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            Student Name                     2010-2011 Team

 Mission: A community learning from one another in an environment
  of mutual respect, serving the needs of all children with positive
  program choices, high expectations, and excellence in all

 Colors: Forest Green, Silver, and White.
 Mascot: Desert Hawk.
Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s):
   1. Your student's teachers have reviewed our Handbook, which includes our school discipline policies.

   2. It is the policy of SMS to have the parent(s) or guardian(s) of its students and the students sign a
      statement that they have read the Handbook which includes the school discipline policy.

   3. Please read the Handbook and return the signed statement to your student's 1st period teacher by
      September 10th, 2010.

Sandstone Middle School Staff

             - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                     (Detach and return to your 1st period teacher
                               by September 9th, 2011)

I have read the 2011-2012 SMS Handbook, which includes the school discipline policies. I
understand that I am responsible for the textbooks and library books checked out to my
student. I agree to pay for the damage or loss of the books.

Parent/Guardian Signature                             Date

Student Signature                                     Date

School (541) 667-6300
FAX (541) 667-6350
                       Sandstone Middle School
                              Home of the Desert Hawks

Dear Parents and Students:

I want to welcome you to Sandstone Middle School. Middle school is a very big step and a very big change,
both for students and parents. Middle school students are faced with lots of new challenges and
opportunities. This year our theme is Cross the Line. We will encourage all students to embrace the
values of commitment, integrity, and achievement in their daily choices and interactions. Through
our commitment to our students and a practiced sense of integrity, we know that this will be a special year
of growth, development and achievement for each student at SMS.

During the transition it is very important have open lines of communication. Speak to your child and let
him/her know that you are there to help make the transition to middle school as smooth as possible. This is
not only a time of change for the student; it is a big change for the parents. As middle school students
become more active and independent, being a parent becomes more complicated. Keep in mind that
parents serve as the beacon of light that guides their child through the choices and decisions they will be
making. Through a team effort we will make the middle school years meaningful, productive and exciting
for your child.

This handbook is one place to start the involvement in middle school. If you are a first time parent with us,
you will see what is important to us and how we operate. If you are a returning parent, you will be
reviewing the procedures and guidelines. Please read through the handbook at least once this week. From
here on use it as a reference. I want you to use it as a measure to see if what we say in the handbook is what
really happens. The lines of communication are always open at Sandstone. Please contact me if you have
any questions, comments and/or concerns.

Our motto is, “Educating Hearts and Minds Every Day.” Our goal is for your son or daughter to
learn, grow and achieve as much as possible in their time at Sandstone and we pledge to do everything we
can to help your child succeed.

We look forward to learning with you this next school year. Get ready to CROSS THE LINE!!


Neely Kirwan
Principal, Sandstone Middle School
                                          SANDSTONE STAFF

Administration:                Ms. Neely Kirwan                       Principal
Student Services:       Mr. Larry Usher          Dean of Students/Athletic Director

Office Staff:           Mrs. Lindy Thompson      Lead Secretary
                        Mrs. Betty Wilson        Attendance Secretary
                        Mrs. Sharon Alder        Office Assistant
                        Mrs. Delores Piersol     Administrative Assistant

Counseling:             Mrs. Debby Sprong        Counselor

Library/Media Center:   Ms. Jan Nichols          Librarian
                        Mrs. Vickie Paola        Library Assistant

Special Education:      Mrs. Vecie Grant         Learning Center Teacher
                        Mrs. Jill Miller         Learning Center Teacher
                        Mrs. Susan Lish          Life Skills Teacher
                        Mrs. Dixie Morris        Learning Center Assistant
                        Mrs. Tile Hamilton       Learning Center Assistant
                        Mrs. Amy Ware            Learning Center Assistant
                        Mrs. Carol West          Life Skills Assistant
                        Mrs. Candace Smith       Life Skills Assistant
                        Mrs. Linda Roberts       Life Skills Assistant
                        Mrs. Vetter Dick         Life Skills Assistant

Team Cascades:          Miss Amy Brown           Math
                        Mrs. Tracy Hodges        Language Arts
                        Mr. Doug Taylor          Social Studies
                        Mr. Mike Gaulke*         Science

Team Mazama:            Ms. Veronica Sandfrey    Math
                        Mrs. Michelle Owens      Language Arts
                        Mr. Randy Smith*         Social Studies
                        Mr. Kent Barnes          Science

Team Jefferson:         Mrs. Chelsea Gill        Math
                        Ms. Sharon Dunlop        Language Arts
                        Mr. Lance Hawkins        Social Studies
                        Mr. Kimo Gabriel*        Science

Team Alyeska:           Ms. SandyWise            Math
                        Mrs. Sara Marks          Language Arts
                        Mr. Webster Castaneda*   Social Studies
                        Mr. Phil Anderston       Science

Vesuvius                Mrs. Lynne Hamblin       Language Arts/Science
             Mr. Aaron Lind        Math/Social Studies
             Mr. Bob Smith         Math/Science
             Mrs. Amber Utter      Language Arts/Social Studies
             Mrs. Becky Palmblad   Math/Science
             Mrs. Shari Wick       Language Arts/Social Studies
             Mr. B.J. Roberts      Self-Contained

Denali:      Mr. Casey Arstein     Physical Education
             Mrs. Andrea Follett   Physical Education
             Mr. Jonathan Boysen   Band/Choir
             Mrs. Jessie Street    Art
             Mrs. Amy Hoffert      English Language Development

Custodial:   TBA                   Lead Custodian
             Ms. Nickie Crosby     Custodian
             Mr. Joseph Morrison   Custodian
             Ms. Sharon Hindman    Custodian
                              IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS
Hermiston School District                            667-6000
Superintendent                                       Fred Maiocco
Assistant Superintendent/Human Resources             Wade Smith
Assistant Superintendent /Curriculum Instruction     Bryn Browning
Business Manager                                     Bob Eckert
Special Education Director                           Shawn Worstell

Hermiston School Maintenance                         667-6082
Supervisor                                           Brian Romeike

School District Information
English                                              667-6003
Spanish                                              667-6004

County Health Department                             567-3113

Mid-Columbia Bus                                     567-0551

Food Services                                        667-6026

                                     School Board Members:
                                              Jinny Holthus
                                               Maria Duron
                                            Dave Drotzmann
                                               Phil Hamm
                                             Jason Middleton
                                               Don Rankin
                                             Karen Sherman

                              “BE SAFE, BE RESPONSIBLE, BE RESPECTFUL”
At Sandstone, we believe in the team teaching and learning model which addresses both academic and
behavior standards for students at Sandstone Middle School. 6th grade students make up Team Vesuvius
while 7th and 8th grade students are placed in Team Cascade, Team Jefferson or Team Mazama. While
each team provides students with excellent educational opportunities within a framework of common goals
and practices, they also each possess characteristics that make them unique within the structure of our

SMS School Values:
     The staff of Sandstone Middle School Value:

   Accepting the uniqueness of all with trust and respect.
   A collaborative process involving all.

   A wide range of academic experiences with high expectations for achievement of all students.
   Technology available and effectively used.

   Exemplary staff, who continually reflects on their practice, learns and progresses.
   Use of research-based, best practices teaching methodologies to enhance student learning
    experiences and the application of concepts.
   Faculty who are supportive of community involvement.
   A collaborative environment, where staff help one another.

   A strong and inclusive leadership that fosters collaborative problem solving and continuous
    improvements based on best practices.
   Utilizing personal and educational skills to become an effective leader in your area of expertise.

   Continual monitoring of each student’s progress through the use of research based measurement.
   Data drives instructional decisions and provides feedback for students.

   Being responsive and sensitive to the desires of parents in relationship to their student’s educational

   A safe, stimulating learning environment that meets individual student needs and focuses on the
     whole child.
Teachers are expected to:
   1. Be supportive of students and recognize them as individuals, while guiding them to be effective members of a
   2. Recognize individual learning differences.
   3. Maintain an environment that promotes learning.
   4. Help students adjust from elementary to middle school with a supportive and cooperative attitude.
   5. Help parents understand the middle school environment.
   6. Contact parents and maintain open lines of communications.
   7. Establish routines and expectations consistent with school standards.
   8. Enforce school standards fairly.
   9. Make arrangements to assist parents and students as appropriate within their schedule and the school day.

Students are expected to:
   1. Attend school regularly and be on time.
   2. Respect the opinions and rights of others.
   3. Be courteous and respectful to all school staff and students.
   4. Respect personal and public property.
   5. Help maintain an orderly environment.
   6. Have an open-minded attitude that allows them to experience new things.
   7. Be productive; do their best.

Parents are expected to:
1. Be supportive of constructive actions taken by educators on students’ behalf.
2. Join school personnel in assuming communication responsibilities.
3. Help set priorities for their student by supporting development of good attendance habits and study habits.
4. Help their student make the adjustment from elementary to middle school.
5. Help their student adjust to expectations of different teachers.
6. Establish a routine and environment for studying at home.
7. Help their student learn to be punctual to school/class.
8. Attend conferences.
School hours are from 8:30 a.m. until 3:18 p.m. School doors open at 8:00 a.m. Students are
expected to be off campus by 3:35 p.m., unless they are involved in an after school activity.
Students should not be left at the school unattended outside of these hours as there is no staff
supervision provided.
             Regular and prompt attendance is a necessary requirement for a successful educational experience.

Goals of attendance requirements are to:
   1. Contribute to the academic success of students.

   2. Place the responsibility for attendance in the hands of the student and their parents.
   3. Aid students in making decisions and accepting the responsibilities and consequences resulting
      from those decisions.

   4. Stress that punctual and regular attendance is a learned function and poor attendance will impact

   5. Stress that punctual and consistent attendance is a necessary job skill.

When students are absent:
   1. Parents must phone the attendance office (667-6300) before 9:00 a.m. This avoids any confusion
      regarding their student’s absence.
   2. If a parent/guardian cannot call, they should write an excuse note giving student’s name, the date of
      absence, the number of days absent, and the reason for absence. This may prevent the absence
      from being counted as unexcused*.
   3. Students should bring the parent’s excuse note to the Student Services window on the day of return.
   4. Students are responsible for asking each teacher for the work they have missed. Parents may
      request homework through the Main Office. Work requested after 9:00 a.m. may not be available
      until the following day. Students are responsible for bringing their homework to class when they
   5. Students with an unexcused absence from school will not be able to attend any after school
      activities for that day.

*Excused absences as defined by law are for: (1) illness, (2) school function, (3) death in the family, and
(4) a family emergency. Absences other than the above reasons must be prearranged with the attendance
office to be excused. (ORS 339.065).

An unexcused absence from class means that the student does not have to be allowed to make up the
class work. He or she may receive zeros with no opportunity to make up the assignments from the
unexcused day.

Late Arrivals
A student who comes to school after the 8:30 am bell rings will have to sign into the office. Teachers will
not allow a student to come into class unless the student done this.

Students are expected to arrive to class on time and prepared to learn. We do understand that certain
events may interfere with the best intentions. Therefore, individual teachers will deal with the 1 st and 2nd
tardy as part of their classroom discipline plan. After this, each tardy will be dealt with as follows:

      3rd Tardy: Teacher discipline and a parent contact will be made
      4th Tardy: Student will be written a Discipline Referral (DR) and placed on the discipline ladder and
       another parent contact will be made.
      5th Tardy & beyond: Student will be written a DR and parent meeting with the student’s team to
       discuss punctuality and possible future discipline.

       **It is the expectation that students will use the restroom during their passing time between classes
       and not during class time with the exception of emergencies.

Attendance in class is an important element to student success in both academics and life. In the event
that a student skips class, the student will receive a Discipline Referral and placed on the discipline ladder.

Closed Campus
We have a closed campus. Once students arrive at school they may not leave at any time without a
signed permission slip from their parent/guardian or school official. If students need to leave school, they
must report to the Student Services window with a note from home explaining the reason they must leave
before they will be allowed to check out. Should a student leave campus without permission Discipline
Referral will be written and parents will be contacted.

Students will be served lunch each day in the student commons area only. Students are not allowed to
take food or drinks outside the commons area including outdoors. When students arrive in the commons
for their lunch time, it is the expectation that they are quiet and seated, and in order to ensure safety,
students must wait to be dismissed in an orderly fashion. Occasionally there will be student
announcements that take place during this time as students are waiting to be dismissed to eat.

                                        STUDENT SERVICES

Standards of Conduct for Students
The standards for student conduct at SMS are based to a degree upon the Oregon Administrative Rules. It
is our expectation that every student perform in a responsible manner. We firmly believe that students
have the best opportunity for physical and emotional growth in an atmosphere free of intimidation,
harassment and disruptive behavior. Kindness to others and respect for rules are expected of all students.
Staff and students share the responsibility of assuring that the school is an orderly, pleasant place in which
everyone’s right to an education is respected.

Guidelines for Student Behavior
      Students are expected to follow school rules and guidelines conducive to a safe and respectful
       learning environment
      Students are expected to report all issues of inappropriate behavior to an adult.
      Public displays of affection are prohibited. Examples are hand holding, hugging, kissing, or other
       romantic behavior.
      Students may not display anything in lockers, binders, etc. that is not conducive to a positive
       learning environment.
      Students are not allowed to carry or use Sharpie Permanent Markers in the school building.
      Students are expected to follow the student dress code at all times, including school activities on
       and off campus.

Dress Code SMS is committed to providing a safe and respectful learning environment for all students.
Clothing that is unsafe, offensive or disruptive to the educational environment will not be appropriate for
school. The Dress Code applies to ALL school activities. Examples of clothing that are disruptive to a
positive learning environment include, but are not limited to the following:
          Tops that are offensive or disruptive by exposing the shoulders, chest or midriff, including thin
           shoulder straps.
          clothing that represents alcoholic drinks, tobacco, illegal drugs, and gangs/gang symbols, has
           written obscenities, implies sexual innuendo, or is demeaning in nature will not be allowed.
        Must be worn at waist.
        Mid thigh length at least.
      No dangling belts and/or chains.
      No pajamas or slippers, except on specified days.
      No visible undergarments.
      Students who have received referrals for gang attire or behavior may be prohibited from wearing
         certain colors and/or clothing styles.
Head Attire:
      Hats and bandanas are prohibited unless approved for specific days

*Proper clothing will be provided or the student may call home for other apparel to be brought to them.
Multiple violations of the school dress policy may result in a referral.

Electronic Devices Students are discouraged from bringing electronic devices to school including, but
not limited to: pagers, cell phones, CD players, MP3 players, cameras and video games. If brought to
school, these items are the responsibility of the student and are not to be seen or operated from the time
the first bell rings at 8:30 am until the last bell of the day rings. Students who are seen with a cell phones or
electronic devices will have it taken from them to be held safely in the office. The first time this happens,
students may receive it back at the end of the day. After the first time, students will receive a Discipline
Referral and only parents may retrieve it from the office after school. (unless specified as part of an IEP or

Cell Phones While we recognize the value of cell phones in communicating with parents at the end of
the day, they can be very disruptive in the school environment. Therefore, cell phones must be silent and
out of sight from the time the first bell rings at 8:30 am until the last bell of the day rings.

School Resource Officer
SMS is assigned a school resource officer. Should students encounter a problem with another student, be
harassed, have information or be concerned about a particular event, have something stolen at school or
just have questions; they are encouraged to come to the school office to talk with our SRO.


Positive Behavior Support - As part of an effective behavior support system, SMS incorporates a
positive behavior recognitions system. Activities to celebrate good behavior include: end of the quarter
progress celebrations, activity nights, and the giving and spending of hawk feathers, etc. These are all
designed to encourage positive behavior and good citizenship.

Time Out Referrals:
Any student who is being disruptive to the educational environment in the classroom or hallways, but that
behavior is not unsafe, disrespectful or repetitive, that student may receive a time out referral. When given
a time out referral a student will be asked to go the Problem Solving Room (PSR) and remain their for the
remainder of the class period.
The Problem Solving Room (PSR):
The Problem Solving Room (PSR) is a place where students go if they are having a problem with their
behavior or the behavior of others. During breaks, lunch and before or after school they may choose to
come to the PSR, or teachers and staff members may send them there. The assistant principal and/or PSR
supervisor is available to help guide students through the problem-solving process. PSR will be used to
place students during class time who receive a time out referral from a teacher.

Discipline Ladder
The Discipline Ladder at SMS is a tool that is used to monitor student behavior. The ladder shows what
specific consequence will occur when a student receives a Discipline Referral for violating a school rule.
Student consequences will all be dealt with on an individual basis and will be appropriate to match the
offense of the student.

            5          One Day Out-of-School Suspension(not allowed on school grounds)
            4          Two Days In-School Suspension
            3          One Day In-School Suspension and loss of after school activities,
                       excluding sports, for the quarter. School activities/Sports: Two
                       weeks probation (may not participate in contest or travel with the
            2          Two noon Detentions
            1          Noon Detention

The Discipline Ladder allows students to move in two directions. The student will move up one step on the
ladder with each Discipline Referral. . A student moves down the ladder one step by going two weeks (10
school days, in attendance) without a Discipline Referral.
NOTE: Conduct violations that result in immediate suspensions may move the student to a higher level
on the Discipline Ladder. Suspensions beyond one day will be reserved for offenses such as fighting,
vandalism, theft, gang activity, drugs, weapons or continued unsafe and inappropriate behavior. For
example: a fight might move someone from a level one to level four. It will be determined by the
administration depending on circumstances.

Out of School Suspension (OSS)
The following behaviors may, depending upon the severity of the violation, result in out of school
suspension or expulsion. The School Resource Officer will be notified when appropriate.
      1. Defiance: Purposefully and openly refusing to follow a direction given to a student by a staff
      2. Assaults: fights, hitting, tripping or other behavior that may lead to an injury (This will be
         reported to our Safety Resource Officer).
      3. Harassment or threats of harm: Harassment is designed to embarrass, distress, agitate,
         disturb or trouble another student. May include: verbal, physical or written harassment or abuse,
         repeated remarks of a demeaning nature, demeaning jokes and/or stories directed at a student.
      4. Possession or use of weapons or dangerous instruments, threats of violence. Possession or
         use illegal drugs, narcotics, tobacco or alcoholic beverages, matches or lighters. Students
         assigned full day or more of OSS may not participate in after school activities the day of  the
         suspension and are not allowed on school property at any time during that suspension.
Point Sheets
The use of point sheets may be considered as part of a team intervention and/or alternative discipline plan.
Each day the student must pick up a point sheet and carry it to each of his/her classes. At the end of the
day the student takes the point sheet to the Problem Solving Room for scoring. On days that they achieve
the desired percentage from their team teachers on their sheets, students earn special privileges and
rewards. On days that this goal is not met, students obtain no reward and often team discipline
consequences will follow. Parents may request and are notified when their child is put on a point sheet

Alcohol, Tobacco and Illegal Drugs- The Hermiston School District has policies regarding the
possession, sales or use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs on school property or at any school related
activity. Students found to be in violation of these policies will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law
and will receive school disciplinary consequences above and beyond the SMS discipline ladder.

Threats of Violence/Harm - In accordance with District Policy JFCM, student threat of harm to self or
others, threatening behaviors, or acts of violence which occur on school grounds, during school activities,
or outside the school day that have an adverse affect on students while at school, will not be tolerated.
Disciplinary action will include immediately removing the student from the classroom setting with possible
suspension from school pending the evaluation and recommendation of a licensed mental health

Weapons Violation - Students found to have brought, possessed, concealed or used a dangerous or
deadly weapon, firearm or destructive device in violation of policy JFCJ shall be expelled for a period of not
less than one year. The Superintendent may, on a case-by-case basis, modify the expulsion requirement.

Sandstone Middle School has ZERO tolerance for gang involvement. We are dedicated to keeping SMS a
neutral, safe ground. It is our belief that students respect and respond to firmness and consistency.
Therefore, all gang typical behavior will be treated with the strictest consequences.

Though we recognize that bullying and harassment are a part of society and occur on occasion at all levels
of any school system, we at Sandstone Middle School take a zero tolerance policy on this type of behavior.
Any actions or words that are hurtful, disrespectful or demeaning towards others will not be tolerated.
Students are encouraged to tell an adult immediately if they witness or are a victim of these actions.
Students are then educated about consequences of bullying and harassment, followed by school discipline
and a harassment contract. If behavior continues, student will be referred to School Resource Officer for
possible criminal charges.

Behavior Interventions
The following pyramid is a matrix of the interventions that Sandstone Middle School will attempt to follow
when working through behavior deterrents with students. If students choose to not follow through with
rules and guidelines in place at SMS, they will begin moving up the pyramid and progressively increase
intervention measures.
                                    Full Day
                                 Virtual School

                                Virtual School

                             Morning Traditional
                            Afternoon Alternative

                      Classroom Intervention With Daily
                           Monitored Point Sheets
                        Supplemental Behavior Contract
                         CREW Program Involvement

                    Classroom Intervention With Daily
                         Monitored Point Sheets

                Student Follows All Approved Classroom &
                         Building Discipline Plans

Hermiston School District – Middle School Student Behavior Pyramid of Interventions
                                   ACTIVITIES AND ATHLETICS
The overall goal of extra-curricular activities is to involve students in constructive activities. All students at
SMS are allowed to participate in and will not be excluded unless through academic or behavioral
ineligibility. Participation policies will be reviewed and provided to parents and athletes at the beginning
of each season or activity.

SMS after-school activities may include:
                     Digital Photography
                     Chess Club                           Spanish Club
                     Drama Club                           Destination Imagination
                     Multicultural Club                    Builders Club
                     Yearbook Club*                       Literacy & homework support class
                     Library Club                         Percussion
                     Leadership Team*                     Robotics
                     Color Guard                          Science Bowl
                     Jazz Band                            Marching Band

Opportunities to play school sports are offered for seventh and eighth grade students only. They include:
      Cross Country                      Football
      Volleyball                         Basketball
      Tennis                             Track

Academic Eligibility and Study Tables
Academic study tables will be provided each day at lunch time for students who require attendance and
assistance to maintain their eligibility for athletics and activities. Any student who is earning at least one F
in any class or currently is below a 2.5 GPA must attend study tables to maintain their eligibility to
participate in events or contests. If students choose to not participate in study tables, they will not be
eligible until they have achieved a 2.5 GPA with zero failing grades. Please refer to board policy IGDJA
“Student/Athlete Academic Standards”. Students who do choose to participate in study tables will be
required attend for a minimum of one week and bring work with them each day to work quietly toward
improving their academic standing.

Dances/Activity Nights
In order to keep dances safe and entertaining, the following rules apply:
            Regular school attire rules apply
            Must have ID card to enter dances
            Visitors from outside SMS must have special permission. Students may inquire at the office.
            Students who are absent on the day of a dance/activity may not attend that evening.
            Discipline may prohibit a student from attending dances and/or other extracurricular activities.

Physical Education
Each student who takes P.E. needs to have clothes consisting of black shorts and a Sandstone PE T-shirt
(purchased at the beginning of the year). T- shirts are not to be altered in any way (arms, collar cut, etc).
Students need to bring tennis shoes that will not damage the gym floor, preferably white soles. A
sweatshirt and/or sweatpants are also recommended for cool weather. All items must be labeled with the
student’s name in permanent marking. Because of safety concerns, no jewelry may be worn in physical
education classes.
PE No Dress Policy
       1. Students who forget P.E. clothes will be provided clean clothes when available. If a student
       refuses to use the clothes provided, a referral will be given.

       2. If a student cannot participate due to illness, a note from home is required to excuse them from
       P.E. Students are still expected to dress down and participate to the degree in which they can. If a
       student cannot participate due to illness or injury for more than three days, a doctor’s excuse will be
       needed with a statement of how long and/or suggested modified activities (i.e. – student can walk or
       jump rope).

A fee will be charged to cover the cost of one t-shirt and lock rental.
Students will provide their own shorts/sweatpants and tennis shoes.

                                    GENERAL INFORMATION
Elective Classes
The beginning of each quarter brings with it elective classes for students. SMS currently offers Band,
Choir, Art, Physical Education and Drama (6th Grade only) for students. Band and Choir are both year long
classes that students will attend all four quarters. If students do not choose to take Band or Choir they will
be placed in Physical education, Art or Drama (6th Grade only) each quarter. Students will be enrolled in
elective classes on a rotating basis and each student will be provided the opportunity to take PE or Art at
least one quarter.

Accidents Any injuries or accidents must be reported to a teacher or supervisor immediately. A staff
member will complete an accident report if necessary.

Deliveries, Messages, and Gifts for Students
Messages and gifts for students are not encouraged. If students must receive a delivery or message,
items and messages must be clearly labeled with the student’s full name. To avoid classroom disruptions,
items such as balloons and flowers are not delivered to students in the classroom, but can be picked up
from the office at the end of the school day. Balloons and glass vases can’t be taken on school buses.

Hermiston School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin,
disability, marital status, age, or gender in providing employment, education or access to education
services, activities and programs in accordance with Title VI, Title VII, Title IX and other civil rights and
discrimination issues; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended; and the Americans with
Disabilities Act.

Food Services
              Breakfast and Lunch Program and Policies:
              The school district has contracted with a private company to provide a school food program in
              accordance with USDA guidelines. Checks should be made out to SMS. Any questions
              concerning the breakfast/lunch program should be directed to the Food Service Director,
              Kathy Pitzer at 667-6032.

Please take the time to review this section in order to avoid confusion. The large window is the main
eating line. Items in this area are part of the lunch/breakfast program. Items in the smaller window (Out
Takes) are an ala carte style and students are charged per item. The Out Takes window IS NOT part of
the reduced or free lunch program. Breakfast is available before school. Students on free or reduced
meals will be charged for breakfast and lunch. Finally, students will be notified verbally when their account
is under $4.00 and every charge thereafter under $4.00.

Deposits may be made to student lunch accounts through Mealtime on the Hermiston School District web
page or in person by cash, or check. A breakfast is $1.00 and lunch is $2.00. Reduced breakfast is 30
cents and reduced lunch is 40 cents.

N.S.F. Policy (Returned Checks)
Checks returned unpaid will be charged the amount of the check and a $25.00 processing fee which will be
electronically withdrawn or drafted from their student’s account. NSF checks are handled through

Homeless Education
Students who, due to lack of housing, must live in a shelter, motel, vehicle, campground, on the street, in
abandoned buildings or trailers, or doubled-up with relatives or friends, according to the McKinney-Vento
Act, are considered homeless and are entitled to certain educational rights. Contact Shelly Olson at 667-
6765 or the National Center for Homeless Education at 1-800-308-2145 for more information.

Students may obtain Internet access after attending a basic training session and by signing the Internet
Access Permission form. Students must have parent permission on file prior to receiving their Internet
access. Secondary students will be given an Internet sticker to affix to their student identification card.
The sticker must be displayed at all times when the student is using the Internet. Though student use will
be guided and filtered, we cannot guarantee in every instance that students will not locate inappropriate
materials as they explore the Internet’s resources.

Use of the Internet requires users to act responsibly, ethically, and in accordance with network use
guidelines. A student is responsible for his/her conduct on the Internet. Using the Hermiston School
District Network and having access to the public networks is a privilege which may be revoked at any time
for violation of the Hermiston School District Network User’s Code of Conduct.

Library/Media Center
The SMS library center’s book collection is constantly evolving in order to meet the needs of our students’
pleasure reading needs as well as academic needs. We offer research computers that can be used to
access the library catalog, word processing and the internet. Students may also use printer materials in
the Reference Center. Library reference materials are labeled and most reference materials must be used
in the library. Only items with an “Overnight Checkout” sticker may leave the library and must be checked
out to do so. All books must be returned or paid for prior to the end of the school year.

            Each student is provided an individual locker and is responsible for taking care of it.
            Valuables should not be kept in lockers since security is undermined by students sharing
            combinations. Students are expected to
              keep their combination strictly to themselves. Many problems result from sharing
combinations and lockers. Personal locks are not to be used. Requests for a change in combination may
be considered once per year; a second request will result in a $5.00 fee.

A locker inspection will be held occasionally to see that lockers are clean. Students are responsible for the
condition of the locker, both outside and inside. Lockers are provided for the convenience of students; they
are not personal property. The administration reserves the right to inspect lockers at any time, but when
possible, it will be done in the presence of the student. Students will be billed for damage to their lockers.

Lost and Found
A lost and found department is maintained by the office for small or valuable items. All found items must
be turned into the office. Students may come to the office for help in finding lost articles. Unclaimed
articles are periodically turned over to social agencies. Report lost items to the office.

Lost, Damaged Textbooks
Textbooks are supplied by the school district. Once issued, they become the student’s responsibility,
whether they are lost, stolen or damaged. Students must pay for lost books as quickly as possible. They
should keep their receipt. Ninety percent of lost books are found during the year. A fee based on the
damage will be assessed throughout the year. Textbook prices range from $32 to $75.

             Students in need of medication of any kind during the school day are required by law to have
             parent permission on file in the office for that medication. This includes both prescriptions
             and over-the-counter medications such as aspirin, cold medications, etc. The appropriate
             form may be obtained at the Student Services window. Parents must turn in student’s
             medication and the form so they can be locked in the Main Office. Students may come to the
office between classes or during lunch to take their medication. The school cannot give out medication of
any kind without signed permission. Students who need to keep an inhaler with them at all times due to
asthma may do so only with written permission. Medications must be brought to school by the student’s
parent or guardian.

Notice Requirement for Private Services Placement
While parents have the option of placing their student in private school or obtaining additional services
(such as tutoring) from a private individual or organization, the District is not obligated to cover resulting
tuition or costs. If a parent wishes the District to consider publicly funding private placement or private
services, the parent must give the District notice and opportunity to propose other options available within
the public school system before the private placement or services are obtained.
Therefore, for any regular education, 504, or IDEA student, a parent must give notice either at the last IEP
meeting prior to obtaining private services or in writing at least 10 business days prior to obtaining private
services. The notice must include the parent’s intent to obtain private services, the parent’s rejection of the
educational program offered by the District, and the parent’s request that the private services be funded by
the District. Failure to meet these notice requirements may result in a denial of any subsequent
reimbursement request.

Safety Drills
Safety drills are held at regular intervals as required by law and are important safety precautions. Students
are expected to obey orders, line up, and leave the building with their teacher by the route posted in each
room. Appropriate behavior is expected and enforced.

Transfer Students
Students that transfer in from out of the SMS attendance area are welcomed guests of our school with full
access to the academic and extracurricular activities offered at our school. A guest may be sent back to
the school in his/her attendance area if he or she misses more than 15% of the school days in a trimester,
reaches level five of the discipline ladder, or gets a GPA of 1.5 or lower in any trimester.

Students may ride bicycles, skateboards or skates to school. Helmets are required. A bike parking area is
provided in the front of the building. Bicycles are to be parked and locked in this area only.

Bicycles should be operated in a safe and prudent manner. Students are asked to walk their bikes on
school grounds for safety reasons.

No riding of skateboards, scooters or skates is allowed once on school grounds. There is to be no skate
boarding, scooter, or skating around the school after dismissal. There is a closet in the counseling office to
store skateboards, scooters and roller blades.

Students are to get on and get off their bus only at SMS. They are to be picked up or returned to your
assigned bus stop only. This is a School District 8R and State of Oregon policy (ORS 339.250).
Exceptions are to be cleared beforehand with the Principal, or Assistant Principal. Failure to follow bus
regulations may result in loss of bus riding privileges. This is determined by the bus driver and the bus
company rules.

Student supervision is available from 8:10 a.m. to 3:18 p.m. each day. Students should not arrive to school
before 8:00 a.m., unless by bus, and must be picked up from school promptly by 3:30 p.m. Students may
stay only when special arrangements have been made with a staff member.

Please contact Mid Columbia Bus Company with any questions 541-567-0551

Parents are always welcome but are encouraged to make an appointment. All parents and visitors must
report to the office to obtain a Visitor’s Pass. Persons on or about the school premises without Main
Office clearance will be considered as trespassers.

Having student visitors at school who are not SMS students any time during the school day is not

Yearbooks may be purchased during registration or at specified times during the year depending on
availability. The cost is $18. Yearbooks will be given out on the last day of school. Students who have
paid for a yearbook and are unable to attend the last day of school will receive their yearbook by mail.
Students will not receive a yearbook until all fees have been paid.

Student supervision is provided from 8:10 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. unless specific arrangements have been
made with a staff member.

Hearing Screenings
Each year the Umatilla-Morrow Education District makes hearing screening available to students.
Students may be referred by parents, teachers or specialists. Results are sent to the parents. If parents
DO NOT WANT their student to receive a hearing screening should he or she be referred, they are asked
to please notify the school office.

                                       STUDENT RECORDS
Release of Personal Information
             The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and Oregon law controls access to
             release of personally identifiable information contained in a student's educational record.

Directory information, in an educational record of a student, is information that would not generally be
considered harmful or an invasion of privacy and may be disclosed unless specifically directed by the
parent/guardian. Directory information of this type includes: the student's name, date and place of birth,
major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight, height, dates of
attendance, degrees and awards received, and the most recent previous educational agency or institution
attended. Current Oregon State law does not require consent/permission by parent/guardian, or student
18 years or older, to release a student's address, telephone number or photograph. If the parent/guardian
does not want this information released, they must sign a form available in our school office.

Disclosure Statement Regarding Social Security Numbers- We are required by law to inform
parents about our use of student Social Security Numbers. The following information is provided.
Providing a student’s social security number (SSN) is voluntary. If provided, the school district will use a
student’s SSN for record keeping, research, and reporting purposes only. The school district will not use a
SSN to make any decision directly affecting the student or any other person. SSN’s will not be given to the
general public. If parents choose not to provide their student’s SSN, the student will not be denied any
rights as a student. Providing a SSN implies consent to the use of the SSN in the manner described. OAR
581-21-225 authorizes school districts to ask parents to provide their child’s social security number. SSN’s
will also be provided to the Oregon Department of Education. The Oregon Department of Education
gathers information about students and programs to meet state and federal statistical reporting
requirements. It also helps school districts and the state research, plan, and develop educational
programs. This information supports the evaluation of educational programs and student success in the

The school district and Oregon Department of Education may also match student SSN’s with records from
other agencies as follows: The Oregon Department of Education uses information gathered from the
Oregon Employment Division to learn about education, training, and job market trends. The information is
also used for planning, research, and program improvement. State and private universities, colleges,
community colleges, and vocational schools use the information to find out how many students go on with
their education and their level of success. Other State agencies use the information to help state and local
agencies plan educational and training services to help Oregon citizens get the best jobs available. SSN’s
will be used only for statistical purposes as listed above. State and federal law protects the privacy of

Report Cards and Progress Reports - Instruction and assessment at SMS are based on the state
of Oregon’s and the Hermiston School District’s curriculum goals. Information regarding student progress
within these goals is available from the child’s teachers.

Teachers will note student progress on reports made ever three weeks. Parents may also be advised at
this time that a special conference is needed to discuss student progress. Parents may also request a
conference at any time to discuss student progress. Report cards are issued at the end of each quarter.

Parents/legal guardians are encouraged to look on PowerSchool, noting assignments and teacher
comments. This is the district computer program that is used to monitor student progress. Parents may
access      their   child’s   grades and    attendance     regularly    through     the    internet   at: The school’s web page will appear. Parents then click on
Powerschool. Individual web passwords are availableat the school office and will be mailed to parents on
the first mid-term progress report.

School Records
             Student records maintained at school are available for inspection by parents/legal guardian.
             However, confidential records shall be reviewed only in the presence of an individual qualified
             to explain or interpret them. If parents/legal guardians wish to view records, they should
             contact the counseling office for an appointment.

If students are enrolled in another school or school system, an official transcript or copy of the student’s
permanent record will be sent to the school upon receipt of notification that the student is enrolling there.
Parents/legal guardians may receive a copy of the record at a cost of five cents per page.

Students with Disabilities
If parents suspect that their student has a disability which is affecting their progress in school, they should
notify their student’s general education teacher, the school special education teacher or the principal.
Parents of a student with a disability have protection under the procedural safeguards, a copy of which
may be obtained at each school. Parents may also contact Hermiston School District’s Special Education

Withdrawing from School
Students who are moving, changing schools, going to a private school, home school, or alternative school
must complete the following:
   1. Parents notify the school of the students expected last day.

   2. Students come on their last day to the attendance office to receive a checkout slip. This form is
      taken to each teacher along with books, work, money for fines, etc.

   3. Students check with the librarian to make sure all books have been checked in, and that there are
      no fines owed. Students must check out in the library regardless of whether they have books out.
      They must also check out with the kitchen.

   4. Students return the completed checkout slip to the attendance office for final clearance. Any fines
      are paid at this time.

   5. Students take the check out slip to the new school. It tells them grades and gives them the SMS
      school address so they can request records.
                              Sandstone Expectations
                                for Common Areas
   Area      Be Respectful & Kind           Be Responsible                               Be Safe
             Use good manners, kind      Walk in line patiently      Walk at all times
             words and actions
             Clean up your area          Keep food & drink in        Eat your own food
Cafeteria                                the non-carpeted areas
             Follow adult                Sit no more than 6 to a     Keep hands and feet to yourself
             Instructions                table
             No cutting in line.
             Welcome others to your      Place recyclables in
             table                       proper containers
             Use good manners and        Keep food in the patio      Walk at all times
             include others              area
             Respect property, yours     Return trays to the         Walk around table
  Patio      and others                  kitchen                     Do not climb on tables.
             Follow adult                Place recyclables in
             instructions                proper containers
             Clean up your area
             Move out of doorway         Leave the area when         Walk at all times
             and hold door open for      there is no adult
  Foyer      others                      supervision
             Use inside voices           Leave restroom              Keep your hands and feet to yourself
             Follow adult                promptly
             Play fairly and include     Check out and use           Keep hands and feet to yourself
             others                      equipment properly
Playground   Follow adult                Pick up litter              Stay in designated area
             Respect property, yours                                 Get adult help for accidents
             and others’
             Be a role model;            Do not make            Sit properly in bleachers
             positively cheer for your   derogatory remarks or
  Gym        team.                       gestures.
             Do not coach or referee     Respect decisions made
             from stands                 by officials.
             Remain seated in            Use doors by stairs
             spectator area during       during inside recess
                                                                     Use equipment properly
                                                                     No food or drink
                                                                     Keep hands and feet to yourself
             Touch others’ property      Take care of materials      Walk at all times
             only with permission
             Use quiet voices            Return materials to         Push in chairs
  Media                                  appropriate spots on
  Center     Use equipment properly
                                         Use internet according to
                                         signed agreement
             Follow adult instructions   Print only what is
             Use kind words and          necessary
             Make requests using
             “please” and “thank you”
   Area      Be Respectful & Kind         Be Responsible              Be Safe
             Use quiet voices, kind       Gum, candy, pop and ink     Use chairs and tables properly
             words and actions            pens are not allowed
PSR          Follow adult instructions    Take ownership for your     Keeps hands and feet to yourself
             Respect property, yours      Report on time
             and others’
             Use good manners, making     Approach main office at     Sit in chair properly
             requests using “Please”      student services window
  Office     and “Thank You”
             Ask for permission to use                                Keep hands and feet to yourself
             the telephone
             Follow adult instructions
             Use quiet voices
             Touch others’ property       Lock items in your locker   Walk at all times
             only with permission         and spin lock
 Locker      Use quiet voices             Leave doors to outside      Avoid horseplay
 Rooms       Use kind words and           Clean up after yourself     Change and move to class or activity quickly
             actions                      Report any vandalism to
                                          an adult
             Respect the privacy of       Put paper towels in the     Wash hands
             others                       trash
Restrooms    Respect property, yours      Report vandalism to an      Keep water in the sink
             and others’                  adult
                                          Flush toilet after use      No groups greater than four gathering in restrooms
                                          Don’t loiter
             Follow all adult             Be on time and prepared     Keep hands and feet to yourself
Classrooms   Speak at appropriate times   Stay on task                Leave backpacks in lockers
             Encourage others             No electronic devices.      Keep walkways clear

             Wait patiently in bus line   Arrive on time              Use crosswalk
 Arrival     Wait patiently to enter      Leave building promptly     Walk bikes and carry skateboards on school property
   and       Follow all adult             Report to designated area   Leave area if not supervised by an adult
Dismissal    instructions                 promptly                    Keep hands and feet to yourself
                                                                      Enter building through main doors
             Sit in Commons until
  Area       school starts.
             Leave Ramp area clear.

             Hold doors open              No food or drinks           Walk at all times and to the Right side
             Use quiet voices, kind       Get items from your         Keep hands and feet to yourself
 Hallways    words and actions            locker and move quickly
             Follow adult instructions                                Let others pass
             Watch out for others’                                    No groups greater than four
                   Hermiston School District 8R Board Policies
Please refer to the following link to view the policies.

                               Hermiston School District 8 Online Policy Manual


For more information about our policies contact:

Fred Maiocco, Jr., Ph.D,
Hermiston School District 8
Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday
Thursday   Friday

                        General Review

                     Welcome to Sandstone
                         Middle School

                    Welcome to Sandstone, if
                    you have any questions
                    or concerns please make
                    sure and speak to any
                    adult in our building. We
                    are here to help with
                    anything that may occur.
Monday   30   Tuesday   31   Wednesday   1
Thursday   Friday
Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday
Thursday   Friday

                          ”Teach To”

                      1. Guest Teachers
                      2. Gym/Gym
                      3. Media Center
                      4. Assemblies and
                         Special Events
                      5. Emergency Drill
                      6. PSR
Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday
Thursday   Friday
Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday
Thursday   Friday
Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday
Thursday   Friday
Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday
Thursday   Friday

                           ”Teach To”
                    -Hold doors open.
                    -Use quiet voices.
                    -Follow adult instructions.
                    -No food or drinks.
                    -Get items from your locker
                    and move to class quickly.
                    -Walk at all times.
                    -Walk on the right side.
                    -Keep hands and feet to
                    -Watch out for others.
                    -Use kind words & actions.
Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday
Thursday   Friday
                           ”Teach To”

                    -Respect the privacy of
                    -Respect property, yours
                    and others’.
                    -Put paper towels in the
                    -Report vandalism to an
                    -Flush toilet after use.
                    -Don’t loiter.
                    -Wash your hands!
                    -Keep water in the sink.
                    -Use good manners.
                    -Clean up your area.
                    -Respect property, yours
                    and othes’.
                    -Keep food in the patio area.
                    -Return trays to the kitchen.
                    -Place recyclables in proper
                    -Walk at all times.
                    -Walk around the tables.
                    -Include others.
Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday
Thursday   Friday

                            ”Teach To”

                    -Use good manners.
                    -Ask for permission to use
                    the telephone.
                    -Follow adult instructions.
                    -Use quiet voices.
                    -Sit in chair properly.
                    -Keep hands and feet to
                    -Make requests using
                    “Please” and “Thank You”

                    Emergency Drill
                    -Follow adult instructions.
                    -Report to your 1st period
                    teacher at the designated
                    staging area.
                    -Walk quickly and quietly to
                    and from the staging area.
                    -Wait patiently for your turn
                    to enter or leave an area.
Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday
Thursday   Friday

                           ”Teach To”

                    Assemblies and Special
                    -Applaud appropriately.
                    -Use good manners.
                    -Actively listen to the
                    -Sit quietly in designated
                    -Keep hands and feet to
                    Wait for dismissal
                   Student Hall Pass

Grade                      Team
*Sandstone Middle School Policy is that students will use their four minute
passing to use the restroom and take care of any personal business in the school. In the event a student
needs a pass to be in the hall during any class time, they will need to have their agenda in their

*It is the expectation that teachers use discretion when providing hall passes to students that have abused
the privilege and have multiple hall pass permissions below.

             Teacher Sign / Date         Time                       Teacher Sign / Date         Time

Hall Pass                  /                           Hall Pass                  /

Hall Pass                  /                           Hall Pass                  /

Hall Pass                  /                           Hall Pass                  /

Hall Pass                  /                           Hall Pass                  /

Hall Pass                  /                           Hall Pass                  /

Hall Pass                  /                           Hall Pass                  /

Hall Pass                  /                           Hall Pass                  /

Hall Pass                  /                           Hall Pass                  /

Hall Pass                  /                           Hall Pass                  /

Hall Pass                  /                           Hall Pass                  /

Hall Pass                  /                           Hall Pass                  /

Hall Pass                  /                           Hall Pass                  /

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