Does Laser Hair Removal Work (DOC) by huangyuarong


									                             Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

      Removal of unwanted hair, be it on face, arms, hands or upper lips is a mere
nuisance. Women have been trying to seek ways to remove hair from different parts of
their bodies since ages to enhance their physical appeal. Different methods and
techniques have been in use like scrubbing with ground meals, threading, waxing and
many others. However, with the passage of time cosmetic world has been introduced to
advanced technology and modern ways of personal care. Laser hair removal vis-à-vis
other modes of cosmetic advancement has gathered mass appeal in superficial
progression especially in women.
      More and more people are now seeking professional help to get rid of unwanted
hair permanently. Laser and electrolysis methods are the most sought after methods other
than using hair removing creams and threading or waxing. Now the question arises, that
how safe it is or “does laser hair removal work?”
      Laser removal basically is the targeting of an intense spectrum of light. This light
spectrum is sourced from xenon flash lamps to create an intense beam. The light beam is
then directed at the targeted area i.e. the “melanin”. Melanin is a naturally occurring dark
pigment in our skins which gives us our natural hair and face color. In case of laser hair
removal the light beam strikes the hair the base of the hair i.e. hair follicle. This hit
destroys the hair follicle and as a result the resulting hair growth is very slow. Hence,
removing hair through laser is only a matter of eliminating the hair follicle from where
the hair grows and is absolutely safe.

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