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									               University of Hawaii Community Colleges (UHCC)
                      Institutional Research (IR) CADRE
                                 2008 – 2009

HAW      Shawn Flood          Institutional Analyst
HAW      Marv Kitchen         IT Specialist
HON      Ross Egloria         Assessment Specialist
HON      Steven Shigemoto     Institutional Analyst
KAP      Jeffery Arbuckle     Institutional Analyst
KAP      Yao Hill             Institutional Research Analyst
KAU      Eric Chu             IT Specialist
LEE      Guy Nishimoto        Institutional Effectiveness Officer
LEE      Charlotte Watanabe   Academic Support, Computer Specialist
LEE      Michael Wun          Institutional Analyst
MAU      Bradley Duran        IT Specialist
MAU      Jeannie Pezzoli      Institutional Researcher
WIN      Jeff Hunt            Director of Institutional Research
WIN      Nalani Quinn         Institutional Researcher
UHCC     Cheryl Chappell-Long Director,
                              Academic Planning, Assessment, and Policy Analysis
UHCC     Kyle Hunt            IT Specialist
UHCC     Wilson Lau           IT Specialist
UHCC     Sam Prather          Institutional Analyst

UHCC System Groups Liaisons

Deans/Vice Chancellors Academic Affairs --- Kathy Hill (LEE)
Deans/Vice Chancellors Student Services --- Earl Nishiguchi (KAU)
Registrars --- Geri Imai (WIN)

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