks with the thigh, as is commonly the
presence of excoriations and the presence of dandruff resulting from dry
exudative skin, and the infection is more prevalent with a background of
redness of the skin, and are commonly covered the face with a dry and peel,
and be visible drought, there may be skin lichenification, has no ring structure
around the neck represents the deposition of amyloid protein topical.

Causes of atopic dermatitis:

Several genetic factors may encode cellular kinetics involved in the synthesis
of immune globulin E.

Concomitant infection Palmkrob cluster golden glow and the activity of atopic
dermatitis, and by working as a superantigen.

Than climatic factors such as high temperature or decrease of skin rash in
cases of atopic dermatitis, and dry weather increases the dryness of the skin,
while exposure to the sun improves the rash, but the race increases the rash,
and these external factors act as irritants and allergens, which cause
eventually start an inflammatory reaction.

The role of food antigens in generating atopic dermatitis are the subject of
controversy for the prevention of certain foods on cases of atopic dermatitis,
and most doctors do not recommend the prevention of food except in the
event of urticaria, or anaphylaxis when they occur when dealing with a patient
atopic dermatitis to certain foods.

Assumed that the material that may cause allergic reactions - and in air, house
dust and dementia - may have a role, but this assumption is still waiting for

Treatment of atopic dermatitis:
Like the use of clothes touching the skin soft, cotton clothing and be
comfortable, and can use layers of them in the winter.

Cold temperatures, especially in the evening, help the patient because of race,
exciting skin and cause an itchy skin.

Moisturize the skin do a warm bath for five minutes, followed by the use of a
moisturizer such as petroleum jelly white, and bathrooms repeated with the
addition of emulsifying oils (cup is added to warm water for bathing) for 5-10
minutes moisturizes the skin, the oil kept the water skin and prevent
evaporation of water of the ocean outside, and in the infants, the work that
three times a day is not a great burden, and when adults, to do so once or
twice a day is all that can be accomplished, leaving the body hydrated after the
work of the bathroom, as patients are advised to put emollient such as
petroleum jelly on whole body is wet, so as to retain water in the stratum
corneum, and the ointment can be deployed well on wet skin, as active
substances should be prescribed for treatment by laxative.

Use of cosmetics topical steroids is currently the mainstay of treatment, Apart
from the impact humidifier it gives responses are excellent, and preferably
used in the form of ointment, especially in dry conditions, and the treatment is
in the beginning is the use of hydrocortisone ointment concentration of 1% is
placed three times on the position of incidence of facial and by folds, and put
ointment asteroid average power (such as triamcinolone, and betamethasone
valerate) twice to three times the casualties alarmed until the demise of
injuries to skin, and stop the use of steroids when the disappearance of the
rash, and resume when it appears, and the glow of the disease may be
accompanied by changes of seasons, and the pressure, and infection with the
microbe cluster , or contact allergy.

Use of antibiotics for the treatment of secondary microbial infection.

The use of acyclovir useful in cases of eczema Herpesvirus.

The use of ultraviolet light with a balance between the benefits and
disadvantages, and that for the carcinogenic effect on individuals, white skin.
In severe cases, especially adults, were used photodynamic therapy, cosmetics
and methotrexate, and azathioprine, and cyclosporine, and mycophenolate
mofetil successfully.

Clothing should be washed with mild detergent and other chemicals without
the use of bleach or fabric softener.

Usually do not require patients atopic dermatitis emergency treatment, but
may visit the emergency department to treat acute flares of eczema caused by
Herpesvirus and microbial infection.

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