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									Module     Authors                 Title                                            Print Publication Date

Religion   Quinn                    The Sum of All Heresies                           2008
Religion   Ramble                   The Navel of the Demoness                         2008
Religion   Ruffin                   A Paradise of Reason                              2008
Religion   Sanneh                   Disciples of All Nations                          2008
Religion   Smith                                                                      2007
                                    Muslims, Christians, and the Challenge of Interfaith Dialogue
Religion   Tuckett                  The Gospel of Mary                                2007
Religion   Ward                     Planet Narnia                                     2008
Biology    Albert                   Parsimony, Phylogeny, and Genomics                2006
Biology    Alcock                   An Enthusiasm for Orchids                         2006
Biology    Anderson                 Biology of the Ubiquitous House Sparrow           2006
Biology    Belgrano, Scharler et al Aquatic Food Webs                                 2005
Biology    Boaz, Ciochon            Dragon Bone Hill                                  2004
Biology    Botkin                   Beyond the Stony Mountains                        2004
Biology    Botkin                   Our Natural History                               2004
Biology    Carbone                  What Animals Want                                 2004
Biology    Chown, Nicolson          Insect Physiological Ecology                      2004
Biology    Collinge, Ray            Disease Ecology                                   2006
Biology    Davis                    The Man Who Saved Sea Turtles                     2007
Biology    del Giorgio, Williams Respiration in Aquatic Ecosystems                    2005
Biology    Duffy, Thiel             Evolutionary Ecology of Social and Sexual Systems 2007
Biology    Fahey, Knapp                                                               2007
                                    Principles and Standards for Measuring Primary Production
Biology                             Sex,
           Fairbairn, Blanckenhorn et al Size and Gender Roles                        2007
Biology    Friedlaender                                                               2007
                                    Population Genetics, Linguistics, and Culture History in the Southwest P
Biology    Ginzburg, Colyvan        Ecological Orbits                                 2003
Biology    Goudsmit                 Viral Fitness                                     2004
Biology    Hansell                  Animal Architecture                               2005
Biology    Hogarth                  The Biology of Mangroves and Seagrasses           2007
Biology    Jacobson, McDuff et al Conservation Education and Outreach Techniques2006
Biology    Johnson                  Darwinian Detectives                              2007
Biology                             T
           Macdonald, Sillero-Zubiri he Biology and Conservation of Wild Canids 2004
Biology    Magurran                 Evolutionary Ecology                              2005
Biology    Malhi, Phillips          Tropical Forests and Global Atmospheric Change2005
Biology    McLean, May et al        SARS                                              2005
Biology    Money                    Carpet Monsters and Killer Spores                 2004
Biology    Money                    Triumph of the Fungi                              2006
Biology    Money                    Mr. Bloomfield's Orchard                          2002
Biology    Murphy                   People, Plants and Genes                          2007
Biology    Newton                   Forest Ecology and Conservation                   2007
Biology    Otter                    Ecology and Behavior of Chickadees and Titmice2007
Biology    Reynolds                 The Chimpanzees of the Budongo Forest             2005
Biology             Ruxton, Sherratt et al Avoiding Attack                                   2004
Biology             Sanderson, Skelly        Macromolecular Crystallography                  2007
Biology             Sapp                     Genesis                                         2003
Biology             Schmidt-Rhaesa           The Evolution of Organ Systems                  2007
Biology             Shorrocks                The Biology of African Savannahs                2007
Biology             Stenseth, Ottersen et al Marine Ecosystems and Climate Variation         2005
Biology             Stewart                  Genetically Modified Planet                     2004
Biology             Stohlgren                Measuring Plant Diversity                       2006
Biology             Sutherland, Newton et alBird Ecology and Conservation                    2004
Biology             Thomas, Renaud et al Parasitism and Ecosystems                           2005
Biology             Thompson                 Plant Evolution in the Mediterranean            2005
Biology             Videler                  Avian Flight                                    2006
Biology             Wagner, Hamilton et al Yellowstone's Destabilized Ecosystem              2006
Biology             Wilkinson                Fundamental Processes in Ecology                2006
Biology             Williams                 The Biology of Temporary Waters                 2005
Biology             Williams Jr.             The Nature Handbook                             2005
Classical Studies   Barrett, West            Greek Lyric, Tragedy, and Textual Criticism     2007
Classical Studies   Bell                     Spectacular Power in the Greek and Roman City 2004
Classical Studies   Birley                   The Roman Government of Britain                 2005
Classical Studies   Bosworth                 The Legacy of Alexander                         2002
Classical Studies   Boys-Stones              Metaphor, Allegory, and the Classical Tradition 2003
Classical Studies   David                    The Dance of the Muses                          2006
Classical Studies                            Athenian Democratic Origins
                    de Ste. Croix, Harvey et al                                              2004
Classical Studies                            Christian Persecution, Martyrdom, and Orthodoxy2006
                    de Ste. Croix, Whitby et al
Classical Studies   Dench                    Romulus' Asylum                                 2005
Classical Studies   Devine, Stephens         Latin Word Order                                2006
Classical Studies   Dik                      Word Order in Greek Tragic Dialogue             2007
Classical Studies   Edmondson, Mason et alFlavius Josephus and Flavian Rome                  2005
Classical Studies   Finn OP                  Almsgiving in the Later Roman Empire            2006
Classical Studies   Fox                      Cicero's Philosophy of History                  2007
Classical Studies   Gill                                                                     2006
                                             The Structured Self in Hellenistic and Roman Thought
Classical Studies   Harrison                 Generic Enrichment in Vergil and Horace         2007
Classical Studies   Heath                    Menander                                        2004
Classical Studies   Herbert-Brown            Ovid's Fasti                                    2002
Classical Studies   Holford-Strevens, Vardi The Worlds of Aulus Gellius                      2004
Classical Studies   Holmes                                                                   2
                                             Basil II and the Governance of Empire (976-1025) 005
Classical Studies   Hornblower               Thucydides and Pindar                           2004
Classical Studies   Humphreys                The Strangeness of Gods                         2004
Classical Studies   Hurst                    Victorian Women Writers and the Classics        2006
Classical Studies   Kaster                                                                   2005
                                             Emotion, Restraint, and Community in Ancient Rome
Classical Studies   Leonard                  Athens in Paris                                 2005
Classical Studies     Lyne, Harrison            R. O. A. M. Lyne                                  2007
Classical Studies     MacGeorge                 Late Roman Warlords                               2002
Classical Studies     Martindale                Latin Poetry and the Judgement of Taste           2004
Classical Studies     McGill                    Virgil Recomposed                                 2005
Classical Studies     McGinn                                                                      2003
                                                Prostitution, Sexuality, and the Law in Ancient Rome
Classical Studies     Meissner                                                                    2006
                                                S-Stem Nouns and Adjectives in Greek and Proto-Indo-European
Classical Studies     Mendelsohn                Gender and the City in Euripides' Political Plays 2002
Classical Studies     Morello, Morrison         Ancient Letters                                   2007
Classical Studies     Murphy                    Pliny the Elder's Natural History                 2004
Classical Studies     Naiden                    Ancient Supplication                              2006
Classical Studies     Oliver                                                                      2007
                                                War, Food, and Politics in Early Hellenistic Athens
Classical Studies     Patterson                 Landscapes and Cities                             2006
Classical Studies     Plaza                     The Function of Humour in Roman Verse Satire 2006
Classical Studies     Probert                   Ancient Greek Accentuation                        2006
Classical Studies     Rosen                     Making Mockery                                    2007
Classical Studies     Sallares                  Malaria and Rome                                  2002
Classical Studies     Sheffield                 Plato's Symposium                                 2006
Classical Studies     Spentzou                  Readers and Writers in Ovid's Heroides            2003
Classical Studies     Stray                     Gilbert Murray Reassessed                         2007
Classical Studies     Terras                    Image to Interpretation                           2006
Classical Studies     West                      Indo-European Poetry and Myth                     2007
Classical Studies     Willi                     The Language of Greek Comedy                      2002
Classical Studies     Wright                    Euripides' Escape-Tragedies                       2005
Classical Studies     Yarrow                    Historiography at the End of the Republic         2006
Economics and Finance Alexander, Dhumale et al lobal Governance of Financial Systems              2005
Economics and Finance Aoki, Jackson et al       Corporate Governance in Japan                     2007
Economics and Finance Audretsch                 Entrepreneurial Society                           2007
Economics and Finance Brunello, Garibaldi et al Education and Training in Europe                  2007
Economics and Finance Chung                     South Korea in the Fast Lane                      2007
Economics and Finance Dasgupta, Mäler           The Environment and Emerging Development Issues   2000
Economics and Finance Dasgupta, Mäler           The Environment and Emerging Development Issues   2000
Economics and Finance Fabiani, Loupias et al Pricing Decisions in the Euro Area                   2007
Economics and Finance Glyn                      Capitalism Unleashed                              2007
Economics and Finance Michie                    The Global Securities Market                      2006
Economics and Finance Taylor                                                                      2001
                                                External Liberalization, Economic Performance and Social Policy
History               Anderson                  Creatures of Empire                               2004
History               Azuma                     Between Two Empires                               2005
History               Barker                    The Business of Women                             2006
History               Berlin                    The Man behind the Microchip                      2005
History               Berridge                  Marketing Health                                  2007
History               Breines                   The Trouble between Us                            2006
History   Campbell              Land and Revolution                              2005
History   Carp                  Rebels Rising                                    2007
History   Chalus                                                                 2
                                Elite Women in English Political Life c.1754-1790 005
History   Clarke                The Interdict in the Thirteenth Century          2007
History   Conway                                                                 2006
                                War, State, and Society in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Britain and Ireland
History   Cornell               A Well-Regulated Militia                         2006
History   Davis                 Naples and Napoleon                              2006
History   d'Avray               Medieval Marriage                                2005
History   Daybell               Women Letter-Writers in Tudor England            2006
History   de Bellaigue          Educating Women                                  2007
History   Dodd                  Justice and Grace                                2007
History   Ellis                 Aggressive Nationalism                           2007
History   Emsley                Crime, Police, and Penal Policy                  2007
History   Erenberg              The Greatest Fight of Our Generation             2006
History   Fisher                                                                 2006
                                Birth Control, Sex, and Marriage in Britain 1918-1960
History   Ford                  James Ussher                                     2007
History   Forrest                                                                2
                                The Detection of Heresy in Late Medieval England005
History   French                Military Identities                              2005
History   French                                                                  1600-1750
                                The Middle Sort of People in Provincial England, 2008
History   Froide                Never Married                                    2005
History   Gallman               America's Joan of Arc                            2006
History   Garrison              Bracing for Armageddon                           2006
History   Gorlizki, Khlevniuk   Cold Peace                                       2004
History   Griffin                                                                2005
                                Journeymen-Printers, Heresy, and the Inquisition in Sixteenth-Century Sp
History   Harkins               Hillbilly                                        2005
History   Hindle                On the Parish?                                   2004
History   Kissane               The Politics of the Irish Civil War              2005
History   Levine                Confederate Emancipation                         2005
History   Lockhart              Denmark, 1513-1660                               2007
History   Manning               An Apprenticeship in Arms                        2006
History   McKenzie              Lincolnites and Rebels                           2006
History   Mickenberg            Learning from the Left                           2005
History   Mohr                  Plague and Fire                                  2004
History   Rider                 Magic and Impotence in the Middle Ages           2006
History   Righter               The Battle Over Hetch Hetchy                     2005
History   Robertson             Conquest by Law                                  2005
History   Rothman               Blazing Heritage                                 2007
History   Ryder                 The Wreck of Catalonia                           2007
History   Saunt                 Black, White, and Indian                         2005
History   Schofield             Utility and Democracy                            2006
History   Shoemaker             A Strange Likeness                               2004
History       Sidbury                 Becoming African in America                 2007
History       Simon                   Boardwalk of Dreams                         2004
History       Thomson                 Psychological Subjects                      2006
History       Thorne                  The World's Richest Indian                  2005
History       Todd                                                                2005
                                      Young Women, Work, and Family in England 1918-1950
Linguistics   Aboh                                                                2004
                                      The Morphosyntax of Complement-Head Sequences
Linguistics   Ackema, Neeleman        Beyond Morphology                           2004
Linguistics   Anderson                Aspects of the Theory of Clitics            2005
Linguistics   Anderson                Modern Grammars of Case                     2006
Linguistics   Anderson                The Grammar of Names                        2007
Linguistics   Anderson                Auxiliary Verb Constructions                2006
Linguistics   Battistella             Bad Language                                2005
Linguistics   Booij                   The Grammar of Words                        2007
Linguistics   Borer                   Structuring Sense Volume 2                  2005
Linguistics   Borer                   Structuring Sense Volume I                  2005
Linguistics   Croft                   Radical Construction Grammar                2001
Linguistics   Culicover, Jackendoff   Simpler Syntax                              2005
Linguistics   Danet, Herring          The Multilingual Internet                   2007
Linguistics   Downing                 Canonical Forms in Prosodic Morphology      2006
Linguistics   Eckardt                 Meaning Change in Grammaticalization        2006
Linguistics   Goldberg                Constructions at Work                       2005
Linguistics   Heine, Kuteva           The Changing Languages of Europe            2006
Linguistics   Hinzen                  Mind Design and Minimal Syntax              2006
Linguistics   Jackendoff              Foundations of Language                     2002
Linguistics   Jasanoff                Hittite and the Indo-European Verb          2003
Linguistics   Jaszczolt               Default Semantics                           2005
Linguistics   Kayne                   Movement and Silence                        2005
Linguistics   Lefkowitz               Words and Stones                            2004
Linguistics   Los                     The Rise of the To-Infinitive               2005
Linguistics   Macaulay                Talk that Counts                            2005
Linguistics   McWhorter               Language Interrupted                        2007
Linguistics   Miller                  Latin Suffixal Derivatives in English       2006
Linguistics   Newmeyer                Possible and Probable Languages             2005
Linguistics   Owens                   A Linguistic History of Arabic              2006
Linguistics   Pietroski               Events and Semantic Architecture            2004
Linguistics   Potts                   The Logic of Conventional Implicatures      2004
Linguistics   Richardson              Case and Aspect in Slavic                   2007
Linguistics   Ringe                   A History of English                        2006
Linguistics   Roberts                 Principles and Parameters in a VSO Language 2005
Linguistics   Safir                   The Syntax of Anaphora                      2004
Linguistics   Shuy                    Creating Language Crimes                    2005
Linguistics   Smith               Sound Change and the History of English         2007
Linguistics   Tatham, Morton      Expression in Speech                            2003
Linguistics   Wälchli             Co-Compounds and Natural Coordination           2005
Linguistics   Wierzbicka          English                                         2006
Linguistics   Yu                  A Natural History of Infixation                 2007
Literature    Achinstein, Sauer   Milton and Toleration                           2007
Literature    Bevis               The Art of Eloquence                            2007
Literature    Blamires            Chaucer, Ethics, and Gender                     2006
Literature    Carlisle            Common Scents                                   2004
Literature    Cooper              The English Romance in Time                     2004
Literature    Corcoran            Elizabeth Bowen                                 2004
Literature    Cotterill                                                           2004
                                  Digressive Voices in Early Modern English Literature
Literature    Crowley             Wars of Words                                   2005
Literature    Eaglestone          The Holocaust and the Postmodern                2004
Literature    Fulford             Romantic Indians                                2006
Literature    Fuller              Emerson's Ghosts                                2007
Literature    Gaunt                                                               2006
                                  Love and Death in Medieval French and Occitan Courtly Literature
Literature    Gillis              Irish Poetry of the 1930s                       2005
Literature    Gilmore             Surface and Depth                               2003
Literature    Haskin              John Donne in the Nineteenth Century            2007
Literature    Hawcroft            Molière                                         2007
Literature    Hughes                                                              2004
                                  Gangraena and the Struggle for the English Revolution
Literature    Johnston            Samuel Johnson and the Art of Sinking 1709-1791 2005
Literature    King                Bloom                                           2003
Literature    Landy               Philosophy As Fiction                           2004
Literature    Lee                 Nationalism and Irony                           2004
Literature    Lockwood            Ben Jonson in the Romantic Age                  2005
Literature    McCracken-Flesher   Possible Scotlands                              2005
Literature    Moriarty            Fallen Nature, Fallen Selves                    2006
Literature    Nguyen              Race and Resistance                             2002
Literature    North               Camera Works                                    2005
Literature    O'Donoghue          Skaldic Verse and the Poetics of Saga Narrative 2005
Literature    O'Neill             The All-Sustaining Air                          2007
Literature    Phillips            The Truth of Ecology                            2003
Literature    Picker              Victorian Soundscapes                           2003
Literature    Pollard             Drugs and Theater in Early Modern England       2005
Literature    Rhodes              Shakespeare and the Origins of English          2004
Literature    Robinson            Twentieth Century Poetry                        2005
Literature    Rodgers             Mencken                                         2006
Literature    Rosenblatt          Renaissance England's Chief Rabbi: John Selden 2006
Literature    Sherry              The Great War and the Language of Modernism 2004
Literature          Spearing                  Textual Subjectivity                             2005
Literature          Spencer                   Literary Relations                               2005
Literature          Stevenson                 Women Latin Poets                                2005
Literature          Thompson                                                                   2007
                                              The Suffering Traveller and the Romantic Imagination
Literature          Tilmouth                  Passion's Triumph over Reason                    2007
Literature          Treadwell                                                                  2005
                                              Autobiographical Writing and British Literature 1783-1834
Literature          Wakelin                                                                    2007
                                              Humanism, Reading, and English Literature 1430-1530
Literature          Walker                    Writing Under Tyranny                            2005
Literature          Williams                                                                   2005
                                              Poetry and the Creation of a Whig Literary Culture 1681-1714
Literature          Wonham                    Playing the Races                                2004
Literature          Worrall                   Theatric Revolution                              2006
                    Almond, Ferner
Business and Management                       American Multinationals in Europe                2006
                    Anandalingam, Lucas
Business and Management                       Beware the Winner's Curse                        2004
                    Arora, Gambardella
Business and Management                       From Underdogs to Tigers                         2005
Business and Management                       Information Systems and Global Diversity         2003
                    Braunerhjelm, Feldman
Business and Management                       Cluster Genesis                                  2006
Business and Management                       Creating Silicon Valley in Europe                2007
                    Cassis, Bussière
Business and Management                                                                        2005
                                              London and Paris as International Financial Centres in the Twentieth Cen
Business and Management                       Business Groups in East Asia                     2006
                    Child, Faulkner et al
Business and Management                       The Management of International Acquisitions 2003
Business and Management                       The Knowing Organization                         2005
Business and Management                       The Labyrinths of Information                    2004
Business and Management                       Information Technology Policy                    2004
                    Coopey, O'Connell et al
Business and Management                       Mail Order Retailing in Britain                  2005
Business and Management                       The Digital Hand                                 2004
Business and Management                       The Digital Hand                                 2005
Business and Management                       Capitalist Diversity and Change                  2005
                    Deem, Hillyard et al
Business and Management                                                                        2007
                                              Knowledge, Higher Education, and the New Managerialism
Business and Management                       Lost Knowledge                                   2004
                    Dopson, Fitzgerald
Business and Management                       Knowledge to Action?                             2005
Business and Management Teece et al           Understanding Industrial and Corporate Change 2004
                    Elger, Smith
Business and Management                       Assembling Work                                  2005
Business and Management                       Employment Research and State Traditions         2007
                    Frege, Kelly
Business and Management                       Varieties of Unionism                            2004
Business and Management                       Swarm Creativity                                 2006
                    Gospel, Pendleton
Business and Management                       Corporate Governance and Labour Management 2004
Business and Management                       British Rail 1974-1997                           2002
Business and Management                       Corporate Governance and Firm Organization 2004
Business and Management                       Between Enterprise and Ethics                    2004
                    Inkpen, Ramaswamy
Business and Management                       Global Strategy                                  2005
                    Kristensen, Zeitlin
Business and Management                       Local Players in Global Games                    2004
Business and Management                     Corporate Governance                             2004
                    Lipartito, Sicilia
Business and Management                     Constructing Corporate America                   2004
                    Luthans, Youssef et al Psychological Capital
Business and Management                                                                      2006
                    Madrian, Mitchell et al Redefining Retirement
Business and Management                                                                      2007
                    Martin, Casson et al
Business and Management                     Investor Engagement                              2007
                    North, Macal
Business and Management                     Managing Business Complexity                     2007
Business and Management                     Organizational Knowledge in the Making           2004
                    Prencipe, Davies et al The Business of Systems Integration
Business and Management                                                                      2005
Business and Management                     Shifting Boundaries of the Firm                  2006
Business and Management                     The Global and the Local                         2005
Business and Management                     Corporate E-Learning                             2007
Business and Management                     The New Old Economy                              2005
                    Whittaker, Cole
Business and Management                     Recovering from Success                          2006
                    Wilson, Thomson
Business and Management                     The Making of Modern Management                  2006
                    Zeitlin, Herrigel
Business and Management                     Americanization and Its Limits                   2004
Mathematics         Awodey                  Category Theory                                  2006
Mathematics         Baird, Wood             Harmonic Morphisms Between Riemannian Manifolds  2003
Mathematics         Bell                    Set Theory                                       2005
Mathematics         Bellen, Zennaro                                                          2003
                                            Numerical Methods for Delay Differential Equations
Mathematics                                                                                  2006
                    Benzoni-Gavage, Serre Multi-dimensional hyperbolic partial differential equations
Mathematics         Bini, Latouche et al    Numerical Methods for Structured Markov Chains   2005
Mathematics         Bisseling               Parallel Scientific Computation                  2004
Mathematics         Blecher, Le Merdy       Operator Algebras and Their Modules              2004
Mathematics         Braides                 Gamma-Convergence for Beginners                  2002
Mathematics                                 The al
                    Campbell-Kelly, Croarken et History of Mathematical Tables               2003
Mathematics         Chatterjee              Statistical Thought                              2003
Mathematics         Chu, Golub              Inverse Eigenvalue Problems                      2005
Mathematics         Corti                   Flips for 3-folds and 4-folds                    2007
Mathematics         Crosilla, Schuster      From Sets and Types to Topology and Analysis 2005
Mathematics         Davison, Dodge et al Celebrating Statistics                              2005
Mathematics         Ehrenpreis              The Universality of the Radon Transform          2003
Mathematics         Fabrizio, Morro         Electromagnetism of Continuous Media             2003
Mathematics         Feireisl                Dynamics of Viscous Compressible Fluids          2003
Mathematics         Gabbay, Maksimova       Interpolation and Definability                   2005
Mathematics                                                                                  2006
                    Gerbeau, Le Bris et al Mathematical Methods for the Magnetohydrodynamics of Liquid Metals
Mathematics         Gower, Dijksterhuis     Procrustes Problems                              2004
Mathematics         Grimmett, McDiarmid Combinatorics, Complexity, and Chance                2007
Mathematics         Hell, Nesetril          Graphs and Homomorphisms                         2004
Mathematics         Hida                    Hilbert Modular Forms and Iwasawa Theory         2006
Mathematics         Huybrechts              Fourier-Mukai Transforms in Algebraic Geometry2006
Mathematics         Ivanov                  The Fourth Janko Group                           2004
Mathematics   Karniadakis, Sherwin                                                  2005
                                     Spectral/hp Element Methods for Computational Fluid Dynamics
Mathematics   Kossak, Schmerl        The Structure of Models of Peano Arithmetic    2006
Mathematics   Lauritzen              Thiele: Pioneer in Statistics                  2002
Mathematics   Lennox, Robinson       The Theory of Infinite Soluble Groups          2004
Mathematics   Lyons, Qian            System Control and Rough Paths                 2002
Mathematics   Malcolm, Stedall                                                      2004
                                     John Pell (1611-1685) and His Correspondence with Sir Charles Cavendi
Mathematics   Modersitzki            Numerical Methods for Image Registration       2003
Mathematics   Monk                   Finite Element Methods for Maxwell's Equations 2003
Mathematics   Niedermeier            Invitation to Fixed-Parameter Algorithms       2006
Mathematics   Penrose                Random Geometric Graphs                        2003
Mathematics   Pym, Ritter            Reductive Logic and Proof-search               2004
Mathematics   Ramírez Alfonsín       The Diophantine Frobenius Problem              2005
Mathematics   Ranicki                Algebraic and Geometric Surgery                2002
Mathematics   Small, Wang                                                           2003
                                     Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Estimating Equations
Mathematics   Stedall                A Discourse Concerning Algebra                 2003
Mathematics   Stedall                The Greate Invention of Algebra                2003
Mathematics   Vázquez                                                               2006
                                     Smoothing and Decay Estimates for Nonlinear Diffusion Equations
Mathematics   Vázquez                The Porous Medium Equation                     2006
Mathematics   Williamson             Bayesian Nets and Causality                    2004
Philosophy    Ameriks                Kant and the Historical Turn                   2006
Philosophy    Benatar                Better Never to Have Been                      2006
Philosophy    Bird                   Nature's Metaphysics                           2007
Philosophy    Cassam                 The Possibility of Knowledge                   2007
Philosophy    de Sousa               Why Do We Think?                               2007
Philosophy    Dodd                   Works of Music                                 2007
Philosophy    Dummett                Thought and Reality                            2006
Philosophy    Fricker                Epistemic Injustice                            2007
Philosophy    Ganeri                 The Concealed Art of the Soul                  2007
Philosophy    Gaut                   Art, Emotion and Ethics                        2007
Philosophy    Giaquinto              Visual Thinking in Mathematics                 2007
Philosophy    Gregoric               Aristotle on the Common Sense                  2007
Philosophy    Hardin                 David Hume                                     2007
Philosophy    Hattiangadi            Oughts and Thoughts                            2007
Philosophy    Heyes                  Self-Transformations                           2007
Philosophy    Horst                  Beyond Reduction                               2007
Philosophy    Janaway                Beyond Selflessness                            2007
Philosophy    Kail                   Projection and Realism in Hume's Philosophy    2007
Philosophy    Ladyman, Ross et al    Every Thing Must Go                            2007
Philosophy    Lloyd                  Cognitive Variations                           2007
Philosophy    Louden                 The World We Want                              2007
Philosophy    Murphy, Brown          Did My Neurons Make Me Do It?                  2007
Philosophy   O'Brien                  Self-Knowing Agents                            2007
Philosophy   Olson                    What Are We?                                   2007
Philosophy   Salmon                   Content, Cognition, and Communication          2007
Philosophy   Shoemaker                Physical Realization                           2007
Philosophy   Sosa                     A Virtue Epistemology                          2007
Philosophy   Swinburne                Revelation                                     2007
Philosophy   Swinburne                Faith and Reason                               2005
Philosophy   Swinburne                The Existence of God                           2004
Philosophy   Thomasson                Ordinary Objects                               2007
Philosophy   Timmons, Greco et al Rationality and the Good                           2007
Philosophy   Tuomela                  The Philosophy of Sociality                    2007
Philosophy   Walker                   Moral Understandings                           2008
Philosophy   Zangwill                 Aesthetic Creation                             2007
Physics      Argon                    Strengthening Mechanisms in Crystal Plasticity 2007
Physics      Basalla                  Civilized Life in the Universe                 2006
Physics      Chen                     Introduction to Scanning Tunneling Microscopy 2007
Physics      Clarke                                                                  2004
                                      The Science and Technology of Undulators and Wigglers
Physics      Cooper, Mijnarends et alX-Ray Compton Scattering                        2004
Physics      Corney                   Atomic and Laser Spectroscopy                  2006
Physics      Dorset                   Crystallography of the Polymethylene Chain     2004
Physics      Eisenberg, Kauzmann The Structure and Properties of Water               2005
Physics      Fortov, Iakubov et al    Physics of Strongly Coupled Plasma             2006
Physics      Fredrickson                                                             2005
                                      The Equilibrium Theory of Inhomogeneous Polymers
Physics      Fujikawa, Suzuki         Path Integrals and Quantum Anomalies           2004
Physics      Fujimoto                 Plasma Spectroscopy                            2004
Physics      Ganichev, Prettl         Intense Terahertz Excitation of Semiconductors 2005
Physics      Gatteschi, Sessoli et al Molecular Nanomagnets                          2006
Physics      Giamarchi                Quantum Physics in One Dimension               2003
Physics                               Stealing the Gold
             Goldbart, Goldenfeld et al                                              2004
Physics      Hargittai                The Martians of Science                        2006
Physics      Herbstein                Crystalline Molecular Complexes and Compounds  2005
Physics      Hinshelwood              The Structure of Physical Chemistry            2005
Physics      Janssen, Chapuis et al Aperiodic Crystals                               2007
Physics      Leggett                  The Problems of Physics                        2006
Physics      Maekawa                  Concepts in Spin Electronics                   2006
Physics      Man, Gantmakher          Electrons and Disorder in Solids               2005
Physics      Mariño                                                                  2005
                                      Chern-Simons Theory, Matrix Models, and Topological Strings
Physics      Mello, Kumar             Quantum Transport in Mesoscopic Systems        2004
Physics      Munowitz                 Knowing                                        2006
Physics      Paganin                  Coherent X-Ray Optics                          2006
Physics      Peierls                  Quantum Theory of Solids                       2001
Physics             Raab, de Lange            Multipole Theory in Electromagnetism            2004
Physics             Ramsey                    Molecular Beams                                 1986
Physics             Spieler                   Semiconductor Detector Systems                  2005
Physics             Stoneham                  Theory of Defects in Solids                     2001
Physics             Terning                   Modern Supersymmetry                            2005
Physics             Varlamov, Larkin (late)   Theory of Fluctuations in Superconductors       2005
Physics             Ziman                     Electrons and Phonons                           2001
Political Science   Edwards III, King         The Polarized Presidency of George W. Bush      2007
Political Science   Farrell, Scully           Representing Europe's Citizens?                 2007
Political Science   Jolly                     The European Union and the People               2007
Political Science   Ralph                     Defending the Society of States                 2007
Political Science   Schlosberg                Defining Environmental Justice                  2007
Political Science   Steinhoff                 On the Ethics of War and Terrorism              2007
Political Science   Taagepera                 Predicting Party Sizes                          2007
Political Science   Thatcher                  Internationalisation and Economic Institutions: 2007
Political Science   Waylen                    Engendering Transitions                         2007
Psychology          Anderson                                                                  Universe?
                                              How Can the Human Mind Occur in the Physical 2007
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Religion              Jacob                                                                       2007
                                               The Clerical Profession in the Long Eighteenth Century, 1680-1840
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                                               The Family in Christian Social and Political Thought
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                                               Hegel and the Transformation of Philosophical Critique
Philosophy                                     T
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Religion            Bell                Teaching Ritual                                 2007
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Religion            Garces-Foley        Crossing the Ethnic Divide                      2007
Religion            Hunter                                                              2007
                                        Marriage, Celibacy, and Heresy in Ancient Christianity
Religion            Hvidt               Christian Prophecy                              2007
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                                        Charles Wesley and the Struggle for Methodist Identity
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                                        Women's Lives, Women's Rituals in the Hindu Tradition
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                                        Union and Distinction in the Thought of St Maximus the Confessor
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Philosophy                                     T
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978-0-19-852700-8   Applied Mathematics
978-0-19-852838-8   Applied Mathematics
978-0-19-851174-8   Logic / Computer Science / Mathematical Philosophy
978-0-19-856665-6   Mathematical Physics
978-0-19-851058-1   Probability / Statistics
978-0-19-857127-8   Probability / Statistics
978-0-19-852817-3   Combinatorics / Graph Theory / Discrete Mathematics
978-0-19-857102-5   Algebra
978-0-19-929686-6   Geometry / Topology
978-0-19-852759-6   Pure Mathematics
978-0-19-852869-2   Numerical Analysis
978-0-19-856827-8   Logic / Computer Science / Mathematical Philosophy
978-0-19-850972-1   Probability / Statistics
978-0-19-850728-4   Pure Mathematics
978-0-19-850648-5   Probability / Statistics
978-0-19-856484-3   History of Mathematics
978-0-19-852841-8   Applied Mathematics
978-0-19-850888-5   Numerical Analysis
978-0-19-856607-6   Combinatorics / Graph Theory / Discrete Mathematics
978-0-19-850626-3   Probability / Statistics
978-0-19-852633-9   Logic / Computer Science / Mathematical Philosophy
978-0-19-856820-9   Algebra
978-0-19-850924-0   Geometry / Topology
978-0-19-850688-1   Probability / Statistics
978-0-19-852495-3   History of Mathematics
978-0-19-852602-5   History of Mathematics
978-0-19-920297-3   Applied Mathematics
978-0-19-856903-9   Mathematical Physics
978-0-19-853079-4   Logic / Computer Science / Mathematical Philosophy
978-0-19-920534-9   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-929642-2   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-922701-3   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-920831-9   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-518985-8   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-928437-5   Aesthetics
978-0-19-920727-5   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-823790-7   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-920241-6   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-926321-9   Aesthetics
978-0-19-928594-5   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
978-0-19-927737-7   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-923256-7   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-921902-5   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-531053-5   Feminist Philosophy
978-0-19-531711-4   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-927969-2   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-922950-5   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-927619-6   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-921461-7   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-532137-1   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-921539-3   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-926148-2   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-517642-1   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-928472-6   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-921439-6   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-929702-3   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-921246-0   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-928392-7   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-927167-2   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-531991-0   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-531195-2   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-531339-0   General
978-0-19-531539-4   Feminist Philosophy
978-0-19-926187-1   Aesthetics
978-0-19-851600-2   Crystallography
978-0-19-517181-5   History of Physics
978-0-19-921150-0   Condensed Matter Physics / Materials
978-0-19-850855-7   Particle Physics / Astrophysics / Cosmology
978-0-19-850168-8   Condensed Matter Physics / Materials
978-0-19-921145-6   Atomic, Laser, and Optical Physics
978-0-19-852908-8   Crystallography
978-0-19-857026-4   Condensed Matter Physics / Materials
978-0-19-929980-5   Nuclear and Plasma Physics
978-0-19-856729-5   Condensed Matter Physics / Materials
978-0-19-852913-2   Theoretical, Computational, and Statistical Physics
978-0-19-853028-2   Nuclear and Plasma Physics
978-0-19-852830-2   Condensed Matter Physics / Materials
978-0-19-856753-0   Condensed Matter Physics / Materials
978-0-19-852500-4   Condensed Matter Physics / Materials
978-0-19-852853-1   Theoretical, Computational, and Statistical Physics
978-0-19-517845-6   History of Physics
978-0-19-852660-5   Crystallography
978-0-19-857025-7   Condensed Matter Physics / Materials
978-0-19-856777-6   Crystallography
978-0-19-921124-1   Particle Physics / Astrophysics / Cosmology
978-0-19-856821-6   Condensed Matter Physics / Materials
978-0-19-856756-1   Condensed Matter Physics / Materials
978-0-19-856849-0   Particle Physics / Astrophysics / Cosmology
978-0-19-852582-0   Condensed Matter Physics / Materials
978-0-19-516737-5   History of Physics
978-0-19-856728-8   Atomic, Laser, and Optical Physics
978-0-19-850781-9   Condensed Matter Physics / Materials
978-0-19-856727-1   Atomic, Laser, and Optical Physics
978-0-19-852021-4   Atomic, Laser, and Optical Physics
978-0-19-852784-8   Particle Physics / Astrophysics / Cosmology
978-0-19-850780-2   Condensed Matter Physics / Materials
978-0-19-856763-9   Particle Physics / Astrophysics / Cosmology
978-0-19-852815-9   Condensed Matter Physics / Materials
978-0-19-850779-6   Condensed Matter Physics / Materials
978-0-19-921797-7   American Politics
978-0-19-928502-0   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-921307-8   European Union
978-0-19-921431-0   International Relations
978-0-19-928629-4   Environmental Politics
978-0-19-921737-3   Political Theory
978-0-19-928774-1   Democratization
978-0-19-924568-0   Political Economy
978-0-19-924803-2   Political Theory
978-0-19-532425-9   Cognitive Models and Architectures
978-0-19-530937-9   Developmental Psychology
978-0-19-531427-4   Cognitive Neuroscience
978-0-19-518222-4   Cognitive Neuroscience
978-0-19-515406-1   Developmental Psychology
978-0-19-518716-8   Clinical Psychology
978-0-19-516964-5   Cognitive Psychology
978-0-19-517315-4   Cognitive Neuroscience
978-0-19-517242-3   Social Psychology
978-0-19-516081-9   Cognitive Psychology
978-0-19-531183-9   Developmental Psychology
978-0-19-517693-3   Social Psychology
978-0-19-518291-0   Health Psychology
978-0-19-532051-0   Social Psychology
978-0-19-515673-7   Developmental Psychology
978-0-19-515855-7   Cognitive Neuroscience
978-0-19-517078-8   Cognitive Neuroscience
978-0-19-531698-8   Cognitive Psychology
978-0-19-530722-1   Religion and Society
978-0-19-532782-3   Hinduism
978-0-19-517729-9   Religion and Society
978-0-19-928102-2   Religion and Society
978-0-19-926622-7   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-814398-7   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-532335-1   World Religions
978-0-19-929647-7   Religion and Society
978-0-19-516711-5   Religion and Society
978-0-19-532531-7   Church History
978-0-19-518216-3   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-921300-9   Church History
978-0-19-928715-4   Theology
978-0-19-531162-4   Theology
978-0-19-531381-9   Judaism
978-0-19-531982-8   Theology
978-0-19-531538-7   Religion and Society
978-0-19-530500-5   Buddhism
978-0-19-921928-5   Theology
978-0-19-921260-6   Theology
978-0-19-532912-4   Theology
978-0-19-530853-2   Religion and Society
978-0-19-921804-2   Church History
978-0-19-927196-2   Religion and Society
978-0-19-517231-7   Religion and Society
978-0-19-921091-6   Financial Economics
978-0-19-928336-1   Financial Economics
978-0-19-530057-4   Microeconomics
978-0-19-920362-8   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-530698-9   Financial Economics
978-0-19-517935-4   International
978-0-19-921266-8   Financial Economics
978-0-19-921698-7   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-925923-6   Economic Systems
978-0-19-929657-6   Financial Economics
978-0-19-518932-2   International
978-0-19-921131-9   History of Economic Thought
978-0-19-531062-7   International
978-0-19-929929-4   South and East Asia
978-0-19-920554-7   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-929064-2   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-531013-9   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-921068-8   Aesthetics
978-0-19-928170-1   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-928867-0   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-922606-1   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-921821-9   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-920523-3   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-927573-1   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-927691-2   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-513636-4   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-925261-9   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
978-0-19-926330-1   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
978-0-19-921333-7   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-531393-2   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-928367-5   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-921915-5   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-925660-0   General
978-0-19-823544-6   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-924560-4   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-928504-4   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-928917-2   Political Economy
978-0-19-929700-9   International Relations
978-0-19-921435-8   Political Theory
978-0-19-921631-4   European Union
978-0-19-920269-0   International Relations
978-0-19-929812-9   European Union
978-0-19-926441-4   Democratization
978-0-19-927826-8   Political Theory
978-0-19-920743-5   International Relations
978-0-19-517645-2   Religion and Society
978-0-19-518870-7   Religion and Society
978-0-19-531108-2   Religion and Society
978-0-19-927978-4   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-531447-2   Theology
978-0-19-530981-2   Theology
978-0-19-532093-0   Buddhism
978-0-19-929574-6   Church History
978-0-19-929140-3   Theology
978-0-19-530922-5   Hinduism
978-0-19-532274-3   History of Christianity
978-0-19-530696-5   Theology
978-0-19-920313-0   Theology
978-0-19-517706-0   Hinduism
978-0-19-531996-5   Buddhism
978-0-19-532094-7   Religion and Society
978-0-19-514696-7   History of Christianity
978-0-19-929673-6   Judaism
978-0-19-929611-8   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-531173-0   Islam
978-0-19-929154-0   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-924861-2   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-829491-7   South and East Asia
978-0-19-518351-1   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-517811-1   Microeconomics
978-0-19-927593-9   South and East Asia
978-0-19-518965-0   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-530079-6   Behavioural Economics
978-0-19-516971-3   Financial Economics
978-0-19-920751-0   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-517165-5   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-515842-7   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-530735-1   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-929719-1   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-921280-4   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-920707-7   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-517967-5   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-929033-8   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-929644-6   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-530778-8   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-928554-9   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-929132-8   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-920617-9   Aesthetics
978-0-19-927912-8   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-924444-7   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-927814-5   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-928802-1   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-925440-8   General
978-0-19-920854-8   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-926797-2   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-928553-2   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-924770-7   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-530978-2   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-928039-1   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
978-0-19-518311-5   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-925038-7   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-929146-5   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-926925-9   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-928979-0   Democratization
978-0-19-927699-8   International Relations
978-0-19-928695-9   European Union
978-0-19-829236-4   International Relations
978-0-19-928687-4   Democratization
978-0-19-926697-5   European Union
978-0-19-518142-5   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-530541-8   Religion and Society
978-0-19-530139-7   Buddhism
978-0-19-920481-6   Church History
978-0-19-929718-4   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-514925-8   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-517522-6   Judaism
978-0-19-530549-4   Religion and Society
978-0-19-517153-2   Judaism
978-0-19-531072-6   Religion and Society
978-0-19-920322-2   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-517130-3   History of Christianity
978-0-19-920555-4   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-826984-7   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-928865-6   Church History
978-0-19-929613-2   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-518835-6   Religion and Society
978-0-19-516263-9   Judaism
978-0-19-928787-1   Theology
978-0-19-531480-9   Religion and Society
978-0-19-530060-4   Religion and Society
978-0-19-515663-8   Hinduism
978-0-19-530519-7   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-920465-6   Financial Economics
978-0-19-828663-9   Macro- and Monetary Economics
978-0-19-925739-3   Economic History
978-0-19-517830-2   South and East Asia
978-0-19-530600-2   International
978-0-19-929685-9   Econometrics
978-0-19-920476-2   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-929800-6   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-516875-4   Economic History
978-0-19-517167-9   Microeconomics
978-0-19-928814-4   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-829274-6   South and East Asia
978-0-19-927574-8   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-927583-0   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-928708-6   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-515943-1   Feminist Philosophy
978-0-19-928572-3   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-925096-7   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-927824-4   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-928725-3   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-515906-6   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-927495-6   Political Philosophy
978-0-19-513892-4   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-925124-7   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-926456-8   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-928911-0   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-929075-8   Aesthetics
978-0-19-929063-5   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-927220-4   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-517617-9   Feminist Philosophy
978-0-19-518745-8   Feminist Philosophy
978-0-19-530471-8   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-927952-4   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-518742-7   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-518157-9   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-530658-3   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-928669-0   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-823580-4   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-825017-3   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-530539-5   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-516192-2   General
978-0-19-928611-9   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-926967-9   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-928071-1   UK Politics
978-0-19-927857-2   International Relations
978-0-19-829335-4   Political Theory
978-0-19-929111-3   Political Theory
978-0-19-924282-5   UK Politics
978-0-19-518728-1   Islam
978-0-19-530822-8   History of Christianity
978-0-19-530555-5   Religion and Society
978-0-19-517806-7   History of Christianity
978-0-19-530576-0   History of Christianity
978-0-19-927219-8   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-530756-6   History of Christianity
978-0-19-517873-9   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-928808-3   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-927753-7   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-926685-2   Church History
978-0-19-516797-9   World Religions
978-0-19-530619-4   Judaism
978-0-19-513169-7   Islam
978-0-19-530694-1   Theology
978-0-19-530639-2   Religion and Literature
978-0-19-530721-4   History of Christianity
978-0-19-516644-6   History of Christianity
978-0-19-515153-4   Religion and Society
978-0-19-530434-3   Hinduism
978-0-19-517856-2   Religion and Society
978-0-19-929048-2   International
978-0-19-530091-8   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-516800-6   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-927269-3   Financial Economics
978-0-19-929047-5   Economic Systems
978-0-19-928057-5   Financial Economics
978-0-19-928891-5   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-929239-4   South and East Asia
978-0-19-928686-7   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-511505-5   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-924273-3   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-518743-4   Political Philosophy
978-0-19-928999-8   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-928575-4   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-928782-6   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-928259-3   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
978-0-19-928171-8   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-925439-2   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-929065-9   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-928220-3   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-926328-8   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
978-0-19-928883-0   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-927328-7   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-513218-2   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-516972-0   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-928304-0   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-517408-3   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-928803-8   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-927535-9   International Relations
978-0-19-926894-8   Political Theory
978-0-19-829674-4   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-518967-4   Democratization
978-0-19-929192-2   International Relations
978-0-19-928768-0   International Relations
978-0-19-828052-1   European Union
978-0-19-928168-8   Political Theory
978-0-19-929221-9   European Union
978-0-19-516837-2   History of Christianity
978-0-19-926208-3   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-928459-7   Theology
978-0-19-928496-2   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-530570-8   Buddhism
978-0-19-516641-5   Buddhism
978-0-19-517849-4   Buddhism
978-0-19-515682-9   World Religions
978-0-19-530551-7   Church History
978-0-19-530578-4   Judaism
978-0-19-928013-1   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-928605-8   Theology
978-0-19-924238-2   Church History
978-0-19-530583-8   Financial Economics
978-0-19-928628-7   Behavioural Economics
978-0-19-928460-3   Financial Economics
978-0-19-925940-3   International
978-0-19-928271-5   Economic History
978-0-19-926769-9   Econometrics
978-0-19-927677-6   South and East Asia
978-0-19-518804-2   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-516927-0   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-513408-7   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-513734-7   General
978-0-19-515204-3   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-928282-1   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-512860-4   Aesthetics
978-0-19-925626-6   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-511440-9   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-924790-5   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-514779-7   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-926165-9   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-514766-7   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-505215-2   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-927870-1   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-515651-5   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-513850-4   Feminist Philosophy
978-0-19-927194-8   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-517371-0   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-926974-7   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-926860-3   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-518099-2   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-515870-0   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-928530-3   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-928548-8   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-511725-7   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-512815-4   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-530504-3   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-928476-4   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-927059-0   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-927201-3   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-514371-3   General
978-0-19-927690-5   General
978-0-19-928173-2   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-517103-7   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-926365-3   Aesthetics
978-0-19-927473-4   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-928471-9   General
978-0-19-518772-4   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-512913-7   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-508000-1   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-510766-1   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-513305-9   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-517739-8   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-928643-0   European Union
978-0-19-926499-5   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-927071-2   Political Economy
978-0-19-928466-5   Political Economy
978-0-19-925756-0   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-928395-8   European Union
978-0-19-927762-9   Political Theory
978-0-19-927430-7   European Union
978-0-19-928672-0   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-925820-8   UK Politics
978-0-19-927614-1   Russian Politics
978-0-19-928642-3   Political Economy
978-0-19-928432-0   European Union
978-0-19-517919-4   Religion and Society
978-0-19-826388-3   Theology
978-0-19-927668-4   History of Christianity
978-0-19-827027-0   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-518729-8   Hinduism
978-0-19-516527-2   Religion and Society
978-0-19-512432-3   Religion and Society
978-0-19-515313-2   Religion and Society
978-0-19-928166-4   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-927836-7   Theology
978-0-19-517525-7   Buddhism
978-0-19-515067-4   Buddhism
978-0-19-517796-1   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-928231-9   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-927218-1   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-515019-3   Hinduism
978-0-19-927943-2   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-928386-6   Judaism
978-0-19-927977-7   Theology
978-0-19-518333-7   Religion and Society
978-0-19-517532-5   Religion and Society
978-0-19-515469-6   Theology
978-0-19-530534-0   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-518811-0   History of Christianity
978-0-19-928609-6   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-927126-9   Financial Economics
978-0-19-927859-6   Financial Economics
978-0-19-927885-5   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-927270-9   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-516512-8   Financial Economics
978-0-19-515062-9   Financial Economics
978-0-19-927914-2   History of Economic Thought
978-0-19-927628-8   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-924376-1   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-928213-5   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-517534-9   Feminist Philosophy
978-0-19-926222-9   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-928284-5   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-517914-9   Feminist Philosophy
978-0-19-829770-3   Political Theory
978-0-19-924815-5   Political Theory
978-0-19-927321-8   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-927948-7   European Union
978-0-19-516645-3   Religion and Society
978-0-19-516799-3   Hinduism
978-0-19-927320-1   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-927679-0   Theology
978-0-19-517728-2   History of Christianity
978-0-19-518095-4   Religion and Society
978-0-19-516155-7   Religion and Society
978-0-19-928068-1   Economic History
978-0-19-926113-0   Economic Systems
978-0-19-924528-4   Econometrics
978-0-19-516590-6   Financial Economics
978-0-19-928029-2   Microeconomics
978-0-19-926775-0   Financial Economics
978-0-19-926445-2   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-928069-8   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-516584-5   Macro- and Monetary Economics
978-0-19-928197-8   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-927056-9   Financial Economics
978-0-19-927144-3   Financial Economics
978-0-19-924724-0   South and East Asia
978-0-19-927148-1   Economic Systems
978-0-19-516874-7   Economic History
978-0-19-829271-5   South and East Asia
978-0-19-516229-5   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-927736-0   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-926325-7   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
978-0-19-823757-0   General
978-0-19-928089-6   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-517225-6   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-925134-6   General
978-0-19-927734-6   Aesthetics
978-0-19-517760-2   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-927341-6   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-927999-9   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-926254-0   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
978-0-19-927689-9   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-924180-4   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-514877-0   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
978-0-19-927807-7   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-927638-7   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-926345-5   International Relations
978-0-19-927184-9   European Union
978-0-19-925116-2   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-927868-8   Political Theory
978-0-19-927342-3   European Union
978-0-19-927367-6   International Relations
978-0-19-875506-7   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-925864-2   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-517390-1   History of Christianity
978-0-19-927198-6   Theology
978-0-19-518334-4   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-515411-5   History of Christianity
978-0-19-514002-6   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-515983-7   Religion and Society
978-0-19-517674-2   Judaism
978-0-19-516642-2   Theology
978-0-19-516223-3   History of Christianity
978-0-19-515546-4   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-517038-2   Religion and Society
978-0-19-515466-5   Theology
978-0-19-926289-2   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-926317-2   Theology
978-0-19-517311-6   History of Christianity
978-0-19-516655-2   Hinduism
978-0-19-517433-5   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-515415-3   World Religions
978-0-19-517675-9   Religion and Society
978-0-19-518256-9   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-518179-1   Religion and Society
978-0-19-926766-8   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-927578-6   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-924064-7   Economic Systems
978-0-19-927209-9   Economic History
978-0-19-927863-3   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-924527-7   South and East Asia
978-0-19-517409-0   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-927598-4   Microeconomics
978-0-19-925811-6   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-925602-0   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-517215-7   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-517689-6   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-924569-7   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-925126-1   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-927806-0   Aesthetics
978-0-19-927016-3   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-926850-4   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-928038-4   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-925150-6   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-514374-4   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-517717-6   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-925776-8   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-925148-3   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-517347-5   General
978-0-19-513809-2   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-829350-7   Political Theory
978-0-19-927385-0   International Relations
978-0-19-925620-4   Political Theory
978-0-19-925637-2   Democratization
978-0-19-925201-5   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-924119-4   European Union
978-0-19-517715-2   Religion and Literature
978-0-19-516832-7   Hinduism
978-0-19-517037-5   Theology
978-0-19-927570-0   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-924240-5   Theology
978-0-19-514918-0   Religion and Society
978-0-19-826924-3   Church History
978-0-19-925569-6   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-924575-8   Church History
978-0-19-927361-4   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-513008-9   History of Christianity
978-0-19-517454-0   Religion and Society
978-0-19-517071-9   Judaism
978-0-19-515688-1   History of Christianity
978-0-19-517461-8   Religion and Literature
978-0-19-517426-7   Buddhism
978-0-19-516591-3   History of Christianity
978-0-19-927486-4   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-516529-6   World Religions
978-0-19-517425-0   Theology
978-0-19-504400-3   Judaism
978-0-19-514012-5   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-927855-8   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-926682-1   Macro- and Monetary Economics
978-0-19-829061-2   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-927683-7   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-828654-7   Microeconomics
978-0-19-926205-2   Microeconomics
978-0-19-927664-6   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-925316-6   Financial Economics
978-0-19-926062-1   Financial Economics
978-0-19-515953-0   Financial Economics
978-0-19-927339-3   Financial Economics
978-0-19-926322-6   Economic Systems
978-0-19-925357-9   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-924731-8   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-515988-2   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
978-0-19-926975-4   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-517127-3   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-515987-5   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-925628-0   Aesthetics
978-0-19-927002-6   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-515306-4   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-926955-6   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-926326-4   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-926638-8   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-925122-3   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-927070-5   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-924729-5   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-926760-6   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-514539-7   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-516934-8   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-924760-8   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-925774-4   Political Philosophy
978-0-19-926703-3   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-925975-5   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-516199-1   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-516014-7   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-925736-2   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-516052-9   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-926767-5   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-515527-3   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-926520-6   International Relations
978-0-19-926036-2   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-925871-0   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-514870-1   American Politics
978-0-19-927314-0   UK Politics
978-0-19-829325-5   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-827924-2   Political Theory
978-0-19-924756-1   Political Theory
978-0-19-828053-8   Reference
978-0-19-926672-2   Political Economy
978-0-19-925247-3   European Union
978-0-19-924686-1   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-925366-1   Political Theory
978-0-19-925645-7   Democratization
978-0-19-924757-8   UK Politics
978-0-19-927553-3   European Union
978-0-19-829784-0   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-926726-2   Political Economy
978-0-19-927446-8   Democratization
978-0-19-517107-5   Islam
978-0-19-925236-7   Religion and Society
978-0-19-517451-9   Theology
978-0-19-516710-8   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-516838-9   Buddhism
978-0-19-926523-7   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-927217-4   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-826733-1   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-516505-0   Religion and Literature
978-0-19-513020-1   History of Christianity
978-0-19-513640-1   History of Christianity
978-0-19-926458-2   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-926713-2   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-516507-4   History of Christianity
978-0-19-516654-5   History of Christianity
978-0-19-927146-7   Religion and Society
978-0-19-925615-0   Religion and Society
978-0-19-516923-2   Religion and Society
978-0-19-925994-6   Theology
978-0-19-926779-8   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-516119-9   Theology
978-0-19-515679-9   Religion and Society
978-0-19-515297-5   Religion and Society
978-0-19-513986-0   History of Christianity
978-0-19-515465-8   History of Christianity
978-0-19-516926-3   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-515107-7   Religion and Society
978-0-19-926039-3   Theology
978-0-19-515716-1   History of Christianity
978-0-19-924648-9   Microeconomics
978-0-19-927025-5   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-927018-7   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-514550-2   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-517125-9   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
978-0-19-925845-1   European Union
978-0-19-926118-5   Democratization
978-0-19-927017-0   Political Economy
978-0-19-924488-1   UK Politics
978-0-19-829468-9   International Relations
978-0-19-924805-6   European Union
978-0-19-927490-1   International Relations
978-0-19-926982-2   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-926799-6   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-926653-1   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-927140-5   Economic Systems
978-0-19-924101-9   Development, Growth, and EnvironmentalSouth and East Asia
978-0-19-828899-2   Financial EconomicsSouth and East Asia
978-0-19-926038-6   Financial Economics
978-0-19-926176-5   Financial Economics
978-0-19-927141-2   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-829360-6   Macro- and Monetary Economics
978-0-19-925786-7   Economic History
978-0-19-924202-3   Econometrics
978-0-19-925704-1   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-926900-6   Economic Systems
978-0-19-927211-2   Financial Economics
978-0-19-926691-3   Financial Economics
978-0-19-926901-3   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-877447-1   Econometrics
978-0-19-926366-0   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-925372-2   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-823754-9   General
978-0-19-926516-9   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-927050-7   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-925289-3   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-926855-9   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-926305-9   International Relations
978-0-19-924161-3   International Relations
978-0-19-926657-9   UK Politics
978-0-19-924578-9   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-924579-6   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-924934-3   Financial Economics
978-0-19-925930-4   Financial Economics
978-0-19-926699-9   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-926865-8   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-927057-6   History of Economic Thought
978-0-19-926881-8   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-926640-1   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-925059-2   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-823610-8   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-823913-0   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-927072-9   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-925740-9   European Union
978-0-19-925925-0   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-926026-3   International Relations
978-0-19-515146-6   International Relations
978-0-19-829535-8   Political Theory
978-0-19-926348-6   International Relations
978-0-19-925844-4   Environmental Politics
978-0-19-514074-3   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-926660-9   UK Politics
978-0-19-925752-2   Political Economy
978-0-19-926201-4   International Relations
978-0-19-925226-8   European Union
978-0-19-926668-5   International Relations
978-0-19-515089-6   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-925206-0   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-829464-1   European Union
978-0-19-924796-7   European Union
978-0-19-829771-0   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-927125-2   Political Theory
978-0-19-926721-7   International Relations
978-0-19-826334-0   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-826995-3   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-826369-2   Church History
978-0-19-826362-3   Judaism
978-0-19-826975-5   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-826456-9   Church History
978-0-19-514113-9   Judaism
978-0-19-826391-3   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-924439-3   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-508259-3   Religion and Society
978-0-19-828461-1   Microeconomics
978-0-19-829380-4   Macro- and Monetary Economics
978-0-19-513969-3   Economic HistoryInternational
978-0-19-507603-5   Development, Growth, and EnvironmentalSouth and East Asia
978-0-19-925817-8   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-829216-6   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-925349-4   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-515898-4   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-828810-7   Econometrics
978-0-19-925753-9   Financial Economics
978-0-19-828762-9   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-877371-9   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-924659-5   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-829671-3   Microeconomics
978-0-19-924891-9   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-829745-1   Economic Systems
978-0-19-924407-2   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-877518-8   Financial Economics
978-0-19-829399-6   Economic Systems
978-0-19-514776-6   Economic History
978-0-19-924658-8   Macro- and Monetary Economics
978-0-19-512578-8   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-829697-3   Development, Growth, and EnvironmentalSouth and East Asia
978-0-19-829698-0   Financial Economics
978-0-19-828399-7   Economic Systems
978-0-19-829694-2   Financial Economics
978-0-19-829606-5   Economic History
978-0-19-829780-2   Microeconomics
978-0-19-829604-1   Microeconomics
978-0-19-877534-8   International
978-0-19-924788-2   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-828835-0   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-877403-7   Econometrics
978-0-19-823331-2   Financial Economics
978-0-19-828824-4   Macro- and Monetary Economics
978-0-19-877457-0   Microeconomics
978-0-19-924854-4   Microeconomics
978-0-19-829096-4   Microeconomics
978-0-19-924123-1   Macro- and Monetary Economics
978-0-19-828319-5   Macro- and Monetary Economics
978-0-19-828365-2   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-925001-1   International
978-0-19-829605-8   International
978-0-19-925701-0   International
978-0-19-510113-3   Economic History
978-0-19-828803-9   Macro- and Monetary EconomicsEconomic History
978-0-19-829288-3   History of Economic Thought
978-0-19-828320-1   History of Economic Thought
978-0-19-828935-7   Microeconomics
978-0-19-925105-6   Economic History
978-0-19-828898-5   South and East Asia
978-0-19-823341-1   Microeconomics
978-0-19-513086-7   Economic HistoryFinancial Economics
978-0-19-924889-6   Microeconomics
978-0-19-828335-5   Macro- and Monetary Economics
978-0-19-828521-2   Microeconomics
978-0-19-877475-4   Econometrics
978-0-19-924775-2   Economic Systems
978-0-19-828881-7   Financial Economics
978-0-19-877353-5   Econometrics
978-0-19-924397-6   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-829354-5   Econometrics
978-0-19-828316-4   Econometrics
978-0-19-828724-7   Macro- and Monetary Economics
978-0-19-828407-9   Macro- and Monetary Economics
978-0-19-877287-3   Macro- and Monetary Economics
978-0-19-877286-6   Macro- and Monetary Economics
978-0-19-829431-3   International
978-0-19-504407-2   Financial Economics
978-0-19-924256-6   South and East Asia
978-0-19-828862-6   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-877450-1   Econometrics
978-0-19-924999-2   Economic History
978-0-19-828593-9   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-829078-0   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-515740-6   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-513052-2   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-828988-3   Microeconomics
978-0-19-829222-7   Microeconomics
978-0-19-829211-1   Macro- and Monetary EconomicsMicroeconomics
978-0-19-924459-1   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-828776-6   Economic Systems
978-0-19-828381-2   Microeconomics
978-0-19-924868-1   Microeconomics
978-0-19-829432-0   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-828832-9   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-924827-8   Macro- and Monetary Economics
978-0-19-829422-1   Macro- and Monetary Economics
978-0-19-828453-6   Economic History
978-0-19-828524-3   Economic History
978-0-19-924255-9   Economic HistoryFinancial Economics
978-0-19-828164-1   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-828145-0   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-828649-3   History of Economic Thought
978-0-19-828682-0   History of Economic Thought
978-0-19-828964-7   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-828797-1   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-828873-2   South and East Asia
978-0-19-829490-0   Economic Systems
978-0-19-924486-7   Microeconomics
978-0-19-924176-7   Macro- and Monetary Economics
978-0-19-828977-7   Microeconomics
978-0-19-828333-1   Macro- and Monetary Economics
978-0-19-828648-6   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-885120-2   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-924887-2   International
978-0-19-829287-6   History of Economic ThoughtEconometrics
978-0-19-829243-2   Microeconomics
978-0-19-828821-3   History of Economic Thought
978-0-19-924182-8   International
978-0-19-829332-3   Macro- and Monetary Economics
978-0-19-515535-8   International
978-0-19-829798-7   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-829224-1   MicroeconomicsHistory of Economic Thought
978-0-19-828742-1   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-877455-6   History of Economic Thought
978-0-19-828928-9   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-828463-5   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-828193-1   Public and Welfare
978-0-19-516121-2   Financial Economics
978-0-19-829418-4   Macro- and Monetary EconomicsFinancial Economics
978-0-19-829227-2   Financial Economics
978-0-19-513436-0   Financial EconomicsInternational
978-0-19-829306-4   Macro- and Monetary EconomicsInternational
978-0-19-829268-5   Development, Growth, and Environmental
978-0-19-829542-6   Microeconomics
978-0-19-877472-3   Microeconomics
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978-0-19-829666-9   History of Economic Thought
978-0-19-829015-5   International
978-0-19-514923-4   Financial Economics
978-0-19-514389-8   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-515371-2   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-512649-5   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-514646-2   History of Philosophy
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978-0-19-825092-0   History of Philosophy
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978-0-19-514364-5   Moral Philosophy
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978-0-19-924127-9   Metaphysics/Epistemology
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978-0-19-925965-6   Aesthetics
978-0-19-825012-8   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
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978-0-19-824704-3   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-823507-1   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-823895-9   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-514380-5   Moral Philosophy
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978-0-19-823975-8   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
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978-0-19-926123-9   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-823551-4   Metaphysics/Epistemology
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978-0-19-823682-5   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-823879-9   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-875234-9   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-823931-4   Aesthetics
978-0-19-823623-8   Aesthetics
978-0-19-509453-4   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-925305-0   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-823753-2   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-924629-8   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-924627-4   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-924158-3   Aesthetics
978-0-19-514271-6   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-823766-2   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-823628-3   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-823621-4   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-924806-3   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-512738-6   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-823863-8   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-515526-6   General
978-0-19-505923-6   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-504664-9   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-506470-4   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-924289-4   General
978-0-19-823549-1   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-513916-7   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-823636-8   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-508987-5   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-507162-7   General
978-0-19-823508-8   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-925284-8   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-925286-2   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-823769-3   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-824427-1   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-823980-2   Philosophy of Science
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978-0-19-823724-2   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-824992-4   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-516541-8   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-823541-5   Aesthetics
978-0-19-925304-3   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-823820-1   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-513879-5   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-824252-9   General
978-0-19-824843-9   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-875231-8   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-823639-9   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
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978-0-19-881092-6   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-881077-3   Moral Philosophy
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978-0-19-823802-7   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-823675-7   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-925974-8   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-824034-1   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
978-0-19-823725-9   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-823834-8   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-925263-3   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-925657-0   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-925658-7   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-513461-2   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-875223-3   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-823824-9   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-825037-1   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-513716-3   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-510116-4   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-924799-8   Moral Philosophy
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978-0-19-510460-8   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-824290-1   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-508645-4   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-825061-6   General
978-0-19-825013-5   History of Philosophy
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978-0-19-825003-6   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-823819-5   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-924131-6   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-823916-1   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-511911-4   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-514402-4   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-512656-3   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-514583-0   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-503541-4   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
978-0-19-509653-8   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-926002-7   Aesthetics
978-0-19-924631-1   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-924653-3   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-924654-0   History of Philosophy
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978-0-19-924317-4   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-513235-9   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-503646-6   General
978-0-19-503204-8   General
978-0-19-823806-5   Ancient Philosophy
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978-0-19-924556-7   Ancient Philosophy
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978-0-19-824035-8   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
978-0-19-825075-3   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
978-0-19-823722-8   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-924714-1   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-509657-6   General
978-0-19-505946-5   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-514506-9   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-823877-5   Aesthetics
978-0-19-925158-2   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-924181-1   General
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978-0-19-515617-1   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-515043-8   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-924536-9   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-514041-5   Moral Philosophy
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978-0-19-513005-8   Metaphysics/Epistemology
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978-0-19-509839-6   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-514983-8   General
978-0-19-924715-8   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-925161-2   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-823600-9   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-515374-3   Metaphysics/Epistemology
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978-0-19-513423-0   Philosophy of Mind
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978-0-19-925672-3   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-924395-2   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-925260-2   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-924382-2   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-824908-5   General
978-0-19-925156-8   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-823860-7   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-824486-8   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-824770-8   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-925187-2   General
978-0-19-510645-9   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-925276-3   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-824414-1   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-513193-2   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-507862-6   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-507864-0   Metaphysics/Epistemology
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978-0-19-825063-0   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-925019-6   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-924800-1   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-824807-1   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-513326-4   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-825014-2   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
978-0-19-825028-9   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-509846-4   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-823922-2   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-925133-9   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-925265-7   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-515961-5   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-515290-6   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-510864-4   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-823511-8   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-508564-8   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-510344-1   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-824931-3   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-925037-0   General
978-0-19-816727-3   Aesthetics
978-0-19-825029-6   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
978-0-19-513930-3   Logic/Philosophy of Mathematics
978-0-19-823917-8   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-925307-4   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-515203-6   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-515309-5   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-823899-7   Aesthetics
978-0-19-924443-0   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-825023-4   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-925157-5   Philosophy of Science
978-0-19-513837-5   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-509392-6   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-514528-1   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-512335-7   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-513467-4   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-514549-6   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-516540-1   General
978-0-19-516111-3   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-823707-5   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-512892-5   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-512666-2   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-824055-6   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-825015-9   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-925214-5   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-925213-8   Metaphysics/Epistemology
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978-0-19-515188-6   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-925388-3   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-824070-9   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-824849-1   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-823512-5   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-823968-0   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-823798-3   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-824725-8   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-925746-1   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-924379-2   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-823698-6   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-823963-5   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-825074-6   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-924587-1   Philosophy of Language
978-0-19-515553-2   General
978-0-19-510859-0   Moral Philosophy
978-0-19-824417-2   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-511329-7   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-925308-1   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-514076-7   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-511684-7   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-925419-4   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-825059-3   Ancient Philosophy
978-0-19-925656-3   Metaphysics/Epistemology
978-0-19-823509-5   History of Philosophy
978-0-19-924140-8   Philosophy of Mind
978-0-19-829496-2   Political Theory
978-0-19-924268-9   Political Theory
978-0-19-829538-9   Political Theory
978-0-19-827528-2   International Relations
978-0-19-828073-6   International Relations
978-0-19-827995-2   Political Theory
978-0-19-828061-3   International Relations
978-0-19-829729-1   Political Theory
978-0-19-924508-6   Environmental Politics
978-0-19-827959-4   Political Theory
978-0-19-924989-3   Political Theory
978-0-19-510326-7   Political Theory
978-0-19-829308-8   European Union
978-0-19-829334-7   UK Politics
978-0-19-829474-0   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-925787-4   Political Theory
978-0-19-828038-5   Democratization
978-0-19-924090-6   Democratization
978-0-19-288052-9   Russian Politics
978-0-19-827925-9   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-827771-2   International Relations
978-0-19-925766-9   Political Theory
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978-0-19-924114-9   Comparative Politics
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978-0-19-829453-5   Political Theory
978-0-19-878183-7   Democratization
978-0-19-924183-5   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-829757-4   European Union
978-0-19-924097-5   International Relations
978-0-19-829639-3   European Union
978-0-19-827974-7   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-925309-8   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-515807-6   American Politics
978-0-19-924038-8   Environmental Politics
978-0-19-829475-7   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-925178-0   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-829495-5   Environmental Politics
978-0-19-829489-4   Environmental Politics
978-0-19-925043-1   Political Theory
978-0-19-924902-2   Environmental Politics
978-0-19-925025-7   European Union
978-0-19-924165-1   European Union
978-0-19-829638-6   European Union
978-0-19-924405-8   European Union
978-0-19-829386-6   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-829565-5   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-874200-5   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-925643-3   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-924052-4   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-829634-8   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-829675-1   Political Theory
978-0-19-829551-8   International Relations
978-0-19-925209-1   European Union
978-0-19-827921-1   Political Theory
978-0-19-828063-7   Political Theory
978-0-19-924264-1   Political Theory
978-0-19-829509-9   Environmental Politics
978-0-19-515628-7   American Politics
978-0-19-829776-5   International Relations
978-0-19-829292-0   International Relations
978-0-19-925120-9   International Relations
978-0-19-926143-7   International Relations
978-0-19-829564-8   Political Theory
978-0-19-829414-6   Political Theory
978-0-19-827432-2   Political Theory
978-0-19-510343-4   American Politics
978-0-19-512592-4   International Relations
978-0-19-924041-8   Russian Politics
978-0-19-925617-4   Political Theory
978-0-19-829471-9   Reference
978-0-19-829426-9   Political Theory
978-0-19-924674-8   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-924666-3   Democratization
978-0-19-829333-0   Environmental Politics
978-0-19-829084-1   Political Theory
978-0-19-828035-4   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-925015-8   European Union
978-0-19-924794-3   Political Theory
978-0-19-924511-6   UK Politics
978-0-19-924751-6   Political Theory
978-0-19-925031-8   International Relations
978-0-19-829765-9   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-828099-6   UK Politics
978-0-19-924363-1   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-924267-2   Environmental Politics
978-0-19-829566-2   International Relations
978-0-19-924309-9   International Relations
978-0-19-827963-1   Political Theory
978-0-19-515277-7   American Politics
978-0-19-827999-0   European Union
978-0-19-829229-6   International Relations
978-0-19-829540-2   International Relations
978-0-19-829610-2   Political Theory
978-0-19-829472-6   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-924699-1   Russian Politics
978-0-19-829664-5   European Union
978-0-19-829660-7   European Union
978-0-19-829467-2   Political Theory
978-0-19-924076-0   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-924214-6   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-925313-5   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-829249-4   American Politics
978-0-19-829629-4   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-829473-3   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-925754-6   Political Theory
978-0-19-829091-9   Political Theory
978-0-19-924098-2   Political Theory
978-0-19-924201-6   Environmental Politics
978-0-19-924174-3   Political Theory
978-0-19-925044-8   Political Theory
978-0-19-829712-3   Political Theory
978-0-19-827725-5   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-924691-5   International Relations
978-0-19-829397-2   Political Theory
978-0-19-829549-5   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-829293-7   Political Theory
978-0-19-829573-0   Political Theory
978-0-19-924150-7   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-829738-3   Russian Politics
978-0-19-924672-4   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-924434-8   UK Politics
978-0-19-829529-7   UK Politics
978-0-19-829781-9   Political Theory
978-0-19-924403-4   European Union
978-0-19-827864-1   Political Theory
978-0-19-829356-9   Political Theory
978-0-19-828008-8   Political Theory
978-0-19-829384-2   Political Theory
978-0-19-829746-8   Political Theory
978-0-19-827385-1   Political Theory
978-0-19-515116-9   Democratization
978-0-19-828082-8   Democratization
978-0-19-515016-2   Political Theory
978-0-19-829407-8   International Relations
978-0-19-514426-0   International Relations
978-0-19-829640-9   European Union
978-0-19-924500-0   European Union
978-0-19-829476-4   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-924958-9   Reference
978-0-19-924959-6   Reference
978-0-19-829645-4   Reference
978-0-19-829568-6   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-516110-6   International Relations
978-0-19-924490-4   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-829446-7   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-829357-6   Political Theory
978-0-19-515549-5   American Politics
978-0-19-829642-3   Political Theory
978-0-19-829415-3   Political Theory
978-0-19-829756-7   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-925117-9   European Union
978-0-19-829510-5   Democratization
978-0-19-924646-5   Democratization
978-0-19-829416-0   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-514117-7   International Relations
978-0-19-829237-1   Reference
978-0-19-827918-1   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-924088-3   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-924092-0   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-925767-6   Political Theory
978-0-19-925641-9   Environmental Politics
978-0-19-925368-5   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-829661-4   European Union
978-0-19-925648-8   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-925768-3   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-924266-5   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-514297-6   American Politics
978-0-19-926666-1   European Union
978-0-19-829736-9   Russian Politics
978-0-19-829358-3   Political Theory
978-0-19-924056-2   Comparative Politics
978-0-19-925310-4   International Relations
978-0-19-829505-1   Political Theory
978-0-19-925328-9   Democratization
978-0-19-924375-4   Democratization
978-0-19-829755-0   Political Theory
978-0-19-924979-4   Democratization
978-0-19-924408-9   Democratization
978-0-19-924409-6   Democratization
978-0-19-925003-5   Theology
978-0-19-826376-0   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-826987-8   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-513498-8   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-512524-5   Buddhism
978-0-19-513800-9   History of Christianity
978-0-19-512986-1   History of Christianity
978-0-19-826356-2   Church History
978-0-19-515122-0   History of Christianity
978-0-19-513836-8   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-827018-8   Theology
978-0-19-826991-5   Theology
978-0-19-513777-4   Hinduism
978-0-19-515385-9   Religion in the Ancient World
978-0-19-826988-5   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-515113-8   Buddhism
978-0-19-826922-9   Church History
978-0-19-924695-3   Church History
978-0-19-826902-1   Church History
978-0-19-826919-9   Church History
978-0-19-513913-6   Islam
978-0-19-512554-2   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-513854-2   Hinduism
978-0-19-924072-2   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-512944-1   Religion and Society
978-0-19-513234-2   Religion and Society
978-0-19-514569-4   History of Christianity
978-0-19-826753-9   Theology
978-0-19-826985-4   Theology
978-0-19-924612-0   Theology
978-0-19-924845-2   Theology
978-0-19-513028-7   Religion and Society
978-0-19-506926-6   History of Christianity
978-0-19-924419-5   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-513835-1   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-826695-2   Theology
978-0-19-513376-9   World Religions
978-0-19-826182-7   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-826397-5   Theology
978-0-19-925614-3   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-514369-0   Religion and Society
978-0-19-513025-6   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-826699-0   Judaism
978-0-19-827011-9   Religion and Literature
978-0-19-513153-6   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-514680-6   Religion and Society
978-0-19-513818-4   Religion and Society
978-0-19-513609-8   History of Christianity
978-0-19-514650-9   Religion and Society
978-0-19-513961-7   History of Christianity
978-0-19-514863-3   History of Christianity
978-0-19-515547-1   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-926313-4   Religion and Society
978-0-19-826399-9   Church History
978-0-19-515120-6   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-514279-2   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-513586-2   Buddhism
978-0-19-924551-2   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-514876-3   Hinduism
978-0-19-513912-9   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-826994-6   Church History
978-0-19-512735-5   Hinduism
978-0-19-514067-5   Judaism
978-0-19-514616-5   Religion and Society
978-0-19-515058-2   World Religions
978-0-19-514011-8   World Religions
978-0-19-514341-6   History of Christianity
978-0-19-514342-3   Religion and Literature
978-0-19-512943-4   Religion in the Ancient World
978-0-19-514288-4   Religion and Society
978-0-19-925238-1   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-827022-5   Theology
978-0-19-515189-3   Theology
978-0-19-515223-4   History of Christianity
978-0-19-513024-9   Sikhism
978-0-19-513407-0   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-826956-4   Theology
978-0-19-513434-6   Hinduism
978-0-19-513435-3   Hinduism
978-0-19-514532-8   History of Christianity
978-0-19-512835-2   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-827003-4   Church History
978-0-19-827004-1   Church History
978-0-19-514416-1   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-513999-0   Buddhism
978-0-19-514862-6   Judaism
978-0-19-826925-0   Church History
978-0-19-513163-5   History of Christianity
978-0-19-826997-7   History of Christianity
978-0-19-515111-4   History of Christianity
978-0-19-515052-0   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-514856-5   Religion and Society
978-0-19-513491-9   Religion and Society
978-0-19-513137-6   History of Christianity
978-0-19-506386-8   Islam
978-0-19-513817-7   Hinduism
978-0-19-826998-4   Judaism
978-0-19-514359-1   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-515717-8   History of Christianity
978-0-19-512989-2   History of Christianity
978-0-19-513915-0   Hinduism
978-0-19-512841-3   Religion and Society
978-0-19-925077-6   History of Christianity
978-0-19-925075-2   Early Christian Studies
978-0-19-513480-3   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-515649-2   Islam
978-0-19-513807-8   Theology
978-0-19-513048-5   History of Christianity
978-0-19-827034-8   Judaism
978-0-19-924922-0   History of Christianity
978-0-19-515428-3   History of Christianity
978-0-19-513324-0   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-513661-6   Hinduism
978-0-19-514000-2   Islam
978-0-19-513736-1   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-514099-6   Theology
978-0-19-512698-3   History of Christianity
978-0-19-513901-3   Religion and Society
978-0-19-513902-0   Religion and Society
978-0-19-515315-6   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-514571-7   Buddhism
978-0-19-512211-4   Buddhism
978-0-19-826906-9   Church History
978-0-19-511302-0   Theology
978-0-19-827002-7   Religion and Literature
978-0-19-826973-1   Religion and Literature
978-0-19-506834-4   Religion and Society
978-0-19-513138-3   History of Christianity
978-0-19-826949-6   Religion and Literature
978-0-19-513733-0   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-924591-8   Theology
978-0-19-826360-9   Judaism
978-0-19-515142-8   Judaism
978-0-19-515045-2   Religion and Society
978-0-19-515808-3   History of Christianity
978-0-19-515226-5   Biblical Studies
978-0-19-514494-9   Philosophy of Religion
978-0-19-514044-6   Religion and Society

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