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									Superstitions of Famous Golfers

Golf is a very unpredictable game, something is bound to go wrong no matter how much you prepare. That is
one of the reasons why most golfers believe in luck. They even incorporate rituals, superstitions or preferences
into their golf routine to keep luck on their side. Whether they are on a tournament or just enjoying an Arizona
golf vacation, golfers stick to their superstitions no matter where they play. Golf professionals are especially
notorious of having weird superstitions. Here are some of them:

    ●   Tiger Woods believes red golf shirts give him luck, while Doug Sanders stays away from white golf tees.

    ●   John Cook only uses US quarters that depict pictures of US states where he had played extremely well
        to mark his balls.

    ●   Paul Azinger uses a US penny featuring the face of Abraham Lincoln as a ball marker, and he always
        turns the head of Lincoln to the direction of the hole.

    ●   Every golf ball that Arnold Palmer use in a game gets a good luck kiss from his wife.

    ●   Ernie Els never uses a ball that earned a birdie again.

    ●   Christina Kim stays away from the edge where the fairway meets the green.

    ●   Natalie Gulbis has a very weird golf diet. She eats a high-calorie meal of egg muffins and hash brown
        before every round.

Here are more superstitions that even common golf aficionados believe:

    ●   Always use low numbered golf balls.

    ●   Place ball marker coins heads up.

    ●   Keep a lucky club that you never use in your golf bag.

    ●   Be wary of the 13th hole.

    ●   Once you take out a club out of your bag, there is no turning back. Putting it back if you change your
        mind is severely unlucky.

    ●   Never introduce a new ball in the middle of the game.

    ●   Do not clean your golf ball if you are having a good round. You do not want to dust away luck, do you?

As with any sport, superstitions abound in golf. As long as your golf superstition is not doing anyone harm, keep
it if it helps you be more secure and confident on your game. When you go on your Arizona golf vacation, find
out what rituals give you luck and make them part of your routine.

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