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									3 Easy Tips for an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Going green and striving to live a lifestyle that respects the environment is the new trend. It is gratifying
to see an increase in environmental concern, an awareness in all brand new green options, and concern
for the future. The only dilemma of this movement, there are many misconceptions about living
environmentally. For some people, "going green" is a trend. Others believe that life-friendly
environment is an extravagant lifestyle or expensive they can not accomplish. For a long lasting effect
and to know the environment remains healthy lifestyle friendly environment is becoming the norm.

In fact, adapting to a lifestyle that respects the environment should be difficult, time consuming or
expensive - in fact, may even save money. Every bit of hard work can have a huge impact and some
changes in your way every day can make a substantial difference. Here are some tips to help you start
and change the way you live, for good.

Another good way to save energy is to replace incandescent bulbs that go with new energy saving
fluorescent lamps. These bulbs not only save energy, but they have a much longer life and will save you

Turn the switch - an easy way to save energy is turning off lights, appliances and other electronics when
not in use. Do you remember when you were a child and his parents have been continuing to turn out
the lights? Well, they were right. Turn off lights and electronics when not in use save electricity, reduce
your carbon footprint and save money even. Unplug electronics further save energy. So if you have
electronics that are not often used, disconnect and save energy.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Chances are you've heard this before. This is because the reduction, reuse and
recycle - are so effective. The idea is to consume less resources, buying fewer things that you can reuse
and recycle what is left. Eliminate use of disposable products is an important first step. Do not buy
extravagant items such as paper cups and plastic spoons. Buy products that can be reused. Reusable
bags are ideal opportunities for paper bags and plastic. Why not make coffee at home in your own
reusable plastic coffee cup instead of buying coffee to go in disposable paper cups? Turn old clothes and
pillow cases in shopping bags or new chair covers. Turning milk jugs mature bird feeders and twice they
age, recycle.

Reduce paper waste - consumption of paper creates millions of dead trees each year. Trees are essential
to maintain the effects of oxygen on the Earth and the overexploitation of trees can be devastating. The
easiest way to reduce paper waste is to reduce the use and recycling of paper if necessary. This may
seem difficult at first, but there are many simple ways to reduce your paper consumption. Switch to
paperless billing is a simple way to reduce paper waste. Cancellation of paper catalogs are another good
way to eliminate paper. paper plates and napkins can be largely replaced with reusable products.
Recycled paper is great practice. Did you know that you can use the newspaper to absorb spills?
Newsprint can even be used to wipe the windows and mirrors and leads to a streak-free shine. Do not
forget to bring your own reusable cloth bags when you go shopping. It is a great way to save on paper

The transition to a lifestyle that respects the environment is simple, you need a brand spanking new way
of thinking. keep an open mind and be creative and you will discover many new ways to help the

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