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									Medically Proven Hair Loss Solutions
Download Medically Proven Hair Loss Solutions | Ebook or Software Here Dear Fellow Hair Loss Sufferer,
?? If you¡¯re losing your hair... or someone you love is losing their hair... don¡¯t waste your time on hype or so-called ¡°natural¡± cures.

?? Accurate, scientific information is your very best weapon!

?? That s why we ve pulled together the very latest medical hair loss treatment information from top medical doctors, surgeons and
health care experts and compiled it into an all-new guide that we d like to send you.

?? Its title is Medically Proven Hair Loss Solutions.

?? In this eye-opening special report and resource directory, you ll discover medically-proven, scientifically verified strategies and
therapies for coping with hair loss ¨C from newly developed topical and oral treatments to state-of-the-art follicular unit extraction
(FUE) micro grafts.

?? You ll discover the truth about...

* DHT blockers such as Revivogen, Crinagen, progesterone creams and Zandrox...

* Hair growth stimulators including Rogaine, Tricomen, Folligen, Proxiphen and Retin-A...

* Azelaic acid, Superoxide Dimutase, saw palmetto, PABA and nettle root...

* Ovation Cell Therapy and Extreme Hair Therapy...
* Oral treatments such as Finasteride, Provillus and Procerin...

* New hair loss shampoos including Nioxin, T/Gel, Nizoral and Panthenol-DX Scalp Detoxifer...

* Low Level Laser Therapy and LaserComb...

* Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and other state-of-the-art hair transplant technologies...
* New experimental hair cloning, hair multiplication and stem cell hair treatments...

* And lots MORE!?? ?

We offer a 60-day money back guarantee

Why not order now, since you re protected by our 60-day, money return guarantee of satisfaction? You must be thrilled with the
information you receive or you ll get all your money returned. There s absolutely no risk and nothing to return.
??? First, get your digital download instantly.
??? Then, take as long as you d like to read and study the information and practical strategies you find in this report, up to 60 days.
??? If you are in any way dissatisfied, just let us know within 60 days, and you ll promptly receive a REFUND.
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Special Bonus Gifts!
Special Bonus Gift #1:? Medical Hair Loss Treatments for Women
Hair loss in women is much more common than is usually believed.?
While usually not as dramatic as hair loss in men, female hair loss can
sometimes be far more devastating psychologically.? It is also difficult to
treat because many of the medical treatments used with men, such as
hormone-blocking drugs, are dangerous for women.? Fortunately, more
and more physicians are being trained to help women suffering from
thinning hair or hair loss.? In this special bonus report, Medical Hair Loss
Treatments for Women,you¡¯ll discover how physicians are able to treat
the various types of female hair loss ¨C including alopecia areata.? You
learn about spironolactone, a prescription women-only medicine said to
help 80% of women suffering from androgenetic alopecia and popularly
known as ¡°Propecia for women¡±... high-estrogen contraceptives...
topical treatments such as Zinc Pyrithione ZnP solution and
betamethasone valerate... and lots MORE.? If you or someone you love
suffers from thinning hair or outright hair loss of more than 100 hairs per
day, you need to read this valuable special bonus report ¨C yours FREE!

Special Bonus Gift #2:? Laser Treatments for Hair Loss
In March 2010,
the U.S. Food
and Drug
announced that it
has given official
¡°clearance¡± for
the use of a low-
level laser device
in the treatment
of so-called
female pattern
baldness. In
2007, the FDA
gave approval for
the HairMax
LaserComb as a
treatment for hair
loss in men.
The clearance
was issued for
the MEP-90 Hair
manufactured by
Midwest RF LLC
of Hartland, Wisconsin.? Remarkably, the FDA concluded that ¡°the clinical data acquired confirms both the safety and effectiveness
of the MEP-90 for prescription use in promoting hair growth in the intended patient population.¡±? In its review of the scientific
evidence for the MEP-90, the normally skeptical FDA conceded that it appears laser therapy can help some patients.? In the study
that accompanied the application for the device, female subjects received a total of thirty-six 20-minute treatments with the MEP-90,
over a period of 18 weeks. Results were reviewed at the 10-Week (20 treatment) and 18-Week (36 treatment) levels:After 20
treatments (10-Weeks), 92% of the subjects demonstrated an increased hair count of more than 10% with 57%
demonstrating an increase of more than 30%. Fully 98% of the subjects indicated a medically significant stabilization of their rate
of hair loss.After the 36th treatment, 97% of the subject population demonstrated an increased hair count of more than 20%.
A total of 89% of all subjects demonstrated an increased hair count of more than 30%, with 57% demonstrating an
increased hair count of more than 50%.87% of the subjects indicated the treatments have helped their condition, with 60%
reporting their loss rate has further slowed down from the 10-week period, and 65% reported their visible area of the alopecia (bald
spot) had gotten smaller.We ve prepared a special report on laser therapy called, appropriately enough, Laser Treatments for Hair
Loss.? It s an illustrated resource directory that summarizes the key research findings... describes the different types of laser devices
available... shows you how and why many hair loss sufferers build their own laser treatment devices... and gives you a guide to the
various laser companies out there.The scientific evidence for the effectiveness of cold lasers is mixed, but the anecdotal evidence is
pretty strong:? Many people believe that low-level lasers not only STOP their hair loss but actually regrow hair.? (In one study, laser
therapy doubled, and in one or two cases, TRIPLED the number of hairs on the heads of test subjects.? But as the FDA would say:
RESULTS NOT TYPICAL!)? Get your copy of Laser Treatments for Hair Loss FREE when you order Medically Proven Hair Loss
??? Order your new hair loss survival guide, Medically Proven Hair Loss Solutions,
today and get the TWO special bonus gifts described above.
??? If you ve ever been disappointed by the countless baldness scams being sold out there...
or have read an e-book that claims to reveal the "miracle cure" for hair loss... then this
valuable report is what you need right now.? Medically Proven Hair Loss Solutions doesn
t offer any "miracle cures."? What it does offer, however, is up-to-date information on the
very latest medically-proven, scientifically-verified, effective hair loss treatments available.
??? If you re interested in actually doing something about hair loss, either your own or the hair
loss of someone you love, then a concrete, practical FIRST STEP is to click on the order
button below.? If you re not delighted by the information, strategies, techniques and real-
world help you find, you may contact us within 60 days and get a full refund, no questions

The material on this site is for informational purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice,
diagnosis, or treatment provided by a qualified health care provider.

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