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					                                   How to Create 3D Graphics

 So what is this 3D Graphics thing all about anyway? 3D graphics, unlike 2D graphics (drawings,
paintings, etc) is all about working with and manipulating POLYGONS - that's a word that you are
going to hear allot. When it comes to 3D computer games and 3D in movies, there are generally
two types of polygons; 3-sided (triangles) and 4-sided (quads). These polygons are combined
together and manipulated in many ways to create various types of objects. In all aspects of 3D, the
objects that you create for your 3D movie or game will fall into three main categories; props,
characters and scenes (also known as digital sets). These days, you could find 3D graphics
almost everywhere - from websites, video games, TV, movies, print media, etc.So how can you
get into the world of 3D? It's not mandatory for you to have an existing knowledge in drawing or
painting to get into 3D - but it certainly does help. As long as you have "an artistic eye" (which can
be developed with experience) and are willing to learn the tools in the 3D program of your choice,
you can definitely make it in the world of 3D. Formal training is not mandatory - but if you want to
work in a studio, formal training is required along with your portfolio. There are many places (both
offline and online) where you can be formally trained as a 3D Artist.Before you begin your career
in the world of 3D, you would need to ask yourself this question; do you have what it takes to
become an excellent 3D Artist? It may seem like a simple question - but it is a question that you
must ask of yourself. Contrary to popular opinion, the job of a 3D artist is a demanding one -
especially if you are working in a studio that's working on multiple projects. You need to have the
ability to make demands on yourself and (more importantly) stick to deadlines. Some things to
consider before you enter the world of 3D are as follows:Are you a hard worker? Be prepared for
some long hours when it comes to creating your models - especially if you want to make them
realistic. You would need to think of your self as a builder and sculptor because that is essentially
what you would be doing as a 3d artist. If you become dedicated to what you are doing, prepare
for some fantastic results.Can you handle the critiques? There will be situations (especially if you
are working with a team) when you would run into criticism - constructive or otherwise. So be
mentally prepared for it when it arrives. Everyone's a critic - especially when it comes to 3D. By
carefully observing the criticisms that matter and filtering out the ones that don't, your skill level will
improve greatly. If you are able to find mentors (with years of practical industry experience) who
are willing to "show you the ropes", your learning speed will increase dramatically.Are you focused
and do you give attention to details? Attention to detail is what differentiates the mediocre 3D
artists from the 3D professionals. If you've ever watched movies such as "The Lord of the Rings"
or "The Matrix" or "Pirates of the Caribbean" then you would already know the high standards that
you would need to achieve in order to be considered as a 3D professional.Do you have patience?
Becoming really good in 3D takes dedication, and patience. You would run into pitfalls and how
you deal with those pitfalls would determine your future in 3D. Gaining inspiration from more
experienced artists would also be very beneficial to your career. You can compare the world of 3D
to a game of chess; the moves are easy to learn but developing winning strategies takes years of
consistent practice.
How to Create 3D Graphics
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