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									Managed Account Program
Investor Brochure

        Managed Account Program
Brochure content

1.   Glossary
2.   What is Managed Account Program?
3.   Advantages
4.   Performance
5.   Open Managed Account Program
6.   Monitor the status of your account
7.   FAQ
8.   Investment process
9.   Our Managed Account Program
Glossary   Money           Manager
           A person or a company provided with the authorization to manage your

           Limited Power of Attorney
           The LPOA is the authorization you give to the Money manager and is
           limited to trading investor account only. It also defines commission paying
           process. The LPOA is revocable at anytime and with immediate effect.

           High-water mark
           It is a principle applied to a commission calculation. The amount of our
           commission is calculated according to the difference between the final
           balances of account of the last and the penultimate period. If the difference
           is positive we are paid the commission, if the difference is negative we are
           paid nothing until we make new maximum profit.

           Performance fee
           Money Manger’s commission is performance related, i.e. he is paid for
           what he makes for his clients.

           It is a participant of financial market that allows us to open a trading
           account connected directly to the market. We can trade via broker’s
           trading platform.

           Trading platform
           It is understood to be a program that allows us to see the market, trade
           and see the development of prices.

           Draw down
           It is a decline of trading account. It can be expressed in per cents or in
           absolute value of a sum you are agreed on. Here, it is from the last
           maximum account balance of the finished month.

           Liquidity means how fast your investment can be turned into cash that
           you can withdraw and use.

           Risk distribution of your investments - Risk of your investment can be
           minimized with appropriate diversification. Our portfolio is
           diversificated between 3 different trading systems that do not correlate.

           In our case it is dependence of two or more characteristics of the trading
           systems we use. Our systems do not correlate between each other
           and they are based on different strategies and each of them has independent
           results from the market.
What is a Managed   Managed Account Program is a trading account in the name of the
                    client at the brokerage company managed by professional money
Account             manager.
                    Managed Account Program is an ordinary trading account, the only
                    holder of which is a client. Client, however, does not trade himself but
                    he leaves it to his Money Manager who receives a fee calculated from
                    the profit made each month.

                    Trading is performed in the Equity and Forex market.

                    We are professional Money Managers and we certainly can evaluate your

                    Minimum deposit: Rs.10 lacs

                    Fees: None; only performance fee

                    Probable return: min. 100% p.a.

                    There is a high potential of profit with adequate risk rate. High profit
                    Potential means from 100% to 300% annually. Interesting, isn’t it?
                    Unfortunately, nothing‘s perfect. In this case it is a possibility of loss.
                    If you are interested in as high profit as possible, we need you to be
                    tolerant and accept short lasting 25% draw down.

                    Our performance of managing the accounts is strictly regulated by the rules
                    of the fund diversification. Although you open only one account and fund
                    it with all your savings, you provide us with the power to manage them;
                    therefore, we guarantee adequate diversification. Your trading account
                    will be managed not by one, but group of professionals who have been
                    making profits during the long period of time.

                    Since we cooperate with more traders, who work with independent
                    and different trading systems, we have ensured that your portfolio is divided
                    sufficiently to achieve one goal: to make a profit as safely as possible.
                    Each of traders manages a certain part of your funds. We utilize only
                    minimal of your investment per one trading operation, what can be
                    considered as very conservative trading. On the other hand, we
                    dispose of Money and Risk managements that provide us with the
                    larger ability of correcting potential draw downs of each trading
Advantages      Transparency
                The trading platform provides you with the possibility of watching your
                account at any time; what are the open trades, what is your profit/loss.
                Therefore, you have access to your account 24/7. The only thing you need
                is a simple PC and access to the Internet.
                Your funds are in your trading account at the brokerage company regulated
                by the bodies of the financial markets. The trading account is an account
                opened at the brokerage company in your name what enables you to make
                trading operations in the market. Your account is segregated from
                the accounts owned by the company which means that your money remains
                your propriety only. We cooperate with the brokerage company, which has
                been successfully providing its clients with professional services more than
                20 years.

                Funds are deposited in the trading account of which you are the only
                proprietor. It is not possible to defraud or steal them. According to the valid
                legislation it is only possible to transfer the funds from the trading account
                to the account of its proprietor. The brokerage company is not allowed
                to send them to another account and never will.

                If you are not satisfied with the progress of your trading account, you can
                revoke the Power of Attorney allowing us to manage your trading account
                at any time.

                Your money is liquid – managed account is not a fixed term account and
                you are not bound to any certain period. If you decide to make a withdrawal
                you have a full right to do it. Or, you can withdraw your profit monthly.
                However, if you wish to withdraw more than the month profit is, please
                inform us at least 15 work days in advance, so we can disconnect your
                account or adequately and safely modify Money management and protect
                your funds.

                No fees
                No Fees for first 5% of your Monthly Returns. Monthly intensive fees are
                charged only after 5% of your income @ 50%. One time fees-A
                Management fee of 2% should be paid up front as soon as deposit is made
                to the client’s account. If we do not make any profits, we receive no
                performance fee and if we make a loss, we will not be paid until we make
                all money we have lost back.

Trust Our Experience to Manage
Your Funds
Advantages                                                   •             Your money is deposited in your own account at a reputable broker
                                                                           and you are the only person who can handle it.
Why to choose our
                                                             •             Professional and serious approach
Managed Account
Programs                                                     •             Perfect client services

                                                             •             Diversification into 3 professional traders’ portfolios

                                                             •             High and stable month profit

                                                             •             We earn money only when we make profit for you

                                                             •             No fees, we are paid from what we make for you

                                                             •             Highly-developed risk management

                                                             •             One of the best controlling systems of portfolio risk

                                                             •             Low minimum deposit and fair profit sharing

Performance                                                  Our performance from the December 2010 until the April 2011.

                                        Equity Graph Dec-2010 to Apr-2011


 January 10   February 10   March 10     April 10   May 10       June 10      July 10   August 10   September 10   October 10   November 10   December 10   January 11    February 11   March 11



                                                                                                                                                                         ECI TRADE




                                       Dec-10                    Jan-11                 Feb-11                       Mar-11                       Apr-11
Opening your        Simple 4-step process

Managed Account     1.    Fill out the form for opening the trading account

                    2.    Give your ID and Address proof with recent photograph and
                          personal data.
                    3.    Fund your managed account.

                    4.    Sign the Limited Power Of Attorney (LPOA), the
                          authorization you give us to manage your trading account.

                    “You are the only person to
                    transfer the funds from your trading
                    account to your bank account and
                    vice versa.”

Watch the account   How and what you can watch in your trading account
                    The trading account back-office allows you to watch actual account
balance             balance and a complete trading history as well.

                    This gives you possibility to watch your account 24/7:

                    •     All you need is an access to the Internet

                    •     You will see actual account balance

                    •     All open trades, even their profit or loss

                    •     A complete history of closed trades is available
FAQ   About our services
      What are the advantages of managed accounts?
      •    Your money is deposited in the bank account or in the trading account.
      •    You are the only proprietor of the deposited money.
      •    You are the only person with the right to deposit or withdraw money from your
           trading account. Therefore, it is not possible for your money to be stolen
           or defrauded. You can have it sent to your bank account only.
      •    Your money is liquid; you can withdraw it whenever you wish.
      •    There is a potential of very high profits (we make from 50% to 100% annually)

      Why should I let you to manage my account?
      Your money will be traded by a team of professional traders. Their effectiveness is
      stable (more than 100% annually). The fact that your account will be managed by not
      one but team of traders ensures that the risk and probability of drawdown will be
      both much lower. Therefore, you get managed portfolio. Our company is a serious
      one, very interested in making profit for you, since it is the only way for us to make
      money, too.
      •      Performance 50%-100% annually
      •      No fees for first 5% of your monthly returns,
             We are paid from what we make for you / performance fee
      •      Highly-developed risk management
      •      Risk Reward Ratio of your investment is from 1:3 to 1:10 which means that
             the profit potential is from 3 to 10 times higher than the loss potential.
      •      Professional services and client support
      •      Your profit means our profit
      What is a monthly profit on average?
      Monthly profit of our trading accounts is from 5 to 20%
      Why is trading at your company safer?
      The major advantages are:
      -      Well-adjusted money management and position sizing
      -      Highly-developed risk management
      -      Our traders’ results are very satisfying
      -      Diversification- we use several independent trading methods
      How is it possible that your effectiveness is so high and draw down so low?
      A team of professional traders manage your account. It helps us to discuss and
      conclude best points of trading levels which allows recouping the worse results
      with better once. On the other hand, our good results are conditioned by well-
      developed Money and Risk management.

      How can I open a trading account?
      Our support manager will help you to the trading account.
      How can I watch my trading account?
      Your trading account back-office system allows you to watch actual account balance
      and a complete trading history as well 24/7.
FAQ    What I need to do when I want to withdraw money from my account?
       If you want to withdraw from the account more than 10% of the account balance,
       you have to inform us several days in advance, so we can disconnect your account
       without putting your funds in danger.

       What is Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA)?
       It is an authorization that you give to our company so we can manage your account
       (to trade your account). This authorization is limited only to trading (certain account
       functions such as withdrawals, a change of beneficiary and other actions are still
       available only to the account proprietor – you).

       Who will manage my account?
       Your money will be formally managed by our firm resident in India. In fact,
       it will be managed by our professional traders with several-year practice and highly
       satisfying results.

       When and how my trading account can be fund?
       You can fund your account whenever you wish. Once your money is deposited our
       system will recognize the action and change the Money management. You can fund
       the account just like you did for the first time.

       What shall I do to withdraw my profits monthly?
       You can withdraw money, according to our Monthly performance report given
       to you.

       How and when can I end the cooperation with your firm?
       You can end the cooperation with us whenever you wish. However, you have to inform
       us at least 30 days in advance so we can safely disconnect your account.

       Is it safe to let team of professional traders trade my account?
       It depends on Money management and positions sizing that are used. We put at risk
       max. 20 to 40% per trade what is highly conservative strategy. We make
       approximately 10 to 30 trades per month what is very safe with the Money
       management that we use.
FAQ   How much will I pay for your services?
      No fees for first 5% of you Monthly Returns. Monthly intensive fees are charged
      only after 5% of your income @ 50%. One time fees – A Management fee of 2%
      should be paid up front as soon as deposit is made to the client’s account.

      Example: Your investment Rs. 10, 00, 000. Earnings for the Month are Rs. 1, 20,
      000. Basic excepted limit is 5%. (i.e.) Rs. 10, 00, 000 * 5/100 = Rs. 50, 000.
      Calculation of fees is Rs. 1, 20, 000 – Rs. 50, 000 = Rs. 70, 000. (Rs. 70, 000 *
      50%). Your fees for the month are only Rs. 35, 000. Your Net earnings for the
      month is Rs.50, 000 + Rs. 35, 000 = Total Rs. Rs. 85, 000.

      If in the next month there is neither loss nor profit we are paid no commission.

      If in third month there is a loss of Rs. 20, 000, there would be no performance

      fee deducted, since there is no profit.

      In the fourth month we make you gross profit Rs.80, 000. There is profit, there will
      be performance fee deducted, but only from Rs.10, 000 because first we have to
      recoup the loss we made the month before (it was Rs. 20, 000). Therefore, our
      performance fee is Rs. 5, 000 (50% of (Rs.80, 000 – Rs. 20, 000 – Rs.50, 000)).
      Your net profit is Rs. 55, 000.

      How do you keep so nice equity curve?
      Our traders work with the systems making stable profits without big volatility.
      Your/our accounts are traded by team of professional traders with different trading
      systems, therefore, the risk per trade is minimized and the loss of one trading system
      is recouped with the profits of the other too. However, there are months during
      which the three trading systems make high profits. In addition, since the Risk
      management we use warns us in advance, we can disconnect the system and prevent
      undesirable drawdowns.
      About trading system
      What trading systems are used?
      Your trading account is traded by team of professional traders. The first trading
      system is breakout trading system, the second one is swing system and the third
      trading system is based on price action.

      What we trade?
      We trade only in Indian Market - NSEINDIA.
          Stock & Index Futures.
          Currency Derivatives-USD/INR, EUR/INR, GBP/INR, JPY/INR.
FAQ   How can you prevent draw downs and disconnect your trader just in time?
      We use a special Risk management system that indicates when to disconnect
      and reopen a certain trading system. This is how we can work with any trading
      system, but we choose only those making consistent profits.

      Do you use manual or automatic trading systems?
      Each of our trading system is manual and is based on different rules what ensures
      minimum correlation between them.

      What is managed account?
      Managed Account Program is a trading account in the name of the client at
      the brokerage company managed by professional money manager and serves
      for speculating trading of stock and currency pairs to make profit.

      What are risks of Forex trading?
      Risk depends on chosen money management and lot size. Although, there is always
      a risk. We risk only 2% of your funds per trade and usually even less. Even though
      the trading systems of our traders are stable and very effective, there are months
      with low profit or even loss. However, we have created portfolio of independent
      trading systems and are prepared for such situation, which means that if one system
      makes you less profit or even a loss, there are still two systems that compensate
      the loss. Therefore, our portfolio is well-balanced and there is great potential
      of consistent profit. Please read the risk disclosure.

      What is FOREX?
      It refers to ‘foreign exchange’. Forex market is the biggest and the most liquid
      financial market in the world with a daily average turnover of trillions of dollars.
      It is currency pair trading. It is interbank over the counter (OTC) market.

      •        Stable monthly profits

      •        Portfolio divided between 3 traders

      •        Money in your account

      •        Great Money and Risk management

          Stable Monthly Profits

      Portfolio Managed by team of professional traders

      Money in your account

      Great Money and Risk Management

      Only performance fee
   Our added value
   Trading in financial markets is not easy task at all. It is not possible for
   one to become good at it during several months. It requires a lot of time,
   work and effort.
   Our added value is our traders with great results what enables us to offer
   you the best services, including safe and proven trading systems under our
   control. Another very important thing is our safe Money management
   and unique Risk management that protects your account.

   Visit us:

Managed Account Program

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