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                      Systemwide Advising & Transfer Network

April 2, 2007
3:00-430 p.m.
George Hall 113A and VTC connections to Maui, Kauai, Hawaii CC and UHH

Present: Robert Duley (Haw CC), Maggie Templeton (Hon CC), Wade Tanaka and
Alison Shigematsu (Kauai CC), Candy Hochstein (Lee CC), Colleen Shishido and
Debbie Nakama (Maui CC), K. Kainoa Ariola-Sukisaki and Gabriele Worst (UHH), Jan
Heu and Erika Lacro (UHM), Jean Osumi (UHWO), Patti Chong (Win CC), Carol Pang
(CC System) Joanne Itano (UH System), Gemma Williams and Kristie Souza Malterre
(Kap CC)

Curriculum Central

Barbara Hotta from Leeward CC provided an overview of Curriculum Central, a
curriculum management tool. The CC system is moving forward to adopting its use
across the 7 CC campuses. It has the potential to assist in articulation and transfer by
providing mechanisms to notify other campuses about changes in courses during the
curriculum review process.

Update UH Course Transfer Information Database

Patty Chong provided an update to this site. She has been working with Joe Dane from
ITS to incorporate suggestions from this group. Joe asks the group to check the site for
complicated transfer situations, to see if what appears is indeed accurate. He welcomes
comments/suggestions ( This network agreed to receive emails from
Joe about changes to the website.

Patty, Erika and Joanne attended a DOSS’ meeting to demonstrate this site and the
importance of maintaining its accuracy. A training session was suggested for those who
do the equivalencies and those who input the info into SHATATR. This is scheduled for
early June 2007 (Responses received from DOSS’ from Kauai, Hawaii, Leeward,
Honolulu and Kapiolani).

UCA Report

Joanne Itano provided an overview of the UCA meeting in January 2007. The next
meeting is on call.

Transfer Data

IRO has provided transfer data from two to four year campuses within the UH system.
This will hopefully be an annual report.

Updates from Campuses


Update on Foundations and HAP Multicampus Boards.

Foundations board will be meeting later in April 2007. Likely new members include
Leeward, Windward, Kauai, Maui CCs and UHWO.

HAP board group has met twice and is moving forward to establish a HAP multicampus

Pathways – UHH PharmD

Draft sent to UHH for review. Will post as soon as it is approved by UHH.

Next Meeting

Late September 2007.